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05.04.2021 – Covenant Journey

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Message: Business and Industry Missions Message- 10/24/2020
Title: OMC & The Actualization of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (40)- Covenant Journey
Scripture: Acts 1:8

▶We’re having our joint worship for the North Jeolla region.
Right now, you are people who are traveling the covenant journey. You need to acknowledge what you need to acknowledge. There’s no way that the North Jeolla region could be the same as the metropolitan area. No matter how much you try to keep up with the capital (metropolitan) region, it’ll all be in vain. The reason is because I first planted my church in Busan. And in a situation where I have nothing, what should I do? Busan is not the same as Seoul. On top of that, I began in Yeongdo and that was the poorest province of Busan. I’m not looking down on the people of Busan, but there aren’t that many elites in Busan. There are a lot of people who don’t have much. We didn’t even have a church building. And it’s not like I had some kind of tremendous background either. That is why I gained a very simple answer. “If I want to do world evangelization, I should not follow what the people in Seoul are doing.” That is why the answer I came to was, “only”.
1)Everything- 62 Points (Only)
▶In actuality, inside of “only”, there is everything. If you were to summarize the 62 life points, it would be “only”. That’s what Jesus said. That was the method he used at the very end. Our content is Christ, God’s kingdom, and the filling of the Holy Spirit, but Jesus explained the method. Holding to this, they “devoted themselves constantly to prayer” (Acts 1:14). It’s the same thing. Even if you look in Acts 2:42, it says, “They devoted themselves to prayer”. Everything is inside of this.
2)Bible- Only Gospel
▶I realized, “I need to focus on ‘only’ the Gospel just as it is in the Bible. Using the method of the Bible, I’m sharing the Gospel”.
3)Spiritual Problem
▶Only then can we overcome all those spiritual problems. Before we even try to resolve it, we need to overcome it.
▶Just as our elder prayed earlier, we’re all connected through the message.
But people are not actually holding on to “only”.
▶I began the evangelism movement in Yeongdo and the very first thing we did was camp training. When we had the camp training, people from all over the country came and wanted to receive it. So what did we get from there? We had some income. When the income started rolling in, I saw that the eyes of our church officers became wide open and focused on that. Other pastors would have held on to that money and grow their church. But the Holy Spirit did not lead me that way. That’s why I was able to get out of that very easily. So I called the pastors in Busan and said, “Let’s make an association and the association should manage the funds. We should not be taking it all to our church.” Perhaps, it might not be easy for others, but it was easy for me because I knew the word “only”. And now, the people in Busan began to focus on that income. It drove me crazy. So I took that away and took it up to Seoul. And it was even worse there.
That’s the suffering I faced for 30 years. Honestly. People don’t do “only”. That’s unheard of for them. But if you do “only”, that’s it. But the reason why we came this far is because there are people who are just purely doing the Gospel movement. We have adults like this senior board members here. Perhaps they may not think of it that way, but I’m always so thankful in my heart because they are the background that enabled the Gospel movement to come this far. So look at it from my perspective. If you did not exist, how could I go around proclaiming the Gospel? Of course, it was all God’s grace, but the church I visited more than my own church was Yewon Church. So the Yewon Church is unforgettable to me. Why? Because that’s the church I went to most in my life (for messages). So people don’t focus on this (only). If you do, that’s it. You have your character, temperament, nature, and everything. But if you don’t focus on that and do this, immediately, the works will take place. And even more so, God will greatly work through you in the future.

▶Main– There were 4 prayer topics that you seemed to have. And you were holding on to things that really match with our message. You are praying, holding on to 4 prayer topics, and because you’re holding to something very important, I want to explained this in the message.

1.Concept and Content of the Businesspeople and Young Businesspeople
▶You are businesspeople, but you talked about and gave reports regarding the activity of the young businesspeople. To focus on “only”, you need to have the clear concept regarding the young businesspeople. Only then can you find the proper content. No matter how good the content is, if it doesn’t match the concept, it won’t work. So you already possess the content. The main characteristic of all our members in Darakbang is that they all have the content, but they don’t have the concept. To understand the concept, the most important thing is to see the overall background. If you see the overall background, then you can very easily see these things.
▶Why did God call the businesspeople?
From the very beginning, He called Abraham and said to him. He said, “I am with you so it’s okay for you to leave your kindred, your father’s land. Where you’re going is not important, so go to the land that I will show you”. He said that in the beginning. Following that stream, the first promise that He gave was, “All nations will be blessed by your seed”. And in actuality, the Jewish people did conquer the world. They’ve already took a third of the Nobel prizes. They’ve seized the economy and all other areas. That’s what the Bible says. Every single Word of God, without exception, has been fulfilled. The reason for that is this (content).
▶The content is the Gospel, is it not? It’s because of this that Israel was able to live and also the reason why they perished. Whenever they had a different content, God struck them down. Whenever they had the correct content, the works arose again. You need to be able to see this background. “Ah, that’s what it was.” If you know this background and you go to church, you won’t complain at all. Just the fact that you’re complaining means that your eyes have grown dim.
And you’re able to see where you need to serve. You’re able to see, “This church will be revived if I serve in this way in my church. Though I can’t be of much help, this is what God desires”.
1)Jethro and Moses (Exodus 3:1-20)
▶So take a look. Elder Jethro. Seeing that, he helped Moses. More than him choosing Moses, God had sent Moses to him. But knowing that, he helped him.
2)Jesse and David (1 Samuel 17:18)
▶Jesse and David. They’re family, but you have to know that they weren’t just family.
3)Obadiah and the Hundred Prophets (1 Kings 18:1-15)
▶Obadiah and the hundred prophets. Of course, there, they’re not a family. Here, simply put, the content and concept is the same. You need to stand here in this line.
4)Gaius Team (Romans 16:23)
▶So at least now, you must begin hold on to the covenant of Gaius’ team. So begin this first. If the pastor is truly moving in the evangelism field, form a team and help him. You can tell when you see. If you know, “Ah, this person is really doing the evangelism movement”, form the Gaius team and help them. That becomes a tremendous stream.

2.RUTC is a Concept and Content that You Can Do Wherever, Whenever
▶And the second thing you’re praying about is regarding the remnants and the RUTC. Then take a look at the concept, the stream of the RUTC. The great pillar in the Bible is the RUTC. Deuteronomy 6:4-9. That was what was finally imprinted inside them in the wilderness. And the Mizpah Movement. The Dothan Movement. The Watchmen Movement when they were taken captives to Babylon. The early church came and did the Synagogue Movement. This is the kind of concept your see. Once you see this concept, in North Jeolla, you’re not talking about building the RUTC. You can begin this immediately, right away.
1)Acts 17:1
2)Acts 18:4
3)Acts 19:8
▶Paul immediately went into the synagogue. Look at this. Whenever he met an important person, he took them in there. When the great task of Rome evangelization was left ahead of him, he went into Tyrannus hall and that’s where he went first. Our young businesspeople, if you just put your hearts to it, you can immediately gather the remnants. Think about it, you can even meet in a coffee shop. You can just buy them a cup of coffee. If you have this kind of concept, “Let’s begin after we build a tremendous RUTC”, you won’t be able to really receive answers. As you really do this, you’ll find it.
▶I usually don’t say “No” easily, but there’s something that I did say “No” to. “We have this building here, so use it.” I say “No” to that. Because while we do it, they may stop. Then that damages the remnants. I went to Jeju Island and there was someone who said, “We have a very good building. Use it”. So I said, “Instead of that, will you give it to us?”. And they said, “That’s not it”. So I said, “Then, no. You’re going to quit and stop in the process. Then what’s going to happen to the kids? In that case, it’s better to just keep them in the church. There’s no need to call them out and do that.” And just as expected, after 2 years, that person went bankrupt. So Paul knew that all too well so he plowed into the pre-existing synagogues. Then there’s no reason to build anything new. But while we do this, if God really answers us by forming the Gaius team, there’s no reason for us to not accept that answer.

3.Concept and Content of Specialists
▶And you also talked about the specialists. That’s good. What is the concept of the specialists? What you must know the most about the concept of the specialists is that all the world was moved by the 1% of the specialists. That’s why we have a different answer. We are moved by you, the 0.1% who have the Gospel.
1)Only (Acts 1:1)
2)Uniqueness (Acts 1:3)
3)Re-Creation (Acts 1:8)
▶So the answer we’re looking for starting now, they’re the same words, is only, uniqueness, and re-creation. What’s important is that you’re looking for this now. And here, you might make a mistake again. “Only, uniqueness, and re-creation” is your prayer topic, and it needs to be, but you need to find this now.
▶Immediately, starting this week, our businesspeople, as well as our North Jeolla businesspeople, need to go to church and find this. You can find this immediately. Then what must you do? You can easily come to that answer. If I were a layperson or an elder, I would care for each and every one of the gifted individuals in my church. I would really help them, without making it obvious. And if there is a gifted remnant who is really going through hardships, I would seek them out. That’s the RUTC Movement, that’s the Specialist Movement. We don’t need acknowledgement in the church. What’s more important than that is our existence itself. Many people misunderstand and think that we’re doing something special in our organization, but we’re not. When I was doing the evangelism movement in schools, I just went to those schools. In fact, there was nothing more I did than that. I didn’t seek those children out and teach them. As I went to the field, I was the one who learned a lot. I saw the foundation, the basis for this tremendous evangelism movement.
▶We’re talking about your prayer topics right now, but this is something you can put into action immediately. Immediately, make this Gaius Team. Really help the pastor so that he/she is able to truly evangelize. “This pastor is really evangelizing.” Pray that way. The pastor must really evangelize for the church to be revived. Even if there are some pastors who aren’t able to go to the field… Because they need to do their pastoral ministry. But there are pastors who do their pastoral ministry really for the sake of evangelism. That is the concept. You already have the content. You already have the content that could move this age. But it’s not working because you lack the concept. So what is the concept? Simply put, if you’re constructing something, “Why must we construct this?” is the concept. The concept is not about how you’re going to build the building, but what you’re going to do there. When you have city planning, the concept is, “What are we going to do in this city?”. But to make something without that? That’s a real problem. That’s what we mean by “concept”. Then the RUTC concept? That’s something you can begin immediately in the field. And especially when you go back to your churches, you can really do and find “only, uniqueness, and re-creation”. And you can find it in the little things. But those become great. If you’re able to do just that, God will raise the winds of the Holy Spirit and drive that towards North Jeolla.
▶Because we were doing that, God raised the winds of the Holy Spirit and blew them towards Yeongdo. Those who don’t know might say, “Wow, they’re really something”, but that’s not it. It’s an answer that anyone can receive. So save your churches. Businesspeople, nothing else is important. Really save your church with the real things. When? Now. It’s not difficult at all. If you look carefully like this, there are so many. Most people live their lives saying useless things. Just help them so that they’re able to hold on to the covenant, just a little bit. More than you can imagine, there are gifted individuals who are holding on to ridiculous things and worrying about that. That’s what you’re helping them with.

4.Concept and Content of 237 Evangelism
▶And you spoke about evangelism and the 237 nations. Simply put, you’ve held to all the important messages that are being given these days. The important thing is the concept.
▶Genesis 3+6+11- What’s the concept regarding sharing the Gospel? Genesis 3, 6, and 11 have been maximized. This Genesis 3, 6, and 11, where people only know of themselves, has become completely globalized. The greatest problem is that this is being established in the church as well. You must open your eyes to see this. Even if just one of you hold on to this covenant, answers will come. As you listen to the message today, you need to do that. When you come to church, there are many conflicts right? The roots for all that are Genesis 3, 6, and 11. “There’s a problem in that organization.” The roots for all that is this. The problems came because of that. The fact that this has become established in the church. The Gospel is just an excuse. “I’m doing the Lord’s work.” It just gets used as an excuse. But realistically, we’re focusing on these things. If you just open your eyes to see that, you’ll the tremendous concept.
▶From this point on, there’s going to be something you’re able to see.
1)Remnants Who Are There
▶The remnants who are there are so important. This is the start of the 237. It’s important for the church to really take care of the remnant there so that they are able to live there.
2)Remnants Who Are Here
▶Then take a look at the remnants who are here. They’re even more important. This is miraculous. So what kind of concept must you have? You have to realize that the remnants who are there and the remnants who are here are full of their motives. Though they don’t say it… They too are stuck in Genesis 3, 6, and 11. This is what you need to strip from them. This is the concept. We have the answer and the content. If it’s the Gospel, it’s the end…
3)Remnant Who Has the Mission
▶And even though they have not yet gone, there are remnants who have the mission. If that is so, they’re even more important. The remnants who are there are important. What’s even more miraculous are the remnants who are here. But more importantly, there are remnants who are trying to take the mission with them.
▶I really did this evangelism movement, and it doesn’t require money. It doesn’t take any money. Let’s say this pastor is going to the evangelism field. When we go out, we eat and drink coffee. “Let’s put our prayers together. That pastor is always going to the evangelism field. Let’s see what we can do to help him.” What’s so difficult about this? And these things are already spread all over our schools. It’s already spread throughout the schools so it’s not about building something new. It’s about, “How can relay the correct concept and stream?”. We can do all this like this. So even though today’s service is the North Jeolla joint service, this is something that businesspeople in the whole country and world need to hold on to right now.

♠Conclusion- Answer
▶It’s after all this that God gives answers. With 5 things. What are those 5 things? It’s what was promised to Abraham. The ①covenantal blessing. He gave him the covenant. “Go to the land that I will show you.” And what else? “You will become the source of blessings.” ②Principle source of blessings. Isn’t that so? It’s rightful, isn’t it? “Through you…” ③Representative blessings. “Through your seed.” That’s the ④commemorative blessing. “No one will be able to overtake you.” ⑤Irresistible blessing. Those are the 5 things that come. When you see these 5 things, no matter what kind of problem comes, in actuality, it won’t be a problem.
▶If you’ve got something that really gives you a headache, that’s a really important answer. Look at and view everything as a message. “Why is my home like this?” You might ask that. That’s the message. What God wants to say to you is inside of that. “What’s wrong with my child?” You might ask this. That’s where the message is. “Everyone else is sick, but why am I ill?” All that is a message. God is sending you the message regarding what He’s trying to do. Then this answer changes into a tremendous answer and you’re able to walk the covenant journey.

The End