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04.29.2021- What David Enjoyed in Advance

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Message: Study of Evangelism- The 17th World Military Missions Convention, Lecture 2- 10/17/2020
Title: The Lifestyle of an Evangelist & The Actualization of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (39)- What David Enjoyed in Advance
Scripture: Psalm 23:1

♠Introduction- Military Stream in the Bible.
▶You need to look carefully at the theme of this year’s message. It’s what the solider, David, enjoyed in advance.
▶We must go back, again, to the Bible. If you look carefully in the Bible, there’s one important stream.
1)World Evangelization- Soldier
▶Moment by moment, there were time when world evangelization took place. At that time, God used soldiers. This becomes something very important. Whenever world evangelization arose, it’s not that God used people of the military. He used only people of the military.
(1)Exodus- During the time of the Exodus, God used Joshua and those armies.
(2)Philistia- When world evangelization was taking place through Philistia, the Israelites didn’t just overcome the Philistines. When that happened, God used David. This is what David said at the time. “I will show the whole world that the God of Israel is the true God.” Because they defeated Egypt and Philistia, the news of that probably spread, don’t you think? This is world evangelization. So whenever God did world evangelization, He used soldiers.
(3)Assyria, Aram (Won Without Fighting)- As you know, the army that defeated nations like Assyria and Aram was the spiritual army, Elisha’s armies. At this time, why was there no physical army to go and fight? Because the entire people/nation became soldiers and fought the spiritual fight, they became an army that won without fighting. You can say that these were the best times.
(4)Babylon, Rome- In the end, even when God was moving Babylon and Rome, He used the soldiers. He brought over the Persian army and took down Babylon. And He sent the Huns to shake Rome. You have to know the fact that these main roles of world evangelization were carried out by soldiers.
2)Persecution- Missions
▶Why? It looks like this arose through much persecution, but this was missions. But at this time, something important took place. The nation of Israel took home hundreds of Nobel prizes and have taken over the jewelry industry of the world. They’re also acquiring tremendous weapons as well.
3)Evangelism Content
▶What is that? They had a sure evangelism content. In the midst of these difficulties, because they had sure evangelism content… What is “evangelism content”?
(1)Content→ Throne (Army)- He spoke of a tremendous content.
▶If you look inside this content, throughout the stream of the Old Testament, God always said, “I will be with you. I will be with you through Immanuel and Oneness”. With what content is He with us? Jesus explained. “I will be with you with all authority in heaven and on earth.” In Mark, it says that the Lord, seated on the throne in heaven, worked upon them. The armies of heaven were mobilized in this evangelism content. The military that you’re going to will be a place where soldiers are mobilized, but if you take the evangelism content with you, the spiritual army will be mobilized. This is what the Bible is saying.
(2)Evidence- That’s how they were able to hold on to the evidence.
(3)Witness- Because they held on to the evidence, they became witnesses.

▶Main- David’s Evangelism Content (Root)
Now, if that is so, what is David’s evangelism content? What was David’s prayer content earlier? It’s “imprint”. What is David’s evangelism content? It’s the “root”. This was rooted inside him. Let’s take a look at what kind of roots he had and what evangelism content he took.

1.Shepherding Years (Psalm 78:70-72)
▶I said this earlier as well, but we see his shepherding years, his adolescent years, and his military years. All the people were soldiers, but David had his time and days as a shepherd.
1)Word and Meditation
▶Here, he put down roots through the Word and meditation. Meditating on the Word is putting down those roots.
2)Praise and Prayer
▶Praise and prayer isn’t just only that. Those of you doing military missions must have this time.
3)Spirituality and Intellect (Faith and Skill)
▶He was equipped with spirituality and intellect. Simply speaking, what is the key? He had evidence. God will give you evidence through which you can evangelize. So all military ministers and all our members are soldiers. Have the prayer content. What is the second? Have the evangelism content.

2.Adoloscent (Youth) Years- Witness
▶What happened during this youth years? Let me tell you in one word. In every field, God will raise you up as a witness. Why? Because you have evidence. Do not fear hardships.
1)1 Samuel 16:13
▶“The Spirit of the Lord rushed upon David.” The average person doesn’t know.
2)1 Samuel 16:23
▶Everywhere you move, the evil spirits will flee.
3)1 Samuel 17:1-47
▶You can say that David killed Goliath, but more accurately, David stood before Goliath as a witness. He testified to the whole world. Witness. He was a witness before the entire army of Philistia. He was a witness before the army of Israel. The king was so shocked that he asked, “Who are you?”. Witness.

3.Military Years- Continuation (Psalm 23:1-6)
▶From this point on, his military years begin. This is continuation. God’s works began to become continuous.
1)Psalm 5:3 (Schedule)
▶Let me tell you again. A soldier, someone doing military missions, must have the time to gain strength/power. What kind of time must you have? Begin the prayer that will continue evangelism. When you do it in the morning, you must absolutely do it with your schedule.
▶Last time I was on the plane, Rev. Chung gave a prayer journal to one of the flight attendants. What does that mean? It means that he thought about his schedule in the morning. That means he probably thought, “I’m going to get on a plane today. I should give this”. This one thing looks like nothing, right? But it’s related/connected to the spiritual world.
2)Psalm 17:3 (Healing)
▶Psalm 17:3. We spoke about this earlier, right? This is the end in which you gain strength and receive healing. It’s the end of your day (wrap up).
3)Psalm 23:1 (Giving Up X)
▶The thing that exists between these two is “continuous prayer”. If it’s the will of God, do not give up. If it’s the will of God, do not give up even if answers don’t come. If it’s God’s will, do not give up even if there are hindrances. Because there are times when it comes much later. We’ll look through the 2 lectures, but there were times when the tremendous works took place much later for David.

♠Conclusion- Evangelism Content
▶So together with the Gospel content and prayer content, make/create the evangelism content. Accurately speaking, the realistic and practical content will be created. Before it gets created, have 3 kinds of content. Let me tell you again. Don’t try to make evangelism. That’s going to take place. But before that, have these 3 contents.
1)Organize the Covenant (Empty Places)
▶It’s organizing the Word. You need to have the Word organized. Rather than the Word, the covenant needs to be organized.
(1)Word- The first of that is the Word.
(2)Prayer- Then, the prayers that you have been praying until now must also be organized.
(3)Evangelism- If these 3 things, including evangelism, are organized, you’re able to see what’s ahead.
▶When you see the things that are ahead, it’ll be accurate if you look at the empty places. Whenever they make the schedules, for example this Military Missions Convention, I ask my secretaries to send me the title and scripture for the sermon that was given before. Then they send it to me about a week prior to the conference. When I pray, I organize that. I organize that because I can’t speak my own words. And then I look at the empty places. “How will I evangelize?” There’s no need to worry about things like that. If you do it this way, it’ll be accurate.
2)Organize the Field (Answer)
▶You need to look at the field well and organize it well. Then what can you give? You’re able to give the answer.
▶Organizing the covenant is looking at the empty places. Organizing the field is looking at the answer. These are not just passing, fleeting words. This is very important. This is the mystery/secret by which you create the evangelism content. No matter how outstanding of a work you do, if the field is not organized, how can you go?
▶Earlier, I heard that they’re preparing the Europe conference so I made a request to Rev. Lee Yang-Hee for the first time. I told him to contact all the missionaries before he goes to that conference and to grasp an idea of all their situations. You have to listen to difficulties, the correct words, incorrect words, and everything. Testimonies, regrettable things, and everything. That way, you can give the answer. I told him to contact them and greet them even after the answer.
(1)What he received in 1 Samuel 16:13 is the answer.
(2)In 1 Samuel 16:23, even when he stood before King Saul, he gave him the answer.
(3)In 1 Samuel 17:35, he gave the answer even before the king. Isn’t that so?
▶If you just have this content, things are absolutely bound to take place. There’s no need to ask how you’re going to do it. You just need to find the empty places. What God wants is for you to go to the empty places. He’s not telling you to leave that aside and go wild somewhere else. That’s why evangelism doesn’t really take place for people. There are empty places all over the place in the military. As I see it, there really are many. The many chaplains in the military should be able to see this, but if they’re not able to, at least you need to do this.
3)All Situations (Errand of Saving)
▶The more important thing is number 3. There are all kinds of situations and people. There are fields, but there are also all kinds of situations and circumstances that occur each time. At this time, something important appears again. No matter what, you need to run the errand of saving. Then it’ll be accurate. It doesn’t even require much strength/power. Help them at least verbally. You need to have this content.

▶Field of Oneness (Acts 13:48)
Because you have the Gospel content, the prayer content gets created. And this is the field of oneness in which the evangelism content gets created. This oneness, simply speaking, is Acts 13:48. “As many as were appointed to eternal life believed.” This is the oneness of the Gospel content, prayer content, and evangelism content. These kinds of people will be hidden in the military. Don’t even worry about being hurt/sick. If you are inside the covenant, God will heal you. Don’t even worry about answers. Don’t even worry about the evangelism direction. If you just have the content that God desires, undoubtedly, everything will continue to be connected. In actuality, this is the work that you’re doing right now.
▶The way I see it, among all our ministries, the conditions are the worst for you (military missions), but things are continuing most for you. In actuality, you have the worse conditions. These days, we’re reviewing and examining everything at headquarters. We’re looking at the financial aspects of all the areas and it’s most difficult for the military missions ministry. I look at everything. These people don’t use their budget at all for anything that’s unnecessary. Does that mean other groups are doing that? I’m not saying they are, but kind of. And churches aren’t even helping military missions. No matter how many messages we give, there aren’t pastors who are thinking, “I need to help and support military missions”. So how can you target those empty places? In the Bible, all the people did military ministry. And David was just one representative figure who was chosen and sent from among them.
▶You must remember. There’s no greater blessing than this. To be more accurate, we don’t need any other blessings. We’ve already received it all. Isn’t that so? This year’s military missions convention will continue until tomorrow. I bless you in the name of the Lord, that this becomes the greatest time schedule for you. Let us pray.

We give glory to God. We believe that the world military missions ministry will arise. We believe that God will work. We pray that the world military ministry that took place for David will take place here. We have assurance that that will absolutely take place. This is God’s will and we give thanks that we are within this. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)