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04.28.2021 – David Who Saw and Had in Advance

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Message: Business and Industry Missions Message- The 17th World Military Missions Convention, Lecture 1- 10/17/2020
Title: OMC & The Actualization of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (39)- David Who Saw and Had in Advance
Scripture: Psalm 78:70-72

▶I remember this to be when we were in college. There was a war between the Arab states and Israel. This was something that happened in a dormitory in the United States because of that war.
There were 2 young men who were friends, who shared a room together. One was an Arab and one was from Israel. They were friends, but their home countries were enemies and at war with each other. So both of them packed their bags in the same way. The one from Arabia said that he packed his bags because they would be coming to get him and that he needed to get away. The one from Israel said he packed his bags because his country is at war and he needs to go fight. So they both quickly packed their bags. As you know, that conflict was over in 6 days. That was the war we know as, the “6-Day War”. Israel completely defeated that nation.

▶Introduction- As we hold the Military Missions Convention today, there’s something that you need to know first.
1)Bible- All the People
▶You need to know what it says in God’s Word. Most people understand it this way, “Soldiers are soldiers and we’re civilians”. That is true.
▶For example, that was the situation recently with the person who died on their way to North Korea. Many people say that the police are police and soldiers are soldiers. So even our members understand it this way, “Today is the 17th World Military Missions Convention”. I’m sure other churches and organizations also have military missions. Everyone just thinks of it that way. They think that military missions just exist. But that’s now how it is in the Bible. With the exception of the tribe of Levi, all the people were soldiers. With that in mind, the young student from Israel left the place where he was studying abroad and raced to his country’s army. The Arab student ran away because it was meaningless for him to go. There’s tremendous meaning here. God made Israel in this way. Even the women go out to war. So if you look in Leviticus and Numbers, God continues to number and prepare the people, except for the Levites, to go out and fight. Israel’s great mystery is contained here.
▶All of you, who are listening to today’s message, need to know that you are committed workers for military missions. If you don’t know that, you’ll lose in both the spiritual battle and actual battle. The greatest problem is, right now, all the citizens of North Korea are prepared and ready to fight. But for South Korea, of anyone were to infiltrate, we’d have this huge, gaping hole. Because people are thinking, “That’s the job of all the soldiers. Why should we be doing this?”. If someone sees something, they need to report it. But instead, people are saying, “That’s the job of the soldiers. Why should we do it?”. This is how they understand it. This may look like nothing much, but this has a great difference. In God’s Word, in the Bible, this is how it was ordered. If you see the things of the Bible as just things that are written in the Bible, you won’t be able to receive any answers. I don’t know about anything else, but at least in terms of military, all people need to be soldiers. Why? Because the survival of the people and the nation depends on it. For example, if we were attacked from outside and a soldier is dozing off, it’s the end for us. Israel isn’t able to do that. Fishers are soldiers and middle-aged women are also soldiers. They all play a part in protecting their country.
2)Nomadic (Wandering) Life- World Evangelization
▶Do you know why? The Israelites lived a nomadic life (of wandering) for a long time. Starting from when Israel came into existence, they faced great wars 7 times because of powerful nations. What kind of meaning is there behind this? The tremendous meaning of world evangelization. It looked like God sent them to Egypt, but in actuality, it was world evangelization. It looked like He sent them to Babylon, but it was world evangelization. So from the beginning, God made all the people of Israel to be soldiers. Among those people, those of certain ranks were the special forces who were in the frontlines.
▶To give you an easy example, David went out to war while he was just there to look. It was when he was young. This isn’t just some story. This is what already exists in all the Israelites’ minds. When David said that he wanted to fight, they didn’t say, “You’re not a soldier”. It was rightful that he went out to fight, but what they had asked was, “Aren’t you too young?”. Even his brothers said, “You’re so arrogant. What are you doing, trying to fight there?”. The commander of the thousands as well as King Saul asked, “You’re a young child. How can you fight with a general?”. They did not say that he did not have the right to fight. This is a tremendous mystery/secret of Israel. So over a period of over a thousand years, Israel was attacked by powerful nations. Many people might see that as much suffering for Israel, but what was God’s plan? Without that being done, world evangelization would be impossible. Even after that, many people lived a life of wandering for 2,000 years.
3)Prayer Content (Covenant)
▶So there was something that was made for the Israelites. The prayer content. During this Military Missions Convention, all believers and all soldiers need to remember this. You need to surely make 4 kinds of content. It was only the Lord. They held to the covenant and triumphed. What is the first of that? No matter what kind of situation you’re in, you’re able to survive. This prayer began. These are things I spoke about in the last conference (Businesspersons’ Missions Convention). This is the content I gave to our North American businesspeople. You must always have this.
(1)Independence- So from the beginning, God told Abraham to leave his kindred, his father’s household. “Go to the land that I will show you. I will be with you.” In other words, “Survive on your own”. This is very first point of the Gospel education of the Jewish people.
(2)Facts- Stand before the absolute facts. This goes for your business as well as everything in your life as well. Do things truthfully and diligently. Don’t ever deceive. This is the prayer content within the covenant. This is what you must find. Those of you who are doing military missions ministry, the very first thing you need to find is the prayer content that changes the world. So, people don’t realize how important this is.
(3)Unconventional Thinking- Grab hold of the prayer in the midst of unconventional thinking, that completely breaks the frame. What was the first thing that Jesus taught? “The blessings that you received are not blessings. The true blessings are this.” This is Matthew chapter 5. They held on to this tremendous direction that completely broke frames. This is what our believers must do. The real, authentic things are all on the other side. Isn’t that so? Right now, many pastors are attaching themselves to church authority and power. It’s not there, but on the other side.
(4)Synergy- So it’s not about just plowing in. You need to plow in with the synergy effect that absolutely saves people. If you do military missions well, that saves the young people. It’s the only and unique opportunity. I’m sure you know, but the place where someone leaves everything and starts to stand on their own is the military.
(5)Crisis- Wherever the Jewish people went, they plowed into this, so no one was able to block them. They absolutely plowed into and entered into crises. Because other people don’t want to go there, they found the opportunities there.
(6)Competition- And what else? They did not compete. Why? Because they were beyond competition. Simply put, instead of being oppressed there on the bottom, you need to win without fighting.
(7)Re-Creation- And what else? They made tremendous things. It’s only, uniqueness, and re-creation. Putting that together, it’s just “re-creation”.
(8)Summit- And you know what else? These people aligned their direction towards the summit. From the lowest place, they headed towards the greatest place. This is the training that the military missions must give and do.
(9)Desert- Do you know what’s funnier? They went to the desert. Yes, they did actually go to the desert, but they went to wastelands where nobody was. This is the strategy of the Bible.
(10)Why?- And there was something that they always did. “What is God’s will?” They always questioned this. “What is God’s absolute plan? What is God’s absolute covenant? What is the absolute journey that God is giving? What is the absolute goal?” This is what they asked.
Then even if you’re just sitting still, answers come. Realistically, we (Korea) weren’t able to receive any Nobel prizes. The Jewish people took home almost all of them. Why? If possible, they try not to give them to the Jewish people, but they don’t have a choice. They took a third of them. There was never a case where a Korean national went overseas and became the prime minister or governor. But there are many among the Jews. Among them, one person you know well is Henry Kissinger. He was the Secretary of State for the U.S. They’re all Jews. These people had tremendous things as answers.
▶This time, you must really make/create the prayer content that David had. What kind of content did the soldier, David, have? He saw and had/possessed in advance. This is what he had. You’re able to see this in Psalm 78:70-72. Because we’re doing this all day, rather than the goal being long messages, you need to hold on to the message accurately. He had the clear, sure prayer content.
▶When we talk about prayer, this is the content, but there’s a part that is actually important.

▶Thoughts +Mind/Heart +Soul +Throne→ Imprint (Revelation 8:3-5)
Whether you know it or not, your thoughts get imprinted. They get imprinted in your heart/mind. Even if you say it doesn’t, it does. This gets imprinted in your soul. If you know this, prayer is a tremendous thing. So praying out loud is a good thing. This gets imprinted in the throne (of heaven). This is the form of prayer. But there are 2 things here. If you place and pick up the things of unbelievers, the works of the evil spirits will take place. If you take and place the things of God, the works of the Holy Spirit will take place. So imprinting this in your soul is what prayer is. It’s very scientific. The thing that gets imprinted in the throne is prayer. Without an exception, all your prayers are imprinted in the throne.
▶So mental patients are always thinking about bad and negative things. Isn’t that so? Even if they don’t have a mental illness, strange church members go to church and always see and talk about bad things. This absolutely gets imprinted. If you feel chaos and confusion when you see others, that’s what gets imprinted. All of it. So if someone is always doing and thinking about bad things, that will get imprinted no matter what. It’ll even ruin their next generation. There are people who are continuously imprinted with humanism. But we’re constantly being imprinted with God’s word. “I will be with you.” It’s independence. “Go to the land that I will show you.” That’s the fact. These are the things that begin to be imprinted. This movement we’re doing is not just any kind of movement. Within your longstanding prayers and imprints, God has continued to work.
▶So because the Gospel is being imprinted, I have assurance that you are the world’s greatest military missions organization. Why? Other things are not needed. When we open our eyes and look, we’re constantly imprinting the things that are not needed. What must be imprinted? The things that God has prepared. Wherever you go, you must go towards the direction of saving people. If you meet a crisis, it’s an opportunity. You win without fighting. Why? You’re imprinting the “only, uniqueness, and re-creation” that no one knows. What happens? You become the summit. Wherever you go, you save. It’s okay even if you go to the desert. Why? Because you went, holding on to the absolute things of God. This is what we’re talking about.
▶If that is so, all those who are listening to the message today are spiritual soldiers. You are all ministers of military missions. That way, you can know the Bible correctly. These are not my words. These are the words that are in the Bible. So all the people (of Israel) were soldiers. There’s a tremendous message that’s contained here. You need to understand these words for you to see the “world conquest” that is in the Bible. If you cannot understand these words, you won’t be able to see world conquest and if you don’t know evangelism, you won’t be able to see this. This is the Bible seen by someone who knows evangelism and missions. To say that you know evangelism and missions means that you correctly know and realized the Gospel. Isn’t that so? To say that you’ve understood the Gospel means that you’ve understood Christ.

▶Main- David’s Prayer Content
Then today, there’s a need for us to see the content that David made. It’s good for you to use this mostly during your camp trainings. What is camp training? It’s “WITH”, isn’t it? It’s Immanuel, isn’t it? It’s Oneness, isn’t it? This is camp training. Among those who are receiving this camp training, those who are going to be enlisted and those who are currently actively enlisted are important. This is also important for even those in the reserve forces. The best of the reserves are the Marine Corps, right? If you look at the Marine Corps, they’re very good. After getting out, they paste all those red things, right? They’re actually doing that very well.

1.What He Saw in Advance, Prior to the Military (Shepherd Life)
▶What was the first thing that David did? Prior to joining the military, he was able to see this in advance. You need to have this prayer content. Someone who is about to join the army tomorrow put in a request to see me. I’m sure he’s listening right now. I told my secretaries to contact him right away. To tell him to listen to the military missions convention message today. To listen before he leaves tomorrow. This is very important. Already, before his military days, it was during his shepherding years.
▶At this time, he had already been tremendously imprinted with the Word. If you look in the psalms of David, there are tremendous Words.
▶While he was living as a shepherd, he had already been imprinted with prayer.
3)Shepherd- Skill of a King
▶Though he was a shepherd, he had been imprinted with the skills of a king.
▶Spiritual State, Rather than Answers- There was something important here. Those who are doing military missions, our believers, as well as those who are going to the military must remember this. The answers aren’t what’s important. It’s about enjoying God. The answers are not what’s important. Your spiritual state is important. The prayer topics are not what’s important. It’s about enjoying God. This is what brings victory. “I need to receive this answer.” You don’t need to do those kinds of things. Your spiritual state is what’s important. That’s the first thing about prayer content.

2.What He Had Prior to the Military
▶There was something that David had/possessed, prior to joining the military.
1)Covenant of a King
▶Before joining the military, what did he have? He had the covenant of a king. Isn’t that amazing?
2)1 Samuel 16:1-13
▶If you look in 2 Samuel 16:1-13, he heard everything from Samuel. He even received his mission. Here, the Spirit of the Lord came upon David in power.
3)1 Samuel 16:23
▶Finally, in every place where David went, evil spirits fled.
▶The thing that is more important than answers is your state. But we continue to try to receive answers. It doesn’t matter. If your spiritual state is inside of this, answers will follow. This is what David saw. This is what you need to see as you go forward. “Where will I be stationed?” That’s not important at all. If the country sends you somewhere, you just need to go. Isn’t that so? But if answers come wherever you go, then that’s it.
▶Gain Strength/Power, rather than the conditions- The prayer topics are important as well, but you enjoying God is more important. Isn’t that so? Enjoying this power/strength is more important. “What do I need to do? Where do I need to go?” What’s more important than this (the questions) is for you to have the power/strength that God gives in advance.

3.What He Experienced Prior to the Military
▶Finally, he had an important experience, prior to going to the military.
1)1 Samuel 17:18
▶Take a look at 1 Samuel 17:18. “Why am I going to the military? I’m going to run the errands of God. Why am I going there? I’m going to run the errands of God.” David went to run errands. He went to run errands for his father, but that became a tremendous start. Though your actual military life is short, you need to consider yourself a lifelong soldier.
2)1 Samuel 17:34-37
▶That’s why this is what arose. Take a look at 1 Samuel 17:34-35. Up to verse 37. He talked about what he experienced in advance. In front of the king. When he was asked if he could fight against Goliath, he said, “The Lord delivered me from the lions and bears”. He had this experience. “The Lord will deliver me from the hands of the one who defies the Lord God.” He went with assurance. This is what we need. “Where do we need to go for the easy way out?” Don’t worry about things like that. If you want an easy way out, you can make a request to Elder Kim Ki-Ho. Don’t worry about that. There’s no need to worry about that. You need to take strength/power with you. Then you’re experiencing this before you leave. Why? Because we are lifelong soldiers. We need to fight the spiritual fight for our entire lives. This is a prime opportunity.
3)1 Samuel 17:45-49
▶And take a look. It’s 1 Samuel 17:45-49. What is this? The top (17:34-37) was what he said before the king. The bottom (17:45-49) was said before whom? He said it before Goliath. He had so much assurance. “You come to me with a sword, javelin, and spear”. This experience is what is needed. It’s this strength. “I come to you with the name of the Lord God whom you have defied”. He said very important words. “I will show you that the Lord saves not with sword and spear. For the battle is the Lord’s.” And what else did he say? “Today, the Lord will give you into our hand.” The fight had not even begun, yet he had this assurance. So this was when the skill that he had was shown.
▶Because of the coronavirus, we’re not able to do all these things for a long time, like we’d like to. But especially more so during these times, you must surely hold to the message.
All those who are listening to the message today, as it is in the Bible, we are God’s soldiers. Those who are in uniform, those who are on active duty, and those who are part of the reserves are the people who are in the frontlines. That’s why the rest of us are providing and supporting them with weapons, with prayer. We are all soldiers. This is the mentality of the Israelites and the mindset that is in the Bible.
▶Reason, More than Situation- Take a look at this part. It’s not about what kind of situation you’ve faced. When you go to the military, what kind of situations you face is not what’s important. What is it? You need to know the reason. This is what’s important. You need to know the reason of God. His father told him, “You must go on this errand and bring back a token”. Do you know what he said at the time? This is what his brothers said when he went and told them that he will fight. They said, “You’ve always been so arrogant.” This is what David said in response. “Have I really no reason?” This is what it is. “Why would I not have a reason?” A young child had given such an amazing response. He said the same thing before the king. He spoke of the reason why he needed to fight. And in front of Goliath, he explained the reason why that day would be his end. “I came to you in the name of the Lord God Almighty, whom you have defied. All people of the world will know that the Lord is the true God.” He already had this.
▶This is what you must make/create in the military mission. Have this in advance. And when you go out to the world, you need to have this in advance. How pathetic and pitiful would it be if you’re just always stumbling there, moving according to the situation? You don’t have answers so you’re always wandering. Should that be how it is? Answers are not needed. You need to be in the state in which God is with you. You don’t need any other conditions. It’s the strength that God gives. Isn’t that so? According to situation and circumstances? Not for us. No matter what kind of situation comes, it’s okay. What is it? It’s because we know the reason.

▶So David’s prayer was different.
1)Psalm 5:3 Morning, Psalm 17:3 Night, Psalm 23:1 Always
▶“In the morning. At night.” Do you feel that to be a burden? How great of a time is this? “Always.” Morning, night, and always. This is David’s prayer. David’s prayers were different from those of his brothers. His prayer was different form King Saul’s. Later, when he became an officer/leader of the military, his prayers were different from those of his servants. Even when he became king, his prayers were different from other people’s. King Saul was just looking for any way to keep his reign as long as possible, but not this person. He only prayed about, “How can I build the temple? How can I do world evangelization?”. He prayed.
2)Jesus’ Conclusion
▶The conclusion of prayer that you must teach. You need to look at the conclusion that Jesus came to in the Bible.
(1)Mt. of Transfiguration- “Jesus, you are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” When Peter confessed this, Jesus took him to the Mt. of Transfiguration. There, he showed him what needed to be discarded.
(2)Mt. Calvary- After that, he surely showed them the incident of Calvary. The resurrection of Christ is biblical and scientific. Why? When the world comes to an end, your bodies will also change into those who will go to hell or those who will go to heaven.
(3)Galilee- He went to look for them in Galilee. He restored Peter who had run away.
(4)Mt. of Olives- And then he called them to the Mt. of Olives.
(5)Mark’s Upper Room- And the conclusion was drawn in Mark’s upper room.
▶The prayer content is here (intro), but the strength to do this is here. That’s why all soldiers and all believers must hold on to this covenant as the content.
3)Time of Joy, Time of Gaining Strength, Time to Spread
▶My time of greatest joy. Don’t just call it the time of prayer. My happiest time. You need to have this time. The time for you to gain the strength that God gives. The time to spread this tremendous power all over the world. 3 things. Have this content.
▶This year’s military missions convention will become the greatest military missions convention. Why? Because you’ve held to the covenant. 4 covenants. Hold to the prayer content correctly. That’s the first covenant of David, the first covenant we must hold on to for military missions. Let us pray.

God, we give you thanks. Help us to start anew with this covenant. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)