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04.22.2021 – Joseph Who Enjoyed in Advance

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Message: Core Training Message- 10/10/2020
Title: Answer of the 1st, 2nd & 3rd RUTC (38)- Joseph Who Enjoyed in Advance
Scripture: Genesis 37:11

▶Continuing from last week, we’ll be looking at “Joseph Who Enjoyed in Advance”. Last week, we talked about “Joseph Who Possessed in Advance”.
▶Gospel (Word)- Imprint, Root, Nature→ Future (In Advance)
Outside, the world is full of disasters and calamities, but in actuality, they’re spiritual problems. So as I said earlier, only the Gospel can heal the spiritual problems and that’s why we look at the Word. And even with this Word, people interpret it on their own. But it’s not that. Because God has given us the Gospel, it’s with that Word that we change our imprint, root, and nature. At this time, not only will that match with the field, but an important answer comes. You’re able to see the future. When you see this future, you use the words, “in advance”.
1)Disaster (Nobody)- Covenant (Gospel)
▶When you look out to the world, there’s no one who can fix and block these disasters. There’s no other way, but the Gospel. So the answer that was given was the Gospel. This is the “Covenant”. This is what he saw in advance. What he saw was, “The entire world is lost in disasters and Egypt is also lost in calamities”. Such a person is able to enjoy this.
2)Confusion/Chaos (No way)- Vision (Way)
▶Because this disaster comes, chaos/confusion comes to the entire world. This also comes to individuals. But people don’t know the way. Why? Because there’s no way. Showing that way is “Vision”.
3)Giving Up (No Time)- Dream
▶As people continue to get lost in confusion/chaos, they give up. It’s not that they want to, but things just don’t work out for them. Simply put, they’ve lost this time or they can’t see this time. The answer that we give to them at this time is this God-given “Dream”. When you see all this combined together, that means you’ve seen the future.
4)Illness (No where)- Image
▶What’s more clear is that the entire world is lost in illnesses and diseases. Not just the kind of illness that doctors can cure. Because they get lost in spiritual diseases, there’s no place where they can get healed/cured. That’s why I used the word “Nowhere”. Here, the only way to be saved is to follow the Word of God, prayer answers, and God’s image.
▶You can go to the hospital for the other general diseases. That’s absolutely necessary. It’s not like we’re not going to go to the hospitals, right? That’s not what I’m saying, but there’s no place where spiritual diseases can be healed. And because of that, all the people have become mental patients. On top of that, this manifests as strange mental illnesses. They turn into spiritual, mental illnesses that psychiatrists cannot solve. This is why they’re not even able to carry a conversation. The first characteristic of someone who is mentally ill is that they can’t hold a conversation. They just say that their thoughts are right. This is a characteristic of mental illness. Then if other people’s thoughts don’t match with theirs, they fight. There was on mental patient who went and stabbed someone to death because they don’t match with them. Look in the news in the past. There was a mental patient who drove a car into a house. Those are all mental illnesses. Do you think those people didn’t try to go to the hospital? It’s not working for them. This cannot be healed at all if it isn’t through the restoration of God’s image.
5)Disputes (No answer)- Practice
▶So there’s only one thing left for them to do. Quarrels and disputes. There’s nothing else they can do besides this. There’s no church officer who wants to go to church and fight. There’s no one like that. But fights break out anyways because that’s the only thing they have left to do. So the churches of the world are in a frenzy. Because they have no answer. That’s why we must relay God’s masterpiece. That’s what we’re putting into practice.
▶So this (C) is what we call, “seeing in advance”. This (V) is what we call, “possessing in advance”. Possessing in advance. Having in advance. This (D) is what we call, “enjoying in advance”. Because we already know this, we’ve already conquered in advance. Because God’s Word will be fulfilled, we have already conquered. We’re going to what has already been fulfilled, what has already been carried out. We’re going into the land of Canaan, the place where we were bound to go anyways.

▶Main- Enjoying in Advance
So the mystery behind true success is enjoying in advance what God has prepared.

1.In the Family (Genesis 37:1-11)
▶From where? In the family. That was Joseph. No matter how much hardships came to him, because Joseph enjoyed this, what was he able to possess?
1)Joseph Who Dreams a Dream
▶He was able to have a dream.
2)His Brothers Who Were Jealous
▶Rightfully, people who don’t know this blessing have no choice but to be jealous.
3)Jacob Who Kept the Matter in Mind
▶But Joseph and Jacob kept this matter in mind.
▶Yesterday was about RU and you need to know the reason. “Why did God establish RU?” And why did He establish it in America? 153 nations are gathered there. But why are the Korean people taking action to do this? I said this yesterday. Only Korean people go to the extent of taking out loans to give construction offering. Is money everything? It’s not. Money isn’t money. It’s your livelihood. People who see money as money are ignorant. Money is part of your life. But people (Koreans) who don’t have money take out loans and go into debt to give construction offering. It’s impossible in America, even more impossible in Japan, and just completely unheard of in Europe. That’s why Korea is the main figure. Think about how you’re in the midst of that. No matter what it is, you need to know the reason. Because people don’t know this reason, they become jealous. God will give you this blessing and you need to see it already, starting from your family. If you don’t see this in the family, you only have one thing to do. You either run away from home or get divorced. Isn’t that so?

2.In Potiphar’s Home (Genesis 39:1-6)
▶Where did Joseph see this? From Potiphar’s house. What is it? When he was a slave. He already saw this. When he was in Potiphar’s house, he was there as a slave.
1)Genesis 39:2
▶Because he saw this, “The Lord God was with Joseph”. This is what an unbeliever saw and said, “The Lord is with you. The Lord is with you in all things.”
2)Genesis 39:6
▶“Because the Lord is with you at all times, He makes you prosperous.” That’s it.
3)Overseer of Household
▶He was appointed as the overseer/manager of the house. “Don’t be a slave.” This is the answer of someone who saw, possessed, and enjoyed in advance.

3.In Prison (Genesis 40:1-23)
▶You know this work, this evangelism movement, that all the pastors and elders are doing right now? This is what we’ve all seen in advance. Going beyond just seeing this, if you have this, you’re able to enjoy it. You must enjoy this. Where? In the prison. He became a prisoner even though he committed no crime. It’s possible for you to become a prisoner even though you’re innocent. And it’s possible for you not to be a prisoner even if you are a criminal. But even if you haven’t committed a crime, you can become a criminal. This is the world, isn’t it? There was something he saw even there. Joseph already knew that that was the way for him to leave Potiphar’s home. He was able to see that it was better for him to be in prison, than to be at that house.
1)Overseer of Prison (Genesis 40:1-4)
▶Works arose there as well. Because God worked from the beginning, he was appointed as the overseer/manager of the prison. Here, he was able to meet the royal, chief officials.
2)Dream Interpretation (Genesis 40:5-15)
▶Here, he interprets the dreams.
3)Genesis 40:23
▶But what’s more important is Genesis 40:23. The cupbearer, who was released from prison, forgot about Joseph. Joseph could have felt that to be detestable, but this was also God’s will. It’s a fact that God is with you in every moment of your life. So you need to quickly find this answer. Because he was enjoying this in advance, he was able to see this.

4.In the Missions Field (Genesis 41:1-38)
▶Finally, he becomes the governor. It’s the missions field.
1)Pharaoh’s Dream (Genesis 41:1-8)
▶Pharaoh had a dream. Simply put, the king had a strange nightmare. No one was able to interpret that dream. This is something you’re familiar with. At that time, the cupbearer remembered Joseph.
2)Joseph’s Interpretation (Genesis 41:14-37)
▶So Joseph came and completely interpreted the dream before Pharaoh. This becomes a tremendous way for missions. This is the answer.
3)Genesis 41:38
▶It’s not, “How are you so smart?”. This is the answer that we see. “You are full of the Spirit of the Lord.” Joseph was, of course, eloquent, but the proper answer had come. If people said, “Oh, you’re so smart and intelligent”, that wouldn’t have been the right answer. If he had heard, “As expected, you’re an expert at interpreting dreams”, that would have meant that this was incorrectly relayed. This (Genesis 41:38) is a tremendous answer. An unbeliever said, “He is filled with the Spirit of the Lord”. The meaning behind this becomes, “The Lord is the One who fulfilled such works”. That’s why this person (Joseph) was appointed as the governor.

♠Conclusion- Governor (Full-Scale Missions)
▶Missions began in full-scale. This is what you must arrange/organize at this point today.
1)One Who Has Remained (Restoration of Gospel)
▶One who has remained. They’re the ones who restore with the Gospel. You have this mission.
2)One Who Remains (Restoration of Prayer)
▶You are the ones who remain. You must restore prayer. Why? Because this is restoring power. Joseph had all this.
3)One Who Will Remain (Restoration of Culture)
▶Like Joseph, you are the ones who will remain. What is this? It’s restoration of culture.
4)One Who Will Leave Behind (Restoration of Posterity)
▶Like Joseph, you are the ones who will leave behind. What is this? It’s restoration of posterity.
▶There was one thing that Joseph missed. This is possible when you realize the covenant too strongly/fervently. Joseph knew that he would return. It’s to that extent that he saw and enjoyed in advance. So he realized, “This is just a temporary place”. So one regrettable thing is that when he had that tremendous power, he should have built a great temple. He should have left behind that history of the Lord being with him, but he wasn’t able to do that. Of course, because he had to leave Egypt. But this is prayer, this is the Gospel. What is the Gospel? This is the Gospel. What is prayer? It’s enjoying the Gospel. Just do it this way. On the way, the doors of answers will open. Your churches will leave behind that kind of evidence.
▶I categorize my life into 3 levels.
I experienced evangelism in the evangelism field (level 1). After I met you, we’ve been doing much training. That’s level 2.
Now, this 3rd level is preparing to properly raise up the next generation/posterity with you. So God will give us the message as well as the answers. Of course, we’re not living for the evidence, but God will grant us the living, God-given evidence. All of you throughout the nation and the world, hold on to this and pray to the point where this gets imprinted throughout the week. You heard this during the Core service, but go to church tomorrow and listen to your pastor’s sermon. Something will get connected and an answer will come. Then with that, pray for the whole week. So that it gets imprinted…
▶There are some people who say this. “If you really want to be successful in learning English, don’t just study it a lot. Take each sentence and just memorize/recite it all day.” That’s faster. There are some people who turn on easy dramas and just continue to watch them. They’re right. When I went to America, there were foreigners who were so good at Korean. When I asked how they got so good, they said that they watched too many Korean dramas. That’s a spiritual principle.
So when you listen to tomorrow’s (Sunday) sermon while holding on to today’s message, an important answer will come. Comfortably pray all week long so that that gets imprinted inside you. Then training will take place. There, you’re able to completely see the direction. More importantly, answers will come. That’s why you must do world evangelization and quickly save those who have plunged into the darkness. I bless you in the name of the Lord Jesus that God’s new grace may come upon you this week as well as next week. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ who is the King of all kings, the great love of God who takes complete responsibility, who is our Savior, and the working of the Holy Spirit who empowers, be both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)