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04.21.2021 – Training and Answers

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Message: Business and Industry Missions Message- 10/10/2020
Title: OMC & The Actualization of the 1st, 2nd & 3rd RUTC (38)- Training and Answers
Scripture: Acts 1:8

▶Through the integrated camp training, many important messages were given. There are many people who are saying that they’re depressed. And there are actually many people who are suffering from depressed. This is something woman say more often, but they say they’re lonely.
And men seem like they’re not lonely, but because they are, they roam around. And because many people have scars, other problems come because of them. People who have severe scars are in situations where they’re facing many hardships even as they live a normal life.
① Gospel- Word Concentration
▶If you summarize the entire Bible and the evangelism movement, there are 3 results. What kind of result? That the Bible speaks of the Gospel. Then if you’re able to concentrate with this Gospel, important works arise. Word concentration can mean focusing and intently looking at God’s Word, but there are times when hardships come. It’s about not being deceived during these times. And when you go home, there are hardships. There are also difficulties when you go to church. There are even more when you go to the field. But you’re not being deceived by that.
② Imprint, Root, Nature
▶When this happens, this Gospel is imprinted. The Word gets imprinted. Whatever gets imprinted will absolutely be rooted. That’s what’s even more frightening. If you have incorrect imprints, that’s what will incorrectly be rooted. Let’s say someone’s parents committed suicide when they were young. This isn’t your average problem. That’s what got imprinted. And as that person lives their life, this continues to put down its roots. I’ve seen someone like that becoming a mental patient as a result later. Why? Because that gets rooted. That’s why we must concentrate on the Word of the Gospel. Then at this time, it gets set as your nature.
▶Then the first result shows. Inside of this, there are 3 results, but what is the first? Prayer begins to take place. This is what’s important. No matter what situation comes, prayer takes place. Then you have triumphed.
▶Explaining this is training and the answer. So this is something that people all over the world, not just businesspeople, must confirm. No matter what the situation is, if you concentrate on the Word of the Gospel, this is what will take place. No matter what the case may be, if you concentrate on unbelief, this’ll come to 3 places. Even before you nitpick about whether you’ve failed or succeeded, you’ve already failed. This is very important. If this takes place (introduction), this (prayer) begins to take place for you.

▶Main- Camp Training (Restoring Prayer)
Because that (prayer) begins to take place, the word we’re able to find is, “camp training”. So this isn’t a word we just made up. This isn’t something that was just made up by Darakbang and relayed to people. We’re not coming up with some strange doctrine and relaying that to people. But we’re talking about what the Bible truly tells us. It’s the Gospel. There are laws and other things, but that’s not it. If you just concentrate on the Word of the Gospel a little bit, this (imprint, root, and nature) is what takes place and this (prayer) takes place. So “camp training” is what helps a saved person restore the prayer of having received salvation. Just see it this way.
▶Right now, this is the content by which you practically carry out the things you received during the integrated camp training. No matter illness or disease you may have, if you do it this way, you will prevail. Especially the illnesses of the heart and mind. Doctors aren’t able to fix that. A counselor is not able to heal or fix the illnesses of your scars either. Perhaps they can momentarily provide comfort and consolation through a conversation, but it won’t heal you. Healing is only possible through the spiritual works of God.

1.Discarding and Restoring→ Basic Camp Training (WITH)
▶So you must be able to discard all things and restore all things. This is what God desired in the beginning. This is what we call the “basic camp training”. For us, this is the first so we call it “first level camp training”. This term is “WITH”. It’s amazing, isn’t it? This is about discarding everything and discovering.
1)Matthew 16:13-20
▶The Lord wanted this first confession of faith. “Who do people say that I am?” “They say you’re like Jeremiah, Elijah, John the Baptists, or one of the prophets.” You must discard all that. There are many people who live their walk of faith like that. But even if they live their whole life like that, they won’t receive answers. “Who do you say that I am?” “Jesus, you are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” That was the very first time a confession like that was made, since the creation of the world, so Satan was shocked. Jesus, in our terms, was so surprised that he said, “Simon, son of Jonah, blessed are you”. Simply put, this was not revealed to him by man, but by God. And then he talked about a tremendous message. “You are Peter. On this rock, I will build my church.” That’s what it says in the original text. “I will build my church. And the gates of hades shall not overcome it.” Of course, that’s a rightful thing. Not only that, he said, “I give you the keys. The keys of the kingdom of heaven.” And then he said something very important. “Don’t go out and tell anyone else.” Why is that? They should have been going out, spreading it all over. It was because there were a few important trainings behind that.
2)Matthew 17:1-9
▶What were they? Matthew 17:1-9. It was the camp training of the Mt. of Transfiguration. It was the camp training and intensive training of the Mt. of Transfiguration. They needed to discard. Moses and Elijah. Those people were people who explained and waited for the Christ, not the Christ himself.
3)Matthew 28:1-20
▶Finally, the most scientific thing that had never happened before on earth, took place. The camp training of Mt. Calvary. The Lord resurrected. All of us will resurrect later on, in the end. Isn’t that so? We resurrect into bodies that will live for eternity in hell or heaven. It’s explained in 2 Corinthians 15:20 that Jesus is that first fruit. So what will be done in the end, the last days, was pulled ahead. Even now, when you pray in the name of Christ, the force of darkness will be cast away. It’s “Resurrection”.
4)John 21:15-18
▶The camp training of Galilee was needed. Why? Because Peter ran away. He went back to Galilee. Jesus went to look for him. He did not question about his flaws. You would have pointed out his weaknesses first, but he did not. Because you have a legalistic nature, you point out the wrongdoings of the person, completely make them crazy and then tell them. But Jesus allowed him to naturally realize on his own. He asked, “Do you love me?”. This is what Peter answered in the end. “Lord, you know that I love you.” That’s right. “Feed my lambs.”
5)Acts 1:1-8
▶And then he called them to the Mt. of Olives. He gave them a tremendous message. In the midst of that, he especially gave them a mission.
6)Acts 2:1-47
▶And then, what did he do? The camp training of Mark’s upper room. Up to this is the basic camp training.
▶Because this had not been done yet, he told them not to tell anyone. They were going to run away, so where could they go to say this? They hadn’t even experienced the Holy Spirit and they didn’t know prayer. Where would they go to testify of this? That’s what that meant. He wasn’t telling them not to share the Gospel, but that wasn’t the time yet. Why? Because this tremendous thing was left. I wrote this for the main point, but this is actually the basic camp training. At this time, tremendous prayer begins to be restored. From this point on, scheduled prayer gets restored. After a short while, ‘24’ is restored. Now, ‘25’, that no one can block, is restored.
▶People on the outside say about us, “They seem to be trying really hard to gather people together”. But we’ve never tried or made that kind of effort. There are people who understand it this way. “Rev. Ryu is smart and is charismatic so he’s dragging people in.” This is the understanding that’s befitting of an unbeliever. If that’s how you really understand it, it’s better for you not to be a pastor. Because we continue to have all these works taking place, people think we’re an organization that has a lot of money. Those are really, very, incorrect words. We’ve come this far with the offering of the church members and offering of church members who gather together. And that’s how we’re continuously proceeding with the RUTC, 237 Center, and RU. How is this man’s work? It’s God’s. So take a look at this. Prayer gets restored.

2.Blessing of Meeting
(Gathering of people who have the Gospel content- Team Camp Training-Immanuel)
▶The second thing will also come. Then, you have this blessing of meeting. What is this blessing of meeting? Simply put, it’s the gathering of people who have the Gospel content. You haven’t just heard of the Gospel, you possess it yourself. And with that, you pray, and “What I have I give to you”. This is what’s called “team camp training”. Because meetings are arising. In English, we used the term “Immanuel”. This is amazing, isn’t it? So concentrating on the Gospel content is team camp training.
1)Acts 2:9-11
▶Something absolute took place. God sent people from 15 nations and they gathered. These people are businesspeople. These people have power and abilities. The thing these people, Jewish people, are best at is giving offering. They gave their tithe. So that caused much strength and power to enter the early church. What do Jewish people do all day for their whole lives? Give offering. When things were most difficult for them, God told them to construct. But the Jewish people seized the economy of the world. You must remember. Right now, almost all of the world’s finances/economy has been seized by the Jewish people. That’s what’s written in the Bible, isn’t it? “By your seed, all nations on earth will be blessed.” That’s what God said from the beginning. I’m convinced that Priscilla and Aquila were here in the midst of this. “Sojourners from Rome.”
2)Acts 3:1-12
▶Finally, these kinds of things take place. “I give to you what I have.” For the first time in the history of the earth, “Get up and walk in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth”. We possess this content. You may meet a lot of random people, but that’s not what this is about. People say that you need to have a lot of connections and of course, you do. “You need to build a relationship with many people.” Yes, that’s right. But if you depend on that, when you get old, you’ll be miserable. That’s just basic, common sense. We need to have true, genuine meetings. If you really know this, God will really attach people to you. They saw this man before already. After prayer was restored and they received the filling of the Holy Spirit, they saw this crippled man differently for the first time. So he said, “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, stand up and walk”.
▶He said later on. When they were on trial, he said, “We’re not the ones who raised him. Christ raised him. What’s wrong with raising a crippled man?” The Pharisees had nothing they could say in response to that. So they released them. And they said, “Don’t talk about the name of Christ”. Those are the words of the devils that go to church. These churchgoing devils don’t like it when you emphasize the Gospel. Isn’t that so? There are many of them. When they continue to hear about the Gospel, they say that it’s tedious and boring. They’re the people who have not been saved. The churches are full of people who have not been saved. Jesus said that half of them are like that. That’s what Jesus said. Half of the people in the church are of the devil. Jesus said that half are goats and half are lambs. What is the characteristic of these goats? They hate it when someone talks about Christ. Isn’t that so? The word that the devil fears the most is, “Christ”. If Confucius is the Christ, we need to go believe in Confucius. Confucius was a renown individual, but because he is not the Christ, we believe in Jesus, who is the Christ. It’s a tremendous meeting. You must know the kind of mystery through which you enjoy that your meetings are the blessing of team camp training.
3)Acts 8:4-8
▶What the politicians cannot solve. Samaria. This is how it came out.
4)Acts 9:10, 15, Acts 11:25-26
▶It didn’t end with this. Do you know who you are? God intentionally pointed out Ananias’ household. He sent Paul there. This is amazing, isn’t it? This is not the work of man. So when I see pastors using their humanism, I really shake my head. They’re doing such foolish things and later on, they’ll become strange and weird. God is the One who allows the genuine meetings to take place. Ananias was not the one who looked for Paul and relayed the Gospel. God was the One who called Ananias. And there, He told him about Paul. “He is my chosen instrument who will stand before gentiles, kings, and many people.”
▶At this time, He introduced Barnabas to him. Who is this Barnabas? He was the one who gave his entire wealth and fortune when the early church began. But there’s no record in the Bible that Barnabas starved to death. Isn’t that so? He gave everything he had. The ones who fell into trials while seeing that were Ananias and Sapphira. There are many church members like that. “What’s going to happen to me if that person gives all that? If that person takes all the popularity, what’s going to happen to me?” That’s what it is, isn’t it? So they unexpectedly said they’ll give offering, but they felt it was a waste. So they lied. They completely deceived the Holy Spirit, So all the believers of the churches in the nation and the world, you must not be untruthful/unfaithful regarding church offering. If you understand it spiritually, that’s very wrong.
▶So everything in our headquarters is operated by the offering of our believers. So if you lie and deceive, you’ll group yourself with Ananias and Sapphira. You must really be cautious. I say this to my secretaries as well. There are things that we spend on for personal things, right? I never let them use the money (what belongs to headquarters) for that. You know, there are times when we go somewhere for a break or go somewhere to rest. I don’t let them ever use the money that belongs to headquarters. Why? It’s possible for us, as humans, to go golfing or fishing and whatnot. But should we be using the headquarters money for those expenses? I never let them use it. Why? Because that’s the offering from the believers. When Barnabas gave that offering, he met Paul. Here, the historic, great, works took place.
5)Acts 13:1, Acts 16:11, Acts 17:1
▶Look carefully in the Bible. The meeting in Acts 13:1. The meeting with Lydia in Acts 16:11. “They” in Acts 17:1. These are not just your average words. This is team camp training. Then what kind of prayer is this? The prayer is completely different. This includes the tremendous prayer that results from this meeting. It was when Ananias was praying. Such works are arising. Without realizing, we lost hold of it. If you do things with motives and humanism, you won’t be able to see any of it at all.

3.Answer of God Completely Guiding You
(Field Camp Training- Oneness= God +Me +Field)
▶Finally, what is it? There’s this answer of God completely, perfectly, guiding you. This is what we call, “field camp training”. What is field camp training? It’s the oneness of you (myself), God, and the field. You must remember this. All fields can be difficult or good. Regardless of that, it’s you (myself), God, and the field. Where was Joseph? It was God, Joseph, and Potiphar’s household. What about Stephen when he was dying? It was Stephen, God, and the field in which he died. This is the field camp training. Take a look at the field camp trainings. Look to see what they did first.
1)Acts 13:1-4
▶They prayed to receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
2)Acts 16:6-10
▶Take a look at Acts 16:6-10. When the doors were blocked, they prayed to receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
3)Acts 19:1-7
▶Before they went to Tyrannus, they prayed. This is the field camp training. This is a tremendous blessing for us.

4.Fruit of the Holy Spirit (Specialized Camp Training/Saving the Experts/Professionals)
▶Lastly, what’s the final thing that remains? The most important thing is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. What do we call this? Specialized camp training. Simply put, it’s saving the experts and professionals. Where can you find something more important than this? What is the thing you must uncover most in the specialized camp training?
▶Only. Uniqueness. Re-creation. It’s the camp training in which you make this system. That’s why we use the word “OURS”. Only Uniqueness Re-creation System. These 4 things are just called “camp trainings”, but this is our walk of faith. These 4 things are the journey of a successful person. No matter what work you do, if you do this, it’ll work.

▶What’s important is that this is the kind of conclusion we come to.
1)Darakbang (Begin Anew)
▶Being Darakbang anew. Do you understand? When you start Darakbang, there’s a scripture that you see that day. That’s important as well, but do the darakbang in which you plant this. That’s team ministry. Isn’t that so? In the past, the early church gathered in Mark’s upper room. That’s field camp training. Because they were connected to the specialized people, that was the specialized camp training. Begin this darakbang.
2)Prayer (State, more than answer)
▶Secondly, begin prayer anew. What is prayer? More than answers, it’s about your state. Start like this. “What kind of answers will I receive?” If this is what you’re thinking, you’ll go crazy if answers don’t come. There’s no need for that. It’s all about your state.
3)Alone (Enjoying God)
▶Finally, it’s when you’re alone. Prayer needs to take place for you when you’re alone. More than conditions, it’s about enjoying. “It’s this kind of situation.” That’s not it. It’s enjoying God.
▶Up to this is the training and answer you must receive. Through the past integrated training, I summarized and organized all the camp trainings that we’ve had until now. There’s nothing here that I said as my own words. There’s no need for me to speak my own words. Isn’t that so? No matter how foolish a person may be, if they try to live their lives learning something from me, they’re bound to fail. I simply brought over the trainings and answers that are in the Bible, exactly the way they are. If you put all this aside, with what will you do this? Then you’d have to do it by your own skills and character. Then absolutely, limitations are bound to come.
▶This is the strength/power that you and the businesspeople must restore and head out with. Why? Because the characteristic here is that the main figures here were the businesspeople. Of course, the apostles where important as well, but as soon as the doors of Mark’s upper room opened, the main figures who actually moved everything were the businesspeople.

(The end)