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04.20.2021 – Do Not Number the Tribe of Levi

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 2nd Service- 10/04/2020
Title: Do Not Number the Tribe of Levi
Scripture: Numbers 1:47-54

▶Finally, they prepared, in full-scale, to enter into Canaan.
At this time, God told them not to count the tribe of Levi. Why is that? There are a few things you need to see in the introduction.
1)Civil Servant/Public Official
▶As they were preparing, in full-scale, for war, who did God use? They were the civil servants (public servants).
(1)603,550 People- Especially the 603,550 soldiers. They’re civil servants.
(2)Number- All the tribes were counted. This isn’t a small task. Do you know what would need to happen to count 600,000 people? Even if just 2,000 people come to headquarters for training, it’s not easy to take care of all that. When we had our World Remnant Conferences, we had about 10,000 to 15,000 people come and even though it’s not to the point of death, things are that difficult to handle. Counting and selecting 603,550 people is a tremendous task and feat. Though Moses did call and select people until that point, there were many small systems within that and for the first time in the wilderness, these civil servants were used.
▶The reason is because that’s the way to adequately use the Levite people. Why is that? They were told not to let the Levites go to war.
(1)Protect the Tabernacle- The reason was because they had to keep/protect the tabernacle. They were people who must protect the tabernacle. The work that the soldiers and many civil servants were doing, was for these Levites who protect the tabernacle and for the people as well.
(2)Carrying of the Tabernacle- And right now, they were transporting/carrying the tabernacle. Because the tabernacle must be moved, they were told not to count the Levites. To say that they needed to transport/move the tabernacle means that they still had 38 years left. They needed to go there. These Levites are the ones who protect and move the tabernacle. Because you, the civil servants, exist, the nation can live and because of these people, they could also protect the tabernacle.
(3)Congregation (Wrath X)- And then He said something very important. “Make it so that no wrath comes upon the congregation of the people of Israel. Because wrath must not come upon this congregation, do not put the Levites on the list.” So He was telling the 600,000 soldiers and civil servants, who were doing the consensus, to do this work.
3)Moses (Civil Servant), Aaron (Priest)
▶Today, we’re giving the Civil Servant Devotional Service and this is the Word that God gave to us. In actuality, Moses was of the Levite tribe, but he was a civil servant. Aaron was of the Levite tribe and he was a priest. When we look at this, there’s something similar. Priests live with the tithe. Civil servants live with the taxes given by the people. But when they were first beginning, Moses and Aaron were both of the Levite tribe.
▶Blessing of the Levite Tribe- In that sense, civil servants are people who have received the blessing of the tribe of Levi. Look at this carefully. When the civil servants started for the first time, it started here. They were, in fact, people of Levi. If that this so, similarly to the Levite tribe, you are working for the nation and living off of the taxes that the people give. Before this time, the Israelites could not have soldiers or civil servants in this way. God prepared them like this for the full-scale conquest of Canaan and world evangelization.

▶Main– Civil servants, you must remember today.

1.Public Officials (Civil Servants) are Hidden Missionaries
▶Civil servants are the hidden missionaries who save the nation. You’re not exposed missionaries, but hidden missionaries.
1)7 Remnants
▶The 7 remnants were like that. If you look, Joseph went as a civil servant. If Joseph had not entered into Egypt as a civil servant, he wouldn’t have been able to do world evangelization. He went in as this civil servant, but it turned out that he was a missionary. So civil servants all across the nation and the world, you must remember. You are hidden missionaries. In actuality, Moses would also be considered a civil servant. David would also be associated with civil servitude. Look at the 7 remnants.
▶Look at Obadiah. While he was a civil servant, he did the most important work of that age. So you are hidden missionaries, missionaries who are in hiding. You need to always do your work with that heart. God gave power to Obadiah and enabled him to do the tremendous work of blocking crises.
3)Daniel, 3 Friends
▶There was only one method by which God worked in Babylon. God called Daniel and the 3 friends as civil servants. There was no other method by which they could do this work for the nation. If you gain spiritual strength, not only will you be able to help the citizens, but from within the civil servant society, you can be of tremendous help to the country.
▶Technically speaking, people like Esther, who went into the palace, were civil servants. The queen is also a civil servant.
5)Cornelius, Gaius
▶People like Cornelius and Gaius, who God used, were civil servants. You don’t need to be exposed or obvious. You are hidden missionaries.

2.Civil Servants are Field Missionaries.
▶Today, they were being commissioned from the tabernacle and civil servants are field missionaries who save the field.
1)Background of Tabernacle (Prayer Background)
▶Once again, you have the background of the tabernacle. You go outside to work and even go to the battlefields, but right now, the Levites are protecting the tabernacle. This means that you are people who have the background of the tabernacle. This is an immense prayer background. That’s why the lights must never be out in the church, 24 hours a day. The church must be a place where people can always pray for all the congregation, all the civil servants, and all the remnants.
2)Answer of the Tent of Meeting
▶In this place where we gather today, you must take the answer of the tent of meeting. You are missionaries who go to the field. You must never lose hold of this. You yourself, the church, and the field must have Oneness. In other words, it’s God, me (you), and the field. So it’s the church, me (you), and the field. There are civil servants who say that it’s quite hard to evangelize. And there are some people who also say that it’s hard to live your walk of faith as a civil servant. That’s not true. If you look in the Bible, the civil servants were the ones who did world evangelization. With this background.
3)Blessing of the Tents (Home, Field)
▶And what is the blessing of the tents? It’s the field. It’s similar, but it’s different. You are people who have the background of the tabernacle. You are field missionaries who take the answer you receive when you gather in the tent of meeting. This is a very important thing that is connected to your own home and the field. Because of COVID, not a lot of people are able to gather today, but rather, because of COVID, there will be people who are able to receive the message even better. Some people will completely fail because they’re unable to properly give worship. Some people are able to receive and hold on to the message even more accurately because of COVID. Because of you, these messages get relayed in the field. You are these field missionaries.

3.Civil Servants are Secret Missionaries.
▶What’s more important? Though civil servants are not visible, they are secret missionaries who changed and transformed the age. Look carefully in the Bible.
1)Age of Egypt- Moses, Joshua
▶Who is the person who brought about great change to Egypt? I’m talking about Egypt as an age. Here, God chose Moses, Joshua, and Caleb. These people, in our terms, are all civil servants. In this way, they were used to completely transform an age.
▶There’s something you must be most cautious of. People wonder, “There isn’t much work we even do. As a civil servant and there are so many difficult things in the workplace. Can we really do it?”. Your existence itself is a blessing. You must believe that. As hidden missionaries, you have received the blessing to be able to do important work wherever you go. You yourself are the light, so darkness is bound to flee. You have received this blessing. There’s only one difference between someone who receives answers to prayer and someone who doesn’t. People don’t have assurance about the fact that they have this blessing. I’ve healed many patients and there’s only one difference. I have the assurance that, if you pray in the name of Jesus Christ and receive the filling of the Holy Spirit, you will be healed. You have this as well, but the reason why you’re not able to do it is because you don’t have the assurance. God sent you as the hidden, field, and secret missionaries. That blessing is inside of that.
2)Age of Philistia- David
▶Look in the Bible. The age of Philistia. At this time, one soldier, a king, one person named David, was called and all the forces of darkness in Philistia were bound. If you’re holding on to the covenant as you work as a civil servant, all the forces of darkness around you will be bound. If there’s someone who really has the covenant in that Blue House, the force of darkness will be bound. I’m praying that prayer. This can become the light if they completely come to the answer of Christ, like you, but it’s unfortunate.
▶I’ve said this a few times in the past, but Michael Jackson was a singer who gave much influence and he was in America. But there was not a single person who accurately spoke of the Gospel to him. It’s quite unfortunate. Something I find even more unfortunate is that there was a Korean person who worked for him and I know this person. I think this person’s job had to do with making food and they were somehow connected to him (Michael Jackson), but this person is church member. They were a Christian, but they don’t know how important the Gospel is. It’s quite an unfortunate thing. In actuality, Michael Jackson was suffering so much that he was afflicted by drugs and he was facing much hardship. People who do music usually face spiritual problems if they don’t have the Gospel. If one person, with the Gospel, knows how important this is, these kinds of works take place. So when David went before Goliath, he boldly went and said. What kind of scene was this? What kind of scene was seen when Goliath and David fought? Goliath cursed David in the name of his gods. That’s a spiritual battle. It’s a tremendous fight. When the average person sees it, it’s nothing and it’s of no value, but it’s a tremendous fight. Goliath cursed David and sent his power in the name of his gods. And David responded to those words. “You come to me with a sword and with a spear and with a javelin, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied!”
3)Age of Aram- Obadiah (100 People)
▶Take a look in the Bible. All of them were like this. Obadiah, who changed the age of Aram. Elijah and Elisha were important, but this is how important one civil servant, Obadiah, is. So you just have to hold on to the covenant like Obadiah. As you know, Obadiah was a disciple of Elisha. And he was a servant of King Ahab. Isn’t that interesting? I see this man as a tremendous man of prayer and a very skilled man. So he hid 100 prophets who were despised by the king. Do you think he never got caught? I’ve always asked this question. I mean, it’s quite obvious even when just a few people go in and out of the house. But he hid a 100 people and even if he did have them split in half, do you think no one found out about them? And if you’re a servant of King Ahab, you’re bound to have enemies. There would be so many people who criticize you. What do you think happened? But I have assurance. Perhaps, King Ahab knew about it. But why did he leave Obadiah alone? Because he was an absolutely necessary, essential servant to Ahab. This is skill. If it’s to the point where you’re getting kicked out of your workplace, that means you lack skills. Isn’t that so? This Obadiah was the absolute servant of King Ahab and the absolute disciple of Elijah. So in changing and transforming an age, God placed a civil servant there. May you pray. If you are able to pray continuously for 24 hours a day, God’s kingdom is bound to come upon you.
4)Age of Babylon- Nehemiah
▶This was in every important age. If you look in history, these are all the ages, are they not? Egypt, Philistia, and Aram. In the same way, the age of Babylon. In the age of Babylon, God used Daniel and the 3 friends. It goes beyond this. Even when they got out and rebuilt the temple, God used a figure named Nehemiah. Who was he? He was a servant in the palace. So he was able to stay close to the king. So he explained the reason why the temple must be rebuilt and explained and gave the sources to him. There was never an exception. In each age, God absolutely used civil servants to change an age. You must hold to the covenant. Without exception, when He changed an important age, God either placed/inserted a civil servant, made a civil servant, or used a civil servant. I said this earlier as well.
5)Age of Rome- Cornelius
▶Finally, even in the age of Rome, the first person God used was Cornelius. This Cornelius didn’t have that high of a rank. He was a centurion. But if you look in the Bible, he was a centurion of the Italian regiment. What does this mean? After Rome conquered the world, they sent soldiers. Rome commissioned and deployed Cornelius as the centurion of the Italian regiment. Simply speaking, he was someone who was in the line associated with the emperor. This person received the Gospel. He completely received it. Then that’s it. The way I see it, he probably did a lot of tremendous hidden work. In this way, without exception, God used important civil servants in every important age, to change the age. As soon as the age of Canaan conquest opened, God did all this. We’ve come a long way till now by God’s grace, but now you must newly hold to the covenant. Our church must newly hold to the covenant and many of you must also newly hold to the covenant.

♠Conclusion- Tribe of Levi (Exodus 27:21, Matthew 27:51)
▶How did God use these people in such an important way? This tribe of Levi comes out in Exodus 27:21. It’s also mentioned in Exodus chapter 2. If you look in Matthew 27:51, on that day when Jesus died on the cross, the curtain was completely torn. Simply put, God tore the curtain that only the Levites could walk through to get to the holiest of holies. To speak in today’s terms, all people of God are of the Levite tribe. This is the conclusion we come to. So we just need one civil servant, but what kind of civil servant emerged?
1)Daniel 1:8-9 (Covenant- Gospel)
▶There were many people, but there’s one common characteristic that’s the same. Let’s look at the most difficult age as an example. The age of Egypt was a difficult time, but let’s look at Babylon. They were chosen as civil servants. What did these people know? Israel had been completely destroyed. The temple was demolished. And then they were taken as captives. Though they were taken as captives, their skills were acknowledged and they were able to enter into the Babylonian palace. So they resolved in their hearts. Why? Because they knew the reason. Simply put, they knew the reason why they were taken as captives. So they resolved in their hearts to testify of God’s power. These people were the minority, the few people who had the covenant. This is it. Whether you’re a civil servant, a pastor, or some other job, it doesn’t matter. The Gospel is the covenant and for those who believe that it’s all been finished, God’s works begin.
3)3 Young Men
▶Take a look at this, how it happened. It happened to the 3 young men first. You know of that event. They were sent into the fire, in Babylon where they did idol worship. These people are ones who are used. Because they know. You know the world. You have been sent during the prime time to save the world. One day, it will come. As you know, they made idols and forced people to bow to them. They couldn’t just not do it, right? With their faith, you can change the age. Everyone else bowed down, but they didn’t. The report of this was sent to the king. But the king knew these people very well. So he gives them another chance. “Did you really do that? I will give you one more chance. Just do it once.” The king makes that request. This is what the 3 young men said before the king. They should’ve said, “We cannot”. But instead, they said, “We don’t need to answer you, O king”. So how angry do you think the king was? They didn’t say, “We cannot, because of our faith”. Instead, they said, “There’s no need for us to answer you. If we don’t bow here, we’ll have to enter into the fire, but the Lord will save us. But even if He does not…!” If you hold to the covenant to this extent, the force of darkness will crumble. As civil servants, you don’t have to try to do some great evangelism. Even if you just fight the spiritual fight of breaking down the force of darkness, that’s enough for the works to arise.
▶To Daniel. God gave wisdom.
(1)Nebuchadnezzar- God gave Daniel the wisdom to interpret the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar. God will give you wisdom. Why? Because the Gospel must arise within the society of civil servants. Because many forces of darkness must completely be destroyed within the civil servant’s society.
(2)Belshazzar- When King Belshazzar was holding a feast, there were writings that appeared. The person who interpreted that was Daniel.
(3)Darius- Finally, when he was about to die due to slander and defamation, he comes to life. That was during the time of King Darius. This is what happens when you hold to the covenant. He became the prime minister who moved 3 kings. It’s a simple story. You do need to accurately hold to the covenant, but you must also hold to it correctly. It’s okay even if you don’t have any power. You don’t need anything.
▶In my case, all I did was hold to the covenant. Really, this is my experience. I was in seminary and it seemed like I was in the worst circumstances. I can’t say that with certainty, but that’s what it looked like for me. Everyone had a pretty good background and they had more financial power. That was the situation when I was studying. But I held to the sure covenant. “God sent me to evangelize.” I was not interested in anything else. “Why do I need some kind of position? I don’t need any of that.” So I went to seminary and all these assistant pastors were doing all kinds of things. I didn’t have the power/abilities to do all that nor did I understand it. They were choosing board members and these seminary students were doing all sorts of things to be part of that board. That was the reality. But that’s why people lose. That’s what I’m saying. There were about 600 seminary students and there was a fight that broke out in the seminary because they all wanted to be president of the board. I said this before as well, right? Every year, the president was always someone from Daegu. They really were something else. And the region that always fought against them was Gwangju. Because people came from several regions.
▶Why am I repeating what I said before? Rightfully, naturally, they’re unable to receive any answers. I was not interested in any of that. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, then that’s fine as well. Why is that even important? If the civil servants accurately hold to the covenant today, God will absolutely do the work. You must experience this. “I just correctly held to the covenant, but all fields were saved.” “All I did was just hold correctly to the covenant, but the blessing of the tabernacle, tent of meeting, and tents was completely relayed.” How thankful must we be? “All I did was hold to the covenant, but the age was changed.” Do you experience this? I saw it, even though it was a little bit. All I did was hold to the covenant and that’s what happened. Today, all civil servants, all of you are missionaries who shine the light in the darkness. If you just hold to this covenant, the light is bound to shine.
So I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus, that you may become witnesses who save many people for the rest of your lives. Let us pray.

God, we give you thanks. Today, we are giving the civil servants’ devotional service. May today be the day they hold to the covenant. May today be the day they hold to the covenant of your Word and not the false covenant. We pray that they will be the civil servants who convey the light as the witnesses who save the age. Would you raise them up as the hidden, secret missionaries. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)