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04.19.2021 – Those Who Are Able to Go to War

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 1st Service- 10/04/2020
Title: Those Who Are Able to Go to War
Scripture: Numbers 1:1-19

▶A while back, I visited the district office in my region to get some documentation from there, and I heard a strange sound. There was a clamor outside and I think someone tries to park and a fight broke out. The young man was almost on the verge of murder. I was thinking to myself, wondering how I can break up the fight, but other people came and took them apart. As I looked at that young man, I saw that he was not able to manage that anger that he felt. There are many people like that these days.
If you go to America, there are many people who have lost their minds and they’re just sitting on the streets. Even if you go to Japan, there are so many people like that. Even if you don’t intentionally go and seek them out, you can see them. I saw on the news yesterday that there are far more people dying as a result of suicide than cancer.
Do you know that is the case? Only the Bible reveals the reason. Only the Bible explains why curses befall us and why people fall into darkness. It explains why only Christ is the solution. That is the book of Genesis. The book of Genesis addresses why all the problems befall this earth. I believe that all the politicians of the entire need to know the contents of Genesis. If you’re not aware of this, how can you carry out your work in politics?
Even if people go to church, it doesn’t amount to anything. People ask, “I go to church. Why am I still in this state?”. We must be set free. We must be set free and delivered from the hands of Satan. We must be set free from the authority of hell. That is the book of Exodus.
“I give worship but why are things still not working out for me?” It’s because of your imprints, roots, and nature. The book of Leviticus addresses how to completely transform that. Leviticus explains what genuine worship is. We looked through that.
▶Then in the book of Numbers, we see the account and contents of the people God chose.
What is the first thing that we see today? “Select those who are able to go to war. Select those who can fight in battle.” The very important content can be seen in verse 1. In verse 1, it says, “On the first day of the second month, in the second year.” What is that? In other words, “After 2 years and 2 months of having come out of Egypt”. What do you think when you hear these words? No one is aware. No one is aware of when they will enter into Canaan. They just think that it’s going to come soon. Only God knows the time. How much time is left? 38 years are left. These words are very important. The path you must take in your life? How much longer you’ll live? No one knows. “When will this problem be solved? How long will I live before I die?” No one knows the answer to those questions. Only God knows. “Starting now, because you must enter into Canaan, you must select the warriors who are worthy of fighting in battle.” So they’re going around to search and count these warriors. It’s tremendous. They were able to count 603,550 people. Think about this. In the wilderness, they were able to count out 600,000 people. And they were told to prepare to go out to fight.
It’s the same now. Because God has given you salvation, “You must now make the preparations to go and fight the spiritual battle. Do not be afraid. You must make the preparations to go out and fight against the forces of darkness. For you are the chosen of God”. That’s the book of Numbers. That’s why you must continue to look into the contents of the book of Numbers.
▶This is the covenant you must hold on to today. “Because now I’m aware of what salvation is, what worship is, and what all the power is, I must fight the spiritual fight.” These are words that unbelievers cannot understand. If you refrain from fighting the worldly fight and instead engage in the spiritual fight, then of course, you’ll be victorious.
During this time of worship today, pray. “In the name of Jesus Christ, may all forces of darkness working upon my life and my family be completely broken today.” You must fight the spiritual fight. Isn’t that so? What is the way for us to triumph in our walk of faith? It is to fight the spiritual fight.
▶I’ve said this before. It was a piece of writing written by a missionary. He went into this village where nobody had ever heard the Gospel and he shared the Gospel there. The chieftain’s son received the Gospel. He was really chosen by God. Because he had received so much grace for several days on end, he followed the missionary around. He was following the missionary and together, they were sharing the Gospel. But how could this be? This young man suddenly collapsed. Because he had overworked himself. He was taken to the hospital and the doctor said that it would be hard for him to recover from this. “Because he had overexerted himself, he may not even make it past tonight. He may even lose his life. He’s so exhausted and worn out. So everything was in an uproar. The chieftain came and he was shouting, “Why did you make my son believe in Jesus and end up this way?!”. This is what the missionary wrote in his account and he was so shocked by these words. So he began to pray, that this absolutely is the work of Satan. “How could this be?” Of course, beyond all of that, God has a surpassing plan. He didn’t even pray a grand prayer. He clasped this young boy’s hand and prayed. “You forces of Satan trying to overtake this young boy. May you completely depart in the name of Jesus Christ.” He genuinely prayed, “With the full might and power of Jesus Christ, may you depart”. That night, the boy recovered. This was something that they, physically speaking, could not comprehend at all. Today, in the time remaining, if you fight the spiritual fight, then answers are absolutely bound to come.
▶Before engaging in spiritual battle, there are a few things you must be aware of.
There’s something you need to know beforehand. What kind of fight is this? It’s a spiritual fight, but beyond that, our fight has already been won.
God Himself said in Exodus chapter 3. “I will lead you into the land flowing with milk and honey.” They asked, “How can we go?”. “I will be with you with my mighty hand.” It was promised. What you must realize today is that we’re simply going out to fight a fight that has already been won. Even to Joshua, He promised, “It has been given to you”. When you surely hold on to God’s covenant, that fight has already been won. It’s not a situation where they’re asking, “How can we fight? What happens if we die? How can we secure our victory?”. Our spiritual fight has already been won.
Because Christ has completely shattered the force of darkness. “The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil” (1 John 3:8). Mark 10:45, “So that he can get rid of all of our curses”. He came as the true prophet to get rid of all the doors that are completely shut before us as a result of the force of darkness.
May today be the time in which you receive this answer. Today will never come again. October 2020, on this important day, we’re giving worship. We’re going out to fight the fight that has already been won. What does this mean? The forces of darkness that, in actuality, really exist, will never depart unless you hold on to this covenant.
When you hold to this covenant today, that force of darkness will be bound and will flee.
▶Many people, even pastors, ask this question. They’re not a part of our denomination, but they ask, “Why does Pastor Ryu continue to talk about Satan?”. But if you’re unaware of this, you’ll be in great trouble. This Satan, that began in Genesis chapter 3, continues to be mentioned until Revelation chapter 19. Unseen to our eyes, he formed the 3 organizations and seized control of all of America. What will you do? More than 30,000 of these demon-possessed shamans have completely taken over the culture of our country. In that developed nation of Japan, there is rampant idol worship all over the land there are at least 2 mental patients in each household. Christ shattered that authority. That’s why all of you, who know Christ, are beginning a fight that has already been won. You must be certain of that. This is the covenant you must firmly hold on to today. We’re not going out to secure our victory. We’re just going out to confirm the victory that has already been won. Our fight entails taking the banner of Christ so that we can plant it. So hold on to the covenant. Satan knows you all too well. But before those who are holding on to this covenant, he has no choice but to flee. We are engaging in a fight that has already been guaranteed. The victory is ours. We’re just simply going out to plant the banner of Christ there.

▶Main– But if that’s the case, what we need is strength. Isn’t that so? If you want to fight, you need to have strength. No other strength is needed. The 3 important strengths that we need are mentioned in today’s passage.

1.Take the Power of the Tent of Meeting.
▶What kind of strength/power? It says that the Word was given and that the Lord spoke in the tent of meeting.
There’s a separate strength/power you need must receive. It says that the Lord spoke in the tent of meeting. What this means is that this is the power of the tent of meeting. You need to have this power as you go out. There are many people who find this difficult to understand.
▶One day, after I realized the Gospel, my keenest interest was upon prayer. Why? Because the blessing that is second to salvation, is the answer to prayer. The very first gift that God has given to His people is salvation. And after that, it’s prayer. I lot of my thoughts and heart went into what prayer was about. One day, I began to receive my answer regarding prayer. And in fact, it was from that point on that I was able to see. From then on, all my adversities disappeared. Rather, it’s a problem for those who are worried because of it. But for me, there was nothing for me to concern myself over.
All of you receiving the Word throughout the nation and the world, all of you who have been saved, you must now be clothed with the power of the tent of meeting. If you don’t have this power of prayer, if you find yourself lost in the midst of loneliness, you will never be able to overcome that. Our remnants scattered throughout the world need to survive on their own. How can they withstand the loneliness that they feel? You must take hold of the power of the tent of meeting and then go out. There are so many difficulties and hardships awaiting you in the world. If you’re falling inside of that, how can you overcome it? God gathered them together in the tent of meeting and He gave them His Word. He could have chosen the soldiers elsewhere, but instead, He gathered them in the tent of meeting and selected them there. These words are so important.
▶What is the tent of meeting? Is it not the tabernacle? Isn’t that so? What is inside the tabernacle? The very important, 7 powers are contained. The ①ark of the covenant is inside of the tabernacle. There are also ②lampstands inside of the tabernacle. There is also a censer, ③an altar where the incense goes up. There is also ④bread inside of the tabernacle. And the ⑤water basin in the tabernacle. Outside of the tabernacle is the ⑥courtyard. They had the anointing of ⑦oil within the tabernacle every single day. That was the working of the Holy Spirit. He’s telling them to have a taste of this power and then go out.
Before going into Canaan. If they gather there, that’s the tent of meeting. There are 5 powers contained inside of the tent of meeting. Every day, they gave the ①burnt offering. And what else? They staked their life to gather on the ②Sabbath Day. The ③3 feasts. And what else? ③The Sabbath Year. And also, the ⑤the Year of Jubilee. It was the tent of meeting. “With this power in hand, enter into the land of Canaan.” All of you listening to the message today, if you fight against your spiritual problems, the answers will absolutely come. Stop engaging in physical fights. Engage in the spiritual battle and the answers will absolutely come. You will be victorious. Satan knows all too well. Don’t be afraid. You have already received your victory so go out and fight. With what? With the power of the tent of meeting. With this power of the tent of meeting, you go to your tents, your field. That is scheduled prayer. With this, the Israelites prevailed.
▶Today, you must absolutely hold on to the covenant of the tabernacle, tent of meeting, and tents, that uncovers the mystery of prayer. Even now, there are remnants who are scattered throughout the entire world. You need to gain this strength. This morning, there was a remnant, who is a popera (operatic pop) singer, who came to greet me because he’s about to go to the army. He would have to serve in the military for a year and a half. I gave him a prayer topic. “Once you become a senior officer, evangelize with music. Because you will be a great figure going forward, research and delve into what prayer is, what transcendental meditation is, and what holy meditation is. Uncover a holy meditation program that can move the entire music industry. That’s the answer.” These are not just your average words. The same goes for pastors. They need to have spiritual strength to be able to revive the church. Is that not so? Then how much more so do you require this strength when you’re going out to the world to live there? “Send out the army that can fight. Call them to the tent of meeting and make it so that they take this power with this.”

2.Take the Power of the Mission.
▶Second. What else did He give to them? He gave them a mission. It’s the power of the mission. Take hold of the power of the tent of meeting and this mission and then head out.
Do you know what “mission” is?
When I was an assistant pastor, I prayed. “God, I will only preach the Gospel and I will only evangelize. I don’t need anything else. I will engage in only Gospel and only evangelism.” Why? Because there are too many pastors in the world. “For me, I will do only Gospel and only evangelism.” That was my mission. God really answered me and He led me to churches that would only preach the Gospel. That is how I was able to connect and meet with all of you. That’s an answer to all of that. You must accurately hold on to the mission. They have to travel long ways into the wilderness. They have to enter Canaan ultimately. But if they don’t have the mission, or they’re holding on to the wrong mission, what’s going to happen to them? We read this very long passage today and here, we see that God gives them a mission. He didn’t just gather the men together to send them out to fight. He called them one by one, by name, and gave them a mission.
▶It was 23 years ago. I held on to the mission of the “remnant”. And you know very well what has happened since then. 2 years ago, I held to another mission. The 237 movement. 237, healing, and summit. That’s the mission. What is the most precious mission among all the missions God has given to us? It’s to go and save the 237 nations of the world. And because they’re completely dead, God is telling us to go and heal them. That’s why we must raise our remnants as the summit. So wait and see because God will surely give us this answer. He will give us this land for that and He will help us to raise up the 237 Healing and Summit Centers to save the world. So hold on to the mission. God’s covenant is absolutely bound to be fulfilled. Don’t be discouraged. Engage in the spiritual fight. If you want to fight the spiritual fight, all you need to do is go out because the victory has already been guaranteed. Don’t just simply go out, but take with you, the power of the tent of meeting. Don’t just go out. Take with you, your mission. This mission encompasses and connects together our past, present, and future so it’s a tremendous thing.
▶Perhaps you don’t need to know this in detail, but let’s look through this.
We see the name of the Reuben tribe. This name means, “The Lord understands my sorrow and He consoles me.” Do you know what this is? You know Isaiah’s son, Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz, right? That name means, “swift/quickly to the plunder”. What does this mean? He was saying, “Because this kind of age will come, this is your mission”. Simeon. We see the name here today. It means, “The Lord’s answer”. That’s what it means. We see the name “Judah”. It means, “praise”. Issachar. The name means, “his reward will come”. All the names of the 12 tribes are seen here. And see Zebulun. It means, “gift” or “dowry”. There’s no need for you to memorize all this. But you must hold on to what you must hold on to. “God, grant to me the God-given mission.” Then that’s it. If you hold on to your God-given mission, everything will naturally follow. Isn’t that so? If you make an important appointment with someone from another country, then that meeting has no choice but to happen and go through. We see Joseph here. His name means, “God will add” or “victor”. Manasseh means, “he who is forgotten”. All those names were mission. We see the name Benjamin. It means, “son of the right” or “son of joy”. And Dan. That name means “God is my judge” or just “altar”, That’s what Dan means. And Asher comes out. His name means “happy”. And Gad, which means “luck”. And Naphtali, which means, “wrestling” or “struggling”.
▶What does all this mean? God raised each and everyone of them up, gave them a mission, and commissioned them out.
When they selected soldiers from these tribes, 600,000 people were counted. You’re not receiving answers as a result of all your efforts. You receive answers when you accurately hold on to the covenant. Test it out. Take hold of last week’s message and this week’s message and connect that together. See how all that branches out through all the answers that God bestows upon you. The answers will naturally come.

3.Take the Power Plant the Banner in the Field.
▶Third. Why did He give them these words after gathering them together in the tent of meeting?
He’s saying, “Take hold of the power of the field. Take hold of the power to plant that banner in the field.” It’s simple. Take hold of the power of tent of meeting and go out. Take with you, the power of the mission. That’s what He’s saying. Once you go out, all you have to do is plant this banner of Christ, who is the light, in the field.
There are people who are consumed with worries. That’s an illness. They’re bound to go into Canaan. There are people who anxious for not specific reason at all. That’s an illness. They will go into Canaan. They’re bound to.
All we’re doing is going out to plant that banner in the fight that has already been won. May you believe this. This is the blessing you have received. Why is that? Because we must go out to save all those who are spiritually dying in the field. Why must they enter into Canaan? Because they must do world evangelization. You need to hold on to this covenant today and begin your prayers.
▶To what extent did He explain the power that they must have in the field? In verse 16, it says, “These were the ones chosen from the congregation, the chiefs of their ancestral tribes, the heads of the clans of Israel.” It comes out in today’s passage. When you take the number of all the Israelites, there were only 2 million people. But it still says, “heads of 10 million”. Just like that, the power that God gives you will be the power of being heads over 10 million people. While there are some people who are arrogant with incorrect knowledge, there are people who are just too unaware and ignorant. It’s not a matter of, “I can do this” or “I can’t do this”. “God can do it.” That’s why we go out, holding on to that covenant. If you say you can’t do it, that’s unbelief. If somebody, who has nothing, says they can do it, that’s arrogance. “God can do it.” God asked, “Ezekiel, can these dry bones live?”. Ezekiel gave an astounding response. “Lord, only you know and you can do it.” “Is that so? Then proclaim my Word.” When the bones came to life, He said, “Breathe life into them”. They became a massive army afterwards. It’s the same Word even now. How can it be that they are the heads of clans that amount to 10 million people? He’s saying that He will give them the power to conquer the field, to that extent. Moses and Aaron called and appointed those individuals. The moment that they appointed them, God gave the Word to Moses and Aaron. That comes out in verse 19. You don’t realize how accurate of an answer God has given to us today. When you go into the field, God will work there. Whenever I see people who are getting married, I always speak to them about Charles Schwab. Schwab was born with nothing and he had no background to speak of. He went in as a janitor. But he was a man of God. The accurate faith entered into him. He professed, “I’m simply going in as a cleaner, a janitor, but God is with me and He will make me into the greatest janitor of all”. That’s right. The answers continued to come to him and as that accumulated, one day, he became the head of the company. He became the head of a massive steel company. So when I have couples come to me before they get married, I tell them, “Don’t worry about anything.” I always speak to them about John Wanamaker. I say, “Don’t worry”. He went in as a clerk, but one day, he became the head of all the department stores. Later on, he even became the postmaster general.
▶In our organization, there is this elder and he used to work in a company and that company went bankrupt. Things were so difficult for him but he didn’t go home and share it with his family members. He just told his family that he was going to work and he came out. But this elder had this clear conviction. He went to this place where people stand in line to get daily labor jobs. Nothing is set and it’s just a temporary position. You just go and stand in line and when any kind of job comes in, you get called and you go. So that’s where he went. He happened to go to this one home for work. The elder thought to himself, “It’s true that I lost my job and my company has gone under, but here I am and God is with me and I’ll still do my very best”. Then he went to this place to work and the boss there was so taken by how hard he was working. He even said, “Next time, can you be the one to come and work?”. He said, “I’m just filling in temporary positions so I just go wherever they tell me to go.” Then the man said, “Then why don’t you give me your phone number so that I can just call you directly when I have a job for you?”. So the elder gave his phone number. So whenever the boss urgently needed someone to do a job, he would call this elder. It was one day. This employer said to the elder, “I keep watching you and you’re just not an average man. How is it that you’ve come to work here like this?”. This elder shared his personal story and shared the Gospel with this employer. This employer received the Gospel. And it turned out that he was the president of a very big company. Later, this employer asked the elder, “Can you come to our company and take charge of some important work?”. And the elder said, “I’d be so thankful for that”. Listening to that elder’s story, I thought, “That’s absolutely right. Wherever the people of the covenant go, God will completely break down the force of darkness there”. Because you are people of the covenant, even if what you’re doing is janitorial work, you can be successful. Don’t listen to the incorrect words of incorrect people. You continue to be deceived because you heed the words of those who are speaking incorrectly, the unbelievers, and those who are living a very physical walk of faith. Have this power of the tent of meeting. Take this mission. Take hold of the power of this mission and head out. Moreover, take hold of the power to save the field. The power that is like commanding clans of even 10 million people.
▶I carefully though about this.
This is 603,550 people. Just the people who are fighting. Then that means, that at the very least, there are 2 million Israelite people. At the very least, isn’t that so? That means that 2 million people lived in the wilderness for 40 years. That itself is an astounding thing. This symbolizes and signifies something so important. Why did God place them in the wilderness for 40 years? It was to fulfill the important plan of God. You must hold on to this covenant today. You’ll realize that all you did was hold on to the covenant and an important answer has come to you. Honestly speaking, I have no power to speak of. What does that mean? There’s nothing much that I’m very good at. For example, Sora can speak English well. Our remnant Sungjae (who sung a special song earlier) is very good at singing. And I’m always so envious of people who are good at playing the piano because I wanted to play when I was younger. I never got a chance. There’s nothing I’m very good at. There needs to be at least one thing I’m good at. But there isn’t. Perhaps that was the environment in which I grew up, but there’s nothing I can boast about. Yet, there’s one thing. I may make mistakes, but I do not intentionally use my humanism. I believe in God. I believe in the power of God. People who have accompanied me for a very long time will know. I don’t know about anything else, but I do not use my humanism. I surely believe in God’s power. The covenant that you are holding firmly to will absolutely be fulfilled.
▶We see in the book of Genesis that the God’s people of the covenant will never crumble. We see in the book of Exodus that yes, they made a mistake and they were taken as captives to another country, but they were not destroyed there. Isn’t that so? There was so much suffering in the wilderness. But despite all the hardships and adversities they faced, they did not perish. Those are the accounts of Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and Numbers. Isn’t that so? No matter how much the Philistines came to attack them, they did not perish. That’s the content of Judges and 1 & 2 Samuel. The mighty nations tried to come and destroy them but it didn’t work. That’s 1 &2 Kings and 1 & 2 Chronicles. The Babylonians came in and even took them as captives, but because of 1-2 people of the covenant, they were saved. That’s in the books of the minor prophets and the story of Babylon. Rome sought to persecute and kill the people of God, but even they could not overcome them. Don’t listen to the words of people. You must listen to the Word of God. To date, there is not one case where the words of man have come to fruition. Heroes rose up and spoke up many wars, but all they could do was fight wars. There’s nothing they accomplished. Not one stroke, not one iota of the Word of God will disappear. It will be fulfilled. These are the words He spoke to Isaiah. “Go and say it on the mountaintops. Go on top of the rooftops. That the Word of the Lord stands forever.” Today, as you look at the passage, may you hold on to the covenant. And pray for the next 6 days of the week. And then see what happens when you come to worship next week.

▶You are bound to enter Canaan. All the members of Darakbang and all the members of the Immanuel Churches are bound to enter into the land of Canaan and do world evangelization.
Today, hold on to this covenant. And as you give worship, give praise, and give offering, pray. I’ve received so many answers this way.
During worship. I went to America to lead the worship there and I was praying before the message. I looked out to the older, adult generation and I thought, “It’s never going to work.” But at that time, it wasn’t a word or term that came to mind, but I thought, “We’ve got the posterity. These people are precious because they made the generation that comes after them”. After ending that conference, I was on the plane back and there, I found the word, “remnant” in the Bible. That’s how God answers. It was the time of worship. It wasn’t difficult at all. I just looked out at the adult generation and thought that it’s not going to work. I was the one giving the messages, but there were times for praise and prayer other than the message. As I was sitting there, I thought, “It’s not about these people. It’s about their future generations. In that very short span of time, an amazing answer came to me. On the plane ride back, I discovered the word “remnant” in Isaiah 6:13.
The works that took place for the next 23 years are amazing. Right now, throughout the world, the remnants are arising. I wrote the lyrics for the theme songs for the past 23 years and when I see that, with just that alone, I see that God has really done the work. Because when we were giving worship earlier, the praise lyrics were being shown and I wondered, “Are those the lyrics I wrote?”. God is the One who has intervened and led each and every one of our footsteps. I bless you in the name of the Lord Jesus, that today, all members can enter into this covenant. Let us pray.

God, we give you thanks. May today be an important day. May it be a day of new grace. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)