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04.17.2021 – Is the Lord’s

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 2nd Service- 09/27/2020
Title: Is the Lord’s
Scripture: Leviticus 27:28-34

▶Today is the important, conclusion for Leviticus, “Is the Lord’s”. This is how we will conclude.
The Immanuel Church is tremendous. In other denominations, because they’re not able to give worship, they’re not able to keep the church running. They’re facing difficulties to the point where they haven’t been able to pay their pastors for months. When I heard the reports for today, I heard that we have 90% attendance. This means, that with the exception of the elderly who can’t use the internet, we have 100% attendance.
▶Introduction- Is the Lord’s (Set Apart)
Whenever you give offering, there’s an introduction that you must think about. “What we give to God is the Lord’s”. It says that God has made this holy. That He has set it apart. Holy means, “set apart”, and God has set apart the offering that you give.
1)Wilderness→ Start of the Economy of Light
▶Right now, they’re walking through the wilderness and how impoverished are they? If you tell these people to give offering, they’ll fall into trials. But on their way through the wilderness, they’re constantly hearing about offering and different types of offering. On top of that, they’re being told to pay their tithes. This is the conclusion. To pay tithe. Going through the wilderness, things are very difficult. But why is God telling them to do this? The offering that you give is the economy of light. Even if you deny it, it’s the truth. It is the start of the economy of light. I told you this before. The Christians who gave offering from Australia built our Ilshin Church. We faced war and a great fire, so we had no choice but to go to that church. That became a tremendous start of salvation.
2)Conflict (Poverty)→ Status
▶While they’re going through the wilderness, there are many conflicts. As they were going through this, they were told to give offering. This is talking about your status/identity. The way I see it, it’s good to help beggars and homeless people, but helping them so that they don’t stay that way is better. When people, who don’t have much, come to church and hear that they need to give offering, they might fall into trials, but we must become people who don’t fall into trials because of that. Isn’t that so? You do need to have the heart of love and pity for those who are impoverished, but that’s not the standard. The standard is for your children, posterity, to live life well and do world evangelization. Is it your standard for them to live impoverished lives while relying on others to eat? What would you do if your child was begging for noodles at the Busan station? Is that grace? That’s a mental illness. Isn’t that so? So in the wilderness it looks like poverty, but that’s not it.
3)Future→ World Evangelization
▶It goes beyond that. The future is hold in the offering that you give. It clearly holds the future of world evangelization. Even if all the people of the world, 100% of them, say that it’s not true, it’s a fact. Whether you give knowingly or unknowingly, it’s a fact.

▶Main- Mystery of Tithe
If that is so, this is the part you must finally realize today in the Bible. Tithe. Someone said this. “Tithe is not offering. Tithe is what belongs to God.” It makes quite a bit of sense. If that is so, you need to realize a few mysteries regarding tithe. Those who don’t give tithe might hear this and think, “This is a bit of a burden”. Even if it is burdensome, you need to know the way. There is a tremendous mystery/secret in this tithe. There are 4. 4 mysteries/secrets that conquer the world.

1.Given for the Levite Tribe (Leviticus 27:28-34)→ Restoration of Power
▶What’s the first? The first mention of tithe in the Bible is when it says that it’s or the Levite tribe. Today’s passage is Leviticus 27:28-34. It wasn’t that it was given for the sake of the Levites, but from the onset, the beginning, it was theirs. Out of the 10 brothers, one was not allotted land. The Levite tribe. Why? So that they pray. Then among the land you’ve been given, the things of the Levites are also included. It’s just that you’re farming on that land and returning what you harvest to the Levites. What’s the reason?
1)Tabernacle, Tent of Meeting, Tent
▶Because they need to protect and keep the tabernacle. The blessing of the Levite tribe is tremendous. God made it so that they protect this tabernacle. I said earlier. They need to do the work of running the errands so that people can gather. Even when they’re in their own tents, they need to carry out their role so that they can always face the tabernacle.
2)Lampstand (24 Hours)
▶What does that mean? The Levite tribe must keep the lampstands lit for 24 hours. This is the Levite tribe. That’s why we (the rest of the tribes) give them a tenth. There are people who say that there is no “tithe” in the New Testament age, but they’re really people who don’t know the Bible. And I heard a pastor say something like this and he really didn’t seem like he had the Gospel. That’s the only thing he talked about in that way. When someone who has really completely realized the Gospel says something like that, you might say, “It’s got a sense of truth”. But he didn’t even know the Gospel at all and that’s what he saying just so he doesn’t have to give tithe. There’s no law like that in the bible. Even Jesus spoke of this. But 24 hours a day, this lamp must be lit. God made them do this work. An immense mystery/secret is contained in this. So a pastor who doesn’t pray much for his church members/believers is an incorrect pastor in God’s eyes.
3)Outside Courtyard
▶Take a look. He told them to light the lamps in the courtyards outside as well. Inside, they had to keep them on 24 hours, but the outer courtyards were supposed to kept lit only at night. There’s no reason to keep it lit in the daytime, because it’s bright. Then they need to keep that time. When it’s dark, they need to light the lamps and when it’s bright, they need to turn them off. In the end, that’s 24 hours. Later on, do you know where these people went? To the construction of the temple, the synagogues, and the lodges. Tremendous mysteries are contained here. This is the mystery/secret of tithe.

2.Give Your Tithe When You Gather at the Tent of Meeting (Deuteronomy 12:17, Deuteronomy 14:23, Holy Convocation)→ Restoration of Worship
▶Second. When they gather in the tent of meeting. This is when tithe was spoken of. Deuteronomy 12:17. Deuteronomy 14:23. How did some other people interpret this? You must not interpret the Bible however way you want. There are some people who say, “We give tithe and take everything for ourselves”. That’s not what this means.
▶When they gathered in the tent of meeting on the Sabbath day.
2)3 Feasts
▶When they gathered for the events that commemorated the 3 feasts.
3)Sabbath Year
4)Year of Jubilee
▶When they gathered in the tabernacle for the Sabbath Year and Year of Jubilee. They needed to have this tremendous event. Simply put, when they would have this holy convocation. They were told to give tithe. Then they would give their tithe, have a meal, and eat together. That’s what this means. How is “tithe” the economy of light? It plays the role of the oil that keeps the lampstands of the church lit for 24 hours. It plays a huge role in the gathering where the Israelite believers gather and gain great strength.

3.Sojourners, Orphans, Widows (Deuteronomy 26:12)→ Restoration of Evangelism and Missions
▶Third. There are very important words. To the sojourners. The orphans. The widows. Give a portion out of your tithe to them. Deuteronomy 26:12.
▶What does “sojourner” mean? This may refer to people who is traveling, but it also refers to foreigners/gentiles.
2)Homeless Person
▶Who are the orphans? “Orphan” is literally someone who doesn’t have a family, a home. In our terms, they’d be someone who is homeless.
3)Power, Background
▶Who is a widow? They’re powerless. They’re powerless and have no background. Give tithe for the sake of saving these people. And some pastors emphasize only number 3. I understand what they’re saying. Their character itself is one that gives and provides food, but this is all they emphasize. That’s not how it’s like in the Bible. These are tremendous mysteries/secrets. Your tithes contain the mystery/secret that lights the lampstands that save the entire world. The tithe you give also provides strength to other believers and is used when the tremendous message is being relayed. Tithe contains the secret/mystery of being used for those how have been deserted and for missions.

4.During Temple Construction (Malachi 3:7-12)→ Restoration of Economy
▶Fourth. During temple construction. Even during temple construction, of the entire congregation gives tithe, a tremendous mystery/secret is contained there. In the Bible, it’s Malachi 3:7-12. This was spoken during the reconstruction of the temple. The Israelites were told to return and reconstruct the temple, but they were unable to do it. This was the message that prophet Malachi gave for the last time. What did he say?
1)Robbing (Verse 8)
▶“You are robbing God.” Rightfully, tithe belongs to God, but “you have robbed God”.
2)Curse (Verse 9)
▶So it was like this in the past well, but even now, many curses are befalling this land. Verse 9.
▶There was a pastor who gave a message saying that tithe is for helping the orphans. How did he interpret this? He said that one must not threaten believers with what’s written in the Bible. That pastor is someone with a lot of love and compassion, but he’s spiritually dim. The offering that you give changes into the economy of light. Isn’t that so? It’s said to be a holy article. It’s a different story. But he was speaking from the same standards as the world. It could be the same building as any other, but if it becomes a church, it becomes a temple. You may be the same person, as any other, but if you receive salvation, you become a believer (holy believer/saint). Without knowing anything, there are people who criticize the church, just as our elder mentioned in his prayer today. It’s because they don’t know. Especially those who received a lot of scars, they really hate the church. Nietzsche, who said that God is dead, was the son of a pastor. In the end, he died, losing his mind. He died from a mental illness. He had no choice but to go crazy. Because he didn’t know the spiritual world. We, mankind, are spiritual beings, but people don’t know the spiritual world. So take a look. It’s a tremendous thing.
3)Full Tithe, Blessings of Heaven (Verse 10)
▶What did He say? “Bring the full tithe.” And this is also what He said. “Put me to the test, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing until there is no more need.” The Bible says, “Do not the test the Lord”. But here, He said, “Put me to the test”. Test God to see if He blesses you or not when you give tithe. God will pour down the blessings of heaven. This is verse 10.
4)Devourer (Locusts), Vine
▶And what else does it say? Very importantly. “I will rebuke the devourer for you, so that it will not destroy the fruits of our soil. Your vine in the field shall not fail to bear.” If disaster befalls and locusts eat everything, nothing will work out. This was spoken when they were reconstructing the temple. This is what the prophet Malachi said as he was emphasizing the rebuilding of the temple. “You live in nice homes. You live in nice places, don’t you? But the temple of the Lord is unfinished.” This is what he said as he was saying that. These are extremely important words. I don’t really emphasize tithe much because I give more than that. People like Paul and Priscilla didn’t talk about tithe. Why? Because they gave nine-tenths.

♠Conclusion- Posterity that Has the Skill to Give 9/10
▶That’s my prayer. Our posterity just needs to have the skills and ability to give 9/10. Why? They just need to make a billion won (roughly $895,538) a month. Even if they eat to their stomach’s fill, they won’t use a hundred million. Isn’t that so? They can give 900 million for offering. “Are there people who really earn like that?” There are many of them among the unbelievers. Why are only the believers unable to do this? There are many people like this among the unbelievers. Look at the order. “You must truly restore the power of God.” You are all priests. If you really restore the power of God, worship gets restored. If you really restore this, evangelism and missions will be restored. If you really enjoy the power of God, the economy will be completely restored as the economy of light. You must hold to this.
▶Key- Then there’s a secret/mystery to which the Jewish people conquered the world with tithe. This is a mystery/secret and there’s a key. There are several of them.
1)Number 1 Priority
▶What’s the first? These people made it their number 1 priority to believe in God, give worship, and pray. If you don’t do this today, one day, you’ll realize that things are hard. If the remnants throughout the world don’t hold to their number 1 priority as enjoying and believing in God’s power, one day, they’ll come to know that their studies are difficult. You must never become that way. You must stand in the line of being able to save the world with the mystery of tithe.
2)Only, Uniqueness, Re-Creation
▶Second. What is this mystery that you possess? Finally, this comes. Then no one can block you. The answer of only, uniqueness, and re-creation comes.
3)Economy of Light- 237, Healing, Summit
▶Then as I said before, you won’t even have to compete for your business. The economy of light will appear. You must never lose hold of this.
▶Receiving God’s power and enjoying it must be your number 1 priority. One day, they’ll come to destroy your business and they themselves will crumble. Why? Because it’s the economy of light. The light. The economy of darkness cannot prevail against the economy of light. It’s a sure thing. One day, this answer will come so that no one can surpass your occupation, your business, your work, and your studies. This is the start, but the evangelism that you have been doing until now, has the only, uniqueness, and re-creation that no one can block.
▶No one knows what will happen. But right now, my granddaughter has advanced to the finals of the Miss Korea contest. I’m someone who doesn’t really enjoy those types of things, so I didn’t know she was even competing. But I found out that she placed first in Busan. And it made me think, “Maybe, perhaps, this could be God’s plan”. I did think that it could be needed for world evangelization because the people in that industry are every active in the world. First off, you need to understand the principle. The Miss Korea pageant is not like it was a long time ago. Now, they educate them in a lot of things and a lot of huge entertainment companies invest. But it’s all already decided. The rest are all just events, but it’s all already decided. Simply put, nowadays, entertainment companies make the recommendations, make things, and select them. I think that’s right. That way, they can raise the talent correctly. In that sense, we’re not connected to anything or anyone so it’s impossible. But we never know God’s plan. If it’s God’s will, it will happen. For now, she’s very popular among them. Why am I mentioning this? You need to put your heads together here. In the future, through this entertainment industry, the field of music and celebrities will become a tremendous field. All that is the culture of darkness. Our economy of light is needed. What does this mean?
▶When we build the temple once more, the reason why we need to pray is because it needs to be a place where the people of the 237 nations can come. Then the only way is through the remnants and culture. Isn’t that so? Because spiritual problems have actually come to these people, they need to be healed. This is our eternal motto. We need to make them into spiritual summits so that they can overcome the world. This is the economy of light. This is the prayer that you’ve begun and this is what you’ve begun to give offering for. I hope you place this in your heart and mind. God will continue to give you consistent and miraculous answers. The reason is because we will save our posterity, next generation, with this power and mystery. You just need to hold to this covenant. Then the works will be carried out by God.
▶You need to believe in order to prepare. If your vessel is just prepared, God will pour it all down.
God is using our lives, the one life we have. We are fighting a spiritual war. We are fighting against the economy of darkness and the idolatrous culture of darkness. There’s nothing to worry about. God will give the answer of only, uniqueness, and re-creation. “Why isn’t it working?” It’s going to work in the future, but you need to see the order. Then it’s bound to work. I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus, that the greatest opportunity of your life, the opportunity of the economy of light, will come to you. Let us pray.

God, help us to hold to the covenant today and enjoy it for the next 6 days. As we build an altar, allow us to stand as witnesses. When we come to church next week, allow us to come back with evidence. People across the nation and the world are listening to your Word right now. Would you work right now, at this time. May the spiritual works of the Triune God arise right now. Would you heal us spiritually right now. Would you work by your power that we cannot see right now. Would you bind the force of darkness at this time. May all curses and illnesses be cast away. May all unbelief crumble. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)