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04.15.2021 – The Start of the Past 30 Years

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Message: Core Training Message (School Evangelization Message)- 09/26/2020
Title: Answer of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (37)- The Start of the Past 30 Years <The Age of Babylon>
Scripture: Genesis 12:1-3

▶Today is also Remnant Day. In a sense, there are many difficult things for the remnants. More than feeling happy and receiving answers, they’ll feel that things are hard. Things might be hard for the remnants also because they’re in situations where they can’t do whatever they want even in their homes. And they also can’t do whatever they want regarding the leaders in their church or their school teachers. So things might be hard because of that. Remnants also have no choice but to study and that can be hard as well. In one sense, you can say that our remnants are surrounded by hardships. But you’ll look back and realize later on that all the things you are going through now, were necessary. Those difficulties can make you into a leader, but you must not get lost in that. Because there’s water in lakes and seas, ships can move there. But we can’t fall into that water. As long as the ship/boat doesn’t sink, it can really save a lot of lives. But that’s because of the water. However, if that boat is not prepared, you’ll also not be able to do anything because of that water.
▶So I’ll talk about the things that our remnants need to begin, starting now.
1)CVDIP→ Seeing in Advance +Possess in Advance +Enjoying in Advance +Conquer in Advance +Fulfill in Advance
▶What is this ①Covenant? It’s the covenant, the Gospel. This is what you need to see in advance. What is ②Vision? Look at your circumstances. There may be many problems. That is Vision. That’s why you have to have/possess this in advance. This was our WRC message this year. What is ③Dream? Looking at these 2 things, find what you’re doing 24 hours a day. You’re enjoying in advance. Now, as you look at the Word, you’re finding the ④Image. Because you are heading out with the Word, you’ve already conquered. Isn’t that so? Because you’ve held on to the accurate covenant, you’re conquering in advance. What is ⑤P? The small masterpiece that you have will bring great fulfillment. So you’re fulfilling in advance.
2)CVDIP→ Gospel +Problem +24 +25 +Masterpiece (Eternity \)
▶This Covenant is the ①Gospel. Things won’t work without the Gospel, but there are so many ②problems in your field. That’s Vision. And finally, you’ve found what you can do ③24 hours a day. This is what you are enjoying in advance. You have already seen what you have to conquer. That’s ④25 hours. All the remnants had this. You need to do well in your studies, but this is more important. Now, your small masterpiece will be connected to ⑤eternity. This is what you need to fulfill in advance.
3)Today (Work) +Word (Imprint, Root, Nature) +Studies
▶Now, through this blessing and through small works, you need to look at ①today. Starting today, you need to practice this. You need to see these 5 things “today”. Next, when you go to church, you’ll hear the ②Word. No matter how much you listen to the Word, it won’t become your imprint, root, and nature. That’s why you must find these 5 things. Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, on the Lord’s Day, when you’re giving worship or listening to the Word, you’re finding these things. Once you find these things through the Word, without yourself even realizing, it becomes your imprint, root, and nature. Then, whether you study well or not isn’t the issue. The important thing is whether or not you’re able to find this through your ③studies. If your studies get connected with finding this, you will absolutely succeed. Your school won’t be able to teach you this. You need to find this. And once you do, you become a witness.
4)Lifelong Things (Babylon Forum)
▶These things come together and what do you see? You’re able to see what you must do for the rest of our life. This will appear in 2 ways. You’ll see the things you need to do for the rest of your life in advance, or you’ll find them on your way there. Among the remnants, half of them saw this in advance. Half of them saw later on. It doesn’t matter. Joseph saw in advance. Moses saw at the age of 80. That’s the difference. And as you well know, Samuel and David saw in advance. But Elisha saw this a bit later. So there could be that kind of difference. Those who were taken as captives to Babylon knew before they went. People like Paul saw this when they were a bit older in life. That doesn’t matter. This is absolutely bound to come. With that, you’re going to have forum about 4 people. With this, you’re going to have forum about Babylon next month.
▶The answer here is that these people resolved in their hearts.
What does that mean? That they resolved in their hearts? It sounds so vague. To say that they made a resolution means that they saw this. Do you understand? Remnants, don’t worry about your studies. If you see this, God is going to give you strength/power and you study with that strength/power. If a person, who hasn’t seen this and doesn’t know God’s power, diligently studies, then it’s going to be hard. And they won’t be able to study well. There may be some who are able to. But other problems will come to them. What is that? You must not become people like that. It’s okay even if you can’t do this well. But confirm this blessing today. You can confirm this in your home. Because it’s not perfect/complete, you’re able to find this moment by moment. You can find this as you hear the Word. It doesn’t take many attempts. Some people do it when they first attempt it. Find it through your studies. It differs for each person, but some people find it in just one shot. It was something that they didn’t think much of, but that’s what brings about the works. Simply put, Joseph and Moses set their hearts on this as they went. But Samuel and David prevailed without much. But the principle is the same. Samuel didn’t want to go. His mother forced him to go so he was just laying next to the ark of the covenant and that’s when he realized. David was just receiving grace while working as a shepherd and with that, works took place. And people like Daniel, Shadrach, Abednego, and Meshach were able to easily see because a great incident arose.

▶Main- In the end, this is what needs to happen and result for our remnants.

Lecture 1: Remnant (Remnant Who Resolved)→ Then, the remnant who made a resolution. That’s the first week. He resolved in his heart.
Lecture 2: Remnant Who Resolved Together→ The second week is about not just remnants, but remnants who made a resolution together. These are tremendous words. They knew this will and they resolved in their hearts together.
Lecture 3: Evidence (Daniel)→ Now, it’s the remnant who testifies of this will. There are many witnesses for this, but for next month, we chose Daniel.
Lecture 4: King Cyrus→ And in history, we see that someone named Cyrus appeared. These kinds of things will happen to the remnants. If you look in history, strange things that we cannot understand happened and through that, works arose.

♠ Week 1: Remnant Who Resolved (Daniel 1:8-9) ♠

▶It’s Daniel 1:8-9. Because he knew this, he resolved in his heart. About what?

1.Age of Disaster
▶An age of disaster. The Israelites completely faced disasters. It was an age in which they didn’t know God and an age in which people were apart from God. Disasters had befallen. What is this? The temple was destroyed.

2.Age of Captivity
▶The king was taken captive. These were the individuals who were selected amidst that. It was an age of captivity.

3.Age of the Remnant
▶However, they knew that that age was the age of the remnant. It was that “will” that they resolved with. “We will not bow to the idol. We will not eat the food that has been offered to the idol.” This is what they resolved in their hearts. They didn’t just resolve in their own hearts. They did this together. Have forum about this. If there’s one thing of utmost importance for the remnants, it’s their friends. You do need to like everyone and not dislike certain people while favoring some others. But the friend you can really set your heart/mind with is very important. So if you look at people, unbelievers and believers alike, those who succeeded all had good friends. But if you look at those who failed, there are many cases in which they failed because of their friends. So one thing you really need to pray for next year, is a friend you can really share this covenant, this will, with. If you can find that, you can live the most blessed life.

♠ Week 2: Remnants Who Resolved Together (Daniel 3:8-24) ♠

▶Their names were Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, but they were changed. What does this mean?

1.Remnants Who are Set Apart
▶They were people who were set apart by God. Daniel’s name means, “God is my judge”, but his name was changed to “Belteshazzar”. Because he protected the life of the king. Hananiah means, “mercy of the Lord”, but “Shadrach” means, “god of the moon”. Rightfully, the king changed their names because he had selected them. You must keep in mind. No matter what the case, you are people who have been set apart. You must remember that.

2.Nebuchadnezzar Who Made an Idol
▶As expected, King Nebuchadnezzar made a huge idol. This is Satan’s original strategy. Remnants, you must know this. King Nebuchadnezzar was a servant within Satan’s strategy. So he made this tremendous, idolatrous shrine. This is what happens even now.

3.History of the Remnants (Daniel 3:1-24)
▶Here, an opportunity came. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if he just told them to look, but he told them to bow. An opportunity had come.
▶When the remnants go out to the world, they need to live in that world. Wherever you go, whether it’s work or not, there are meetings and gatherings of people. Isn’t that so? People of this world can comfortably meet and talk, drink, joke around, and also talk about important things. For them, it’s (alcohol) just food. But what about for the remnants? Remnants must remember. If you become corrupt and continue to just drink, what you drink becomes hard/strong liquor (poisonous). But let’s say you’re at an important meeting, having a meal with important people of high positions. If they offer you some alcohol, there’s no need for you to say things like, “I can’t… I won’t…” or anything of the sort. If you don’t want to drink, but the situation becomes like that, then you just need to accept the drink. You can just accept it, and put it on the side. That’s what we call a drink that goes with the food (Apéritif or Digestif). There’s a drink that comes together with the meal. If the president invites a remnant and wants to give a toast saying, “Good job, cheers!”, there’s no need for you to yell, “No!”. And there are times when people drink it for a medicinal purpose. That’s why it’s called a “medicinal drink”. So it’s a matter of determining between those 3 types of drinks (poisonous, apéritif, or medicinal). You need to analyze and discern in a way that’s befitting a remnant. If you’re just talking about whether you should drink or not drink, that means you’re already unable to discern. Why? In your path ahead of you, all kinds of things are there.
▶That’s why you need to resolve in your heart and everything becomes an opportunity. All problems are opportunities. If there’s a hardship in your workplace or nation, it’s an opportunity. If you know that, realistically have forum about what we talked about in the introduction. Do forum in advance about what you need to do once you find this. If you say, “I’m going to go to the legal field”, you need find this already. What about when you say you’re going to be a doctor? The moment you become a doctor after studying medicine, your position/situation becomes different. You need to hold to this now. Because when that time comes, you’ll be too busy. You go out there as a judge? It’ll be much more different than what you think and imagine. It’ll be chaotic. It’s to the point where those people find it so hard that they’re the ones who created the whole “bomb drink”. What does that mean? That’s how hard it is for them and that’s how much they lack time. So remnants need to already have this and resolve in their hearts regarding this.

♠ Week 3: Daniel’s Evidence (Daniel 6:10) ♠

▶But God will give you evidence.

1.Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream (Daniel 2:1-49)
▶He gave the important answer of interpreting King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. Read through this and have forum.

2.Incident of King Belshazzar’s Feast (Daniel 5:1-31)
▶King Nebuchadnezzar died and Belshazzar became king. There was this writing on the wall. That’s the answer Daniel gives.

3.Daniel Who Went into the Lions’ Den (Daniel 6:18-22)
▶Later on, Daniel is framed and thrown into the den of lions. You may be framed like this as well. In order to be a great figure, you need to know what the public sentiment is, what false accusation is, and what the truth is. We have our elders here as well, but for organizations like that, that are trying to do the great missions and evangelism movement, there are many attacks. Remnants must remember. You need to know that great trials will also come if you are to become a great individual. He was thrown into the den of lions. That was the evidence. So you need to know that you are witnesses who will see evidence when problems come. “I’ll be in trouble if this happens.” It may seem like there will be great trouble, but that’s not it. Right now, in our nation, they’re all talking about who did wrong and people are going in and out of prison. There’s nothing to worry about because, you’ll see yet another answer the next time. So during those times, it’s not so bad to just not be too brave. The people who are mustering up their courage and putting people in prison are going to be ones who go the next time. Remnants, you need to know this. That way, you can know, “Ah, this is the world”, not be shaken or deceived, and study.

4.Daniel’s Prayer (Daniel 10:10-20)
▶In Daniel chapter 10, Daniel gives his historic prayer. Remnants, begin the prayer that moves the age. This isn’t difficult, it doesn’t take any money, it doesn’t take anything. It only requires faith. It’s possible only by God’s grace. You can move the age. You must remember.
▶Deeply have forum about this. Find how you’re going to pray while you’re a remnant. It ends with that. Do you understand? How will you find prayer during your remnant years? First, you need to find your system and rhythm to be able to pray. Then remnants will also come to know 24, 25, and eternity. You also need to learn how to enter into deep prayer. If you just find one, they’ll all get connected. Simply put, you need to equip yourself with this spiritual system to be able to pray. Right now. Then later on, you’ll be able to move the age. In my case, what kind of system was made? It’s easy for me, because I always need to be giving a message. I always have my assignments. And I always need to think about the questions that come up. So for me, praying is easy.
▶You can’t really use me as reference, but the important thing is, you need to have a system that matches with you. Then the remnants will move the world. Why? Because you have the Gospel and that’s it. If you study with this, you’ll have great success in your studies. There aren’t many people who know this blessing. There aren’t many Christians who enjoy this. But those who do enjoy will absolutely move the world. Do you understand? Remnants, sincerely do forum about this next month. Then you have to begin making this system. Once this gets made, it’ll be different. Athletes, at first, need to make some kind of system, right? If they just immediately go out to a golf competition, they’ll lose no matter what. A system needs to be made a bit. Now’s the time to do that. Because most adults came up without knowing this, they continue to clash with the world. That’s how they form their system. But remnants need to make this in advance. Think about it that way. Unbelievers are doing this transcendental meditation movement, so why can’t we make a spiritual system? We can. Isn’t that so? So you must become the witnesses who have the power of holy meditation, who can correct transcendental meditation. So David truly was a witness regarding meditation.

♠ Lecture 4: Cyrus’ Appearance (Daniel 1:21) ♠

▶The last forum the remnants need to have is about history. In history, it seems as if the wicked win, but they do not. It may seem as if those who were falsely accused were at a loss, but they weren’t. God absolutely answers through history.

▶The name Cyrus means “Sun”. It’s tremendous. He was the king of the Persian empire. He was the king of Persia. He was the king of Persia, that was the most powerful nation of its time. Today, though it’s not much compared to its former glory, it would be Iran. This kind of king appeared.

2.Achievements of King Cyrus
▶He appeared, but his achievements/what he left behind are tremendous. Think about Isaiah’s prophecy. He was used in fulfilling that. He conquered Babylon and told Israel to return and reconstruct the temple. Those words came out from Cyrus’ lips.

3.God’s History
▶Through this King Cyrus, the work of the Israelites reconstructing the temple took place. The great works of world evangelization arise through that after. What does that mean? Remnants, become the main figure of history. The master of history is God so be the main figures who run His errands. God is the One who moves history so be the main figures who run the errands there. Our darakbang movement, the remnant movement, will leave a significant mark in history. Remnants, prepare for that.
▶If you look in history, he is King Cyrus (Also Kourosh or Koresh). He’s the maternal grandson of the king of the Medes. The king had a dream and in front of his daughter’s knees, there were clusters of grapes. So the people who interpreted dreams were probably special, demon-possessed people. So he called them. And they answered the king. “Your son will not be king, but your grandson.” So politics is a frightening thing. The greatest drug is political power. The king said, “If my daughter has a son, kill him”. If you look at historical records. The midwife received this order. The king commanded the midwife to kill and get rid of that child. So she needed to take that child and throw him away. But she couldn’t kill him so she left him at some other home’s door and left. An elderly couple was living in that home and heard this baby crying. So they raised him. But as they were raising him, he was different from the beginning. He was an extraordinary, special child. He grew up and conquered all of the Medes, Persia. That king was King Cyrus. This Cyrus came and said, “All Israelites go back and rebuild the temple”.
▶So Daniel was someone who influenced Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, Darius, and Cyrus. These are just my thoughts. Perhaps King Cyrus was influenced by Daniel. It may seem like King Cyrus just made that proclamation, but he must have heard something to give that proclamation. This outstanding individual, King Cyrus, must have heard the words of Daniel. Or perhaps he heard things from important individuals like Nehemiah. So if you look at history, Cyrus said that from the onset. Even later on, when they return to rebuild the city walls, Nehemiah speaks of what King Cyrus said. This is how history is moving. Realize that you are the main figures of that history. The master is God, but the you are the main figures who are running His errands.

▶Today, you need to find the things I’ve put a square around. Then undoubtedly, the works of fulfilling God’s history will also take place in your studies. So next month, look up these things ahead of time in the Bible, check them, and then go and have forum. It only takes about 30 minutes. So look at the prayer journal when you wake up, look up these things in the Bible, and check to see if there’s anything you don’t know. By now, if the remnants go out to the bookstores, there will be biblical dictionaries. It’s good to have at least one. You can look up terms that you don’t know. Then you can go to church and have forum on that. You need to keep in mind what the teachers are teaching and what the pastors are giving their sermons about. Perhaps, the pastor might say something completely different. But that too, is one type of forum. Sermons might be given, quoting and citing what others have said. In order to explain God’s Word it’s possible one might talk about the Buddhist scriptures for 59 minutes in an hour-long sermon. For 59 minutes, someone can talk about the Buddhist scriptures and say, “This isn’t it. That’s why we need to receive salvation”. Pastors can/might do that. Sermons can be about academic research, but it’s about listening to God’s important Word, so it’s one form of forum. Then on that day, the teacher might say this or that. That too is one type of forum. But the real thing, you need to find before God.
▶So this is a very important time. The people who do this during their remnant years will absolutely see God’s works. Honestly, they were only a handful of scriptures, but when I was the remnants’ age, all I did was read them carefully. But even with that, works arise. When I was active, in full-scale, as an assistant pastor, I look carefully at the Gospel scriptures. Why? Because the Bible explains salvation. So I had no choice but to read them carefully. This is the conclusion I reached after reading that. “The Bible isn’t talking about the Gospel.” That’s what I realized. “The Bible is talking about only the Gospel.” That’s what I discovered. With that, my life was finished. The Bible doesn’t talk about the Gospel. It talks about only the Gospel. So we’re not evangelizing. It’s “only” evangelism for us. That’s what happens. The answers I receive together with you are the absolute answers. So each and every thing is the journey. Our remnant movement, our businesspeople, our church officers… This is all the journey, moving forward. God will be the One to give the fruits. Especially, making our remnants the main figures. May next month be a blessed time schedule in which you have forum well. Let us pray.

God, we give you thanks. May your Word come upon the thoughts and hearts/minds of our remnants. May the blessing of salvation be imprinted in the souls of our remnants. May amazing evidence be imprinted within the future of the remnants. We pray that witnesses, who save the age, will arise.
In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)