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04.14.2021 – Businessperson’s Mission

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Message: Business and Industry Missions Message- 09/26/2020
Title: OMC & The Actualization of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (37)- Businessperson’s Mission
Scripture: Genesis 12:1-3

▶Today, we’ll share God’s Word regarding the businessperson’s mission.
There are a few things that you must always have.
▶Not asking anyone else, but you need to ask yourself. It’s always been that way.
(1)Meeting- There aren’t many businesspeople who receive the message every week. But right now, you’re continuing to have meetings where you’re receiving the message.
(2)Will- If that is so, then you need to ask what God’s will is. You need to always ask this.
(3)Me- Then you’re able to find what you must do. These things are very important.
▶Then automatically, with not much difficulty, you’re able to confirm 3 things. What kind of confirmation?
(1)Mission- You come to know what the mission is. If you’re aligned with this direction and you say you’ll pray, I’m not saying that’s wrong, but it won’t be very helpful.
(2)Internship- When that mission is revealed, you’re able to see the internship.
(3)Forum- This needs to take place for you to have the forum as you go on this journey. It’s very important.
▶Wherever we are, there are certain situations. If we just work hard without knowing this, we’ll bring damage to others and also be at a loss ourselves. Koreans are a bit quick and Japanese people are a bit slow. It may seem as if they’re just slow, but there are many answers they receive there. Koreans seem very quick, but there’s a lot that they lose hold of. What do I mean? They lose hold of this. Isn’t that so? Because they hold on to things too quickly. That’s why, if you look in the long run, Koreans lose to the Japanese. If you look in the long run, great individuals arise from America as well as Europe. Because ultimately, what have we lost hold of? This. Because we’re trying to do things quickly. One thing we can consider good with the Koreans is that we’re quick on our feet (reflexes). To say it in a different way, we’re good at adapting to different circumstances. Then absolutely, we lose hold of this (introduction) quickly. Because we did it to quickly. Then does that mean we need to take things slow. That’s not what I’m saying, but you need to enjoy the things that you need to enjoy. Isn’t that so? Work and money is important, but if you’re not able to enjoy what you need to enjoy, those 2 things are meaningless.
▶It needs to take place this way in order for 3 enjoyments to result. What kind of enjoyment?
(1)Scheduled Prayer- You’re able to have the most important time. Because these 2 things are taking place. This is what we call, “scheduled prayer”. Scheduled prayer may be about forcing yourself to set aside time to pray and that’s correct, but you’re able to enjoy many things. What’s more important than answers is enjoyment. If you’re not able to properly enjoy, how can you receive answers?
▶While looking at these 5 things in advance, we’re organizing everything in our organization and it’s happening right during this age of corona and it’s fitting perfectly. If we did not have this COVID pandemic, we might not have been able to get this external audit. And if we’re not able to get that, or not pass it, the opposite would happen. When we don’t “pass” the audit, that means there’s a problem. Then they would want to investigate. It’s this kind of situation. There was one person who said this to me. Even though their words were incorrect, they made sense. They said, “I think we’re facing this COVID pandemic because of you”. There’s some truth to that. So we must not lose hold of these many things. Then you need to think and consider, “Why is Pastor Ryu doing this right now?”. Then you need to see, “What does God desire/want?”. That way, you’re able to see your position. If not, you won’t be able to see your position. You need to be able to see this in order to see the mission. Without having seen the mission, internship and forum are unnecessary. If this is not taking place, can you truly say prayer is taking place? Let’s say, for example, someone criticized you. There is meaning in that. Isn’t that so? Then what’s more important? “What is God’s will?” It needs to take place in this way for you to properly see yourself. You need to see properly in order to find your mission, internship, and forum.
(2)24, 25, Eternity- As you do this (scheduled prayer), what are the answers? We say, “This came as an answer” or “That came as an answer”. But that’s not it. You gain this fundamental strength/power. That’s 24 hours, 25 hours, and eternity. If you’re not inside this, it’s difficult for you to overcome the world. If your business is not inside of this, it will be impossible for you to save the people of the world. The key here is this (25 hours). It needs to be by this power. All the remnants had this power. That’s why they were able to lead others. This “eternity” is the result. So even though it’s important, we don’t need to concern ourselves with it. If people are drawn to it, 24 hours is bound to take place. If you have cancer, you’re going to be thinking about that cancer, 24 hours a day. But the problem is this (25 hours). It’s only possible of this answer, this power is with you.
(3)Deep Prayer- The thing that comes out at this time, is deep prayer. That becomes a different story. So our businesspeople and church officers, you must remember this.

▶Main– From this point on, you’re able to carry out your mission with the answers that you have received. What kind of answer do you receive?

1.Church Officer (Identity)
▶Before being businesspeople, we are important people. We are church officers. There is an identity that follows that. Isn’t that so? Take a look once that happens.
1)Genesis 6:14, 18, 20
▶What nobody else can do. “Build an ark for yourself. Build an ark for your children. Build an ark to preserve life.” This is the answer and your identity. Because this introduction is not taking place, you’re unaware of how precious you are. You’re told that being a child of God is a tremendous blessing, but you’re asking, “What’s so tremendous?”. “Giving offering to the church and doing missions is a tremendous thing, but what’s so tremendous about that?” That’s why you’re unable to correctly find this (identity).
2)Genesis 12:1-3
▶That’s why God said, “Leave your kindred, your father’s household and go to the land that I will show you.” Rightfully, “I will curse those who try to harm you”. Rightfully, “I will bless those who help you”. “By your seed, all the nations of the world will be blessed.” This is your identity.
3)Genesis 22:1-19
▶So he surely relays this to Isaac. This is what took place on Mt. Moriah.

2.Church Officer Businessperson
▶Then what’s the reason why God called you as church officers, as well as businesspeople? To relay/transmit. You need to relay/transmit something. In order to transmit/relay the Gospel. To transmit/relay God’s power. That’s why you run your businesses. You’re completely different from unbelievers. At the most, unbelievers are just doing the work to make a living. But I personally wouldn’t work. If I need to make worldly money in order to live and survive, I would rather go live in the mountains like a person of nature. For us, it’s not that. We’re trying to transmit/relay something. What?
1)Genesis 26:12 (100-Fold)
▶Especially to our next generation, because God is going to use you for world evangelization, you must relay that strength/power of enjoying the hundred-fold answer from God.
2)Genesis 26:15, 18 (Spring- Well)
▶He dug greatest platform back then, which were these springs/wells. He did that and taught them. It’s tremendous, isn’t it? It was to the point where others were envious of him.
3)Genesis 26:19 (Source of the Spring) – And then, because of that, he was able to gain the fountainhead.
4)Genesis 26:22 (Rehoboth) – When jealous and envy arose, he received the blessing of Rehoboth.
5)Genesis 26:33 (Beersheba)
▶When he rather evaded them (enemies), God gave him the blessing of Beersheba. You’re relaying this important power/strength and reason. This is the mission of you, the businesspeople. I’m summarizing the Businessperson’s Conference that we just had.

3.Church Officer Business Missionary
▶You are business missionaries. Especially, what? Not only must you relay this to your children, you are the missionaries for the age of the next generation. Then that’s a tremendous thing.
1)Genesis 37:1-11- CVDIP
▶Finally, these kinds of things happen. It’s what took place through his posterity/offspring. Absolutely, it’s bound to come. These are the things that took place through Abraham’s offspring/posterity. What was it? God granted the greatest CVDIP to Joseph.
2)Genesis 39:1-6
▶Through this Joseph, God’s kingdom came upon the home of Potiphar in Egypt.
3)Genesis 40:1-23
▶The kingdom of God comes upon the prison.
4)Genesis 41:1-38
▶Finally, the kingdom of God comes upon Egypt and the palace of Egypt.
5)Genesis 45:1-5
▶Finally, what? The kingdom of God comes upon the whole world. This is God’s goal.
▶It’s for these kinds of things that you’re sitting here today. It’s for this that you’re going to church. The reason why you go there and give worship is so that you can uncover God’s plan. When you look at most people, you’re able to see their vessel when problem comes to them or when their pride is hurt. People who will receive answers, those who are smart, quickly come to their senses there. The majority who aren’t like that crumble on their own. And their true colors show. Then you wonder, “Why is that person like that?”. “They weren’t lie that in the past.” It’s not that they weren’t like that. Their true colors are just showing.
▶As an assistant pastor, I went to the Busan Joongang Church. The elders there really look down on the pastors/assistant pastors. They don’t even look at the assistant pastors there. And I was the pastor in charge of the education department. I was able to really come to my senses there. IT doesn’t a matter whether those people are good or bad, If the servants of Lord become the source of ridicule and trials, it’s not the fault of the believers. Looking at that, I really came to my senses. Where else did I have the time? I needed to come to my senses. Isn’t that so? What did those assistant pastors do that they left behind such scars and gave such trials to those elders? They’re always being looked down on because they can’t use their brains. So I realized that this isn’t anyone’s fault. Right now, in our position, we’re losing hold of something. And when I began to think, “No, this is not it”, God gave me answers.
▶The first answer I uncovered there was doing the Word Movement and having darakbang with these children. They really loved that. I was doing the Word movement with the children and they loved that. Who were the ones who loved that even more than their children? Their parents! Then how amazing is that? There’s nothing for us to be grateful, but that. Gathering the kids together and teaching them about God’s Word and helping them with their life? That’s all I did. Without even realizing, I began to go to their schools and I went back to church. More than saying that I was trying to work hard, that happened. Because my position was like that. I didn’t have a car and I didn’t have good facilities. If I wanted to meet these kids, going to the church was better. That’s why I went. The others assistant pastors showed up to church once a week. In one sense, that’s okay, because as an education pastor, you can be like that. And sometimes, they’re late to worship. That’s why the ordained deacons, who were the department heads, didn’t like that. That’s how they live. Think about it, I didn’t do much. But without even realizing, I began that way. I did that just a little bit, but news of that spread.
▶One day, I was in the office and a phone call came. The elder who was renown in that church for being the most peculiar, Elder Kim Gwang-Il, called me. Rev. Kang Ho-In was also an education pastor underneath him. At the end of the conversation, I asked, “Do you know Rev. Kang Ho-In?” and I said, “I don’t know who he is”. That means he wasn’t even concerned with that person. That elder called me. When I picked up the phone, it didn’t sound like him so I asked, “Elder, is that you?” and he said that he just had a cold. He invited me to his home and I said, “Okay”. And he started talking about his faith. How he grew up. What is that? That’s forum and communication. This itself is not about whether it’s good or bad for us. It goes beyond this level. If you’re really within what God desires, there’s nothing we need to worry about, right? Businesspeople, because you are church officers, you are a “church officer businessperson and church officer missionary. This is very important.

♠Conclusion- 3 Systems
▶If that is so, 3 systems will come to you.
1)Field System
▶What is the first? The field system will be formed.
2)Word System (Message)
▶After that, what’s the thing that absolute comes and follows? The Word system is formed in that field. It’s also called the, “message”.
3)Church Officer System (Romans Chapter 16)
▶There absolutely will be a prepared church officer there. This is God’s system. Then these people are absolutely bound to carry out the role of Romans chapter 16 to save that region.
▶I enjoyed tremendous blessings. These fine, great church officers are prepared everywhere. So you must not do anything else. When I just did the Word movement, the Gospel movement, there was no church officer who refused to help. There wasn’t any church officer who didn’t like what I was doing. They loved it. That became the foundation for our ministry and all that, looking back, was God’s journey. Then, I was able to uncover the evangelism content. And coming this far, I was able to meet all of you. So the face that businesspeople gather together and receive the Word every week? You can’t find this anywhere else on earth.
Then this won’t end as a small thing.

(The end)