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04.13.2021 – I Will Be Your God and You Shall Be My People

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 2nd Service- 09/20/2020
Title: I Will Be Your God and You Shall Be My People
Scripture: Leviticus 26:1-13
▶We must always what this time is and we need to do at this time.
Then you’re able to confirm God’s Word and that’s what we refer to as, “Accurately held on to the covenant”. And as you look at this age, you see many difficulties. Holding on to, “What is God’s Word at this time?”, is holding accurately to the covenant. And especially, why do we give worship? During worship, God gives us His accurate covenant. For example, when we gather for the Remnant Conference, God is giving us the message for the remnants.
▶We must always remember. When you accurately hold on to the covenant, these kinds of works take place.
① Psalm 103:20-22, David knew and confessed. When you hold on to the Word, “O you his angels, you mighty ones who do his word”. In verse 21, he said, “All his hosts, his ministers who do his will!” Because none of this is visible, people don’t know.
② Revelation 8:3-5, John was in much hardship. He was exiled to the island, Patmos. How would you feel? Alone. If you were exiled to an island. Especially at night? That’s when God showed John something very special. I’m sure He showed him several visions. Why? Because that was needed at the time. When he becomes sure of that, that would become his strength. That’s when he saw. He saw God, seated on the throne, and all your prayers being contained without falling to the ground. These prayers were taken in censers and the ones who were running that errand were the angels.
③ In Acts 27:24 as well, Paul faced a great crisis. “Last night, an angel of the Lord stood before me and said…”
▶If that is so, what do we need to see in today’s introduction? What is God’s greatest plan? There may be many plans, but there is a great plan.
What plan was it?
1)God’s Great Plan
(1)Genesis 12:1-3 (All Families of the Earth)- In Genesis 12:1-3, it was what God said to Abraham for the first time. “All peoples will be blessed through you.” This is what God said to Abraham when He called him for the first time. “Leave your homeland, your father’s household, and go to the land that I will show you.” And it says, “All peoples”. Today is the time schedule of our multiethnic devotional worship.
(2)Genesis 22:18 (All Nations)- And it’s seen again later on when God tells him about the ram and salvation because of it on Mt. Moriah. It’s the same meaning, but it was expressed differently. “In your offspring shall all the nations of the earth by blessed.” Among God’s plans, this was the greatest. That’s why you exist, that’s why we built this worship sanctuary, and that’s why we’re giving this dedication/devotional service. And there’s one more question to ask. If you are inside of this, then that’s it. If you’re not inside of this, you actually have nothing to do with God’s plan. Someone who has nothing to do with God’s plan? We can’t even talk about that person receiving blessings or not. There’s nothing that can be done. So unbelievers have and possess more than you, but they live a hellish life.
(3)Courtyard of the Gentiles (John 2:12-25)- In Leviticus, as they were building the tabernacle, what was absolutely shown? It was the courtyard for the gentiles (foreigners). A place where people of all nations (multiethnic) can give worship. This is what the Israelites did not catch on to. So in John 2:12-25, Jesus drove all the people and animals away from the temple with a whip. That place was the courtyard for the gentiles. Jesus angrily cleansed out the temple. That place was the courtyard for the gentiles. This is very important.
▶If it’s a church that remains inside of this, that church has nothing to worry about. Isn’t that so? I’m sure they’re listening to the message in Busan right now. I said this to the people in Busan. When we first began. When we started with nothing. “If I’m truly an evangelist who will do world evangelization, God will bless our church.” Isn’t that so? If it’s true. If not, no matter how much we labor and toil, it wouldn’t work. “If our church truly is a church that will do world evangelization, there’s nothing to worry about at all.” Isn’t that so? If you are truly are the central people to do world evangelization, there’s no need to worry. “Oh, but I’m so lacking.” But that thing you lack will become evidence. If you truly are a person to do this. “But I have nothing.” That becomes the evidence. You must keep this in mind. If you don’t do that and give worship, why even give worship? Because people don’t know this spiritual world/realm, they are spiritually diseased.

2)Suffering (Destruction)
▶Take a look. Right now, Israel is about to suffer and be destroyed. When is this?
(1)Chosen People- Take a look. They said, “Only we are the chosen people.” They realized the opposite. So rightfully, they had to be taken away.
(2)One and Only God- And take another look. “The Lord is the one and only God, but He’s the only God for our nation.” They’ll fail.
(3)Messiah- And what else did they say? “We’re waiting for the Messiah.” Which Messiah? “We’re waiting for the Messiah who will destroy the other nations and raise up our nation.” They realized incorrectly. God said that He will send the Christ. What do they mean, “Destroy other nations”? He said He’ll send the Christ who will save the world. You understand what I’m saying, right? “Nothing is working out for me.” You need to realize you’re going the opposite way. You must realize.
3)Small Number (Minority) of Disciples
▶This is when a few disciples (minority) came out. Let me give you one example from among them.
(1)Jochebed- Within the passage we’re reading through right now… Because there was one mother like Jochebed here who was praying, the doors began to open. Do you understand? If you’ve accurately held to the covenant, just try waiting.
(2)Moses (Aaron)- Moses understood these words. So God used Moses. He didn’t understand for 80 years and then he was used.
(3)Jethro- Knowing this, Elder Jethro helped him. It just takes a few people. In our church, even if we only have a few people who really pray and hold on to the covenant, works will arise. You’re all it takes. You must have assurance of this. This is not arrogance. You’re all it takes. If you, one person, realize this and you’re inside of this covenant, God’s works will absolutely arise.
(4)Joshua, Caleb- Look at this. Joshua and Caleb helped.
(5)Rahab- And as you know, people like Rahab helped. With these people, they exited Egypt, passed through the wilderness and went all the way to the land of Canaan. Of course, here, with Moses, was Aaron. That’s why worship is important. The person who carried out all this work was Moses, but the team, the person who did everything for worship and the Word movement was Aaron. If you haven’t realized the things concerning the multiethnic people, that means you haven’t realized the most important part of the Bible.
▶That’s why you must remember. Israel was destroyed, but it wasn’t destruction. What was it? God had them face destruction and made them go towards the multiethnic people. Because they went to the multiethnic people and restored the Gospel, they survived and came out. This plan of God does not change. You must realize. If you put these words together, simply put, what is it? It means, “Do you want to understand correctly, or do you want to realize after almost facing death?”. It’s simple. This has great meaning. This means, “Do you want to realize after being beaten half to death, or do you want to just realize without all that?”. That’s the lesson the Bible teaches. There’s another lesson. No matter how powerless someone may be, if they realize and pray for Oneness, works will arise. This is the lesson in the Bible.
▶To those who are giving this multiethnic devotional service and all of God’s people, He said, “I will be your God and you have become my people”. How great of a blessing is this? If there’s a greater blessing than this, tell me. “I will be your God and you will be my people.” There are no greater words than this. There are many blessings on earth, but they cannot block the blessings of heaven.

▶Main- Now, if that is so, what kind of blessings are we relaying?

1.Faith of Believing in God
▶Within this passage is content that must be incorporated in multiethnic ministry. Have faith and relay the faith. What faith? “Because I am your God.” It’s believing in God. This is what we’re relaying. This is the Word in today’s passage.
1)Word Fulfillment (God)
▶What do these words mean? Even now, God is fulfilling His Word. It’s just that you don’t believe. But God is accurately fulfilling His Word. What is corona (COVID-19)? God is accurately fulfilling His Word. It says that disasters will come in the end times. Biblically speaking, it says that other things will come too. That’s why we must relay the Gospel and pray. “After the Gospel is preached to all people, the end will come.” You must remember. Why must you hold to this covenant? Even now, the Word is being fulfilled. So there’s no need for you to be foolishly discouraged.
2)Destroyed the 3 Curses (Christ)
▶What is He doing even now? Through Christ, He is destroying the 3 curses. This word is “Christ”.

3)Power/Strength (Holy Spirit)
▶Even now, He is preparing the power/strength for you overcome the world. That’s what we call, “the works of the Holy Spirit”. Even now, He is destroying the 3 curses. That’s what we call, “Christ”. Even now, He is fulfilling the Word. He gives His Word and fulfills it. Believe this. It’s taking place even now.

2.Status (Child of God)
▶Another important Word here is, “I will be your God”. What does this mean? He’s saying, “I am your God”. This is your status. You’re His child, aren’t you? You are God’s child. Multiethnic missions is about teaching this. What happens if you become a child of God?
▶If you look in the Bible, this will absolutely come. Because you have become a child of God, the background of the throne begins to appear.
2)Lord’s Herald
▶Because you are God’s child, wherever you go, the Lord sends His heralds.
3)Binding of Force of Darkness
▶Wherever you go, the forces of darkness have no choice but to be bound. How tremendous is that? You’ve received this blessing. This is what you’re able to enjoy always during worship and in every field.

3.Authority (John 1:12)
▶And what is this? “You will be my people and I will be your God.” What does He mean by, “Because you are my people…”? It’s authority. Jesus came and said, “But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God”.
1)Destroyed Idols
▶What kind of authority has been given to you today? It’s in verse 1. The works of the idols in the whole world are destroyed. It’s only in the Bible. Telling you not to do idol worship. Because the other religions are fake, they don’t know. But only the Bible tells you not to do that. Do you know why they can’t tell others to not do it? Because they themselves are serving demons. So they can’t tell others not to do that. I’ve said this before. This here is a board. You write things here and erase them. If you continue to bow before this, set up a meal here and continue to bow, works will arise. That’s not a lie. Those are the works of the evil spirits. People make statues of Buddha and bow to it, then they say that works took place. That’s not a lie. Those are the works of the evil spirits. People who don’t know, foolish people, say that that’s just superstition, but that’s not it. If you really lay out a bowl of rice and continue to bow before it, works will arise. Those are the works of the evil spirits. That’s why only the Bible says, “Don’t do idol worship”. As I read that, I realized, “Ah, the Bible surely is God’s Word”. In all other religious books, it encourages people to do idol worship. Why? Because they’re demonic religions. Of course, naturally, they have to do it that way.
▶What authority has been given to you today? In verse 6, it says, “I will give you peace”. Wherever you go, in the places where you do multiethnic missions, God’s peace will come upon you.
3)Fear X
▶What did He say in verse 6? “None shall make you afraid.” He said He’ll get rid of this.
4)Enemies X
▶And what else did He say? Going beyond that, in verse 9 (verse 6), He said, “Your enemies shall fall before you”. This is authority. “Five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall chase ten thousand.”
▶This isn’t arrogance. You, with the Gospel, will break down your enemies. Just wait and see. Even elders waver because of all kinds of words as they live their walk of faith. Don’t do those kinds of things. All that is deception. I’ve said something like this 10 years ago. As I watch YouTube, I see that both sides (political parties) are always lying too much. You need to be careful of that. I’m sure the things they say aren’t completely groundless and I’m sure there are certain things that can be predicted, but don’t make things up like that. This is a huge problem in our country. Both sides… They make up so many lies. They make it seem so real. A lot of these rumors and news regarding celebrities? A lot of them are lies. They make all these things up. There are some weak-hearted celebrities who commit suicide because of that. They need to arrest those types of people and give them a severe sentence/punishment, but they don’t do that. They lie and make all these things up.
▶Especially elders. You need to come to your senses. You heard the lecture that was given by this one woman from Shincheonji, with the Honam accent right? Her mission is to get rid of the church. How? Simply speaking, they decide “We need to get rid of Rev. Kim Dae-Yong. Because he’s sharing the gospel.” As per this woman’s words, a few people would get together and start making up lies. Then, what else did she say? You heard what she said herself, right? “Because church elders are fools, they’ll believe anything if just 3 people say the same thing. That’s how we kick them (the pastor) out. Then we introduce someone to the church and they’ll be a Shincheonji person.” That’s what she said in her lecture. Wow, do they really have nothing better to do, that they do those kinds of things? It’s to the point where perhaps that’s why God sent the coronavirus to their organization; to come to their senses. But don’t worry. All that is the force of darkness fooling around. They cannot prevail against the light. You must have faith. “I will cut down your enemies.”