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04.12.2021 – Businesspeople to Save the World

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 1st Service- 09/20/2020
Title: Businesspeople to Save the World
Scripture: Leviticus 25:13-17

▶Thank you. This past week, we had the Businesspersons’ Evangelism Conference.
And today, on the Lord’s Day, God has given us a message that is befitting to the businesspeople. We’re coming to the end of the book of Leviticus, and we’ve primarily read about the temple and worship. In Leviticus, we see much content about worship and offering. And near the close, we see content regarding the economy and the land.
Today, you must firmly and correctly hold on to God’s Word.
▶I’m sure there are people who have many worries regarding their finances. When I was young, when I was growing up, I saw adults really worrying about their financial troubles. Even today, we see many people making things difficult for others and people even taking the lives of other because of money matters. The Christian believers, God’s children, especially the evangelism disciples, must have a special mission regarding this.
A lot of people think that China is blocking the Gospel. That’s not the case. Inside of China right now, there are true believers. There are believers in China who confess that they can give up their lives and possessions for this.
Many people think that there’s not much freedom in North Korea and while that may be true, there are true believers in the underground churches. Someone met with a person in North Korea and they had the Gospel Letters. Our booklet, the Gospel Letter, is being spread around in the underground churches in North Korea.
And a lot of times, people are critical of the Jewish people. But rather, the Pharisees, the Orthodox Church were what was wrong. Not all the Jewish people as a whole. World evangelization took place because there were people who had the true Gospel among the Jewish people. In fact, when God sent Jesus Christ, He sent him to the Jewish nation. So the very first promise that God gave to Abraham was, “Through your offspring, all the nations on earth will be blessed”.
▶Today, you must hold on to that covenant.
You know, to what extent the Jewish people wield influence. Let’s just look at the things that are close to us, in our vicinity. 184 Jewish people received the Nobel Price. There are almost no recipients in our nation. Of course, there was that one Nobel Peace Prize that was given. 33 in the field of Chemistry. 14 in the field of Literature. They have 10 Nobel Peace Prizes. And the field they received the most in, 53, is medicine. About 50 people received it in the field of Physics. 24 people in the field of economy. This prize, that no one received in Korea, was given to 184 Jewish people. It’s not only that, though. We’ve never had a Korean national (someone of Korean descent) go to a different country and become the prime minister there. But there are about 325 Jewish people, scattered throughout the world, who are politicians, bureaucrats, and legal professionals. People like Kissinger (Henry A. Kissinger), who used to move the world at one point in history, are of Jewish nationality. Currently, the Jewish people have much power/control of the world’s finances and those who are heads of many of these companies, 264 people, are of Jewish descent. It’s not just in the Israel nation, but they’re scattered all throughout the world and moving powerful nations. Over 600 of the scholars, who are influencing the world, are of Jewish descent. There are more than 180 media professionals among them.
▶Former diplomat, Park Jae-Sun, said this.
“When you look at the Jewish people who are moving the world, they’re not centered on their nation or country. They’re centered on their religion.” This is something that we must take a keen interest in. I’m speaking of these things as you reference today’s passage that speaks of the important things that took place in the year of jubilee. If you read the book, <The Jewish Way of Doing Business> (by Den Fujita), there are some things that hit your heart. I said this before, but in the book, there’s something about “dictate time”. In other words, when the Jewish people wake up in the morning, they set their schedule. And let’s say that a friend they haven’t seen in a long time comes to see them. They don’t meet with them. Why? Because that meeting is not within their schedule/dictated time. That’s astonishing, is it not? So when I read this, it took me by surprise. And there’s another part I remember. They took their child out and had him cling to a tree. Then, they told the child to let go. If you take someone to a cliff and they’re holding on to a branch for dear life, but you tell them to let go, doesn’t that mean you’re telling them to just die? But this father is instructing his child to let go. And the child knows very well that he is going to die if he lets go. So he doesn’t know what’s going on, but he continues to ask his father for forgiveness. This is the lesson that is taught at that time. “Never let go of your two hands. If you do let go, you’re going to die. Your one hand is holding on to the Lord for dear life. The other hand is holding on to the economy/finances. This is how they teach. So naturally, the Jewish people have no choice but to move the entire world.

▶Main– Today, you must catch on to how God answered the Jewish people so that they’re able to seize control over the world in this way.

1.Make the Tabernacle in the Path of the Wilderness→ First gain the spiritual strength that can overcome the world and restore the economy of light.
▶This is the first content that you must hold on to. God gave instructions that just did not make sense. What were they? They faced great hardships when they were going through the wilderness, but God instructed them to bring all their possessions and goods and build a tabernacle. In the wilderness. But this is a tremendous mystery. The Israelites were facing a fierce battle, but God was telling them to build a temple. Can you understand that? They just came back from captivity and they haven’t even resettled yet, but God instructed them to re-construct the temple. It goes beyond that. “Build the temple and give offering every day. And keep all the feasts.” It goes beyond that. “You must give your tithe. You must be faithful in giving your tithe.” That’s what He instructs. Doesn’t it not make sense at all? No.
▶This is the first content that you must hold on to.
You must first possess the strength by which you can overcome the world. This is an absolute thing. Today, a remnant who is working in the music profession came to see me and this is what I told them. “There are so many people in this profession.” Isn’t that so? There are so many people in the music business. “If you don’t possess true spiritual strength, you cannot overcome.” Is it only just music? There are so many churches. What line of work are you in? There are so many people in that field. You must not misunderstand. If you do not have spiritual strength, you cannot overcome. Businesspeople must realize this. You must reveal this to the remnants. Isn’t that so? That’s why He commands them to do this first. The way I see it, this is a complete answer. There’s vast difference between a business that has been started by someone with a lot of money and a business that has been started by someone who took out a loan. Already, from the start, it’s different. The person with a lot of money is starting with leisure saying, “I’ll try it and if it doesn’t work out, oh well”. But a person who doesn’t have that money would have to go and take out a loan to start. So if they go bankrupt, they’ll be in great trouble. That’s why they’re so anxious. It’s different. The level of accuracy and strength between someone who can throw a ball 200 meters and someone who can only throw 10 meters is different.
▶What kind of circumstances are you in? You need to really gain spiritual strength to thebe able to change the world and save the economy/finances. Why? Because no matter how much money you make, that’s all a part of the economy of darkness. No matter how much you make a lot of money out in the world, even if you devote and serve with that, it’s from the economy of darkness. God is telling you to receive spiritual strength and restore the economy of light. Isn’t that so?
Your business is a tool for the church and the Gospel. You must remember that.
So you have to think deeply about this. If your primary priority is not receiving grace while giving worship, one day, you’ll be overcome by the world.
You must tell the remnants. “If you do not study with this spiritual rhythm and strength, hardships will come someday.” That’s so unfortunate, isn’t it? People don’t know how great of a blessing this is.
After the Lord drove the Israelites out to the wilderness, there was only one thing He said to them first. He’s saying, “Bring everything you have, all your possessions”, in order to make the tabernacle. “Keep the lamps lit there every day.”
“And bring many of your possessions and give this offering before God. On the Sabbath, do it even more surely. Make these 3 feasts and keep these celebrations annually.” Later on, the Sabbath Year and after, the Year of Jubilee. These are not just simple words. You must be able to see how the people, who have the Gospel, move the world. In actuality, the entire world began from Israel and those who had the Gospel did world evangelization and moved the world.

2.Return to Your Property, Centered on the Year of Jubilee→ Restore the economy of light that looks ahead 50 years and save the world.
▶Second. All of you who have gathered the strength of God, what must you do? What’s the second thing God said? In the 50th year, the Year of Jubilee, “Return back to your property. Centered on the year of jubilee”. What does this mean? You’re looking at the economy. The economy of light that looks ahead 50 years. He’s saying, “When you buy land/property you have a price for that land. But in the year of jubilee, count those years. Because the prices may be different, count the crops on the land to set a price for it. At that time, free all the people who are not free. If there are people are in deep financial difficulties, cancel that debt. Free the slaves.” That’s what this means. There’s tremendous significance in all of this. You must gain the strength to save the economy of darkness and the world. What is that? Seize and conquer the economy of light looking ahead 50 years. And He also says, “Don’t wrong one another.” And then He says, “For I am the Lord your God.”
▶The 3 organizations, which includes the Freemasons and especially the Jewish people, have taken over America. These people are doing 3 things. They voluntarily pay all their taxes. Not only that. They’re so capable that they even give contributions and donations. Not only that. They also give scholarships to schools. How amazing is that? So they’ve seen something in advance for them to be taking this kind of action. There are students who study without thinking much else and these people are approaching them, helping them by giving them scholarships. They give their contributions to their nation, the government, saying, “If it’s difficult to maintain the budget, here, use this”. And Bill Gates, who is also of the New Age movement, gave trillions of dollars. How amazing is this? I’m praying for businesspeople and remnants like this to arise. Why? Because your business and industry is a tool of light, to block the economy of darkness. You must firmly hold on to the covenant.
▶I’m looking at 5 things in advance, looking ahead in the future. And the World Evangelization Evangelism Alliance is now receiving an external audit for those purposes. We’re looking at the 5 crises and 5 hopes in advance. Those who are in prayer will surely understand. If you’re a true evangelist, I’m sure you’ll understand as well. If we just step out with nothing, we cannot overcome. When you look at a lot of these Christians who have gathered to do business or something else, they’re always looks for ways to evade taxes. They’re always trying to use any means possible, perhaps even illicit means, to evade paying taxes. But at the same time, these 3 organizations not only pay their taxes, but they give their contributions as well as scholarships. Then who will prevail? That’s why, though they may not voice it, people in America really look down on the church. And when one of those other organizations try to start something, they really support them wholeheartedly. Over the course of about a hundred years of doing this, they’ve completely taken control over America. They seized control over the entire economy of America as a whole. Now, first and foremost, they have the strength that comes from being filled with the evil spirits. But you possess the spiritual strength of the filling of the Holy Spirit. If you possess this strength, you can save people and you can save the field. Now restore this strength. If you look carefully at God’s Word, God gives you the Word regarding the answers that He will give to you, in advance.

3.Build a Synagogue Wherever You Go→ Your business is a tool for evangelism and missions.
▶And third. It doesn’t just end with that. Wherever the Jewish people went, they built these synagogues. Wherever they went, they built up these lodges for professionals to come together and have their meetings. Unseen to the eyes, they have all these academic houses and centers in front of college campuses, where they can gather together the elite and the gifted individuals. That’s what it means to look out to the future. Your business is a tool for evangelism and missions. You must firmly hold on to the covenant today and you must gain strength.
▶I went to Europe and someone showed me this cathedral. It’s a tourist site and it’s become a place for idol worship. And when the person was introducing it, they said, “This temple was built for 400 years”. What does that mean? Nobody lives 400 years. Yet, they were able to build and construct it over the course of 400 years. I was surprised. We can’t even carry this out for a few years. The saved Christians can’t even bear through this for a couple years. The children of light, the people of God, have all sorts of conflicts when they try to purchase one church building. Why are there so many words/excuses when building just one church building? This is how much they lack strength. You must garner this strength. Spiritual strength. This happens because we don’t have that strength. We’re trying to carry out one thing of building a church, but there’s all kinds of words and things being spread around. This means we don’t have any spiritual strength. Then we’ll be in great trouble. How can we overcome the world in that state? Even if we can’t teach everything to the remnants, we must teach them to go out to the world, holding on to this spiritual strength in advance. This is what frustrates me most. If you don’t teach this to the remnants, your children and grandchildren suffer in the world because of it. Do you think God needlessly said, “Bring all your possessions and go make this tabernacle”? The fact that they build that temple for 400 years means that when the father passed away, he instructed his children to carry on his work. And by that same spirit, when that son was passing away, he relayed the same exact thing to his children.
▶So look at this. These people possess tremendous power and ability. Here, in Korea, you see churches that try to build up a new church building. Then they fight, elders leave and we saw that happen here in the Gangseo region. Do you think they do that because they want to? It’s because they have absolutely no strength. People just don’t believe the fact that the economy of light and the future will be revived if they just gain the spiritual strength that comes from above. Today, may all the believers of the Immanuel Church hold on to this covenant. Test this out. All the members of Darakbang, hold on to this covenant. Why? When God called you from heaven, He had a date in mind for your calling. That is why we need to receive that strength that comes from above. Not earthly strength, but strength from above to save the things of the earth. God continues to give us this strength through His Word. “Receive spiritual strength and change the economy of darkness into the economy of light.” Is that possible? It is.
▶I gave this testimony before. There was this deacon I knew and I always think of them. It was a time when a lot of people were losing their jobs and this person was a repair person. A place was hiring for one mechanic and thousands of people came for it. And among them, only a few people were selected. And among those who were selected, they hired only one person. Our deacon was among just a few of them. So they were having an interview and the higher-ups were asking questions. And at the end, they asked, “Is there anything you’d like to say, finally?”. It was an interview so people were too scared to say anything else. This deacon raised his hand and said that there was something he wanted to say. They asked him, “What is it?”. There was a regulation at that time. Because things were very hard-pressed in our economy, you only got to rest on weekends for the first and third week. He said, “I am a Christian. So every Sunday, I need to go to church. If you would just allow that, I will stake my life to do this job.” This was during an interview. So all the top officials were saying, “What are you doing? This is a job interview. Not a church. We have a lot of churchgoers here, but they all still work. We even have elders here. Who are you, that you’re speaking such words here?” So the CEO just said, “Every one quiet down” and he sent everyone on their way. Because the interview was finished, they all left the room. As he was walking out, the deacon heard something behind him. This is what the boss was saying. He said, “That guy seems like an actual, a real, believer”. In other words, he was saying, “Everyone else seems fake. But he seems like a true believer”. He thought that he wouldn’t get the job, but he did. Over the tens of years that he worked in that company, he saved countless people. He worked so hard and so well in prayer. When I was a pastor for the Sunday School, he was the officer in charge and he would come early in the morning and clean the rooms. I had never seen a person like that, yet isn’t that what’s normal?
▶One time, he brought someone who was very strange. He was an alcoholic and because he had too much to drink, he had collapsed and hurt his face. This deacon shared the Gospel to this person. Then he brought him to church to do bible study with him. This person completely changed. How did he change? Even the color of his face changed. One day, the boss called the deacon into his office saying, “Thank you”. “I was so ashamed that I kept it a secret, but that drunkard is my brother. How did you change him so?” Then the deacon said, “I’m not the one who changed him. God did.” When that deacon came out to start his own business, the president of that company completely supported him. What is the economy of light? If you receive God-given strength, people and the field will be saved. So you must not be deceived. You might say, “Pastor, you’ve never worked in a company, you don’t know how difficult things are there.” Even if you wordlessly hold on to the covenant and simply pray, the works will arise.

♠Conclusion- Starting now, prepare 3 things.
▶It’s the age of media, but it’s actually not the media that’s important. It’s the content.
1)Make a 24-prayer content. How so? Don’t ask other people. Ask God and make it. Then your life, in worldly terms, will be set (over). Just like Joseph. Our church officers will really be like Obadiah. You must find this.
2)Second. Make a 24-economy content for missions. Make a system for only, uniqueness, and re-creation. Even if you start right now, it’s not too late. “But I don’t have anything.” It can work even in the place where you have nothing.
3)And what else? Make evangelism content. Even if you begin now, as you begin, the answers will come. If you are someone to receive this blessing, God will drive everything to you.
▶So just think this thought today. Even if you just think, “How can I have the 24-prayer content to save the world after gaining spiritual strength?”, answers will come. Very naturally, the doors of evangelism are bound to open and as a result, the content will come to you. “How can I make my line of work into only, uniqueness, and re-creation?” It’s bound to take place wherever you are.
▶I’ve said this before. There was a hotcake vendor who discovered only, uniqueness, and re-creation. He was selling hotcakes. Because so many people changed (were saved) as a result of his business selling hotcakes, people continued to call him for lectures. So he quit and went around as a lecturer. Look at Schwab. He went in as a janitor and he discovered only, uniqueness, and re-creation. Look at Wanamaker. It’s possible. I’m held on to that covenant. Why do you hold to the other things, the incorrect things? Wanamaker was so poor he went in as a clerk. But he was a believer of God. Inside of that, he discovered only, uniqueness, and re-creation. I always say this. I hate hearing the words, “I can’t do it. I’m too poor”. Because I heard them too often when I was younger. I heard this when I was a child, when I was at church, when I was at home; wherever I was. I didn’t want to hear it. I thought, “I need to overturn this”. People are saying that because they’re not capable. I heard those words so frequently, the most. People were always saying, “I’m sick”. What else did I hear? “The church is not being revived. Evangelism is difficult.” All those words are nonsense. Inside of this, as I was studying theology, I discovered my contents. After that, there’s nothing to worry about because God is the One who will open all the doors.
▶Is there anyone who is old in their years? This is just the start for you.
Isn’t that so? For our Immanuel Seoul Church, this is simply the beginning. We haven’t even done anything yet. Have we saved the multiethnic peoples? Have we saved the dying TCKs? We haven’t done a thing. Busan Immanuel Church is just merely beginning. They haven’t done anything. Have they gone out to save the multitudes of people who are lost in darkness? Have we saved the posterity, the next generation? We haven’t done a thing.
▶Today, you must hold on to this covenant. You must grab hold of the content for your prayer, business, and evangelism. If you gain strength on your own, because of you, others will be strengthened. That’s why this is the conclusion we arrive at. “Why must we give all the money we made, all our possessions for the temple?” “Why do we have to offer all this up and give our devotion to the church?”
There’s only one answer. Gain the spiritual strength to change the world. That’s it. You must discover the spiritual strength that will change you, yourself, and the world.
I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus, that this blessing will begin for you, starting today.
Let us pray.

God, we thank you. Thank you for calling us as your children. Help us to realize that no despair is true despair and no problem is a true problem. May we begin anew by the spiritual strength that you give to us. Help us to recognize that it’s not the path of the wilderness, but the path by which we can receive spiritual strength. Help us to realize that it’s not simply our devotion and offering that we’re giving, but rather the preparation for us to save the world. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)