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04.08.2021 – Summit and Mission→ Church Officer Businessperson Concept

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: Business and Industry Missions, 23rd World Businessperson’s Missions Conference- 09/18/2020
Title: Lecture 1, Summit and Mission→ Church Officer Businessperson Concept
Scripture: Genesis 22:13-19

♠Introduction- Church Officer’s Concept
▶As of yet, we have not seen a church officer who can really overcome the 3 organizations of America. We haven’t had that kind of organization yet either.
But there was a team that was enough to threaten the 3 organizations. They began to gather, centered around a leader named <Clarke>. They said, “Let’s fully support him so that he can do missions”. So they made an organization called, <Ensign Peak> (Ensign Peak Advisors). And they began to collect the funds so that they can properly use it. Why did they collect it? They were not only collecting it for the present, but also for the future that was approaching. So currently, they were able to gather 100 billion dollars. That’s a trillion won. Who are they? The Mormon Church. The Mormon Church is a heresy. But right now, that organization is threatening the 3 organizations. The businesspeople arose. The businesspeople put their strength together. Currently, their leader’s name is Clarke and they’re supporting him. They’re trying to support the evangelists who are working together with this person. Of course, Christianity can’t even hold a candle next to this.
▶Why is that? How is it that these people are able to do such things? When Joseph went to Egypt, there was one sure thing. He held onto the most important covenant of God, but there was a way by which he could unfold that covenant. This is what’s important. Because we don’t have this kind of individual, God is not able to give what He wants.
I believe that the businesspeople in our Darakbang organization, in this age, are the ones who are able to do this. I have assurance of that. Regardless of whether people are facing difficulties or not, I’m re-organizing all of our financial matters. No matter who tries to stop this, we’re going to do this. Even if I lose everyone along the way, I’m going to continue this. Why? Because I want to properly establish a system for the next generation. Right now, the people who are seized by Satan are doing this better than us. Christians are striving not to pay their taxes while the 3 organizations are paying their taxes, giving donations, and giving scholarships. We can’t even hold a candle next to them. I’ve met so many Christians, but 100 out of 100 do things so that they don’t have to pay taxes. But in my heart, I thought, “They cannot become great individuals”. They cannot do great work. Paying your taxes is one form of missions offering. That’s what I think of it. So I said, “All those in our organization, without an exception, pay your taxes”. Why? Because we need to prepare for world evangelization.
▶Prepare what? This is what’s important.
Of course, we’ve already got everything. We’ve got the Gospel. It’s been finished. It’s been finished, so what must we hold on to? Although she seemed, weak, there was a woman named Jochebed who held to this. We need to research that. What did she hold on to? When Moses grew up and faced a crisis, Elder Jethro held to this. When they came out during the Exodus and faced a great crisis, Rahab helped with this. Age by age, people like you, businesspeople with the Gospel arose. People like Obadiah. What did they hold on to?
▶Our overall theme this year is, “The Summit’s Mission”. And we’ll look at one point of that for our first lecture. This summit must be able to give the mission. Isn’t that so? You need to be able to give the mission, but what kind of mission is that? You have 2 traits. They’re 2 similar rails. In one way, they’re 2 similar wings. What is that? You are church officers and businesspeople. You are the church officers to save the church and the businesspeople to save the world. You are church officers who must stake their lives for the church and the businesspeople who must stake their lives for the next generation. Then what kind of mission do you see? You are church officers and at the same time, businesspeople. You need to have the sure “concept” regarding this. The Mormon Church held to this concept. Isn’t that so? Despite the fact that it’s wrong, despite the fact that it’s an instrument/tool that Satan gave, they made this concept and conquered the world. Starting now, you must remember this for the rest of your life.
▶Hearing the many testimonies and prayer topics of these good people, I was so thankful. Then what do those people have to do? They need to make this concept. When we wanted to re-model as well as repair this 237 Center, the very first thing they asked from me was a concept. So I thought, “These people are really properly doing their work”. They wanted me to give them a concept of what was going to happen in the building. That’s what it is. You can build a house without blueprints. When you build a bathroom out in the countryside. But we’re not building a bathroom, right? That’s not it. People in the countryside, ignorant people without money build up a wall on one side. They wait, and then go build up the wall on the other side. That’s how they do it. We can’t exactly say that that’s not a building, but it’s not really a building. If there is a landslide, 100%, it will be swept away. So you have to have a concept.
▶You have to have this concept. What kind of concept? Prior to that, you need to know the fact that you are a church officer. If your business must be used for world evangelization, you already have the answer. Because that’s surely God’s will. Your occupation, your business? It must be to the point where you can save the church. Isn’t that so? If that is so, you need to have a concept for that.

▶Introduction- Church Officer’s Concept
But prior to having that concept, you need to first have a sure concept of a church officer. There are 3 things that make up this concept. It’s the ①system. If you don’t have a system, it’s impossible. The second is the ②content. With what content will you do this? By which system will you fulfill your prayer answers? Then what kind of content will you use? Then, how are you going to make this ③platform? It’s this. This is the church officer’s concept, the important introduction to making this concept.
▶This is the church officer’s concept. Regarding the system, there are 3 important things.
(1)Accurate Covenant (Only)- What is the first? You must hold on to the accurate covenant. That’s why we go to worship. That’s why we listen to the message. The reason why we listen to all the messages is because we need to hold on to the accurate content, covenant. Our businesspeople throughout the nation and the world, know this fact; that there is no other meeting like this in the world. Yes, there are meetings for businesspeople in Korea and Japan. When I went to Japan, I saw that many renown individuals do gather together. But there aren’t any who are holding on to this covenant, called the Gospel. “Oh but we have the Gospel. We’re all Christians.”

▶Let me say once again. The Bible doesn’t not just record the Gospel. It records only the Gospel. Isn’t that so? The Bible doesn’t record the Gospel. It records only the Gospel. It means that if that’s not it, it’s not going to work. So even if there are a million businesspeople like that who are gathered together, it’s all in vain. With that kind of system, you cannot overcome Satan. Isn’t that so? If you cannot overcome the darkness, how can you fight? So who are the businesspeople I introduced earlier? They are the ones who held to this accurate covenant regarding that. Isn’t that so? They hold to “only”. The Bible does not record the Gospel. It records only the Gospel. People claimed that they were holding on to the Gospel, but why did they perish? Because it wasn’t only the Gospel.
(2)24, 25, 00- Only then can you have 24, 25, and eternity. It’s this system. Isn’t that so? Because it’s “only”, it’s 24 hours. Try having only a stomachache. Stomach 24 will take place. Isn’t that so? Look at those who are addicted to drugs. They’ll think only about that for 24 hours. If Christ is our “only”, 24 is bound to take place.
(3)Summit- What comes from here? You’ll sit in the seat of a summit. Of course, the spiritual summit comes first. It’s this system. Those of you who are listening, you need to really organize this concept well. Because you are church officer businesspeople, you must have the concept according to that. No matter what anyone says, that’s your mission. If you don’t have this mission, even though I’m not saying that the other missions aren’t missions, it’s not what God truly desires.
▶What’s the content? Of course, the content is the Gospel.
(1)End- But you need to see your end, of what you must do for the Gospel Movement. “I’m going to serve this far before I leave this world.”
(2)Start- Only then can you see the start. The start needs to be very factually/realistically. Make the “end” the greatest.
(3)Empty Places- What you must especially keep in mind are the empty places. If you don’t find the content from here, it’s all in vain.
▶In America, there is no place where you can save the empty places of the 237 nations. But we’re trying to do this. Then realistically, what must we do? We need to have the proper start. Then what kind of concept must it be? It needs to be something that can really target the empty places. I’ve been doing this movement for the past 30 years with these pastors, look back at these footsteps. God didn’t just allow us to walk through the past 30 years. The main thing we need to do is still left ahead of us. Isn’t that so? Until now, God has just been preparing you.
3)Platform- 5 No’s→ Every
▶Then if you have the content, the platform will be formed. There’s this platform that no one can block/stop.
(1)The 5 No’s.
①Nobody. That’s our platform. There’s no subject and no competition. What is it?
②No time. It’s the opportunity that no one else can create. And what else? No one can find the way.
③It’s No way. It doesn’t exist anywhere else.
④No where. You can’t find the answer anywhere else.
⑤No answer.
(2)Every- You’re turning this, into “Every”.
▶This is our platform. It’s a sure thing. So our church officers and our businesspeople are running this conference right now. Don’t think that you’re doing it the way you did it last year again. God is carrying out the amazing work that only you can do right now. I’m predicting. By next year, God’s amazing, actual answers will take place through our businesspeople. Just wait and see. The actual works will arise. More than it being about great success and works, though that may be true too, it’s really about what God wants and desires. Today’s scripture passage is Genesis 22:13-19.

▶Main- Concept of the Originator
Then with what concept must you head out? What is this important concept that you must have? God has called you as the originators to do this work. Don’t lose hold of this. The concept of the originator must be your church officer concept in order for you to do proper world evangelization.

1.Start of the Originator→ Leave!
▶It’s the start of the concept of the originator. It’s important. What is the start? Of course, the start of this absolute covenant is very important.
1)Country, Kindred, Father’s House (Genesis 12:1-3)
▶It’s the very first thing He said to Abraham. He told him to leave. Leave what? Where? He told him to leave his country, his kindred, and his father’s house. Then he said something tremendous. “No one will be able to overtake you.” Because we don’t have much time, I’ll keep it brief. He’s not telling him to move. He’s saying, “Leave yourself”. You have to understand this well. People living in America, if you want to save America, you have to leave the things of America. Because you must hold to the absolute covenant. From this point on, you’ll see what’s absolute. If you don’t understand these words, you’ll really be at a loss.
▶There’s an elder I know very well- he’s not one of our members, but I met him after several years. And we’ve grown older. I was so surprised. His faith had completely backtracked. He was saying all kinds of nonsense. I was really surprised. Because he was an elder that I highly respected. He’s much older than I am. He’s almost 90 years old. But when he was about 80 years old, he came to see me. That was almost 10 years ago, at the Immanuel Church. He brought some kind of medication and he was asking me to buy it from him. I think he was just selling medicine. But that wasn’t the issue. But his character, his faith, even the way he spoke, completely regressed. God is telling us to leave this place. Isn’t that so? I’ll keep it brief because too much time will pass.
▶And God told him to go to Canaan, but he went to Egypt. God is saying, “Leave Egypt”. Who told him to go to Egypt? He went because of 3 things. There was a famine. For the second time, a misconception came to him. “If I go on this way, I’m going to starve to death and even lose my wife.” And he actually did lose his wife. But God rained down disaster and he was able to take back his wife. And so again, he leaves. “Leave Egypt.”
▶Before he went, what else? I’ll just briefly tell you the titles you must hold on to because you know these passages well. He told him to leave Lot. Why? Because he had unbelief regarding his offspring. He had the unbelief that he couldn’t have any children. And he had a lot of greed regarding material wealth. “I at least need to have enough to make a living.” So that’s why Lot became an opponent of dispute for him. And what was he honestly eyeing? It was Sodom. The expensive piece of land. In today’s terms, it would be like this precious plot of land at Yewon Church. Land like the Jongno or Myeong-dong. But God sent down disasters there. Undoubtedly, Lot chose first. God was saying, “Leave”. So that you can stand before God’s absolute covenant. Truly. So that your life can stand before God’s absolute covenant. How renown you are, how educated you are, how good or bad you are? That’s not what’s important. No matter how renown your life may be, if you’re still stuck in that, it’s not going to work. So really give this some thought. If you want to save your churches, you must depart from your church situation. If you really want to save your church, you need to depart from the force of darkness in your church. Isn’t that so?

2.Method of the Originator→ Hold on to the Absolute Content!
▶What is the second method of the originator? I didn’t write “originator” because we don’t have time, but what is the start and the method of the originator? Here (number 1), God told us to leave. You must hold on to the absolute content.

1)Follow the Word- Genesis 12:1, Genesis 12:4, Genesis 12:6
▶What is that? He told him to follow the Word. Not just any Word. The words of a person who is just running around church and the words of someone who has this system, who has completely departed from this, are different. It’s not a matter of whether or not you receive answers. You’re able to see that the very important Word is clear and certain.
▶The start of the businesspeople in 2021, that you’re holding on to, is the sure covenant of God. Start of the Remnant Movement that we began 20 years ago? That’s God’s sure covenant. Building our RUTC to begin training, I even put RGS in there. That has God’s sure covenant. We wanted to make these small groups and start these trainings in full-scale. That is our 237 Center. That’s God’s sure covenant.
▶Follow the Word. Genesis 12:1. “Go to the land that I will show you.” That’s it. God said that. Genesis 12:4. What does it say here? It says that he went, according to what the Lord had told him. Genesis 12:6. When Abraham passed the oak of Moreh, God gave His word. “I will give this land to you and your offspring. I will give you Canaan.” God gave him an important promise.
2)Follow the Altar (Genesis 13:18, For the Lord)
▶Second. What kind of content? Follow the altar. The real start for Abraham was when he began to build the altar. When we say “altar”, it’s two things. You are building your personal altar with the church covenant. Very important words are revealed in the Old Testament. The tabernacle, tent of meeting, and tent/booths. The tabernacle is the place where you keep the lamps lit 24 hours a day. What is the tent of meeting? The place where you gather. Even though it’s the same location. What are the tents? You take that covenant, go home, and build the altar.
▶Do not worry about anything. Follow the altar. Try it once. What did He say at that time? God said, “Look to the north, south, east, and west”. That’s what He said. “Walk the length and breadth of the land.” When was that? When he had completely discarded it. The moment he discarded everything that wasn’t the covenant, God said, “Look to the north, south, east, and west. Walk the length and breadth of the land. I will give to you, all the places where your feet stand forever.” And then He said. In verse 18. “There, he built an altar for the Lord.” We usually build an altar for ourselves. I’m not saying that that’s bad or wrong. He built an altar for the Lord. These are very important words. If all the church officers and businesspeople of the world serve for the sake of the Lord, nothing will be a problem. If you build an altar to the Lord, you don’t even have a reason to fight.
3)Absolute Answer
▶And what else? Something very important took place. It’s left ahead for you. There is an absolute answer and content. Follow this content. Let me write these down.
(1)318 Trained Men (Genesis 14:14-20)- To which extent did he make this content, with the sure concept? 318 trained men in his home. Genesis 14:14-20. It doesn’t just end with that. Absolutely, when the war broke out, Lot was taken as a prisoner. He brings him back. He took 318 trained men, fought the battle, had victory, and brought Lot back.
(2)Melchizedek (Genesis 14:17-20)- At that time, Genesis 14:17-20. It’s very important. He meets the priest, Melchizedek. To him, Abraham gives tithe. This Melchizedek blesses Abraham. It’s greatly significant. So businesspeople, you must have this sure proper concept. There, important content was revealed. You have to properly make the important concept that God has given to you in order for all the system, content, and platform to be revealed. Then accurately speaking, you receive the blessing so that you have no choice but to go this path. In a sense, church officer businesspeople are not making the concept. You’re remaining inside the concept of the church officer businesspeople. Then even though everyone else says that it’s difficult to discard these things, you’re able to discard them. While others are saying it’s difficult to receive answers, you’ll receive tremendous answers.
(3)Wealth of the King of Sodom (Genesis 14:21-24)- What’s more important? The wealth that the king of Sodom wanted to give to him. Because he lost, he gave his tribute/wealth. That’s Genesis 14:21-24. He surely tells him. “I can never receive that. I can’t accept a single thing, lest you should say, ‘I have made Abraham rich.’” Very simply, he was saying, “I will absolutely become a wealthy man who saves the world. But if I accept your wealth, rumors will spread that I became rich because of that. I cannot accept that. I will not even take a single thread from you.” He was so sure and certain. This is the method that you, who have become originators, must use.

3.Mission of the Originator→ Have the Transmittable Content!
▶What’s the rest? You need to add the word “originator”. You need to have the mission of the originator. What is this referring to? It’s about relaying this. You have to have the content that you can transmit. We’ll speak more about this tomorrow, but we must grab hold of the important things today.
1)Find the mission.

▶Then in order to do this, you need to grab hold of this blessing and find the mission. What kind of mission?
(1)Genesis 15:1-7, From this point on look at Genesis 15:1-7. We see some very important words here. “The Lord said to Abraham, ‘I am your shield; your reward shall be very great.’” This is the message you must hold on to and relay. And then, He promised him an heir. As He spoke, He promised him children/offspring.
(2)Genesis 17:1-4, He tells him to have circumcision. And again, He promises offspring.
(3)Genesis 18:1-17, And you see important words here as well. Something very important is seen in chapter 18 as well. What do we see here? He hosts angels. And again, we see 2 things here. The promise of offspring and the destruction of Sodom and Gomora. And God said, “Shall I keep hidden from my servant, Abraham, what I am about to do?”. This is what you need to hold on to. Who are you? The Lord is your shield and your great reward. Why is that? Because you must save the next generation. That’s how God called you. So in chapter 18, God sends His angels so that they can relay His words to Abraham. And again, He speaks about his offspring. He makes all the men receive circumcision and again speaks about offspring.
2)Experience the Mission
▶Experience the mission. Because this is the work you need to do. What is that?
(1)Burnt Offering- He went to give a burnt offering. With his son. That’s chapter 22.
(2)Ram- He went to give a burnt offering, but what did He make him experience? The ram. The ram, instead of his son. The ram, instead of death. You need to experience that. Isn’t that so? “Ah, that’s what it is.” Once you experience that, from that point on, answers continue to come.
(3)Jehovah Jireh- What was he able to experience? “Jehovah Jireh.” In the path you take, this will take place. Because you have the sure system, content, and platform with the sure concept, God has prepared all things in the path before you.
3)Relay/Transmit the Mission
▶Now, you need to relay/transmit this mission to the next generation. This is your church officer businesspeople concept. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about a different concept. You have to hold on to 3 concepts this year, and you need to hold on to the concept of your business.
(1)Genesis 22:15, What was it at this time? In chapter 22 verse 15, it says this. They may not seem like much, but it says, “The angel of the Lord”. When you bring about salvation, when you face a crisis, God sends His angel.
(2)Genesis 22:16, And what else did He say? This is what He said. Genesis 22:16. “By myself I have sworn…” This is what He’s saying to Abraham and Isaac. Do you know what God is saying to you? “By myself I swear on my name and promise.” Then that’s it.
(3)Genesis 22:17, And what does it say in verse 17? “I will surely multiply your offspring.” That’s right.
(4)Gate of Enemies (Genesis 22:17)- And what else did He say? Something more important in verse 17. “Your offspring shall possess the gate of his enemies.” You’re breaking down darkness.
(5)Genesis 22:18, And what else? “In your offspring shall all the nations of the earth be blessed.” This is Genesis 22:18. God showed this being directly relayed to Isaac.
▶It may seem as if our church officer businesspeople are just gathering for the sake of the conference, but that’s not it. These things are constantly being transmitted to our next generation. One very smart remnant said this. They said that they listen to all the messages that come out from Korea and that the message that comes closest to them is the Business and Industry Missions messages. If you did not exist, we would not be able to give these messages. But that remnant is very smart and has potential to succeed. They said that they receive grace through all the other messages as well, but it’s through the BIM message that they manage their life and receive guidance.

▶Because there are 3 lectures this year, I’ll draw the conclusion for this concept.
▶What’s the reason why things aren’t working out so well? And what’s the reason why things do work out? Absolutely, there’s a reason when things aren’t working out. You must catch on to that. Even if you’re unaware, when things work out, there’s a reason for that. It’s just that you aren’t aware of it. And there are things when things work out well. You don’t know the reason, but there is a reason behind it. What is that?
(1)Frame- Your frame. If you’re still stuck in your old frame, without yourself realizing, it won’t work. But if you’re in the new frame, it will work unbeknownst to you.
(2)Waiting- Second. Waiting. Waiting is not about enduring. It’s enjoying. You have to do this well. You have to leave your frame and be good at waiting.
(3)Challenge- Challenge. This challenge isn’t about working hard. It’s about enjoying in advance.
▶The most important answer that comes to you is a different kind of answer. “What must I do? How come people don’t really listen to what I say in the church? Why do things not work out the way I think?” Discard all that.
(1)With- God said that He will be with you. If that is so, you don’t need all that. Isn’t that so? “How can I use my brains?” When you don’t have answers, you need that. But because you have answers, you don’t need that.
(2)Kingdom- God’s kingdom will come upon you. Then that’s it. Everywhere you go, God’s kingdom will continue to come. Look for it. Becoming discouraged or challenging absurdly is all wrong.
(3)Absolute Future- You’ll be able to see this. The absolute future. Is there any greater answer than this? God is with you. Everywhere you go, God’s kingdom is fulfilled. You’re able to see the future. Not the kind of future you can or don’t have to do. But the absolute future. This is the greatest answer.
3)Prayer Content
▶And lastly. The last regarding your concept. Make the prayer content. That’s what Abraham did.
(1)Genesis 13:18, That’s what Abraham did in Genesis 13:18.
(2)Mt. Moriah- That’s what Abraham did on Mt. Moriah. You must absolutely make your prayer content. So of the many answers that God gave to Abraham, there were things like “Jehovah Jireh” and many other words.
(3)5 Kind of Prayer Content- There were 5 things that He always told him.
▶What were they?
① “Go to the land that I will show you.” What is that?
It’s the covenantal blessing. This is something you must always do inside your prayers. Not just any covenantal blessing.
② He said, “You will be the source of blessings.” What is that?
That’s the principle source of blessings.
③ “By you!” Representative blessings.
④ “By your seed!” It’s a commemorative blessing. He always said the same thing.
⑤ “No one will be able to overtake you.” Irresistible blessing.
▶Here, there’s an important mystery of prayer. The important content of the 5 prayers that God has prepared. You just need to follow after this. The covenant. The principle source. The representative things. The commemorative things. The irresistible things. That’s unstoppable.
▶Even if I can’t do anything else, I do this and enjoy prayer. Yes, there are many things that I also do wrong. However, I am enjoying prayer.
But passing through everything, God gave them as answers. And of course, I’ve lived in the Gospel, but after I met you, God fulfilled and carried out many things.
More importantly, as we open up the age of the 237 nations, God is beginning new work through you. Even though we may not be able to meet this year, this business conference will become the greatest conference. You’ll receive so much grace to the point where you’ll almost feel bad about receiving back your dues (that were paid). Think about it, when you go to church and receive so much grace and answers, your devotion wouldn’t be something you brag about, but something you’re so thankful for. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the solution to all problems, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon all the church officer businesspeople who have the important businessperson’s concept today, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)