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04.07.2021 – Year of Jubilee

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 2nd Service- 09/13/2020
Title: Year of Jubilee
Scripture: Leviticus 25:8-12
▶Thank you. Something very important was mentioned in today’s passage. It mentions the year of Jubilee. It’s a year of joy. Leviticus 35:8-12. As previously mentioned, the Israelites had a lot of scars. In the wilderness, they had a lot of suffering and pain. And they were also anxious about their future.
At this time, God gave a very important promise.
▶“What is the true Gospel?” God gave the answer concerning that.
▶“Truly, what is the church?” It’s all here, in the year of Jubilee.
3)True Power
▶“What is the true power to save the world?” This is what He explained. You must remember this. “To what extent must you have power?” To the point where you can relay this blessing (year of jubilee). “What kind of church must we be in the future?” The kind of church that can do this (year of jubilee).
▶Main- Leviticus 25:2→ Blessing of Liberation
In Leviticus 25:2, He mentioned what they must do after going into the land of Canaan. After the conquest of Canaan, what kind of Gospel must we have, what kind of church must we make, and what kind of power must we hold? In other words, what is this? The blessing of liberation. The Sabbath Year is about the time to prepare very important things and the Year of Jubilee is about liberation. There are many people who do this incorrectly, but you must do this.

1.Liberation from Destruction→ What is the first thing? They were liberated from destruction. This is the Gospel. This is the church. Saving people who will be destroyed? That’s power. You must always remember.
2.Liberation from Powerlessness→ Second. It’s liberation from powerlessness. Jesus also said this in the end. “If you receive the filling of the Holy Spirit, you will receive power.” So you need to have power.
▶When I saw our remnant praising, I thought that his voice was different. I felt that he expresses things a bit differently. When you listen to most singers, they’re very similar and when you hear it, it gets old. And I felt that he wasn’t forcing it. He had a very natural vibrato. So people who do music need to have spiritual strength/power. And that could be the greatest tool for them. The reason for that is because the angel who had the greatest power, who was in charge of praise, fell and that’s Satan. If you restore this, in terms of evangelism, musicians are the best to evangelize. I was on a train to Busan from Daegu and someone was just doing music without anything else. They just had some stairs as a stage. And behind them, they just had this sign that said, “Music for the people”. They were very good. I felt that they were good to the point where I wanted to get on a later train. The power of music was so strong that it hit the hearts of all those who were passing by. So I was looking to see where this sound was coming from. It absolutely wasn’t the church. But when I saw the materials they were using, I realized that they were from the temple. And I knew that they were of a very high level. So I thought, “If our praise musicians really just have spiritual strength, they can break down the world of darkness without exception”.
3.Liberation from Future Worries→ What kind of Gospel must we enjoy, with what kind of church and what kind of power? It’s this. We have many worries about the future. We need to be liberated from this. This is the year of jubilee.

1.Liberation from Destruction
▶Look at how they were liberated from destruction.
1)Day of Atonement (Verse 9)- Forgiveness
▶“First proclaim the day of atonement.” That’s verse 9. “Release all the sinners and forgive them.” The year of jubilee is a day like this. “When you face the year of jubilee, forgive all sinners, release all prisoners, and send them home.” This is the Gospel; this is the church. Isn’t that so? Being able to do this is true power. You must have the power to forgive and overcome those who have done wrong. People are not able to forgive because they think that once they do, they’ll be the ones at a loss. They think that they’ll face a huge loss in the case where they forgive. That’s why they’re unable to do it. They do want to forgive, but if they do, things become really difficult for them. You need to have true power to point where you can forgive. This is the future of Israel, centered on church.
2)Cancel/Write Off Debt
▶How important is this? He even said, “Cancel all the debt. Don’t just forgive them of their sins, but write off their debt as well.”
(1)Land (Verses 23-28)- He even talked about land. In verses 23-28.
(2)City- And what else was mentioned?
(3)Farm- “If people living in the city or on the farm lost their home, but bring money, return their land to them.” Simply put, let’s say someone lost their home because they didn’t have money. In the year of jubilee, if they bring money with them and say, “Please give it back to me”, they can get it back. So basically, if your house was auctioned off, your house is now in the hands of someone else. But when it’s being auctioned again and you bring back money, you can take it back. That’s the year of jubilee.
3)Slave (Verses 39-55)- Employee
▶It went beyond that. “Even free the slaves. Give them rest in the Sabbath Year, but in the year of jubilee, free them.” How? It’s in verses 39-55. “Just use them as wage-workers.” So in today’s terms, “Use them as employees/workers. Not as a slave, but an employee you pay.” That means, if they want to leave, they can. These are the things that happen in the year of jubilee. Even with this alone, it’s tremendous. Spiritually, this is very important. This is the Gospel. Isn’t that so? This is the church. This is our true power. We need to make a church and prepare a temple that raises this strength/power.

2.Liberation from Powerlessness
1)7×7=49→ 1 Year
▶So it’s 7 years, times 7. They had the Sabbath Year, every 7 years. And they faced the 7th Sabbath Year. Then what would happen? It becomes 49 years. So the year after the 49 years is the year of jubilee.
2)Tabernacle, Tent of Meeting, Tent→ 1 Year
▶During that time, free everything/everyone. During that time of 1 year, enjoy this power of the tabernacle, tent of meeting, and tents.
3)7 Types of Worship
▶If you look in this tabernacle, there are 7 types of worship. “Throughout the year, fully enjoy this. The, restore your power. Don’t just simply be freed from destruction, but restore power.” This is the year of jubilee. This becomes very important for us. I want to live this way. Isn’t that so? Freeing those who are bound. Saving those who don’t have anything. Isn’t that so? Healing those who are sick. This is how I want to live and this is the kind of church I want to have. This is the Gospel and this the church. True power. So as you prepare for the temple, may you hold to this covenant.

3.Liberation from Future Worries (Great Answer is Posterity)
▶Especially, what else? Posterity. It’s liberation from future worries, but the great answer to that is our posterity.
1)Leviticus 25:55 (Lord)- Exodus
▶If you look in Leviticus 25:55, this is what it says. We weren’t able to read it all because we didn’t have time. But do you know what it says here? “They are my servants whom I brought out of the land of Egypt: I am the LORD your God.” This is what He said. What does that mean? It means, “Don’t worry. I am the Lord God, who brought you out of Egypt.” This is Exodus. We must make the temple that enjoys this, and live the walk of faith that enjoys this.
2)Power of Worship (Leviticus)
▶Why did He tell them to do it for a year? Restore the power of worship. This is Leviticus. Isn’t that so?
3)Blessing of Being His People (Numbers)
▶And not only that. “Because you are God’s people, enjoy the blessing of being His people.” You are God’s people. “Enjoy this blessing, of being these people.” That is the book of Numbers. God is telling them to go and enjoy these blessings. God gave all this to them before they went to Canaan. “Before you go into the land of Canaan, take this blessing as a covenant.”
4)Imprint, Root, Nature (Deuteronomy)
▶What else? If you change your imprint, root, and nature, you can change all things. This is Deuteronomy. If you’re imprinted with the covenant and put down its roots, you will absolutely bear fruit.
▶Hold on to this in a concentrated manner. This is the Sabbath year and year of Jubilee. Ultimately, the Sabbath year and year of jubilee are the same thing. But because this comes every 50 years, it’s different. So liberate everything. In the year of jubilee, free everything and be set free from all powerlessness. Be liberated from future worries. This is the Gospel and this is the blessing you must receive. Starting now, you must think about it carefully. You need to have the power of being able to forgive. Isn’t that so? How much power must have? To the point where we can give and still be fine. This is the Gospel.

♠Conclusion- Leviticus 25:13-17 (Lies)→ Fact (Things of God)
▶If that is so, we come to an important conclusion. If you look in the conclusion, this is what it says. If you look from Leviticus 25:13-17, there’s an important Word. “Before you do this, get rid of all lies.” Not just lies, but don’t remain in this falsehood. If you look at people with a lot of scars, they’re scarred by things that aren’t even that big of a matter. People who are scarred, even though they’re in the midst of scars, think that they’re outstanding. So they have even bigger scars. People who have really succeeded are in the midst of success. That person doesn’t consider him/herself outstanding. Isn’t that so? If you give scars to a weak person, they will be scarred. But if you scar someone who is strong, they won’t be scarred by it. For example, if you call the CEO of Samsung a beggar, he won’t be scarred by that because he’s not an actual beggar. But if you call a beggar, “beggar”, they’ll be really scarred. Because they really are a beggar. You must remember. Don’t be inside of this (lies). You must not remain inside of that.
▶Yesterday, I said this to many of the pastors. When I first came to this church, we borrowed a place that was 12 pyeongs (roughly 427 sq ft) and they told us to only use it on Sunday. So what could we do? We couldn’t even do early morning service. So we borrowed some space in Elder Park’s daughter’s piano school to do early morning service. Because we didn’t have a sanctuary… We didn’t have a sanctuary so there was no need for us to even be full of hot air there. Simply, we just made 30 sanctuaries. In each of the homes of the church members. We went to one person’s house on Tuesday, another person’s on Wednesday, Thursday, and so on. In the early stages, we put up a sign that said we’re doing bible study in this house or that house. We put up, “Bible study house at this house, on this day, at this time”. So immediately, the Word movement arose in 30 different places. So even if you have a small church building, there’s nothing for you to worry about at all. I didn’t even have any other pastors. So when we first began, I would wake up early in the morning and take the car to pick up the elderly ladies. Why? Because we must do it factually. Then from the fact, you’re able to see what’s in the highest place. From the place of the facts, you’re heading towards the things of God. This is the conclusion. All remnants must do this. Even when you’re studying, you shouldn’t be doing with, full of hot air. You need to begin right where you are. Isn’t that so?
▶Someone who sells things at the International Market said something important to me. They said, “Even though the people working there look like that, there’s no one who makes less than 10 million won. They all make more than that.” And they said that church members and remnants really need to come and learn for at least 3 years. So they were saying that no one is able to last 3 years. The smarter someone is, the quicker they leave. Because they’re quick to catch on. And after they leave, they absolutely fail. Why? Because they don’t do it like this. All evangelism, all businesses, all things need to be done like this. You need to start from the facts and then go up to the highest place. If you hold on to something that isn’t a fact, you’ll suffer. Why must we do it like this? Because we must go in to Canaan. Because we need to do world evangelization. When you go into the land of Canaan, you must fight against tremendous hardship. That’s why we must do it this way. When you go into the land of Canaan, you need to fight the 7 tribes. You must develop your strength. You may have many worries and concerns, but you need to do world evangelization. If you hold precisely to this, undoubtedly, works will arise. This is the case for our remnants as well as those of you who are living your walk of faith. This is very important and you must start from the facts, then go up to the greatest.
▶I said this a few days ago, didn’t it? I was in charge of the youth department and I didn’t think that I needed to do something great or well. I just sought them out in the junior high and high schools. Why? Because I knew that nothing would work out if I just met these kids once a week for an hour. There was on church officer in the school and this is what they said. “In my entire career as a teacher, I never saw anyone come to the school every day to look and care for these kids like you.” So I said, “This isn’t difficult at all. This is my job, isn’t it?”. If I just wait for the kids to come to church, I won’t be able to meet them. It’s faster for me to go to them. But when I went, I was able to see the children’s circumstances. And I need to know their situations in order to correctly relay the message. So start factually. Then, go towards the greatest heights. The Israelites currently have no need to blame and resent. They’re currently in the wilderness. Isn’t that so? They must factually hold on to the covenant. And then, go towards God’s greatest answers.
▶There are a few conclusions that we see here.
▶Experience this blessing of God, that is the Sabbath Year and year of jubilee. So it’s best to enjoy this today, now, during worship. When you hold to the Word during worship, praying, “God, give me this power”…
▶What’s the thing you can do next? You can relay it. You must absolutely experience this blessing and relay it. The Gospel liberates all things. The Gospel is what restores God’s power. The Gospel restores the future.
3)Temple (Tabernacle)
▶If that is so, this role needs to be carried out by the church. This is your power. Make this kind of temple. Where were all these services centered on/around? It was the tabernacle. The things you do regarding the church, don’t just do it. But give the first and last prayer for the rest of your life. Why? Because the year of jubilee is like this. In most cases, it happens once in your life, and that’s it. Isn’t that so? It’s hard to face/meet something that comes every 50 years. If you meet it when you’re 1, maybe you might meet it again. But even then, it’s difficult to experience this year of jubilee twice.
▶So we come to an important conclusion. The blessing that will come in your life just once in your lifetime. The first and last of this blessing. You’re giving this for world evangelization. The tabernacle movement, that is the first and last of your lifetime. You must hold to this covenant for true answers to come. Isn’t that so? That’s truly praying today. That’s the mystery/secret behind concentrating. That way, as mentioned during the WRC, our remnants are able to see in advance. Joseph was able to see Egypt evangelization, which was the first and last time in his life. That’s what Moses saw. That’s what they relayed to posterity. Then, these feasts came and in the midst of that, the Sabbath Year and Year of Jubilee came. May you find this blessing this week. Discovering your true rest/Sabbath. Discover the blessing of the year of Jubilee, that only comes once in your lifetime. This is the case for anyone.
▶If you don’t have the correct contract, nothing will work. If you and I don’t agree on a promise (appointment), we won’t be able to meet. Isn’t that so? You must correctly hold to the covenant. Every week, when you give worship, you must hold correctly to the covenant and go in. What is the Sabbath Year? You need true rest. What is the Year of Jubilee? You need the ministry that is the first and last of your lifetime. It’s holding to this. Then, you can see many answers. I bless you in the name of the Lord, that you’re able to have this blessing of acquiring testimonies of new grace this week and that you’re able to gather again on the next Lord’s Day with that. Let us pray.

God, we give you thanks. Right now, people all throughout the nation and the world are listening to your Word. Would you give to them, true rest. Help them to discover the blessing of the year of Jubilee. May today be the day for them to hold on to the greatest covenant of their lifetime. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)