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04.05.2021 – Joseph Who Had in Advance

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Message: Core Training Message- 09/12/2020
Title: Answer of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (36)- Joseph Who Had in Advance
Scripture: Genesis 45:5

♠Introduction- Genesis 45:5 (3 Important Things)
▶This is something you need to remember when you’re evangelizing. How do you see Genesis 45:5? It was Joseph, who had possessed in advance. Last week, we saw, “Joseph Who Saw in Advance”. He didn’t just see, but he possessed in advance.
▶In Genesis 45:5, there are at least 3 important things.
1)Successful Person, Leader, Evangelist
▶It’s what anyone can have, but if you have/possess it first, you become the one who achieves success. Anyone can have it, but if you have it correctly first, you become a leader. You must keep this in mind. If you have/possess what nobody can have in advance, you become an evangelist. The first thing (success) is what anyone can have. But just because you have it first, for that reason, you become a successful person or a leader. Those who really realize this thing that nobody else can, in advance, become an evangelist. He explained of what he had in advance. He became a governor, stood before his brothers, and this is what he said before them.
2)One Who Has Success in Advance
▶Inside this passage, Joseph was one who had this success in advance. This is what he was saying. “God sent me ahead of us.”
3)One Who Forgave in Advance
▶It goes beyond that. There’s another very important thing in Genesis 45:5. In his path, he not only forgave his brothers, but he forgave everyone in advance. Starting with Potiphar’s wife, he forgave everyone. He said, “Brothers, don’t be afraid. Don’t be concerned and distressed because of what you did. God sent me ahead of you.” His brothers were so afraid that later on, they apologized to Joseph again. Joseph had this kind of answer. This kind of answer will also come to you.

▶Main- Then what did he have in advance?

1.With Me (WITH)
▶This is what Joseph always said. “The Lord is with me…” This is called, “WITH”. This is what he had in advance.
1)Genesis 37:1-10, Worldly Talk, Jacob’s Love, Dream
▶If you read in Genesis 37:1-10, there are important words. There’s a need for you to read this carefully. His brothers were people who continued to talk about worldly things. But Jacob loved Joseph. Joseph talked about his dream. This changes into a tremendous incident.
(1)Genesis 15:13-14 (Beforehand)- What do you need to see here? There’s a Word that was prophesied in Genesis 15:13-14. “Your offspring will be sojourners in a land that is not theirs and will be servants there, and they will be afflicted for four hundred years.” This incident was the fulfillment of God’s Word that was prophesied beforehand.
(2)Genesis 41:1-38 (After)- In Genesis 41:1-38, after, it was the time schedule for Joseph to become the governor. What that means is that God’s Word is the same, before and after. Joseph was inside of that.
2)Genesis 39:2- Slave, Kingdom, Prosperity
▶So there are no excuses (reasons) and no need to even explain. That’s why it was okay for him to even go as a slave. “Because the Lord was with Joseph…” He went as a slave, but there, the kingdom of God came upon him. Because of Joseph, the blessing of prosperity began to arise.
3)Genesis 40:1-23- Prison, Kingdom, Moved People (Political Platform/Springboard)
▶On top of that, as you know, he went to prison. But even there, the kingdom of God came. There, tremendous doors opened and the work of him being able to move people, took place. Here, Joseph was placed on the political platform. That’s right. Joseph had this in advance. This is what’s most needed by our students at RU, RTS, and all seminary students. He didn’t just absurdly say, “God is with me”. Tremendous, historic works of the Word took place.

2.With Us (Immanuel)
▶What did Joseph have? God, who is with us. Immanuel. He is with me, but He is with us and with our church.
1)Genesis 37:1-11
▶Here, you need to look at Genesis 37:1-11 in a new light.
(1)Things of God- “Jacob kept the matter of Joseph’s words, in mind.” So Jacob placed the words that Joseph was holding to, in his heart. The dream isn’t the issue. He placed in his heart, the things of God. This is CVDIP. This is what you need to surely do. He placed the things of God in his heart.
(2)Global Famine- What happens to this? It got connected to a global famine.
(3)World Evangelization- And what happens after this? It gets connected to world evangelization. It’s a tremendous thing, isn’t it? This is what happens when/if you cherish and treasure the things of God.
▶As you study in RTS and RU, you may say that this is hard, that is hard, and all these things. But none of that is important. Many people say that you need to have a good professor, but that’s not how I think. It would be good if there is a great professor. But you can also go a different way because of that. What do our students at RTS need to find? They need to find the things of God. The correct beginning for a pastor, is for the pastor in that neighborhood to raise up a disciple, teach them theology, and ordain them. A random, renown person, who has absolutely nothing to do with you, coming to you to teach you and ordain you? That’s not it. People, who don’t know anything, continue to speak rashly. Our future leaders of RU and RTS need to cherish and treasure the things of God in order for CVDIP to take place. But through the global famine, he did world evangelization. These are very important words.
2)Genesis 39:6
▶So take a look at Genesis 39:6. These are the words of Potiphar.
(1)End (Start)- The things that we consider to be the end? That’s just the start for God. You must always keep this in mind. “It’s over for him because he’s slave.” That was God’s beginning.
(2)Unbeliever- What happens? Unbelievers are moved/inspired. “The Lord is with you.” That’s what he said.
(3)All Things-What did he see? “The Lord is blessing you, in all things.”
3)Genesis 40:23
▶This is how God is with us, but what’s the important mystery here? Because of this, as you well know, he ends up going to prison. He went to prison, but what’s the important thing? It says this official (cupbearer) forgot about Joseph. He should have remembered Joseph, but he forgot about him.
(1)Plan- It was God’s plan. God also works through unbelievers.
(2)Remember- In this way, he should’ve forgotten about him, but when did he remember? When Pharaoh started to have nightmares.
(3)Governor- And then, what happened? This is where God made Joseph the governor. He is the God who is with us.
▶You know the story of St. Patrick, right? He was captured by pirates (raiders) and he was sold as a slave. He was sold to some farm in Ireland. He suffered, almost to the point of death, and he escaped. But after he came back, how did he change? He goes to Ireland as a missionary. In the place where he worked as a shepherd, he builds a place to serve missionaries. In Ireland alone, he raised up 368 churches. God, who is with us. The words are the same, but the incident is a bit different.

3.With All Things (Oneness)
▶What was the third thing he had? God, who is with us, with all things. Isn’t that so? God, who is with us, with everything. This is what we call, “Oneness”.
1)Family Problem- Scar↔Springboard
▶You must remember. Family problems can be one of two things. It can be a scar, or a springboard. For those whose family problems are scars, failure will absolutely come. For those whose family problem has become a springboard, success will absolutely come. Why? Because God has providence over all things.
2)Slave Life- Pain↔Answer
▶He goes as a slave. It’s one of two things. Is it pain? Or is it an answer? Joseph confirmed that it was an answer.
3)Prison Life- Darkness↔Success
▶He goes to prison. Is this darkness or the path of success? Joseph confirms that it’s the path of success. God is One who is with us, with all things.
4)Governor- Arrogance↔Evangelist
▶Joseph became the governor. This is very important. Will he become arrogant or become an evangelist? It’s precisely one of two things. Joseph chose to be an evangelist. Why? Because he had this. This is how much it differs. Whether you have this or not. He had this in advance. The golden opportunity had come. Because he was able to explain this as he sold grain to the whole world.
5)Genesis 45:5- Revenge/Retaliation↔Forgiveness
▶It was when he met his enemies. After becoming the governor. He met his enemies, the ones who really tried to kill Joseph, who ended up selling him. Will he retaliate or forgive? Joseph, rightfully, forgave. He told his brothers, “Do not be distressed, that you sold me. You are not the ones who sold me. God sent me ahead of you.” And then he said something important. “God sent me before you to preserve life.” What is this? This means that he possessed this in advance. This is what’s important. The reason why I’m talking about this, the reason why we’re starting this anew, is because I have the sure covenant regarding what RTS, RU, and remnants need to do.

♠Conclusion- 3 Contents
▶So all our RTS students, make 3 contents.
1)Content of Occupation
▶This applies to all believers. The Gospel movement and my occupation. This is specialty. Make the content regarding this.
2)Offering Content
▶Second. All believers, make the offering content that will save the church. You need to have this content. Why must we save RTS and RU? The other things are not that important. In the future, if strange students graduate from RTS, there is no future for the church. If the proper individuals don’t stem from RU, we can’t save America. Even if it’s just one person, they need to be someone who possesses the things of God. This is the content to save the church.
3)Evangelism Content
▶Next, make the evangelism content that saves the field. This is how it happens.
▶It looks like God is giving you much hardship and many difficulties in your life, but that’s not it. It’s possible that your family line and background may not be that good. If that remains in you as a scar, you won’t be able to do pastoral ministry. That needs to become your springboard. To the weak, a stone may be a stumbling block, but to the strong, it’s a springboard.
So all our family members in the nation must hold on to the covenant and pray for RU and RTS every day.
Because God views it to be important. This may sound strange to you, but what would happen if the Gospel disappeared from the land of America? I’m sure God wouldn’t do it that way. But that’s why you need to pray.
In the future, fine individuals, who are humble, who glorify God, must gather to RTS and arise in order for the church to live.
I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus, that new content and prayer begins for you.

God, we give You thinks. May your grace, that raises our next generation, overflow in all churches. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)