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04.02.2021 – Temple for Eating the Bread of the Presence

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 2nd Service- 09/06/2020
Title: Temple for Eating the Bread of the Presence
Scripture: Leviticus 24:1-9
▶For Leviticus chapter 24, our sermon title is, “Temple for Eating the Bread of the Presence”.
Remnants share some of their concerns and worries during conferences and though I expected, there are many of these. They say that they receive grace and realize what they need to do while hearing the pastor’s sermon, but when they go back home, it really doesn’t work out that way. And it’s not easy to criticize their own parents, so things are hard for them. And one remnant said that their parents make it so hard for them. I’m sure that’s possible. How frustrated was this remnant that they wrote those words? And I also hear from many people who say that it’s easy to just move jobs or workplaces, but it’s not easy to do that with church. This was also expected, but there are couples who say that, no matter how hard they try to live a good walk of life, they don’t match with their spouse so it’s difficult. Last week as well, a remnant sent me a letter, and they talked about how they’re always saying the right thing, but they’re constantly being told that they’re wrong. When I read the content of the letter, it really was serious. The remnant said that things are difficult because of this and that, but when they go to the pastors to receive counseling, they all tell this remnant that he/she is wrong. I read the letter and everything, but because he/she didn’t write their phone number, I couldn’t do anything to help so I’m just praying.
Most believers, no matter how much they hear God’s Word, don’t change and don’t apply the Word.
It’s easy for our pastors or committed workers to fall into these conflicts.
Today’s passage is being said to the priests and their sons.

▶Introduction- You must keep this in your heart.
1)Incurable Disease (Genesis Ch. 3)
▶The reason is because these are diseases that cannot be cured. Because this already started in Genesis chapter 3, you have to consider them incurable.
2)Spiritual Problem (Scar, Slavery)
▶And it’s even more so because they were spiritual problems. “Does that mean God cannot cure them either?” It’s possible for someone to ask that question. But what I’m saying is, don’t think about trying to change them.
3)Wilderness (Field)
▶On top of that, they’re in environment of the wilderness. The Israelites were actually lost in Genesis chapter 3, but they also had these scars of the past and scars that they received when they were slaves. And because they’re trying to pass through this difficult wilderness, the field is extremely hard for them. This is what I mean. It’s not that God cannot heal/cure them.

▶Main- Fulfillment
Today, there’s something that our pastors, committed workers, and elders must remember. The issue isn’t about curing or not curing. God is absolutely bound to fulfill His work. This is what’s important. God fulfills His work, so you must absolutely be within these 3 things.

1.Proper Worship→ Tabernacle, Tent of Meeting, Tent
▶It’s proper worship. In order to talk about worship, we must see 3 things.
1)Tabernacle (24 Hours) 2)Tent of Meeting (Word) 3)Tent (25 Hours)
▶Why is it the tabernacle, tent of meeting, and the tents? We already talked about this during the U.S. College Retreat, but the tabernacle is a place where the lights are always on. And the tabernacle is the place where this bread of life is always present. This is the place where many believers gather during worship or during the feasts. They gather here, take the covenant, return back to their tents, and once again live their prayer lives. Through this, all of God’s will is fulfilled.
▶While doing the evangelism movement, I didn’t touch the people who made things difficult for me. But 2 things resulted. The most important thing is, God’s Word was fulfilled. I’m not really sure what happened to those who people who attacked me. I’m not really sure, but whenever I confirm, most of them are living the way they used to in the past, in failure. I’m not saying that’s a good thing, but those are the results. Committed workers all over the world, no matter what happens, don’t look at this, but be inside of what God fulfills. These may seem like just simple words, but they’re very important words. God is with the many people who are praying in the tabernacle, within the ①blessing of 24. God is blessing the church, 24 hours a day. Then when you gather in the tent of meeting, God gives His ②Word. How important is this? The more important thing is, you take this to your tent and make it into ③25. Because God is working right now, don’t worry at all about these things (introduction). “What do we do about this?” God will be the One to take care of this. In a sense, it’s not about giving up. You need to consider it incurable. But those people are not even able to realize their own spiritual problems.

2.Through Life→ Light, Bread (Success in Worship)
▶And what is the very important second point? We’re not just giving worship, but God connects and moves everything to the life movement, to life. There are 2 things that came out here.
▶The light is mentioned. What kind of light?
(1)Lamp- In verse 2, He mentions the lamp.
(2)Outdoor Life- And He said, “Light the lamps outside as well”. Verse 3. Simply put, they’re “outdoor lamps”.
(3)Always- He tells them to keep the lamps burning regularly. That’s the Word of today’s passage. Servants of the Lord, do not be shaken because of other people. You are the people who will receive the most answers during worship and you are the people who will save people through the life that arises within that worship.
▶Bread is also mentioned. This is the bread of life. If you look here, it’s the bread of life, but what else does it say?
(1)Israel- That this shall be an eternal covenant forever for the Israelites as well as their generations.
(2)Generations (Children)
(3)Eternal Covenant- Let it be an eternal covenant for the generations to come. This how God gave His Word.
▶It’s the same for the elders. Don’t look at other people. If you’re inside of this, you will absolutely triumph. Experience this at least once this week. Because everyone has become like this (introduction), we are not the ones to determine whether this can be fixed/cured or not. This is not the work that we are able to do ourselves. So all the servants of the Lord and the people of God must have success in worship. “How can I have success in worship?” The worship we give today has a connection to tomorrow. The works of the Holy Spirit that are with us today can block the curses that will draw near tomorrow. The work of God’s kingdom that comes upon us today can changes the things of the world tomorrow. This is worship, this is life. What kind of life? It’s literally the light, the bread.

3.Lasting Ordinance
▶If you go out with this covenant, this will absolutely come out. Verse 9. The lasting ordinance of God. Do you know what this means?
▶“The bread shall be given to the priest.”
▶At a quick glance, you might misunderstand these words, but it also says, “Give it to the priest’s sons as well”. If this doesn’t mention the lasting ordinance, we could misunderstand.
3)People (1 Peter 2:9)
▶All of God’s people are Levites. This is the eternal covenant. In the end, after Christ completes it all, God makes all His people, priests. This is a very important doctrine in the Bible.
▶So laypeople may not be very aware, that’s the difference between us and the Catholic Church. There are many differences. The answer to, “Who is wrong?”, comes out very quickly, but in the Catholic Church, they say that believers don’t have the blessing of the priest (priesthood) yet. So their logic is that your sins are forgiven if you tell the priest and the priest prays in your stead. The average person doesn’t know. But these are tremendous words. Even people who have been Catholic for 4 generations don’t know. They don’t know what it means. One day, I had this chance to talk to a priest and I asked him about this. More than you can imagine, he was as confused as a child in elementary school. When I asked, “Didn’t we receive the forgiveness for our sins through Christ’s blood on the cross? If we realize that sin and repent before God, don’t we give thanks and pray?”, he said, “Yeah”. So I asked, “Then why do people have to say all that to the priest?”. And when I asked that question, this person was flustered as if he wasn’t a priest. So I was so shocked. Then, he said it’s more like counseling. So I asked, “What kind of counseling is that? That’s not what this is about. This is a very important thing. The day Christ died on the cross, the curtain was completely torn. The Old Testament was completely fulfilled and completed. Everyone can boldly go into the Most Holy Place (Holy of Holies). As important as the Lord’s servants are, the same blessings are given to the Lord’s people.” This is the Gospel. It’s quite unfortunate.
▶And Peter already said this. 1 Peter 2:9. The many blessings that you have received… Why do I continue to talk about this? As I read Leviticus, worship is continuously mentioned and so many answers came to me. It couldn’t work with the people who were going through the wilderness, but God’s word was fulfilled. If that is so, we enter into that. Isn’t that so? There are many people who, to the end, could not make it into the land of Canaan. But God’s Word was fulfilled. So those who were inside of that did go into Canaan. There’s so much for us to learn through worship. Even today, we saw important words regarding the Feast of Booths. If you just hold on to this, the works of God, through which you can prevail, will take place. This is the lasting ordinance.

♠Conclusion- Absoluteness
▶God’s absoluteness. This word doesn’t mean that it disappears, then appears again. The lasting ordinance refers to God’s absoluteness.
1)Absolute Sovereignty
▶So if you just ponder about this just a little bit, starting now, many answers will come. “Why did these things happen to me?” There are times when you ask this question, right? There are tremendous blessings within that. It’s God’s absolute sovereignty. “Of all people, why did I become ill?” There are many people who ask this question. It’s because God has called you into His absolute sovereignty, with the important things.
2)Absolute Plan
▶You can always ask this. God’s absolute plan. Starting now, do this in all things.
3)Absolute Covenant
▶If you do this, though they may seem like any other word, you’ll see the Word you must hold on to. That’s what’s called, “absolute covenant”.
4)Absolute Journey
▶If you hold on to the Word of God’s absolute covenant, in actuality, you see the way/path. It’s the absolute journey.
5)Absolute Goal
▶No matter what happens, you cannot be shaken. Even if hardships come, it’s okay. Why? Because you are one who knows God’s absolute goal.
▶Just decide in this way. There’s nothing to be hasty about. Just do it this way. The people I fear most, not that I’m actually scared, but the people who worry me most are the impatient, hasty people. Those who are quick-tempered absolutely will make a big mistake. And while in the midst of that, it’s easy for them to lose hold of this part (5 points in conclusion). Then they’ve lost hold of everything, no?
There’s no reason for you to be hasty. Isn’t that so? Those of you inside God’s absolute sovereignty. If you just ask the question, “What is God’s absolute plan?”, you’ll be able to see the Word. Don’t think that it’s hard, but this is the covenant that God has given to you. If you just hold on to that absolute covenant, you’ll see the way/path. Then you go on the absolute journey. What’s the most important point regarding God’s absolute sovereignty? Starting in the precise place where you are. Many people start with hot air or misconceptions, but just start exactly from where you are.
▶I’ve seen many believers who received God’s answers in this way.
I’ve said this before, didn’t I? The person who went to work in a bank as a driver, but ended up becoming the branch manager. That person didn’t learn much, but they did it exactly this way. It’s amazing. I say this to the remnants often. Wanamaker, who was born into a poor family and had no choice but to go in as just a clerk. He put exactly this into practice, in this way. There’s nothing to worry about. Especially the remnants, you have nothing to worry about. Schwab, who went in as a cleaner, who ended up becoming the owner. I always talk about him. And people like Muller who saved so many orphans during the time of war. If you look at these people, they were not hasty. They held precisely to the covenant. Something interesting there was one of Muller’s prayers. Because he had gathered all these orphans together, there was nothing to eat the next day. He needed to feed them something, but there was nothing he could give. Because it was during the time of war, that kind of situation wouldn’t be rare. So he prayed to God. “God, our children have nothing to eat tomorrow. God, please provide. What would happen if those orphans starve to death? God, I surely prayed to you. I believe you’ll provide.” This is child-like faith, isn’t it? But the next day, someone came over with money. And they brought a month’s worth of food. And he wrote all these testimonies. But if you read this person’s words, you get the sense that he’s a bit too simple-minded, but he was inside of this (conclusion). So no matter how much despair they’re facing, people who receive prayer answers do all this (conclusion).
▶When I started the evangelism movement in Yeongdo, we really weren’t doing anything strange or suspicious. But someone framed us. It was done by someone who didn’t have much of a presence, someone who was just there next to us. So at first, I was a bit taken aback. “Why are they doing this?” At first, I was so angry, I reported them. But he came begging for forgiveness. And they were able to find all this person’s wrongdoings according to the law. I’m nots sure why I did this either, but back then I just dropped all the charges. But after I dropped the charges, they latched on again and continued to attack. That’s when I changed the way I thought. “Ah, God is doing this. It’s not that God is unaware of this. God is calling people away every day, but He hasn’t called that person away yet.” Isn’t that so? “God calls people away in various ways, but this is within God’s tremendous sovereignty.” So I was able to see all this in sequence. I was able to see God’s plan and one by one, I followed the answer of the evangelism movement.
▶Even now, this coronavirus is giving us many hardships, but it’s also an opportunity that allows us to realize many things. After this is over, many, great evangelism movements will arise from here (new church building). No matter what the circumstance, there’s no need for you to be shaken because of people. Because people have no choice but to be this way, God gave this blessing (lecture content). All of you in the nation and the world, those who are facing hardships, this may seem like nothing, but just think about this Word for 5 minutes. The answer that determines the course of your life will come. Inside of God’s Word, that pain, those short things, will change into answers that determine your life. May you have this answer this week. Those who are really full of worries and concerns, the greatest answer of your life will be given to you this week. Let us pray.

God, thank You. Today, people are giving worship online throughout the nation and the world. May today be the time for us to hold to Your Word. May today be the time for us to be successful in worship. Let today be the time for us to eat the light and bread of life. May today be the day for us to see this lasting ordinance. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)