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04.01.2021 – Temple for the Feast of Booths

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 1st Service- 09/06/2020
Title: Temple for the Feast of Booths
Scripture: Leviticus 23:33-44

▶If you were told that your family line will be saved through you, one person, you’d say, “Amen”. But you don’t know the actual method.
In the Bible, that’s what it actually says, but we don’t really know. If you know this fact, you, one person, can save your workplace and your field. If that is so, we must firmly hold to the covenant. The people of faith in the Bible were all like that. Wherever the 7 remnants went, wherever Joseph went, they were able to save everyone. But we don’t really know that method. Even though we have faith, we’re not really aware. You need to find this today. It’s a rightful thing that God wants to save our family line through us, but we’re not able to do it well. God is saving the church through you, one church officer. You do find it believable, right? But this isn’t really taking place. Among many things, there are many things that you can know or don’t have to know. But there are also things that you must know.
▶That was seen in today’s passage. The title is, “Feast of Booths”.
You think that it’s just one of the 3 feasts.
But that’s actually not it. The content that you must know is contained here. The blessing by which you can receive answers and save your family line is inside this.
What would happen if you don’t know this? The age of disaster comes. The age of disaster was something that existed from the past. That’s why were there were more than 12,000 wars and battles. There were 2 great wars in which powerful nations fought against each other. Even in the Bible, it looks like the 7 powerful nations were strong, but they brought everything into disasters.
In the end, the formidable nation of Egypt. Is it a blessed nation right know? Back then, Babylon was tremendous. But what about now? They’ve been destroyed. It’s present-day Iraq. The tremendous Persia. It was a tremendous nation in the Bible. But they were destroyed. What nation is it today? It’s Iran. These kinds of things that don’t make sense, took place on earth. Because people don’t know, this disaster continues to fall.
If the church doesn’t know this, there will be great trouble.
▶If you truly know this, the answers of God will begin, starting today.
That’s the feast of booths. But people misunderstand it.
Because they didn’t know this mystery, after the Middle Ages, great wars began to arise. Even before the Middle Ages, one powerful nation would arise and bring forth disasters. After the Middle Ages, powerful nations, from several places, fought against each other. That’s what we call, “World War 1” and “World War 2”. What about now? The disaster of this contagious disease has spread all over the world. The contagious diseases will become so serious to the point where people worry, “Will we even be able to gather together?”. There are many records like this in the Bible. It says that it’s a disaster. Because people are unable to overcome this kind of disaster, their families and everything else are falling apart.
▶Today, you must accurately hold on to the covenant.
What is the feast of booths? Simply speaking, it’s a feast of harvest. A feast of harvest. In other words, the feast of ingathering. But they misunderstood this. It is the day when you collect the harvest and offer it. But it’s not just that. If you know it that way, you won’t be able to receive answers no matter how much you give worship.
Is the Passover a feast? Because that’s how you know it, there are no answers. The Passover is salvation, escaping from the force of darkness and Satan.
Because people just think the Pentecost and the Feast of Weeks is just a day to offer the fruit that’s been harvested. That’s why problems come. That day is actually a tremendous day of the filling of the Holy Spirit.
The words, “Feast of Booths” and “Feast of Harvest”, are tremendous words. Simply speaking, what’s it about? It’s about the background of heaven. It’s referring to the mystery of heaven. People misunderstand here again. “Even if we suffer, if we live a diligent walk of faith and have good faith, we’re going to go to heaven”. This is how they understand it. That’s not it. During your lifetime, the works pertaining to God’s kingdom take place. While you live, the works of Satan are destroyed. It’s that mystery. Isn’t this a tremendous thing? The day we leave this earth, we go to the eternal throne.
▶So if you’re not understanding this correctly, you don’t even have a reason to give worship. People understand it this way. “Those who don’t believe in Jesus, those who do wrong, will go to hell.” That’s true, but it’s not right. Those who don’t know Christ must run the errands of Satan. Those who don’t know Christ don’t know why disasters come even when they come. If you don’t know the word, “Christ”, you don’t know what Satan is and you don’t know what hell is. That life itself is hell. Then after, rightfully, they end up going to eternal hell. This Feast of Booths is very important. Why did Israel perish? They perished while just keeping the feast of the Feast of Booths.
▶If that is so, the tabernacle, tent of meeting, and tents are tremendous things.
Today, during this time, all you need to do is hold to that covenant. Accurately, what is the tabernacle? The place where the priests keep the light on for 24/7 is the tabernacle.
Why do they call the same tabernacle, the “tent of meeting”? It’s because you gather together into that answer. Taking that answer and enjoying it exactly that way is the “tent”.
This “booths” means that they had a special meeting. To keep this Feast of Booths means, “Specially enjoy this blessing”.
We always do need to receive forgiveness, but what is the Day of Atonement? It’s the day when God says, “Let them all free and forgive all”. It’s the tremendous Word of God’s covenant. Holding on to this covenant today, you can just start anew today.
▶I held on to this covenant 40 years ago. And although I am lacking, I thought that I could save the church because I had the Gospel. That’s right, isn’t that so?
I thought, “Although I am lacking, because I have the Gospel, I can save the world”.
How? You just need to enjoy God’s kingdom. That’s the Feast of Booths. Enjoying the kingdom of God in concentration. That’s the Feast of Booths. Enjoying God’s kingdom always. That’s our background.
▶If that is so, there’s something for us to confirm.
We’ll come to know that we don’t have power. Isn’t that so? “I have the mission to do world evangelization, but I don’t have the power to do it. I need to save the church, but I don’t have that kind of strength.” You need to honestly admit and accept it. Isn’t that so? “I don’t have the money to do world evangelization. I don’t have that kind of ability.” You need to honestly acknowledge it.
So, what? You enter into the limitless world. That’s God’s the kingdom of God. That’s today’s worship. It’s a tremendous thing.
In the future, in the last days, worship will disappear. So you really must pray. Would Pharaoh know this? Moses told him that they need to go out and worship, but do you think he would understand those words? Would scientists would understand? Would politicians understand the words, “We need to give worship”? The blood sacrifice. Not only did he not understand, he said, “Don’t say such nonsense”. The king, Pharaoh, of that formidable and powerful nation said, “Don’t say such nonsense”. That’s why Egypt perished. They didn’t know.
But you must know. So disasters coming all over the world? The church needs to be responsible. Why did they become slaves of Egypt? This is the responsibility of the church, is it not? If they had taught this, Egypt evangelization would have taken place. Because they didn’t evangelize in Egypt, God took them there to do Egypt evangelization. That was slavery. He had to allow them to suffer in the wilderness. Because only then would they realize. This is all the responsibility of the church.
▶You need to know how important you are. You need to make this resolution today. “I will stand as a small person who brings about the works of God’s kingdom.” Then you’re not a small person. The 7 remnants held to this.

▶Main- Then today, we must confirm how we can simply hold on to this.
In the Bible today, it says, “Teach this for generations”. Isn’t that so? We just need to know this work right now, and later on, it won’t have anything to do with us. But in verse 43, He said, “Let your generations know”. Let them know what?

1.Mystery of Healing→ Change the Imprint, Root, and Nature!
▶First. What is the first point regarding the work of God’s kingdom? It’s the mystery of healing. Healing what? Healing what has been imprinted. It’s absolute. If you don’t heal what’s been imprinted, you’ll never change.
▶In healing what has been imprinted, it’s mentioned in verse 37 of today’s scripture. It mentions, “burnt offerings and sacrifices”. The blood of the covenant of the Passover…
You must heal what has been rooted. In verse 36 today, it says, “food offering” (burnt offering). It’s the Pentecost.
What completely changes our nature? The kingdom of God coming upon us. The Feast of Ingathering.
▶These 3 things are all mentioned. All 3 feasts were mentioned, actually.
So look what it says in verse 38 today. It mentions the word “besides” a lot. “Besides your gifts… Besides your all your offerings…” And what else does it say? It continues to mention the word, “Besides”. And what else did He say? “These are the offerings that you are giving. All other offerings are not needed.”
You’re holding on to this covenant and offering/giving. Answers will absolutely come.
▶Why? There is much evidence in the Bible.
I too, am a small witness. I’m not qualified to teach you, but I’m just standing as a witness. I cannot dare to spread the Word before the world. I’m just standing as a witness. I don’t have the kind of personality/character to be able to teach our generations. But I’m standing as a witness. I’m so sure of this. God is saying, “Completely heal yourself with this covenant, the works of God’s kingdom”.