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03.31.2021 – Joseph Who Saw in Advance

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Message: Core Training Message- 09/04/2020
Title: Answer of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (35)- Joseph Who Saw in Advance
Scripture: Genesis 37:11

▶For the time being, I’m going to be giving the WRC messages, that need to be imprinted in the remnants. Not only for the remnants, bust we need ourselves need this as well. So this week’s core message is, “Joseph Who Saw in Advance”. In a way, we can say that Joseph had very good faith, but because he saw in advance, his faith was good. There are a few things that you must keep in mind here. You must keep this in mind.
1)Worst Time (Slavery)→ In Advance (Work)
▶He saw, during the worse time. It’s the Vision he saw at this time. If that is so, these words are very important. That means that during your worst time, you’re able to see the important things. In actuality, it was like that for all 7 remnants. Being able to see the best things in the worst time. These words might sound difficult, but rather than it being easy or difficult, I was just forced into that kind of situation. What I had the most was poverty and powerlessness. What I didn’t have was evangelism. These 3 things were the most difficult for me. Being poor? That wasn’t something I could do anything about when I was young. Honestly, there wasn’t much I was good at and I didn’t have any capabilities. So rightfully, when I didn’t have faith, evangelism had nothing to do with me. And when I did have faith, evangelism was hard. I believe that many of our believers have that.
▶If that is so, it’s a good opportunity for us. This Joseph saw the important things at that time. Even though Joseph did have that dream, he probably wasn’t thinking, “I’m going to go to Egypt”. Isn’t that so? The sheaves bowing down to him, the moon and stars bowing down to him… That was all pointing to world evangelization. The sun bowing down to him? That was all world evangelization, but he probably didn’t think, “I’m going to go to Egypt”. But when did he gain assurance? When did he say, “This is it”? It was during the time of slavery. So these things are very important. It’s something we could lose hold of if we’re not careful. Joseph had these dreams and his brothers were jealous of him so he wasn’t in a good place. But when he faced death and went as a slave, what he saw was Egypt. He saw in advance. During the worst time.
(1)7 Remnants- Almost all the 7 remnants were like that. Almost all of the 7 remnants saw God’s things in advance during the worst time. If that is so, you and I can hold on to this even now. Even though you may not say anything, there may be worries and hardships that you have right now. Or perhaps you may feel inadequate. But that becomes the time schedule for really holding on to the important covenant.
▶After realizing the Gospel and doing the evangelism movement, this is what I thought. “I will not be poor for the rest of my life. Why? Because I am an evangelist, a child of God. That has nothing to do with money.” I held on to that in advance. So when I see pastors and the Lord’s servants causing accidents because of money, I can’t understand. Why? Because I’m not interested in that at all. Think about it. When Rev. Chung and I go to a conference, are they not going to feed us or house us? Why do I need to worry about money? When I go to church, am I the one who pays the money? In worldly terms, the elders are the ones who devote and work. Why do I need to be worrying about money there? That’s a strange pastor. And when I thought about it that way, finances really came to me. So I was able to see world evangelization in advance. All 7 remnants were like that.
(2)Believer- So when the believers are facing hardships, it’s the time schedule that you can show the most.
(3)Yourself (Church)- And the most difficult thing is yourself and the church. God gave this same answer to our pastors first. They saw in advance.
2)Accurate Covenant (Fulfillment)
▶So at this time, the second thing is what’s important. It’s okay even if it’s a bit late for the pastors or laypeople. If you have the accurate covenant, you will unconditionally triumph. Enjoy the blessing of seeing in advance during your most difficult time. To see in advance means that you’ve seen the important work. Then you’ll find your accurate covenant. If it is the accurate covenant, it will absolutely be fulfilled. Even though he went as a slave, it was fulfilled. So holding on to the accurate covenant is very important.
3)Reality (Life)- People, Work, Finances (Money)
▶The more important thing is number 3. Remnants must hold on to this and this is what we must teach. Answers are prepared at this time (reality), but many people lose hold of this again. So when we are facing our present reality, we usually lose hold of this because of ①people. Because of our ②work. Most times, because of our ③finances. You don’t have to use a renown term like “finances”. Simply speaking, because of money. We all crumble because of things like this. These are the 3 great points by which we can receive answers.
▶Right now, almost half of the churches, including our Darakbang, are suffering because of their state of dependency. I’m not sure if you’re listening to the messages, but if you are, right now is the best time for you. What do I mean? It’s the best time to see in advance, what God is going to do. I’m telling you this several times. Why? Because it’s the time for you to hold on to something very accurate. Honestly, I studied English ever since I was young. To the point where everyone in my school acknowledged that I was very good in English. While studying in seminary, I thought next about studying overseas in America, but that door did not open for me. It wasn’t about faith. If it was, I would’ve been able to go, but putting that aside, I wasn’t able to go and it was an impossible situation. But there, I saw these tremendous things in advance. “Money is not what you need to right now. I don’t need money. A lot of people are studying overseas right now. Do you have to go as well?” That’s why there’s something I really say in advance back then. That, as you well know, is field evangelism.

▶Content→ Lifelong Answer
I saw the content of field evangelism. That’s what I said to the U.S. college remnants. Find the content. It’s not going to work with just a dream. Yes, dreams are good and they will come true, but if you dream a contentless dream, that’s what’s going to be come true. For me, it was my gold opportunity. I really wonder how God led that way. God did it. My character is not one that really goes out like that, but I found myself going. I had no choice but to go because when I was in college, there was a hospital right next to my school. To be more accurate, I had heard that someone I knew was hospitalized there and I went. I was surprised when I went. When I went, people really liked that. There was a separate ward for cancer patients and they really liked the visits. Everyone wanted to hear. But I didn’t have the time. Sometimes, I would go in between classes. With that burning heart, I took my friend with me, but he didn’t like it. Because I’d take him during the breaks, whenever there was one, he’d just disappear. And that’s understandable. They’ve got feel it in their heart, to want to go and evangelize. It’s not going to work by them being dragged by me there. But in that way, the doors continued to open.
▶How could I do all that? Going into the factories and the schools… But this was made (content). You must teach the remnants. This comes as a lifelong answer. The reason is because it all gets connected. Because you hold on to the accurate covenant, the Word continues to be fulfilled. With this, you give the sermon and with this, you go out to evangelize. But the issue is number 3. We’ve got our present reality. We’ve got our difficult present reality. We’ve got a lot of that. So this is the conclusion that I came to. “I will do life-saving things. Even when I go to the field, I will save lives. I will save people. Save the things that are incorrect. Save the things that have been ruined.” That’s what came to be as a covenant.
▶So that piece of land in Yeongdo that doesn’t seem to match at all, that continues to break my heart. My secretaries keep telling me that it’s not the right land, but my heart continues to go back there. We’ve got one last opportunity left ahead of us. If the person who received the auction isn’t able to fulfill it, then it comes to us. Ultimately, I don’t think we’ll be able to get it, but it continues to remain in my heart. It continues to remain in my heart to the point where others don’t understand it. I’m not saying that this is about my character or personality. This is the grace that I received. This is the grace that I’ve always received. “The worst time is the best time. If I just correctly hold to God’s covenant, God is the One who fulfills it. Every field that I go to? I’m not going to correct it, but to save.” Yes, we do need to do things correctly, but more importantly, we need to save them.
▶That’s how I’ve come for the past 30 years. And along the way, there were many frustrating people. I saved those should have just been left to die. I saved those who did bad things. I saved those who did wrong. I would say, “What you did wrong, you did wrong. But you are you and I am me. And we’ve got today in front of us. And what we have ahead of us is tomorrow.” “But if we try to interpret everything with what you did in the past, either God’s going to take you or me.” Looking back, I found out that believers found this to be the most difficult. So even the elders have so much to say. Even when you go to churches, assistant pastors are squabbling over things that aren’t even problems at all. But for those who see in advance, nothing is a problem. The problem is that you have not seen in advance. For those who see in advance, nobody can be a problem to them. For those who see in advance, no matter what comes in front of them, it’s not a problem. Those who see in advance only see the covenant being fulfilled. Why? Because they’ve seen. You must grab hold of this answer.

▶Main- What did this Joseph see?

1.God’s Absolute Sovereignty (Genesis 37:1-11)
▶He saw God’s absolute sovereignty. We just need to see this too. Because God’s absolute sovereignty does not change. I was born when the Korean War happened, within God’s absolute sovereignty. Why do am I Korean? That’s God’s absolute sovereignty. When will we all go to heaven? That’s God’s absolute sovereignty. There’s nothing we can do about that. No matter how much of a fool you are, you’ll know at least that. When do we go? That’s in God’s hands.
In the midst of that, Joseph held to this.
1)World Evangelization
▶He knew that world evangelization is within God’s absolute sovereignty.
2)Reason for Suffering
▶So he knew the reason for his suffering and his slavery. Then he’s thankful. Because he saw in advance, he knew the reason for suffering.
3)Reason Why He Became a Slave
▶Because he saw in advance, he knew the reason why became a slave. So I’ve held on to the covenant of where our organization is headed in the future, in advance. So various hardships will come, but they’re not problems because I know the reason. Within the many blessings that God has given to us, this is how we need to begin.

2.What Nobody Can Give (Nothing)
▶What is it? The second thing our eyes must open to see. We’re not just blindly doing this. Begin the work in the church, that nobody wants to do. When the church is about to start, begin and challenge towards Nothing. This is Joseph who saw in advance.
1)Genesis 37:1-11
▶You already know the scripture passage. He saw what his brothers could not see.
2)Genesis 39:1-6
▶So then he was taken as a slave. This is Nothing. He was sent to rock bottom, where there was nothing. It’s okay. This is the way of success. Pastors and members of dependent churches, don’t be discouraged at all. If you utilize that field well, the greatest answer comes.
3)Genesis 40:1-23
▶And where did he go? He went to prison. He went to a place where there was even less. Because he had something else.
4)Genesis 41:1-38
▶Finally, God raises him up before the king. That’s what happens. Among the Jews, he was probably the first to stand before a king. And I’m sure it won’t happen again in the future. He stood before that king and gave the answer that nobody else could give.
▶If you just know these 3 things, that’s what happens. Believers must know these 3 things (introduction). In your worst situation, the best things are hidden. So hold to that as your content. Think about it. People were poor, and the church wasn’t able to evangelize. Does that make sense? I found the content there. So no matter how much of a fool I am, I was able to see the Word. Because this was sure. Then if you just follow the accurate covenant, you can wait. Because it’s bound to be fulfilled. Because you already have and have seen everything, you’re able to save.

3.Saving Everybody (Everything)
▶This is called, “Everything”. This begins from Nothing. This is what it means to see in advance.
1)Potiphar’s Wife
▶Who did he save first? Potiphar and his wife. He (Joseph) became a governor, but it didn’t take that long. A bit over a decade. So these people (Potiphar and his wife) were probably not dead yet. We can’t know for sure, but the time he was in prison was not that long. A little over a decade. But they probably didn’t imagine that Joseph would become governor. Then Potiphar’s wife, who threw Joseph in prison, was most certainly alive. What do you think she felt? No matter where you look in the Bible or historical records, there’s nothing Joseph did to Potiphar’s wife.
2)Chief Officials
▶When he went to prison, he saved the chief officials. This isn’t just something that you’re familiar with. This is the answer you must receive. When you read the Bible and just think, “The pastor is giving his sermon”, you’ll really fail. When you’re listening to the sermon, you need to think, “God is blessing me. Through that pastor. Through that messenger. Through that courier, God is giving me the letters of heaven.” So this is not something that we just think we know. We don’t know. This is what God wants to bless you with. Don’t fear having nothing. It’s through this way that God is trying to save you. So he saved everyone.
3)King and Egypt
▶Finally, he stood before the king and did he save just the king? He saved Egypt as well.
▶Because he saved the king and the Egypt, what happened naturally? He saved the world. He spread the Gospel while selling grain all over the world.
▶And finally, lastly, his family.
▶Even now, I wonder. How Jacob thought regarding the status of Joseph, “Is he alive or dead?”. Why? Because it says that he “kept the matter in mind”. When Joseph survived and became governor, Jacob heard the news. I wonder what Jacob thought at that time. I’m curious about many things. But the amazing thing is that this Jacob was a little bit different. When Joseph spoke about his dreams, it says that “Jacob kept the matter in mind”. And then he comes to Egypt. If you read what he said to the king when he went down to Egypt, it’s amazing. He should have knelt because he was standing before the king of Egypt. But rather, he placed his hand on the head of Pharaoh and prayed for him. He really is something else. That means that he knew his identity as well as the covenant. And there was no reason for him to feel oppressed because his son had become governor and invited him. This one person, Joseph, saved everyone. This is the covenant that you must hold on to, that our remnants must hold on to.

▶So help them come to this conclusion.
1)Begin from Nothing and Your Weaknesses
▶Begin from Nothing. It’s good to begin without anything. “Begin with from your weaknesses.” We learn in the world that we have to have things and be strong. It’s right, but it’s wrong. You need to begin from nothing. Begin from your greatest weakness. These words are important because you need to start from your weaknesses. Don’t be full of hot air. Most people who do business start full of hot air, but you mustn’t do that. You need to begin in the greatest place of weakness, accurately. I really request this of our remnants.
2)Today- Trinity (Worship)
▶The second very important thing that our remnants need to remember. Whether you did well in your studies or not, the things that have passed are of the past. And we have predictions about the future. But they haven’t come yet. But there are some people who worry about their academics and their future. It’s today. Today’s filling of the Holy Spirit changes the future. Today’s power of the Triune god changes the curses. You must remember that. God’s kingdom coming today? That changes our fate. That’s why the worship we give on the Lord’s Day is so important. Those who have experienced probably know. The works that take place during worship really changes tomorrow’s fate. So it’s okay to start from nothing because these blessings are here.
3)Empty Places
▶The last thing you must remember. The empty places. Don’t compete for the incorrect things with wicked people. Target the empty places. Then you’re able to see that all the paths Joseph took were these. I’ve summarized the entire story of Joseph. Look at Joseph. During the most difficult time, he had the most important content. How did he guard that during his hardship? He followed the accurate Word. That’s all you need to do. Joseph did that. And what else? Who could have been more aggrieved than Joseph? But he saved people. He saved everyone without killing a single person. Why? He was the evangelist who would be used within God’s absolute sovereignty. God has called you to do the work that nobody else can make or do. The reason for that? To save everyone. It’s very important. So remnants, always place what we talked about during this year’s WRC in your minds and always enjoy it.
▶Let’s come to the close of our words. Then answers will be before you. Then you’ll be in the seat of success. One day. The many disasters, curses, persecutions, and problems that come to us will be bound. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon all the remnants of the world, be upon all our college ministers in America, especially upon God’s people who are taking part in the Core worship, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)