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03.30.2021 – The Ministry That Must Not Be Lost

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Message: Business and Industry Missions Message, Suicide Prevention Professionals- 09/04/2020
Title: OMC & The Actualization of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (35)- The Ministry That Must Not Be Lost
Scripture: Acts 13:5-12

▶This week’s message is for our suicide prevention professionals. It’s a meeting for our suicide prevention professionals.
Here, there is a ministry that must not be lost. I’m sure it’s something you know well, and perhaps, it’s something that only you know. We need to know other things regarding suicide.
▶There weren’t any among my family or relatives, but while living my life, I have seen people commit suicide. One of our close neighbors was someone who worked in hard labor and he had problems with his feet, which ended up traveling up his body. But the way I saw it, his wife was a problem. Every day, she would say things to him, that would hurt his pride. One day, that man committed suicide. When hearing about suicide, it’s different when it’s someone we know/are close with. I couldn’t sleep for about 3 days. I remember experiencing that.
▶And another time, there was this kind friend in our village. He wasn’t exactly a friend, he was a few years younger than me, but he was a very kind person. He was from a very good home. But he committed suicide. So all the adults in the neighborhood were surprised. And another shocking case was this one friend who was very close to me. He came from a very good home and rather than being close to me, he was closer to Rev. Cho Eun-taek. He was a good dancer. So simply put, he was just going around having fun. But he was a very good kid. Perhaps his family environment wasn’t too great, because he was always running away from home. One day, I heard that he had died. So I’ve experienced those feelings before. The other cases of suicide we hear about are the celebrity ones, but it feels a bit different when someone we’re close to commits suicide.
▶Introduction- Why did those kind people die?
1)Hidden Spiritual Problem
▶Because you know… Because of their hidden spiritual problems. You might say that a kind friend committed suicide and those words are right, but they’re not. They had tremendously difficult spiritual problems. This is what we need to help them with. If we can’t help them with this, you’re of no help whatsoever to that person.
2)Satan’s Deception
▶Ultimately, these people were caught by Satan’s deception. That’s why they commit suicide.
3)Family Problems Afterwards
▶What’s more important are the problems that come to the family afterwards. This gives a lot of influence. So knowing that, you need to run your ministry for suicide prevention.
▶Other places won’t be able to address these 3 things. At the very least, hospitals won’t be able to address this, but this is the most important. Because their spiritual problems manifest in many ways such as, mental problems or depression, people don’t really know about it. But these days, because things have advanced a lot, when police are investigating something, they check to see if that person had/has a mental illness or not. In the past, they didn’t even know about those things.
▶When you help them, what must you do?
These people have a trait. They’re impatient. They can’t be patient. So it’s a situation where they have no choice but to be impulsive. So if you look at people who have a pretty serious physical or mental problem, they’re not able to endure anything. Medically speaking, they’re nerves are a bit weak, to endure or withstand anything. Medically speaking, people have the ability to manage their anger, but for these people, they’re a bit weak with that. Even though they don’t want to get angry, they do because they can’t manage or control it. There are many people who kill others or themselves because of that.

▶Main- So the trait of all these people is that they’re impatient. Just let them know one thing.

1.Healing What’s Been There for a Long Time
▶It’s been that way for a long time. If you know that it’s been there for a long time, you’re able to heal this. If you know this, healing takes place quicker. Why? Because then, you don’t have to be impatient. Because it’s been that way for a long time. You don’t have to say, “It’s because of this person”. If you just help them to understand those words, that it’s been that way for a long time, no matter how hard things are mentally, many things will change. And a lot of times, people lie. “I went crazy while going to that church.” That person was already crazy. If you know it’s been that way for a long time, you know that you don’t have to be impatient or hasty in healing them. Then it takes place even more quickly.
1)Imprint (Acts 1:1)
2)Root (Acts 1:3)
3)Nature (Acts 1:8)
▶That’s how you heal. This healing is the true healing. Changing what’s been imprinted in them. Changing their imprints to Christ, God’s kingdom, and only the Holy Spirit. There’s no reason to worry about depression. If you slowly change this, you can become a fully capable person.

2.Healing You Must Do Instead of Being Discouraged
▶As long as these people don’t become discouraged. If you’re impatient and discouraged on top of that, nothing will work out.
1)Spiritual Healing (Acts 2:1-47)
▶Don’t be impatient and don’t be discouraged. Just slowly begin spiritual healing. This is what you must teach them. You need to slowly heal them spiritually. If something like this happens, then healing will really arise. Acts 2:1-47.
2)Heart and Mind Healing (Acts 13:1-4)
▶As they begin to receive grace like this, little by little, they’re healed in their heart and mind/thoughts.
3)Mental Healing
(1)Acts 13:5-12 (2)Acts 16:16-18 (3)Acts 19:8-20
▶Even if it doesn’t seem like much, it’s from this point on that mental healing arises.

▶Gaining Spiritual Power/Strength for Even Just 5 Minutes
You must tell them this. What does this mean? Let’s say, for example, that they’re afflicted for 23 hours and 55 minutes a day. But if they know that that’s a longstanding problem and don’t become discouraged, even if they gain spiritual strength for just 5 minutes, they’ll ultimately prevail. This is the key. This is what I sensed and experienced while doing healing. Jesus would be able to do this immediately, but I’m not Jesus so I wasn’t able to do that. Because it’s been that way for a long time, if they slowly move forward without getting discouraged and just receive the filling of the Holy Spirit for 5 minutes, one day, works will arise. Of course, immediate works can take place. What I found is that people who suddenly lost their mind get healed immediately. But for people who have been like that for a long time, it doesn’t work that way. There are some homes where both the mother and the daughter are like that. The majority of the people are like that.
▶So at least we, those who are doing healing ministry, need to do it properly, the way it is in the Bible. Because it’s a longstanding problem, you need to move slowly. You need to do the work of changing these 3 things, but these people easily give up and become discouraged. But don’t tell them, “Don’t be discouraged”. Why? Because it is discouraging. “You keep having ups and downs. Stop doing that.” If you say this, it’ll be even more difficult for that person. You need to give them the accurate answer. “It’s okay even if you have your ups and downs. Just continue to do this 5 minutes a day. It’s okay even if you become discouraged. For just 5 minutes, experience the power of the Holy Spirit. This power can overcome all the incorrect things that you have.” This is the key.
▶If this person understands these words after taking medication and being in the right state of mind, it’ll be very helpful. In one sense, these people have no choice but to misunderstand. When they go to the hospital, they tell them, “You need to take this medication for the rest of your life. Take it continuously”. That itself is already discouraging. “If I need to live this way for the rest of my life, it’s better for me to just die.” And when they go to church, they hear, “You need to receive the filling of the Holy Spirit to get well”. How discouraging is that? The filling of the Holy Spirit is the answer, but they can’t have it. “I can’t even pray or receiving the filling of the Holy Spirit. Then that must mean God has forsaken me. It works for you, but not for me.” This isn’t your average problem. And what conclusion do they come to? They commit suicide. Those of you doing suicide prevention ministry, you must keep this in mind. “This is not your fault. It’s been this way for a very long time. It’s okay even if you’re shaken. It’s okay even if you become discouraged. It’s okay even if you’re depressed.” That’s a fact. “If you can just pray for just 1-5 minutes a day, one day, the works will arise.” You must tell them this.

3.The Healing You Must Absolutely Find
▶Then what’s more important? If they understand and receive grace, the healing that you must do is revealed. This is where you give them the real answer. “It’s not because of you. It’s not because of your father. Look at this Satan.”
1)Romans 16:25
▶“That’s why God kept this hidden for long ages past. He hid this Gospel and know He wants to save you. It’s at this time that you have been brough into that grace.” This Gospel that has hidden for long ages past…
2)Romans 16:26
▶“This means, God is revealing this to you to solve this problem that has been hidden for long ages past and you’re in that time right now.”
3)Romans 16:27
▶How tremendous is this great grace of God? “Forevermore.” You must understand these 3 principles.
▶Then it’ll greatly bring them a lot of help and peace. Even if immediate healing doesn’t take place for them, they’ll come to you. Because they’re at peace. And even if you listen to the majority of the pastors’ sermons, they don’t give their sermons this way. Some speak very strongly saying, “Uproot the roots of the tree” or “Receive fire”. But those words don’t match with someone who is on the brink of suicide. Perhaps, one in a million, it might get through. But for most people, it won’t match with them. “I don’t even have the strength to shake a tree right now. You’re telling me to go uproot it? I tried to pray for the filling of the Holy Spirit. But it’s not working for me. Why isn’t it working for me?” That’s what they’re thinking. How surely is this the gift that Satan brings to them? “It’s been that way for a long time so don’t try to rush it. Then it’ll just be even more delayed. It’s not your fault either. It’s been this way for a long time. Let’s change this. The only thing that can change them is the Word and prayer. It’s okay even if problems come moment by moment. Even if the Holy Spirit works for one minute, no one knows what will happen. Even more so, it’s not your responsibility. It’s your mission.” If this is how they understand it, it’ll be good.

▶I’ll just mention a few things that are needed.
1)Parents (Prenatal/Infant)
▶Among our prenatal/infant parents, many are confused about this. You do need to help them. Especially our prenatal/infant parents. There are many parents, but especially among the prenatal/infant parents, there are many people who are spiritually afflicted. What would happen to that child? Right now, we’re using the word, “prevention”.
▶Children. There are many of them who are afflicted. Right now, there are many who go to hospitals and take medication. But among our children, there are many who are afflicted. Their characteristic is that they don’t tell their parents. Because they’re embarrassed… It’s just that they get caught if it’s severe. But they don’t tell anyone. There are some kids who can’t say anything because they’re so oppressed by their parents. And where do they take that out? When they go overseas to study, in places like the mission homes. Parents are so unaware that they say, “Our child was not like that. They became strange after they went there.” No, that’s not it. This went into them ever since they were young. You must do this. Because kids are kids, they won’t lie. If you ask them, they’ll tell you the things that afflict thing. If you ask adults, they’ll act as if nothing happened, but children will tell you.
▶The youth. How can you wisely gather people together and do this healing? That’ll be different for each person.
▶If someone told me to do this, I’d use the opposite words. I wouldn’t use words like, “healing”, I’d use opposite words. Rather, if we say, “There are many people who are like this and this. Let’s have a committed workers’ meeting that saves those people”, people will come. As one example, there are many people, without knowing, ask, “Why do psychiatrists go crazy?”. They speak very rashly saying, “They treated others like mental patients so they themselves also went crazy.” No, that’s not it. Accurately speaking, that person had mental hardships ever since they were wrong. But because they studied well, they became a doctor. And naturally, they chose psychiatry. But still, it didn’t work. They’re healing/treating others, but can’t for themselves. It just looks like they’re treating them when they’re actually not, but still, it doesn’t work for themselves either. How burdened would they probably feel in their heart? There are doctors like this all over the world who face these kinds of spiritual problems. You must keep this in mind.

(The end)