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03.26.2021 – Cross the Jordan River- Those Who Saw the Things of God

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Message: U.S. College Retreat- 09/01/2020
Title: Cross the Jordan River- Those Who Saw the Things of God
Scripture: Joshua 3:1-13

▶Our U.S. College Retreat is beginning today.
I took the theme for this year, from the book of Joshua. The reason is because there are over 900 references to Egypt in the Bible. It even shows up all the way at the end, in Revelation. If you look in Revelation 11:8, it says, “Their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city that symbolically is called Sodom and Egypt.” To that extent, there were many things that took place during the time of the Exodus. From the beginning to the end, the Bible talks about Egypt. And in actuality, a lot of the covenant was relayed in the wilderness. What we must remember spiritually is that it was from the Exodus, all the way to the land of Canaan. Simply put, that means from America to Canaan. That means world evangelization must start from the U.S. “Entering Canaan, our homeland, and resting there.” Yes, that too is included, but more than that, we need to make the U.S. the springboard for world evangelization. Now this was the time when Moses had just passed and the future looked bleak. In a way, they were taken aback and alarmed because their leader all of a sudden changed. But this was the message that God gave to Joshua at this time.
▶He told him to cross the Jordan. These are very important words. So the title is “Those who have seen”. What did they see? They saw the things of God. God told these people to cross the Jordan. If that is so, this becomes very important.
▶Introduction- Joshua 1:1-9 (5 Things That Must Be Done in Advance for Personalization)
Our college students and many committed workers in the U.S. must not lose hold of this. It’s Joshua 1:1-9. Here, there are 5 things that we must do in advance, for personalization.
1)Joshua 1:1, Seeing in Advance
▶If you look in Joshua 1:1, this is what’s recorded. “After the death of Moses the servant of the Lord, the Lord said to Joshua the son of Nun, Moses’ assistant.” What does this mean? “Assistant” means that he was always with Moses. Simply put, he saw everything that Moses saw. He saw in advance. So he already saw everything that took place for Moses. You need to be able to see all the covenants that have existed until now. This is the Covenant. “Until now, God has allowed us to stay in America and He has led us this far, but the Gospel.”
2)Joshua 1:3, Possessing in Advance
▶If you look in Joshua 1:3, it says, “I have given to you”. Instead of saying, “As I was with Moses, I will give it to you”, He says, “I have given to you”. What does this mean? It’s possessing in advance. This is the Vision. You have already seen and you already possess this. What that means is that you must see and you must possess.
3)Joshua 1:3, Enjoying in Advance
▶What did He say? In the same way, in Joshua 1:3, “Just as I promised to Moses”. He’s not just saying these words, but He said, “I haven given it to you, just as I promised Moses”. Joshua was enjoying this in advance. This is Dream. Already, they had come out of Egypt, and he had seen how they were going to go.
4)Joshua 1:5-6, Conquer in Advance
▶And this is what it says in Joshua 1:5-6. What did He say? He said multiple times. “Do not be alarmed. Do not be surprised. Do not fear.” What does that mean? It means that you may be alarmed. The situation. Remnants, in the path ahead of you, you will be alarmed, frightened, and in difficulties. But “Be bold. Do not be afraid”. What is that? God has already conquered. The path you have ahead of is not ambiguous, whether you need to do this or that. We are conquering what God has already conquered. No matter what anyone said, they were heading into Canaan.
5)Joshua 1:8, Fulfill in Advance
▶That’s why He said this in Joshua 1:8. “Meditate on the Law, day and night.” What does this mean? It has already been fulfilled.
▶You have to have assurance regarding this. You need to always think about this. This is what you must hold on to now, and don’t worry about the future. In every incident that you face, you must be able to see these 5 things in advance. And for those who cannot see in advance, everything becomes a problem. Even though it’s a blessing, it becomes a problem. But those who see this? Even if a problem comes, they have this in advance. Most of the Israelites complained and grumbled every time hardships came in the wilderness. Egypt was racing forward, but that’s what the Israelites were doing. If you don’t understand these words, you’re going to have to be taken to Babylon again. You’d have to be colonized by Rome again. This is the church in the modern day.
▶You have to completely change the church.
How? Not with words. If you’re holding on to God’s Word, it will change. This is the remnant. The 7 remnants did not lose hold of the Gospel no matter what they faced. They did not lose hold of God’s Word. This “Covenant” is the covenant, but if you combine everything together, it’s God’s Word. No matter what anyone says, that’s the case.
There are some people who do research, saying that the Bible is not the Word of God. As that person was researching, one day, they were greatly shocked. And he changed his thinking. After changing his thinking, he created the masterpiece called, <Ben Hur>.
Already, when he started, before he made it, he did this research because he wanted to refute God’s Word.
No matter what anyone says, God’s Word does not change.

▶Main – Stream of the Mission
If that is so, what must you do as college students? Holding on to this covenant, you need to see the stream of the missions. What is the first of that?

1.Finding the Original Things
▶It’s finding the original things. That’s why He told them to cross the Jordan. Crossing the Jordan was not a simple thing. You have to seek out the original things that have already existed.
What are the original things?
1)Exodus 3:18-20
▶“Go and give the blood sacrifice.” No one could understand those words. Only Moses understood those words. America does not understand. Pharaoh could not understand. When he said that they need to go and give the blood sacrifice, Pharaoh ridiculed them. “Just do it then. What is that?” He could not understand.
“When you go and offer the blood sacrifice, I will be with you with my mighty arm.” You need to surely restore this. God resolves the things you absolutely cannot resolve, by the covenant of the blood.
The diseases that you cannot treat at all? It may seem as if you fix it or the doctors do, but God is the One who can do it.
▶There’s no need for us to worry about the future. Hold to the covenant today. Then you’ll see that the covenant will overcome the future. There’s no future that can change the covenant. There has never been a past that can overcome God’s covenant and there is no future that will overcome God’s covenant. Those who firmly hold on to that covenant cross the Jordan. Why? Because the Jordan must be crossed. So the first covenant God gave was, “Cross the Jordan”. “Cross the Jordan with the people.” This means, “Restore the original power that was given”.
2)Exodus 5:1-12:46
▶If you look in Exodus 5:1-12:46, He bestowed these 10 miracles and pulled the Israelites out of Egypt. That means that God has rescued you, with His mighty arm. What does that mean? “You’re bound to go. You’re going to cross the Jordan.” That’s what He’s saying.
▶But even though 10 miracles, they could not solve this. They day they put the lamb’s blood on the doorposts, it was resolved. What does that mean? You cannot break down the force of darkness, if it isn’t by the power of the cross. The force of darkness cannot be resolved by anything, but the light. Even scientists cannot block disaster. No matter how outstanding a leader may be, they cannot overcome Satan. There are tremendous meanings inside of this.
▶But should they forget all this and go into Canaan? Should you be going out to the world, not having assurance regarding this power? You have to surely have this. What’s the evidence that you surely have this? When you go to church and see a problem, it should not be a problem at all. He finished it. That’s the kind of remnant we need. There are church officers listening to the message right now as well. No matter what kind of problem comes before you, it should not be a problem. Why is that? Because it is finished. Isn’t that so? I believe I can forgive any person. Why? Because God is the One who finished it. Isn’t that so? God rescued the Israelites from Egypt. There isn’t anyone that you cannot forgive. That’s why you need to have the Gospel. People have the actual Gospel, but they don’t realistically enjoy it. The world changes over this small thing. So remnants in America, you must realize this. You must find this first.
3)Exodus 14:1-13
▶So what else? Finally, in Exodus 14:1, He makes them cross the Red Sea. There were 2 reasons why He made them cross the Red Sea. To give assurance to the Israelites. One other reason. To completely destroy the Egyptians who were chasing them down to the very end. Amazing things took place at the Red Sea. But now, there almost no people who had seen this. Because a new generation had been born/risen. That’s why He told them to cross the Jordan. So there are many covenants contained inside of this.
4)Three Feasts
▶As you well know, what appeared from this point on were the 3 Feasts. Passover, of knowing the God of salvation. By the work of the Holy Spirit, you will absolutely triumph as you walk through the wilderness. The Pentecost. Just as if we have them stored in storages, we’re going out with the background of heaven. So it’s a tremendous thing. This is what you must seek out.
5)Ark of the Covenant, Tabernacle
▶Not only that. While they were going through the wilderness, God gave them the ark of the covenant. There are tremendous covenants inside of this. The place where they housed the ark of the covenant was the tabernacle. Inside this tabernacle, there were 7 tremendous mysteries.
(1)Ark of the Covenant- In the center of all that was the ark of the covenant. What else was in the center? It was the covenant. Not the ark of the covenant, but the covenant. No one could change that. The ark of the covenant may disappear, but the covenant will not.
(2)Bread- There was bread there as well. What is that bread? It’s the bread of life through which you gain strength/power.
(3)Incense- What else was in there? The incense. That’s the prayer you give.
(4)Lampstand- They had lampstands there as well. It’s referring to the light that God gives you. It’s a tremendous thing.
(5)Water Basin- Why does He tell you to wash your hands? He wants to give you life, forgiveness of sins, and everything.
(6)Oil- And why did He tell them to put oil on everything? That indicates the filling of the Holy Spirit.
(7)Courtyard- And something important. “Make the courtyard.” That’s world evangelization and it’s for the sake of the next generation, the remnants. This is what He’s telling you to seek out.

2.Making the Commemorative Masterpiece
▶Second, “Cross the Jordan”. He’s not just telling them to cross.
Starting now, you must find the original things, but you will also make the commemorative masterpiece. This is the important stream and mission that you will receive.
1)Joshua 3:4
▶This is what it says in Joshua 3:4. “You’ll go the way you’ve never passed before.” Our remnants are passing a way they’ve never passed before right now. Of course, it’s the same for our adults, but it’s especially for so for our remnants. So why did He say this? “Follow the ark of the covenant?” Why? “Because you have not passed this way before.” What does this mean? It means, “Follow this point, in number 1. With this, cross the Jordan, which is your greatest problem”. It’s because you must go the way you’ve never passed before.
▶What else does it say? The method by which they could cross the Jordan. How did He explain this method?
(1)Officer- “Send the officers out first.” That’s in verse 2. Who are these officers? They’re the leaders. Of the many people, “Tell the officers first”. You have to understand the meaning of these words. They would go to the officers and then tell them, “We’re going to cross the Jordan”. And because there are many people, the officers would scatter to the groups/parts they get assigned and they would tell the people there. We need people who can do this movement, the Word Movement. Not only must the Word Movement arise through the remnants, throughout the world, it must arise in the church as well. You’re the only ones.
▶I said this last week as well, but as I lived my walk of faith, I never saw anyone who was holding on to the Word, in the church. The adults are the problem. They continue to talk about worldly things. They continue to talk about humanistic things. Their words aren’t wrong. But they’re not necessary either. They’re not even all that important. The bigger problem. They continue to make things that aren’t problems, into problems. Even the things that God gives as blessings? They consider them to be problems. In the midst of all that, I saw one person who was holding on to the Word. I didn’t receive training with this person, but I just happened to meet them in passing. That’s what helped me. Even though I just felt that in passing, it helped me. If you spread the Word Movement, it will save all of Israel. And then, it was one day. I met someone who really proclaimed the Gospel. I was quite shocked, but I didn’t show it. My personality… I’m not able to express things well. So when things are good, I’m not able to express feeling good and when things are bad, I’m not able to express feeling bad. In a sense, conversely, when I see something so good, my face hardens. That’s me controlling my facial expressions. But I didn’t say anything. I was really shocked when I saw this person proclaiming the Gospel. But I really felt, “Ah, that’s it”, as I nodded my head. But that changed my life. I’m sorry to say, but honestly, I was not able to see this in the adults and leaders. I saw this in a layperson who wasn’t anything else. So the covenant you hold to may seem small, but it brings about great fruit. “Send the officers out first and tell people that in 3 days’ time, we will cross the Jordan.” “’Just follow the ark of the covenant’, tell them that.” This was given to Joshua.
(2)Ark of the Covenant- And what else? If you look in verse 3, “Follow those bear the ark of the covenant”.
(3)Feet- And something very important was said in verse 8. “When the feet of the priests, who bear the ark of the covenant, touch the waters of the Jordan, it will split.” There are 2 tremendous things here. If it is God’s absolute covenant, the moment we devote ourselves, the works begin. No matter what kind of crisis is before us, if we surely have God’s will, the moment our feet get enclosed by the water, it will split. So if it will not split in the places we don’t go.
▶If He split the Jordan already and said, “Cross it”, who wouldn’t be able to cross? Even unbelievers would cross that. If the Jordan was already split, even those who don’t believe in God would be able to cross it. Then are we just blindly challenging? Those who are full of unbelief and cross only after it has been split are the same as those who just blindly challenge and rush in. This is something that college students must really consider and ponder about. If it’s the absolute covenant, you go. That is the absolute covenant. Crossing the Jordan and entering Canaan is God’s absolute plan. I received 3 covenants from God, regarding the construction of the church. The age of the 237 nations The age of healing. The age of the remnant summits. I held to these 3 things. This is the absolute covenant. It’s God’s absolute covenant. The Gospel has not gone into the 237 nations, so relaying the Gospel there is the absolute covenant. Looking at that, all the people are diseased. They need to be healed. Especially, it’s about making the remnants into the summit. That’s the absolute covenant. Nobody can block that.
▶Even this time, our church received a tremendous answer. We bought a church in the Jangji-dong region. Because that land is only permitted for social welfare, they told us not to give worship there. That was what was originally permitted by the people who started it. We’re not the ones who built it. We just bought it. That’s when I held to the absolute covenant. “That’s fine, we’re going someplace else. We can’t do 237 training here anyways. It’s not God’s will.” Isn’t that so? That was sure. There isn’t any place for multiethnic people to come and sleep anyways. There isn’t even a place where we can have healing. There was nothing for our remnants to be able to come and have forum, see things, and have forum. So in God’s eyes, it was an unnecessary temple/building. That’s what I realized. So I said to the church members, “Let’s move out. So that we can do these 3 things.” I held on to that covenant and God allowed us to buy a building that was already built and constructed. The previous owners had really built it well. So all we had to do is refurnish it. And in that situation, people were standing in line to buy that other church building (one in Jangji-dong). But there is one key. Because it was built for welfare, we could only sell for that purpose. And with that money, we must also spend it on welfare. Then in order to do that, because the building is quite large, we need to get permission from the city of Seoul, instead of just the district. They need to permit, “You can sell it. Or someone needs to buy it.” Last week, we got the permits. I thought it would be difficult, but we got the permit last week. Then that means we have already procured the budget to do these 3 things.
▶Am I just talking about money right now? No. Remnants, you must hold on to the absolute covenant. No matter what kind of hardship comes, hold on to the absolute covenant. Then it ends with that. Right now, Egypt is going so far in advance, but the church is in the way back, lagging behind and saying something else. Remnants, you must correct this. You need to see, possess/have, and enjoy in advance. Only then can you see what has already been conquered and fulfilled. Then that’s it. That’s the walk of faith I’m talking about right now. “What about when hardships come?” What did Daniel do? “Knowing that the king had signed the decree…” He didn’t just pray, but he prayed in thanksgiving. I always say this. “Even if the Lord does not rescue us from the flames…” This is the absolute covenant. You die along the way? That’s not for us to know. Whether we die along the way or not, we must enter into the absolute covenant. You must remember this. When the feet of the priests went into the water, God split the Jordan. How was it split? That’s not for us to know.
3)Memorial (Joshua 4:1-7)
▶The more important thing is number 3. It’s a memorial. This is what the remnants must grab hold of. “Take out stones out of the Jordan River. Take out 12 to represent the 12 tribes. Then stack them up to be a tower.” Simply speaking, He was telling them to make a memorial. He explained the reason for that. “When your children ask in time to come, ‘What do those stones mean to you?’ then you shall tell them what happened. You can explain to them what has taken place until now.” It’s a tremendous thing. This is what you must hold to as your covenant. If a hardship has come to you, that’s the field where you raise this memorial. If a hardship has come to your church, it’s the field where you must raise this memorial. There are many blessings and changes that are taking place in our Darakbang right now. This is the field where we must raise the memorial.

3.Making the Future
▶It didn’t end with that. This will be made through you. Making the future. It’s very important.
1)Genesis 32:10
▶There are things that you must see from here. Already, in Genesis 32:10. Where was this? It was when Jacob was on his way to go meet Esau. But Esau was trying to kill Jacob. In order to kill Jacob, he had an army of 400 soldiers. This is the prayer that Jacob prayed at that time. What did he pray? “God, all I own is this staff. Guide me.” The place he prayed that prayer was the Jordan. Before he crossed the Jabbok River. This is a significant field.
2)Genesis 50:10
▶A long time ago… If you look in Genesis 50:10. It’s what Joseph said. It’s what he said as he was weeping and praying after his father passed. He spoke about how they would go to Canaan. That field was the Jordan. This is what they’re crossing now. It’s a tremendous thing. It’s the very place where their ancestor Joseph, their forefather Jacob held to God’s covenant. That’s what’s taking place today, right now.
3)Joshua 3:1-17, Joshua 4:1-7
▶It’s taking place today in Joshua 3:1-17. And also, it was to raise up the memorial before the next generation.
4)1 Kings 2:5-8, 1 Kings 2:13-14
▶After this, something very important happens. What happens? It was when Elisha was following Elijah. It was when Elisha was following Elijah. Where was that? 1 Kings 2:5-8. This is where he says his final words. This was the Jordan. Here, at this Jordan, Elijah asks. “Why are you following me?” “Give me a double portion of Spirit.” After receiving that covenant, he returns. 1 Kings 2:13-14, the Jordan splits again. Something tremendous took place.
5)2 Kings 5:1-10
▶It doesn’t just end here. It’s 2 Kings 5:1-10. It was when the commander of their enemy’s army, Naaman, was diseased. He receives healing from Elisha. But as he leaves, this general said that he will serve the Lord God. The place where General Naaman was healed, was the Jordan. This is what Israel is crossing right now. You need to realize that the Jordan before you is not just any Jordan River.
6)Matthew 3:13-17
▶Even in Matthew 3:13-17. What is this? In order to fulfill God’s righteousness, Jesus is baptized. That was the Jordan. It didn’t just end there. This Jordan that you’re facing right now doesn’t just end here. It creates your future. So we’ve got a lot of time. After the first lecture ends today, you’re going to have a lot of time. So really have sincere forum. As each and every one of you have forum, without yourself even realizing, the Word will be imprinted in you. The Word that gets imprinted is bound to be fulfilled. This is the covenant you must hold to. This is what you are seeing and you are seeing the things of God.

♠Conclusion- Content of Your Studies
▶Now, if that is so, what conclusion do we come to? Your studies. This is very important. Make your studies into content. Turn your studies into the content that changes the world. This is the age of media, but media is not what’s important. Media will continue to advance. The problem is “content”. Isn’t that so? What kind of content you create now is what’s important. Then absolutely, you will triumph. What kind of content must you create? No matter what kind of content you create, these 3 things must be inside of them.
▶Let me give you a simple example. Because it’s difficult to use anyone else as an example, I’ll use myself as an example. When people go to seminary, they study hard. Some people study hard to receive scholarships. It’s important. There are some people who write their theses. It’s important. But don’t graduate like that. Do you understand what I’m saying? What are you majoring in? You can’t just graduate that way. That’s why you suffer. I made content. “While studying theology, why must I study and what am I preparing for?” I made this content for 10 years. But the most accurate content is in the Bible. It’s the same content that appears. The Gospel. It’s the same content. The work may seem this way, but it’s the Gospel. God’s power. World evangelization. That’s how it comes. No matter where you look in the Bible, the answer is clear. The Passover, Pentecost, and Ingathering. Christ, God’s kingdom, only the Holy Spirit, and world evangelization. So don’t just run your business. Have the content to do these 3 things. Then there’s no way you won’t be victorious. “What should I major in? How do I need to study? What school do I need to go to?” That’s important as well, but it’s not all that important. As I studied theology, I prepared in this way. So my studies were completely different to me. It really is completely different.
▶There’s something I still remember now. I’m sure our Rev. Kim Dae-eun knows. I was studying at Kosin University and I was an assistant pastor. There was a hospital next door and it was very good to evangelize there. There happened to be a professor named, Kim Geon-ho. He passed away, but back then, he was a graduate of Seoul National University and he came to our school and was in charge of one department. At that time, he gave a very important lecture to me. The title of his lecture was, “Korean Studies”. But you can’t teach all of Korean studies in one semester. So what he chose was “shamanism”. While I listened to that lecture, I saw how it connected to my field. He was talking about shamans. He had all these statistics about what age people become a shaman and whatnot. It really helped me to understand my field. So it became one part that helped me create my content. But it was the day when we were finishing that class. These 2 students got together and started to attack the professor. One female student and one male student teamed up and started to ask the professor questions. “Professor, is this Korean studies?” That’s what they asked. And the professor said, “This is one part of Korean studies”. Then one female student raised her hand started to insult the professor.
▶I was a little older than most students when I went to college, so I didn’t really say much, but at that time, I spoke up. I told those students. “This professor’s lecture really helped me in the evangelism field.” And because I was a bit older than me, they just moved on instead of attacking me. That professor was so hurt and upset about it that when we had our chapel time, he was sitting in the back with the students instead of with the professors. In the end, a few years later, those 2 were the ones who were caught as ones who started the fire at the U.S. Embassy in Busan. A lot of time passed and the evangelism movement began to take place for me. I began to go nationwide for the evangelism conference. And one church invited me as a speaker. So I went to that church. And that professor was there. I was so glad to see him. I was glad to see him and he was glad to see me as well. A lot of time had passed. I had become a pastor and I was doing the evangelism movement, so how glad do you think he was when he saw me? When that professor was being insulted, I talked about how thankful I was.
▶What’s the reason I’m talking about this right now? Most seminary students, as they study, don’t prepare their content. If you prepare the content, your life changes. If you prepare the content, you can see these things. And the answers are bound to come out like this. Being able to apply this is “content”. Then that answer won’t just come, but the Word will continue to be fulfilled for you. How accurate is the Word of God? You can see it all being fulfilled exactly that way. College students. Especially the college students in America. You need to realize that you are facing the most important opportunity in all the world. It’s good to be good at your studies, but it’s fine even if you’re not. Find the content. You need to find the content inside the Gospel.
1)7 Remnants
▶Then take a look at the 7 remnants. They didn’t do much. They found the content.
(1)Joseph- Moses and Joseph saw the reason why they needed to go to Egypt. They prepared just a little bit, but that turned into great works. So the content Joseph found wasn’t even much. He prayed a lot, received God’s answers, and relayed that to others as an answer. This may seem like a small thing, but it’s not.
(2)Moses- Look at Moses. He went to Egypt and studied. That’s important. If you look at the historical records of Egypt, there was a school in the palace. By my recollection, it was a university/school called, “Hesperion”. Then there, undoubtedly, Moses studied. Because he was the son of the princess. But he had the Gospel that he heard from his mother. He made content with that. So he was able to overturn the world.
(3)Samuel, David- Look at this. They saw this sure thing, Philistia. They were being tormented by the nation of Philistia, no one was able to see this, but Samuel and David did. So they were able to make the content of the Mizpah Movement. And David had the content of breaking down Philistia, starting with his victory over Goliath. Hardships can continue to come if you don’t have the Gospel.
(4)Elisha- Aram continued to attack them, so Elisha had this. They would prevail.
(5)Early Church- The early church overcame Rome. Why? Because they had what Rome did not. They knew the things that Rome did not. That’s why we need to make this.
▶Starting now, think about this a lot and have forum. Also do forum for yourself. The church officers who are listening to this message together must also think about this. You must prepare the content to save the occupation you have right now, your church, and the field. We’ll talk about it at our RU, but what about our pastors? Absolutely, you must prepare the content to save America. Then all answers are bound to follow. All 7 remnants were like that. But because we don’t do this, the 3 organizations have taken over everything. And problems will arise in the future as well.
2)62 Points
▶As you find this content, what is the mystery you must enjoy? These are the 62 points inside Christ. The method by which you can find and make the content is inside of this. You can uncover all of your talents inside of this. Here, Calvary, the Mt. of Olives, and Mark’s upper room are already the basics. Then it also has the heavenly mandate, calling, and mission. This contains what’s rightful, inevitable, and absolute. One heart, whole heart, and continuation. So you need to be able to have forum about this. This is the method by which you can make this content. You’re able to see only, uniqueness, and re-creation. Isn’t that so? Then without you even realizing, it becomes 24, 25, and eternity. Then one day, it gets set as your imprint, root, and nature. Then you’ll be able to overturn everything. This kind of answer is bound to come to you.
3)Main Figure of the RUTC
▶Then, what happens? This kind of answer comes. You are the main figure of the RUTC. You need to realize that all fields are the RUTC. You need to realize that you, yourself, are the RUTC. Your church is the field of RUTC. It’s changing everything with this.
▶Let me come to the close of my words. Immediately, when you go out to the field, there will be many things that don’t seem to match with you. That’s when you make this. You can just think about this for 5 minutes. Isn’t that so? When I see many people fighting and see many problems, I can come to the answer in 5 minutes. “I must do the work of saving these people.” It’s simple. That’s the RUTC. Do you understand? When you go to church, all kinds of people say all kinds of things. You must not be deceived by that. Make that place the RUTC. The last church where I served as an assistant pastor, was always fighting. So what did I do? I realized that I needed to run the errand of helping the pastor and helping the elders. If the pastor happened to give his opinion, the people who opposed him were always rising up against him. So I would go to the elders I knew would be opposing and told them what would be happening beforehand, asking for their help. And when you personally meet with all of them, they’re all very nice people. “Elder, this is what I’m trying to do and I received permission from the pastor. If you help and give me the ‘go ahead’, I’ll do it.” Then they would all say “okay”. That’s how we were able to proceed with the work in the church. So it’s not difficult at all.
▶Go to the field. Immediately, there are problems there.
Amongst them? When I was your age, when I was studying, the most difficult thing for me was my financial situation. I wasn’t a businessperson. I was just a student. I wasn’t in some kind of special position. I was just an assistant pastor serving the church. So financially, things were hard for me. At that time, I realized something important. That’s the RUTC. What’s the important thing I realized? “What I need is not money. Right now. It’s the field. I need to go to the children I’ve been entrusted with and save them. If I don’t have any money, then just don’t spend. If I don’t have money, then I’m not going to go study abroad. What could I do about it?” Those of you who are studying abroad are truly blessed. I’m not too shabby with words, but if I had gone to America, I would have been fluent in English. But that kind of opportunity was not given to me. So it made me weary in my heart. That’s when I discovered God’s important plan. Every place you go to is the RUTC. Remnant. Unity, that’s oneness. ‘T’ is “training”, “with”. And what’s “Center”? It’s the field, where you are. That’s the RUTC. This summarizes the Bible. It’s not just any word. You must always remember this. Then in just 5 minutes, answers will come. I believe that to be more important than fasting prayer. Of course, I’m not saying that fasting is bad. But no matter how much you fast and pray, if you go to church and only see problems, why would you need to do fasting prayer? When you go to the field, everything is hard there. If you get deceived by that, why would you waste your time praying? Always, inside of all that, there’s a role to save these people. You’re finding that. That’s the conclusion. Wherever you go, you need to find the life-saving answer. Then you can become leaders and you can do world evangelization.
▶Lastly, your family.
There are some kids who don’t even want to go home. I’m sure it’s like that. You can’t change your parents. “It’s so hard for me.” There are answers like that. Find the answer. The remnants are the ones who have the answer to save those parents. They’re the ones who allowed you to exist, so they’re very important. Because your existence has a future. That future contains God’s reason. That’s a tremendous thing. I’ve seen remnants like that. The father is a bit strange. And the mother is a bit stranger. So the couple would always be fighting against each other. Isn’t that so? Then the children who grow up inside of that face hardships. However, even though these parents would always be strange and fighting, they had this one common trait. They’re musically talented. So after this remnant realized the Gospel, they realized, “I need to save my family. These are my parents’ good points.” So he began to develop himself. And he held to the covenant and God gave him a tremendous answer. So I told him. “You have to make the content to save the world. That’s God’s plan for you.” Among your friends, there may be people who are a bit strange and doing the wrong things. You need to view them differently. Because their future may be different. What God has prepared for them might be different.
▶So that’s what parents need to be most cautious of.
“Why is this child like this?” It’s easy to view them from that perspective. But you must not. God has a tremendous plan for that child. Don’t just look at them now. God’s unlimited plans are with our remnants. Why? You can tell by looking at me. I was like that. I had no potential. I had no hope either. Adults would worry when they look at me. The people in my neighborhood worried about me. That’s what happened to me. Originally, I wasn’t that kind of person, but because things were so hard, I fell into misconceptions and my life crumbled. But other people didn’t know anything about that and they would say that there was no hope for me. I even heard my own aunt say that about me. My aunt saw how much my mother was suffering because of me and she said, “Don’t pray for him. He has no hope.” And when I heard that, she was right. But that’s not it. One day, I realized the Gospel. Of course, immediate answers don’t come just because you realize the Gospel. But as time passed, God led me to meet historic evangelists. And I believe that all these pastors who are with me are the evangelists of this age. Is there any greater blessing than this? So my aunt had made a mistake
▶Adults, you must not make that mistake. You never know.
No one knows what will happen to these remnants. “Why is that child unable to receive grace?” Not at all. When I look at myself… I’m someone who doesn’t really express everything when I receive grace. But people who make a lot of noise make me think about more things. You must not say things by just looking at the exterior shell. The most important key in raising these remnants is that there is something God has prepared for the remnants. Remnants, you must personalize in advance. And surely seek out these 3 things. And it’s the content. With this, you can change the world. I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that this begins starting today. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the solution to all problems, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon all the remnants who possess the important thing in this age, be upon the remnants who will save America and the world, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)