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03.25.2021 – Temple for Pentecost

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 2nd Service- 08/30/2020
Title: Temple for Pentecost
Scripture: Leviticus 23:15-22
▶Thank you. Why did God give the important message of the Pentateuch in the wilderness?
① Wilderness- It’s because we are going through the wilderness. That’s why God gave all the important messages while they were going through the wilderness. The problem of man, the start, and the solution is in Genesis. How to worship God? That’s in Leviticus. What blessings we, as people of God, have received are in Numbers. And Deuteronomy shows what we must absolutely engrave before entering into Canaan. So all the important things are shown in the Pentateuch. Why? Because we are going through that wilderness right now.
② Home- While going through this path, there’s something to keep in mind. When you’re home, you’re not always happy and satisfied. This is what’s probably difficult for you.
③ Church- And even when you go to church, you might be able to find, “I’m so grateful, I’m satisfied, and it’s all perfect.
④ World- When you go out to the world, it’s even more difficult. At least when you’re home or at church, you’re able to say something. But it’s more difficult when you go out to the world.
⑤ Slander (Resentful)- And when you go out, it’s just full of people who are always slandering others and full of resentment. You experience this all the time. When you’re home, when you go to church, when you go out to the world, and even when you meet other people.
⑥ Money- And it’s also full of people who are crazy because of money. There are many people who will do anything for money. You meet these types of people.
⑦ Position/Seat- And you’ll meet many people who lose hold of the true essence while fighting over their seats/positions.
⑧ Incident- And when you go out, there will be many incidents and accidents. These kinds of things happen.
⑨ Me Myself- And if you yourself don’t get deceived, it’s fine, but you yourself (me myself) are the problem.
▶These things fill the place for you, who are going on this path of the wilderness. Like this way. It’s completely surrounding you. It’s like this when you walk through the wilderness. There might be some things that are okay, but most of the influences come from here. So if you’re not in your right mind, it’s the same even in the church. People who are spiritually weak will go to church and fall into trials. And if you go out to the world that way, it’s even more difficult. And even when you go to work in your companies, it’s full of people who slander and are resentful. If it’s just to that extent, it’s fine, but people are suffering and doing strange things because of money. The world is full of people like that. And you’re in a situation where people are fighting for positions in the church and the world. Even if all that exists, it would be fine if you yourself are fine, but that’s not even the case.
▶Answer- Pentecost Temple
That’s why God gave an important answer. He gave this answer (Pentecost Temple). Why is it the Pentecost Temple? You must come to receive this blessing in the church and go out to enjoy and relay it. We must prepare this type of temple. We must receive grace in this type of temple and go out to save people.
▶Introduction- Conclusion
You need to come to the conclusion regarding this first. In this situation, Jesus is the one who gave the conclusion. It’s the conclusion that Jesus gave.
1)John 14:1-27 (Helper/Advocate/Counselor)
▶“Let not your hearts be troubled.” He said to not let your hearts be troubled. Because he knows that there is much that troubles you, he said, “Let not your hearts be troubled”. Knowing of the persecution that was to come, he said, “Do not let your hearts be troubled”. He explained the reason. “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.” And what else? “The kingdom of God and heaven is prepared so don’t worry.” And not just that, he said there is a goal/purpose. “I will send the Helper, the Holy Spirit, so do not worry.” What is the Helper (also, Counselor or Advocate)? The one who protects, gives grace, and teaches you. “When I leave, the Helper, the Holy Spirit, will come upon you.” This is much more favorable, right? Because if Jesus leaves, the Holy Spirit comes upon every believer. “All that I’ve taught you, the Helper will help you to remember it.” And what else does he say? “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you.” This is the conclusion that Jesus gave. Concerning this.
2)John 20:22 (Resurrection)
▶And after resurrecting, after letting out a long breath, he said, “Be filled with the Holy Spirit”. This is what Jesus said. Enjoying this blessing of the Holy Spirit coming upon you is everything. So when you praise and give worship, the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And when you pray, the Holy Spirit comes upon your field. No matter how bad of a situation it is, if the Holy Spirit comes upon you, it’s over.
3)Acts 1:8 (Witness)
▶Jesus is the one who said. He called them to the Mt. of Olives once more to speak. He called them to the Mt. of Olives one more time and said, “But when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will receive power.” What does this mean? Simply put, he’s saying, “You don’t have power, but it’s okay. You’re not doing this with your strength/power. There is a different power. Only when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will receive power.” What kind of power is it? “The power that will take you to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. And you will be my witnesses.” What does that mean? That he will give us evidence. We already have the evidence. He’s saying that he’ll give us the evidence of the Christ. This is the conclusion that Jesus came to.
4)Acts 1:14 (Assurance)
▶Holding on to this covenant, they came down from the Mt. of Olives. With what? With assurance. You need assurance. There are things that we need to realize and understand broadly. Isn’t that so? We need to understand certain words and situations broadly, but what we need to really believe in is not “many things”.
5)Acts 2:1 (Day)
▶This answer finally came upon them. “The day of Pentecost arrived.” This is how it came. When did this come? This is was the message that was given when they were in the wilderness.

▶Main– So what must you hold on to today? Why is it the “Pentecost Temple”? This is what’s important. If it’s the Pentecost, it’s just the Pentecost. What is “The day of Pentecost”, “Holy Spirit of Pentecost”, and “Pentecost Temple”?

1.Today, This Time of Worship Overturns Your Fate/Destiny.
▶Today, this time of worship will overturn your fate. It’s tremendous, isn’t it? In the passages that we ready today, all 3 feasts were actually mentioned.
1)Passover- Christ, Salvation
▶It’s all in verses 18-19. When it says to give the burnt offering, it means the Passover.
2)Pentecost- Only (But) Holy Spirit, Power
▶And in verse 15 today, it talks about the seventh Sabbath. It’s also in verse 20. The wave offering. It’s the Pentecost. That’s why it’s also called the Feast of Weeks. It’s tremendous, isn’t it?
3)Feast of Ingathering- God’s Kingdom, Background
▶And what else? The Feast of Ingathering.
Christ, the kingdom of God, and only the Holy Spirit. Salvation, power, and background. It’s having this come upon us right now.
▶When you really give worship, praise, and pray, “May the Lord’s Holy Spirit come upon me”. Try it. See what happens after you just continue to pray that prayer. We’re talking about that worship. This is the kind of temple we need. So that many people from the 237 nations can come and gain this power. In addition, so that many people, who need healing, can come and receiving healing with this power. And the raising of many summits must be done by this power, to become this summit. It’s very important. You must keep this in mind.

2.The Answer You Receive During Worship Today Will Be Moved Over to the Field.
▶The answer you receive today in the temple, during worship, gets moved over to the field. Isn’t that so? The answer that you receive as you say, “amen” right now, will be carried over to the field. It looks like answers have not come yet, but spiritually; they have. So you must not be deceived. So if you truly have faith in this blessing, many things will change. You won’t really need many words. In actuality… Usually, women need to talk a lot. But in actuality, it’s not needed. Absolutely, if you enjoy this, this answer will overturn your fate and go to the field.
▶If you don’t believe in this fact, you don’t believe in the spiritual things, you don’t believe in everything. So although it is a bit difficult, some pastors are saying, “We must absolutely give worship”. What they’re saying is somewhat reasonable. We must be careful of the coronavirus, but we mustn’t stop giving worship. So a rather difficult time has come. It’s a fortunate thing that we’re able to do worship online at least. If this was the past, we’d be in a situation where we can’t do anything. If you read in verse 22, it gets connected to the field. How?
1)Joshua 3:1-13
▶Wait and see in the future. They held on to this covenant and went to the tabernacle and this answer came. What was that? The Jordan split. What’s there to be worried about?
2)Joshua 6:1-20
▶Jericho fell. They just held to this covenant and went. This is all related to the ark of the covenant and the tabernacle. They went like this and this is what they received.
3)Joshua 10:10-14
▶They received this unprecedented answer. It has also been scientifically verified that the sun and moon stopped. It’s an unprecedented answer that was never repeated again.
4)Joshua 14:6-15
▶Through the person who held on to this covenant, they conquered the Anak hill country. Do not worry. This is how it comes.
▶“What happens if great pain comes to me while I go, holding on to the covenant?” If it comes, it comes. It can come. Isn’t that so? But that’s not the case. “Even if the Lord does not save us in the fire, we still cannot bow before the idol.” They lived. Rev. Chu Ki-chol was martyred. But is that what happened? No. His faith changed the direction towards saving all of Korea. That work of the Holy Spirit, to the field!

3.The Works of the Holy Spirit You Receive Today During Worship Will Connect to the Future.
▶It goes beyond that. The works of the Holy Spirit that you receive today in the temple, through worship, will connect to your future. How?
1)Joel 2:28
▶When the nation of Israel was in the most dire time of crisis, God prophesied in Joel 2:28. “I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; your old men shall dream dreams.” What else did He say? “Your young men shall see visions. Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.” That’s it. This is how it gets connected. The Pentecost.
2)Zechariah 4:6
▶The blessing you receiving in this temple, during worship today gets connected to Zechariah 4:6. What is that? It was when they were captives of Babylon. “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.” This was when they were captives. That’s it. Babylon surrendered. They were able to get out. Even though they went in, through the people who enjoyed this blessing, the Gospel was testified of in Babylon.
3)Acts 1:8
▶Finally, what is Acts 1:8? It’s referring to the age of Rome.
▶Take a look at the ages. Zechariah 4:6 is referring to the age of Babylon. This (Joel 2:28) was the message was given when they were completely falling and being taken over by Assyria. “Though this can never be done by your might or power, it will be done by the Spirit of God.” Jesus didn’t say, “If the Holy Spirit comes upon you”. He said, “But (only) when the Holy Spirit comes upon you!”. May you believe that the Spirit of the Lord comes upon you during this time, when you’re listening to the message.

♠Conclusion- The Place Where God Gives the Greatest Answer
▶Then what kind of conclusion do we come to? Where is the place where God gives the greatest answers? We need to know this. Yes, if we ask for answers, God does give them, but that’s not it.
1)Multiethnic Experience, Healing Experience, Summit Experience
▶We need to make it so that the multiethnic people of the 237 nations can come and experience this power. Those who need healing can only be healed by this power. That’s why we need a field where they can experience that. Before our remnants go out, they need to experience the summit. That is this blessing. This is it. God gives the greatest answers to the church that prepares this.
▶Take a look at what happens to this blessing. How does this blessing come upon us? During worship.
3)Field During the 6 Days
▶What’s more important is number 3. The answer you receive during worship will be taken to the field, throughout the weekdays. God is bound to give this greatest answer. This is how they even conquered Rome. Hold on to this covenant.
▶So remnants throughout the world must pray, “Give me the power through which the filling of the Holy Spirit will come upon me”. This is the blessing of the summit. This is what you must pray for.
Then the remnants need to know the standards by which they can enjoy this blessing. What are those standards? The standard is that you need to possess the rhythm through which you can enjoy this blessing. What is the standard of health? People don’t know before they go to the hospital. The standard is not being tired. Isn’t that so? If you’re tired, lethargic, and it’s hard for you to work, that means you’ve become weak. Going to the hospital later to be examined and diagnosed is secondary. The first standard is for you to not be tired. How much do you need to exercise? Should you be sweating? Should you be building muscle? How should you exercise? If you don’t set the correct standard for that, it’s quite difficult. Isn’t that so? In the past, there was someone next to me who decided to start exercising one day and they just ran around in their exercise clothes, but that doesn’t last for even a few months. And they give up. Going on a special diet and eating all these supplements. It doesn’t last. The standard is to get into your own personal rhythm and exercising so that you can continue.
▶So do the remnants need to fervently pray? That’s not what I’m saying. But whether it’s briefly in the morning or at night, the standard is to enjoy the Holy Spirit of God being with you. That’s it. There’s no need for someone who is sick to say, “Fix my disease. Fix my spiritual problems”. If the Holy Spirit comes upon you, the healing is done by God. Isn’t that so? That way, you become healed more quickly and accurately. It’s not that there’s some kind of secret to getting well and better. Those are the words of con artists. “If you eat this you’ll be healed of all things.” They’re all swindlers. Go to the doctor and listen to the words of the doctor. Those who scam other people are bad, but those who fall for that are bad too. Why? Because they scam people who seem likely to fall for those things. You shouldn’t believe in those words. It’s the same, spiritually. You need to really receive the filling of the Holy Spirit, receive God’s grace, and your deep spiritual roots need to be changed. Going somewhere and finding some secret to immediate healing? That’s a scam. Why else would God tell them to build the tabernacle when they were already busy enough as it was? Why didn’t God just heal them all right away and take them into Canaan? But that wasn’t it. So the time of prayer is not a waste, remnants. All remnants just find their rhythm. Find your spiritual rhythm. And when you have a bit more time, it’s necessary for you to go even deeper. When you’re facing an important time/incident, having that special power would be necessary. That’s how you can apply this.
▶So in my case, in a sense, it’s difficult. Technically speaking. Because the number of messages I give are immense. And our organization is also, actually big. So to receiving guidance well and doing all that is not an easy thing. Everyone speaks and feels according to what they think. Isn’t that so? And because they’re people, they think and talk towards the things that will benefit them. So it’s not an easy thing to be led well while all this is happening. And if you think of it to be difficult, it can be very difficult.
But this is how I always think. “The Triune God is with you and with me. If I am filled with this power, everything else will follow.”
▶There’s no reason for you to worry about your future, at all. There absolutely is a time schedule here. So, “The day of Pentecost arrived” refers to the time schedule. I bless you in the name of the Lord Jesus, that starting now, throughout the remainder of your life, you’re able to enjoy this blessing.
The temple where the 237 nations can come to receive the filling of the Holy Spirit. The temple where the sick can come to receive healing through the filling of the Holy Spirit. The temple where all remnants can enjoy the blessing of the Pentecost, that takes them to the summit. This is what God desires. All we need to do is enter into that. Let us pray.

We give all glory to God. May we be filled with the Spirit of the Lord. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)