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03.24.2021 – Temple for the Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 1st Service- 08/30/2020
Title: Temple for the Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread
Scripture: Leviticus 23:1-8

▶They say that there are over ten thousand disease that people suffer from. And I heard from this one doctor that there are more than twelve thousand.
What kind of disease do you think people suffer from the most? There are more patients of this than I thought. The disease people have the most of is gum disease. They say that’s ranked to be number for the disease with most patients.
But there’s another disease/illness that you can’t even count the number of cases of. There people who are suffering from an illness that doesn’t even have clear statistics or medication.
What do you think that is? It’s tremendous anxiety regarding the future. It could be a misconception, but that’s what’s actually before them. They could say, “I have this anxiety because I’m a bit weak at heart”, but in actuality, a great hardship has come before them. The scars of their past could be an issue too, but they’re saying, “The things I’m facing right now are so difficult and make me anxious”. What must they do? This is very important. Is there really a solution to this? Such a dark and anxious future is left ahead. “Can this really be solved?”, is the question.
▶This is how Jesus explained.
Because people like material wealth, this is how Jesus explained it. There was a very wealthy man and there was a war. So he dug up the ground and made it his storage space. There, he hid a tremendous amount of treasure and wealth. And in order to hide it well, he covered it soil/dirt and made a field. Then the war broke out and he died after evacuating. So nobody knew about that tremendous wealth that was hidden and buried. And I’m sure someone else bought the land. But even the owner who purchased the field didn’t know about it. He just bought the land. He didn’t know that beneath the field, there was a storage of tremendous wealth. But a worker who was working on the field found out. They were digging and when they dug deep enough, they saw that it was a storage for a vast amount of treasure. Then what should he do? This farmer would do everything in his power to buy the land. Why? Because he needs to buy that land for that treasure to also become his. This was a parable that Jesus gave.
▶There are 3 things that we, mankind, don’t know.
The first is the ①value of the Gospel. We don’t really know it. We don’t think that it’s worthless, but the unbelievers do. The more astounding thing is that most believers don’t know it either. Because they don’t know the value of the Gospel, they don’t know the ②their own value either. That’s the second thing we don’t know. Those who know the value of the Gospel don’t speak rashly about others. Why? Because they know. They don’t easily fall discouraged because they know their own value. The important thing in today’s passage is the third thing. “What do I need to do about my anxiety regarding the future? How am I supposed to walk through this difficult wilderness path?” That’s what they’re asking. That’s what we see in today’s passage. It’s something that’s constantly emphasized in Leviticus. What is that? ③Worship. Most believers don’t know the value of worship. Unbelievers rightfully don’t know. Praying by yourself is very important, but the worship, where you gather, needs to take place for the prayer you give alone to be important.
▶You know, historically, the incidents that took place during worship, right? The day when all the Israelites kept the day of the Passover, they were freed. It’s a tremendous incident. When they were taken as captives to Babylon, amazing works took place because of the people who prayed while holding on to the covenant of “temple restoration”. What happened when the early church came down to Mark’s upper room to hold on to the covenant and pray? The works that completely overturned the future, took place. It looks like the believers know of this fact, but they don’t. So if you read in the Bible today, it says that we must stake our lives when it comes to gathering for worship. He even set the dates. He told them to do it in concentration for 7 days. Simply speaking, He was talking about the feast today. Do you know how the 7 remnants of the Bible changed the world? There was a common trait among these remnants. They knew of the mysteries that arose when they prayed with the covenant. The remnants all the way in Babylon were like this too. You need to know the fact that the future changes during the time you really pray. Most people just simply pray. They pray wondering, “Will answers really come?”. The time of worship is so important.
▶I told you in the past, did I not? Most times, when they say, “Pastors’ and Elders’ Prayer Retreat”, it’s just an event. It’s just an event where they decide who is going to be president, who is going to be in charge of what region, and etc. In the history of Korea, there was one time when this pastors’ and elders’ prayer meeting truly took place. When was it? It was during the Korean War. It was when they lost everything and only Busan remained. North Korean communists had seized and taken over everything else and only Busan remained. This means S. Korea was about to perish. They had this meeting left of whether or not the UN troops would help us or not. If they decided in the UN, to help S. Korea, troops from all over the world would come to help. If they decided not to help, we wouldn’t be able to receive any help. So it was a dire and urgent situation. So the representative of a few powerful nations gathered together to have this meeting. But one of the representatives was from the Soviet Union. This person would undoubtedly be against helping. When the representatives of 4 powerful nations met and there was even just one vote that was against this, they wouldn’t be able to go through with the motion. That night, in Busan, a pastors’ and elders’ prayer meeting opened. They probably really prayed, right? They didn’t talk about who is going to be president or vice president. They probably really prayed, right? You’re already well aware of the results. The Russian, Soviet Union representative’s car broke down on his way to the meeting. Because he couldn’t attend the meeting, his vote was forfeited. So the motion was passed. “We need to help S. Korea. They’re suddenly facing this war and we need to help them.”
▶Many people don’t know what the Gospel is, what mankind is, what worship is, or what prayer is. The fact that the few people who knew this overturned Babylon is historical evidence.
There were failed believers, excluding the people who raised these 7 remnants, who made things difficult. These people didn’t know the importance of worship. They didn’t know the importance of prayer.
The prayer and praise you give on the Lord’s Day during worship and the prayer you give while holding on to the covenant is a tremendous thing. It’s absolutely bound to change the future.
▶People don’t know this fact. It’s really emphasized in today’s passage.
To what extent was it emphasized? “These are appointed feasts of the Lord that you shall proclaim as holy convocations; they are my appointed feasts. Continue this for 7 days.” This is what was said. “Continue with these holy convocations for 7 days.” This is explaining what happens when you really hold on to God’s covenant and give worship. Today, you need to have that time.
Honestly, during worship, especially when you give praise, when the choir praises, or when there is a special praise, I pray a lot. I get surprised, myself. There hasn’t been a single prayer that I prayed during that time, that hasn’t been answered. It’s an amazing thing. During this time of worship… I remember when I was giving worship and it was during the time of praise at the Seoul Seocho Regional Church. This was the prayer that came to me during that time. “God, give me a temple/church where your believers and I can really give worship and evangelize together.” It’s a rightful prayer, isn’t it? But that was the prayer that came to me during worship. When we went to Jangji-dong, the government didn’t permit us to give worship there. But even then, it was during praise. The Word was given by God and I was just running that errand, but during praise, there were many prayers that just came to me. It wasn’t a long prayer. “God, give us a place where we can really have worship and train to our heart’s content.” God gives answers that leave you speechless. If it surely is God’s will. So there’s only one thing to ask. “God, what is your will?” If that’s clear and sure, the time of worship is the time when the future is changed.
▶May you experience that answer, at least once today.
Truly. It’s not difficult. During the time of worship. Most people don’t know how precious this time of worship. In English, it’s “worship” and it holds the meaning of “valuable”. Isn’t that so? Of course, we use the word “Service” to describe dedication and devotion, but originally, it’s “worship”. It means “to honor and praise”, but the word itself has the meaning of “value”. That’s why, in Hebrews 10:25, it says that people will “neglect to meet together as the Day draws near”. What does that mean? When the days of destruction come, worship will disappear. Satan dared to come before Jesus. How did he tempt him? He tempted him in 2 ways and then gave the main thing. “I will give you all this. Just worship me.” Satan dared to say that to Jesus. Do you know what this means? If Satan takes away worship from you, he can take away everything. If worship is not taking place for you, you’re an incorrect believer. There’s a 100% chance that things will go wrong for you. If worship is the time of greatest grace for someone, that person is going to live. “Worship is the most valuable time for me.” That person will see what is of value. It’s very important.

▶Main- So we can’t gain everything today, but you must hold on to 3 things.

1.The Day the Lord Gives Rest/Sabbath (Verse 2)→ Enjoy the Blessing of Worship!
▶First. It verse 2 (3), it says that the seventh day is a Sabbath of solemn rest.
What is the true blessing? It’s rest. The greatest blessing of all is “rest”. There’s no greater blessing than rest. No matter how much you may have, if you’re in the midst of destruction, that’s all useless. No matter how high up you are, if you’re in the line of destruction, that high position is not important. That’s why, in verse 2, it says, “These are the appointed feasts of the LORD that you shall proclaim as holy convocation.” In verse 3, it says, that the seventh day is a Sabbath of solemn rest. “The holy convocations, which you shall proclaim at the time appointed for them.” There’s something important here.
▶There are people who feel anxious even though there’s nothing to be anxious about. Isn’t that so?
People who have a panic disorder (anxiety) are anxious on their own while everyone else around them is fine. Even though everyone else is fine, they think about how the plane is going to crash. And there are some people who feel that everyone is going to attack them. So it’s an illness. It’s a spiritual illness. There are times when they’re anxious even though there’s nothing to be anxious about. They feel depressed even though there’s nothing to be depressed about. The covenant that these people must hold on to today is very important. So these people try to look for religions in the hopes that they’ll get better. It doesn’t work that way. Or some people think that they’ll get better if they go to church so they go to church. That’s not it either. They don’t get healed. “Ah, Darakbang is real. They only speak of the Gospel.” But they don’t get better. And because they don’t get healed, they leave Darakbang and look for other places where they might get better. There are so many ill people who are like this. Do not be deceived. Your imprint, root, and nature must change inside the Gospel and rest/Sabbath. So “7 days” is mentioned in verses 5, 6, and 8 in today’s passage. If you nitpick, wondering, “Do we absolutely have to do 7 days?”, then it becomes troublesome again. People with spiritual diseases. If you try to quickly heal them, it won’t work. Why? Because it’s been there for a long time. But if you realize that it’s a longstanding thing, it’ll be easy to fix. Isn’t that so? “Ah, the spiritual problem in my family is longstanding.” If you know that, you will prevail. If the rest that God gives you changes the imprint, root, and nature of your soul, works will arise. We’re talking about this rest. If that is so, worship is so important. As you give worship today, it’s fine even if you have everything. But only the rest that God gives can heal us.

2.Passover for Generation to Generation→ Receive True Liberation.
▶Second. It’s not just rest/Sabbath. It’s the blessing of the Passover that will be relayed generation to generation, forever. The passage mentions the Sabbath and also the Passover that will be relayed to the coming generations. What is the Passover? It’s the day when they were liberated from Egypt. 10 miracles arose and even that didn’t work. But the day they painted the blood of the lamb, they were set free. What does this mean? It’s talking about true liberation/deliverance. We need to be truly liberated. If you’re in the midst of darkness, how can you see the answer? You need to be liberated.
Make this blessing your imprint, root, and nature. It continues to take place through worship.
All of you who are listening to the Word today need to hold on to this covenant and escape from your past. It’s strange. Most people aren’t able to escape their past. That’s why they look at your resume. Do you know why companies look at your resume? That’s your past. And everyone is stuck in that. Why do people look at family background? They do. When people get married, they look at their family backgrounds. You might say, “It’s not like that for the younger generation these days”, but that’s not true. And as you live with that person, your past gets revealed. This is what the believers must know. You need to come out of your past for you to see God’s amazing blessing. This is really difficult. People in Seoul are good at going back and forth. They’re good at escaping their past. But especially Gyeongsang Province people are not able to get out of their past. Daegu people never get out. Busan people really don’t come out either. But you must. That’s seeing in advance. If you come out, you see in advance. For what reason must we be stuck in our past? Isn’t that so?
▶When you raise remnants, what you must be most cautious of is raising them according to your own personal thoughts. If you request things that are based on your own personal thoughts, that child is going to be very strange person. I said this during the WRC. “My child only plays games.” That’s fine, just leave them alone. It becomes a problem because you tell him not to do it. The age itself is an age of games. If you tell that child to stop, it’s the same thing as telling him not to do anything cultural. Isn’t that so? If you say, “Don’t play games. Don’t use the computer”, it’s the same thing as saying, “Just live your life like an old man and die”. What’s important is how you’re going to place them in the correct direction. Isn’t that so? If we’re not careful, we’ll continue to try to raise our children with our own thoughts and standards. Then the smarter the child is, the more problematic things will be. I said this before. People like Spielberg. He did tremendous things that we can’t even imagine at a young age. This kid, who could barely even read, asked his mom to buy him a camera. What kind of parent would buy it? But his mother did. Because he was so engrossed in that, he didn’t even go to school. What would you do? You’d confiscate it right away. Isn’t that so? But this mom was not your average mom. She complimented and praised him. “You’re going to be successful with this camera in the future.” And he really did. He became a world renown film director.
▶We must get out of our past. They held on to the covenant of the Passover and they got out of Egypt.
We came out from the authority of Satan. There’s no need for us to remain there. “Pastor, what are you talking about?” Most people are stuck there. Do you understand what I’m saying? Some people talk about their past and they shed their tears talking about it. You shouldn’t have those tears. The fact that you have those tears about your past means that you have not come out of your past. You have to think, “Oh, was I like that? That’s interesting. How did I live like that?”. Then that means you’ve come out. If you’re crying, “Things were good in the past”, that means you haven’t come out. What do you mean, “Good”? You need to feel, “Why was I so lost in gambling in the past? I was so foolish”. But if you’re saying, “I used to make a lot of money back then”, you’re still stuck there. You need to get out. When you see women, most of them sit together talking about the past all night. They cry and wipe each other’s tears. That means they haven’t gotten out yet. It looks like they’re encouraging each other, but spiritually, they are dying. When you gather with people and talk behind people’s backs, it feels your metabolism is really great, but spiritually, you’re dying. Isn’t that so? That means you have not come out of the past yet. People gather and talk about others, criticize others, criticize each other, and criticize this pastor and that pastor. There are people who need to do all this in order to digest. That’s a very dangerous thing. You have to get out of that.
▶“Keep the Passover. Do it for a week. Make this a feast.”
Why? He’s telling them not to forget. “You’ve come out of Egypt.” This is what you must hold on to. The moment you receive this grace, your future is overturned. Do you know why? Because this blessing gets directly relayed. Who is going to block the power of the Passover being conveyed? But we’re uselessly anxious about the future. We’re anxious. Saying that this is going to happen to this person and that person. The company is going to become this way or that way. It looks that way, but that’s not the case. “The unbelievers outside are so wicked and evil.” That may be true.
▶I say this to the remnants. When you go to the field, there will be many people who bring you hardships. But that’s not it. They’re watching you. They place those things in their hearts. If you treat them moderately well, they’ll be pleased. But they’ll know in their hearts that you’re being fake. When you’re holding on to the covenant, sometimes, it won’t be fitting with the unbelievers. Unbelievers will say that you don’t fit with them, but inside, they’ll acknowledge you. “They believe in God.” That unbeliever will come to you in the most critical moment. You must not be deceived. You are people who must not forget the covenant of the Passover and hold on to it.

3.Feast of the Unleavened Bread You Must Not Forget→ See the Future in Advance and Possess True Power
▶Third. What does it say here today? He talks about the Feast of the Unleavened Bread that we must not forget. It’s the bread that has no yeast. For 7 days. Some people interpret the unleavened bread this way- that you must discard your sins. That’s reasonable. But the most important thing is not that. You need to put nothing in the bread for it to become firm and for you to be able to eat it for a long time. What does that mean? It means that they need to continue on this path in the wilderness. What does this indicate? God is telling us to possess true power. He’s telling us to eat the unleavened bread that looks like suffering. He said this every time they had the feast. So He’s telling them to take this covenant and go. You must not lose hold of this. If there’s something that makes you anxious, God is telling you to just plow through it. Instead of being afraid…
▶The most important term for this year’s remnant conference is, “in advance”.
Those who see in advance are the ones who prevail. No matter what anyone says, the person who sees in advance receives answers. I’m doing the evangelism movement together with you, but what I saw in advance was how this evangelism movement was to be done. Right now, our World Evangelization Evangelism Alliance has registered and requested external audits. Those who are smart knew. “Pastor, if you do that, you won’t be able to use the missions offering at all.” That’s right. Smart people know that. Those who aren’t that smart are wondering, “Why is he doing this?”. But those who are smart already know. So some people contacted me saying, “Pastor, I need to send you some missions offering”. And I said, “It’s fine”. I saw in advance, the things that will arise in the future, our growth/revival, and our direction. Those who see in advance are able to possess. Isn’t that so? Those who see and possess in advance are able to enjoy. Those who enjoy have already conquered. They’ve already fulfilled. This is what the 7 remnants did/have.
▶Do you know this wilderness is? They were gathered and talking about the feasts, which is worship. But it wasn’t a field of suffering. They really held on to this in advance. The reason why God told them to eat the unleavened bread of suffering was to give them the places that He had already conquered. If they weren’t going to go there, they wouldn’t need to eat this bread. They wouldn’t need this bread that wouldn’t spoil for a long time. Isn’t that so? Rev. Terry Lee went to America, studied, and recently got his doctorate degree. It’s difficult to get that in America. The elders of Immanuel Seoul Church prayed a lot for Rev. Terry Lee and made him a professor (dr.) Of course, it was God’s grace. But think about how difficult things must have been for him as he studied in America. He faced a lot of hardships. Do you know why? Because he had to go a long way. God is saying, “Eat this unleavened bread”, because the Lord’s servants, like him, need to go a long way. Isn’t that so?
If we’re really trying to make our church into a church that will do world evangelization, we need to be ready for and anticipate hardships. He’s saying, “Don’t forget this”. Why do we observe the feast/day of 8.15 (National Liberation Day for Korea)? So that we don’t forget. Because we continue to forget, He’s telling us not to forget. The reason why He’s telling them to gather in the tabernacle and do this is because He’s saying, “Don’t forget and don’t worry about the future.”

▶You must hold on to this covenant today. Everything can be resolved through worship. Hold to the covenant. Through the prayer you give alone, during worship, holding on to the message of the worship, you’re able to change the world. If you don’t have assurance about this, every thought you have will be a worry. If you have no assurance about this, everything in your life becomes unbelief. If you don’t have assurance about this, all the things left for you will be anxiety. But the spiritual things do not lie. We look at our ①reality. We do have to look at that reality accurately, but it’s wrong. Behind that reality are the ②facts. Those facts are also biased. It’s just public sentiment. Behind that is the ③truth. But even that truth has reason on just one side. It’s not from both sides. Isn’t that so? What do we see, that’s hidden, behind that? ④The spiritual fact. It’s tremendous. If the Holy Spirit works right now, the forces of darkness have already been destroyed. That’s what changes first.
▶In America, there are about 400 organizations that look to the future and research the future. There are about 400 organizations and they use the words “Think Tank”. Among them, there are those who are in Harvard, Massachusetts, and in the higher ranking places. What is the common trait of these groups? They see in advance. That’s why America is a powerful nation. But the only thing they can’t see in advance are the spiritual things. So that’s why we’re raising up the remnants and that’s why you’re sitting here, giving worship. Which means this is the reason why you exist. You have to know how precious you are. This the reason why you and I exist. People of the world, the smart people, they do and see all things in advance, but the only thing they can’t see in advance are the spiritual things. That’s why we need to run our errands there. This is our mission.
So the Israelites made everything with their children and kept these feasts. That’s what they actually did.
This means, our next generations need to have this kind of experience in the future at our church. You must pray about this. Our remnants need to come to the church and really experience what the Sabbath/rest is. And they need to experience this Passover, this liberation, this tremendous mystery and what it is. They need to experience why they need to eat the unleavened bread. The remaining thing is what we’ll read in the passage in the afternoon for the 2nd service.
▶I realized this after time had passed, but I went to church.
But if you really are not paying attention, almost everyone has unbelief in the church. People say it without really knowing, but if you put that together, it’s all about unbelief. It was during that time. I met someone in the church on day, who had faith. There was this church officer, who was like a needle in a haystack, who had faith. We met by just passing by. But this completely overturned my faith.
At that time, it wasn’t some huge, big thing, but God allowed me to know the real blessings. It’s important.
We have to make it so that remnants are able to have this correct faith when they come to church. And when we go to the field, how difficult are things in the world?
But there, I was able to see a truly successful person really, properly evangelizing. Truly. It’s not much, right? It was momentary, but it changed my life. That’s how important this is. I went around the evangelism fields, but I was able to experience this fact, that “Jesus is the Christ”. That’s everything.
No matter how many strange things come, nothing can defeat this truth.
▶You must restore this blessing today before you leave, for your prayers to be answered during the 6 days. Isn’t that so? This blessing needs to be directly relayed in this way to your businesses for your business to be revived. This power of the spiritual mystery needs to be relayed directly to your studies for your studies to be revived. I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that today becomes an important day. Let us pray.

God, we give You thanks. May today’s worship be an important worship. May this be the blessed worship through which prayer takes place for 6 days. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)