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03.23.2021 – The Start of the Past 30 Years

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Message: Core Training Message- 08/29/2020
Title: Answer of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (34)- The Start of the Past 30 Years “The Age of Babylon”
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- Daniel 1:8)

▶Thank you. 80% of our church officers aren’t able to gather, but they still gave all their offering. I’m so thankful for that.
So I pray that this can be the start, for the pastors to gain strength and for the evangelism movement to arise. Let’s really just make that a campaign. That’s the reason why we raised up many church officers. So that they can save the churches and pastors. If just one person gives that offering of $10 a month, thinking that they’re treating someone to a cup of coffee, those people can really receive a lot of help in their activities.
So starting with myself, I’ll give my offering of $1,000. I’ll give it to you even though I’m not a church officer.

▶Introduction- Personal CVDIP
The message that our remnants throughout the world need to receive is what happened in Babylon. Already, all of the important messages went out during the WRC this summer. Starting now, just make this a little bit. It’s okay even if this is wrong. Even if you make it incorrectly, you need to at least have something to correct. You have to make your personal CVDIP. This came out in this year’s message.
1)Seeing in Advance (Way)→ Absolute Sovereignty, Everything
▶Make it so that you can see in advance. You might ask, “How can we do that?”, but you must make it so that you can see in advance. Then that becomes the way. You’ve got to see in advance for that to be the way. Then you can’t go the incorrect way. That’s why there’s something that comes from within God’s ①absolute sovereignty. This is what comes from God’s absolute sovereignty. It starts from nothing. This is the Covenant that God has given, but you can’t find this Covenant anywhere else. This changes to ②Everything. Just look at it that way. This is the Covenant. This is the covenant.
2)Possess in Advance (Power)- Absolute Plan, Age
▶Then you’ll be able to possess in advance. Once you possess in advance, you gain strength/power. The most important thing here is not that you’re not doing anything, but you’re seeing God’s ①absolute plan. The most important thing here is not only seeing the age, but also seeing the system. This is the Vision. You need to see the ②age that nobody else can see at all. If you look at this way, it becomes easy.
3)Enjoying in Advance (Journey)- Absolute Covenant, 24Dream
▶Then you can enjoy in advance. This is Dream. For us, this becomes very important. Now, you have this power. You’re able to enjoy this. This is called the “journey”. You’re viewing this as you head out. The most important thing here is the ①absolute covenant. The very important thing here, that you must not lose hold of, is the ②24-hr Dream. If it doesn’t take place 24 hours a day, you need to realize that it’s still a bit lacking. When this really becomes your Dream, it takes place 24 hours a day. This is the key. So the more vivid it is, the better. Then works begin to quickly take place after.
4)Conquer in Advance (Method)- Absolute Journey, 25 Kingdom System
▶From this point on, amazing things begin to happen. You’re conquering in advance. This is our method. And this is God’s method. What’s the most important thing here? We not only have the absolute covenant, we have the ①absolute journey. So there’s no need to rush in. It’ll take place if it’s “absolute”. What’s the most important thing here? It’s the ②25-hr kingdom system. You are conquering from this standard. It’s very important.
5)Fulfill in Advance (Eternity)- Absolute Goal, Nobody
▶Then what else? We’re going to seek out what God has already fulfilled. There’s a key to that. It’s not something that we can or don’t have to do. Why would we do something like that? Why would we do work that we can do or don’t have to do? We’re doing what will remain eternally. The salvation of souls. That will remain eternally. This is what we call the ①absolute goal. Don’t memorize all this, just remember the key. What’s the real key here? ②Nobody. You are the Nobody, but you become the platform. You become Everybody. This is the masterpiece. The absolute masterpiece. This is what happens. Even if you just personally think about this, it will help you. As you are doing this, you’re able to see the Word and see things. This most important part, this Word, is fulfilled and this is the Image.

1.Daniel→ Then from here, there are a few things that come out. Take a look at this once more. He possessed all 5 things (CVDIP). That means he saw these 5 things.
2.Friends→ Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. The 3 friends. They had this common trait. Then the interpretation of the Bible becomes very easy as well.
3.Esther→ Esther.
4.Exodus from Babylon→ And especially, what? What was the goal? Exodus from Babylon. This is what we see.

▶Then even if you just think about this, this will come to you in the direction of answers. If you possess this, it will be fulfilled. If you begin to enjoy this, you’ll be able to completely conquer. That is the walk of faith. Then go back to your church and listen to the pastor’s sermon. Even though you didn’t consult with the pastor, God will give you an answer through the pastor. Then just heading towards the sanctuary, that itself, will bring you joy. Think about it. If you’re going somewhere today and you’re going to gain a lot from doing so, you’re going to feel good. “If I go there, I’m going to get money.” Then you’re going to go. Those who love fishing go early in the morning and they smile as they do so because they’re happy. Elders who like to play golf fall asleep during worship, but they don’t fall asleep when they’re going to play golf. Why? Because they feel good. But that’s how you’ll feel when you go to the sanctuary. Tomorrow is the Lord’s Day, isn’t it? You’ll be wondering, “I wonder what kind of sermon the pastor will give today”. You’ll think, “I’m excited”. That’s the believer. As elders come to church, they mustn’t see anything else. “What kind of grace will God give me tomorrow from the pulpit, through worship?” That’s the proper elder. If a remnant becomes that way, they will unconditionally succeed.

♠ Lecture 1: Daniel (Daniel 1:8-9) ♠

▶It all begins to come out. He resolved in his heart. What? Going to the field. It happens this easily.

1.Daniel Who Resolved in His Heart (Daniel 1:8-9)
▶Because the held to this in advance, he looked at the field and resolved in his heart. Why is that Because he knew the reason. If you don’t really know the Word properly, you don’t really know the reason. So he had no other reason. Because he had the real reason. That’s what happens. When problems arise, some people are not taken aback. Why? Because they know. There are some people who fall into trials as they go to church. but those who have this are laid back. Because they know the results/outcome. Because they’re going to win. That’s what happens.

2.The Power/Strength that God Gave
▶So what happened for these people? God gave them power and they possessed that power. To what extent? Daniel 6:10, it says, “3 times a day, as he had done previously”. Daniel 6:20, “The God who is constantly with you”.

3.The Lord Who Worked Upon Daniel
▶What happened after this? Something really uncanny happened. Finally, God begins to work through you in the field. He interpreted King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. He interpreted the writing on the wall for King Belshazzar. He inspired King Darius. This is what happens. If you don’t have this and you’re not thinking about this, you’re going to listen to the lecture and think, “He’s just saying the same thing over and over again”. But remnants, if you thought about this or possess this, as you listen to the lecture, you’ll see today’s field. This is what’s important.

♠ Lecture 2: Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego (Daniel 3:8-24) ♠

▶Look at the common trait of these friends. They possessed all this.

1.The Destruction of Israel and World Evangelization
▶So they knew why Israel was destroyed. These 3 friends.

2.Age of Disaster
▶Rightfully, the age of disaster came. So there’s no reason for us to be shaken.

3.Opportunity for World Evangelization (Daniel 3:8-24)
▶Israel faced destruction because they lost hold of the Gospel. So they didn’t know about evangelism and missions, but these 3 looked at it as the field of evangelism and missions. At this time, this becomes an opportunity. Do you understand? Even if I don’t write this all down, I’m sure you know. Have forum on this. If you don’t have anyone to forum with, do it with yourself. During worship. Doing forum with other people is important as well, but you don’t have to go out of your way to do that during this pandemic. Do forum on your own.

♠ Lecture 3: Esther (Esther 4:15-16) ♠

▶So even if you just think about this a little bit starting now, answers will easily come. Something even greater happened.

1.Israel’s Crisis of Annihilation
▶Israel was on the brink of extinction. This was during Esther’s time.

2.Esther’s Salvation of Her People
▶At this time, what does God give to Esther? Rightfully, she was called for this work. If the church falls into trials, those who don’t have the covenant will criticize the church. Isn’t that so? They’ll criticize the pastor as well as the elders. They’ll make excuses about other people. “Because of this person.” “Because of this or that.” There’s no end to that. But those who have this say, “I need to do this at this time”. Now. It’s what Mordecai said and she acknowledged that. “Didn’t God place you there for a time such as this?” Remnants must hold on to this covenant wherever they go. All church officers who are listening to today’s message need to realize, “It’s for a time like this that God has placed me here”.

3.Historical Evidence- Feast of Purim
▶So a historical event. The Feast of Purim. I’m just talking about the important keys. So remnants, you need to have forum about this on your own. You go to church and listen to the pastor’s sermon. Then you gather by your departments (junior high and high school) and when you listen to the message there, you need to automatically have this forum.

♠ Lecture 4: Exodus from Babylon (Isaiah 6:13) ♠

1.God’s Plan
▶The important thing is that exodus from Babylon was God’s plan. He told him in advance. Through whom? Let me write this one down. God let them know through Isaiah.

1)Isaiah 6:13
▶When was this? God gave this message to Isaiah after they fell to Assyria and right before they were taken by Babylon. “Even though everything will be destroyed, the stump will remain.”
2)Isaiah 7:14
▶And he spoke about restoration. “The virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.” He told them in advance.
3)Isaiah 40:6-31
▶He even spoke about the answers. “God’s Word will stand forever. So those who hope in the Lord will rise up on wings like eagles.” He told them. Already.
4)Isaiah 43:18-21
▶“At that time these kinds of things will take place. Rivers in the desert. A way in the wilderness. Even the wild beasts will honor me.”
5)Isaiah 60:1-22
▶And then He said. “The remnant movement will arise. Your sons shall come from afar and your daughters shall be carried on the hip.”
▶Through you, they will all be restored. “But I’m not even good at studying. I have no background.” It’s okay. “The least one shall become a clan, and the smallest one a mighty nation; I am the LORD; in its time I will hasten it.” Seoul National University is a very necessary and good school. Those who graduate from there can do important things. But we’ve our 5 pastors here and they didn’t all graduate from Harvard University. I’m not saying that’s a good thing. I’m saying that there’s something more important. They are doing what Harvard professors cannot do. Isn’t that so?
“The least one shall be come a clan, and the smallest one a mighty nation.” Why? Because you have the covenant.
6)Isaiah 62:6-12
▶“You’ll do the watchmen movement.” A watchman who raises the banner for all the peoples.

2.Work of Blocking the Repetitive Disasters
▶That’s why you block the repetitive disasters. Through the remnants, the work of blocking the remnants will take place.

3.New Temple (Haggai 2:1-9)
▶And what’s more important? Through you, the new temple, new church, movement will arise. This is Haggai 2:1-9.

▶These 3 things are the elements of the exodus from Babylon.
“You will raise the remnants. You will restore the Gospel. You will restore the Word. You will restore power. You will restore the remnant. You will save all nations.” This is the covenant He has given to you.
The reason? You will do the work of blocking disasters. That’s why you will restore the church.

♠Conclusion- Lifelong→ Today
▶Then this is the conclusion we come to. What you see in advance gets connected to what you must do for the rest of your life. Right now, you have these 5 things. Just the fact that you know this? It’s something to be grateful for. But it will turn into your lifelong thing. Once that happens, you can have your coming-of-age ceremony. There’s no need for you to be shaken at all about the fact that you don’t have answers right now. Those who are studying well right now, continue that way. Those who aren’t, don’t be shaken by that.
▶The fortunate thing is, for the remnants listening right now, it’s not about those studies.
For example, go to an underdeveloped nation. They’re not literate so you’ll have to teach them that. So you need to be good at that. But go to the developed nations. They’re all literate.
Then this person needs to think, “What can I do right now?”. It’s going to be like that for the schools in the future as well.
You don’t need to worry about your studies at all. This is what you must find. That’s all you need. Of course, you need to do the basics and study hard, but if you begin to seek this (5 things) out, through the Word, these kinds of things (conclusion) come.
▶Then you just need to do one thing before you leave. There were people who studied without the covenant and succeeded. After succeeding, things became harder. This person graduated from the best school and became a doctor in the best hospital, but things became harder. They faced personal hardships as well as hardships in the hospital. At that time, this person thought, “Why is my life like this?”. At that time, someone told them. And they held on to this covenant.
“You can’t forget the past, but it’s already over. The future will come but it hasn’t yet. But I am here today.” That’s right. You have all these answers, but it’s the “today” that come from here. “I will do what’s worthwhile today. I will enjoy my happiness today. I will enjoy the Word today.” That changes into “tomorrow”. They left behind great achievements. They raised up a great hospital and a university. He left behind great testimonials that are still being relayed to the next generation. Who was that? William Osler. Who is William Osler? He was the great individual who was one of the founders of Johns Hopkins Hospital. He held to this lifelong covenant. Today.
▶If you have time, just do one important thing today. How to be good at studying English? Just do it today. It’s no use if you start tomorrow. Today. Then we’re going to talk about the spiritual things that change into “tomorrow” and that’ll be in the 1st and 2nd service tomorrow. Transferring the covenant you receive now, to the field, is your walk of faith. The things you seriously worry about are the things of the future, but the covenant you receive today is what prevails. The illness you’re worried and anxious about? The covenant you receive today is what overcomes that. That’s why we give worship. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the solution to all problems, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon all the remnants who are facing this Remnant Day, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)