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03.22.2021 – The Empty Places the Church Officer Must See

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Message: Business and Industry Missions Message- 08/29/2020
Title: OMC & The Actualization of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (34)- The Empty Places the Church Officer Must See
Scripture: Acts 11:19

▶Right now, we’re having a devotional service for our Church Officer Graduate School. And also, our “237 Pastoral Evangelism Theology Training Center”.
Our Rev. Choi Jung-woong is in charge of the 237 Pastoral Evangelism Theology Training Center and they’re helping our overseas churches and the dependent churches in evangelism and missions.
In one sense, that’s the most important work our Church Officer Graduate School must do. Not only must we do world missions, but if the pastors in the nation cannot do evangelism, we’re losing hold of the important things close to us. Rightfully, we should head out to the world, but the majority of the churches in our nation are dependent.
It’s not just our denomination. And in actuality, thought they can’t say it, pastors don’t even have cab fares. Because everyone is wearing masks right now, some pastors are hiding behind those masks and driving for chauffeur services.
▶Our church officers need to think about and consider this. However, thankfully, our denomination happens to be the unique denomination where church officers gather to evangelize. It’s not that we’re trying to gather our strength together and do something great, but we have over 10,000 church officers. If they can just consider it a cup of coffee and give about $10 a month, that’s already $100,000. If our little strength comes together, that becomes a tremendous source of strength for the people who can evangelize in the field. That’s the kind of devotional service we’re giving today. So it’s a very important service.
▶Introduction- View the remnants from God’s perspective.
If that is true, what must our church officers see? They must see many things, but they must see the empty places. Where is the emptiest of these empty places? We must view the remnants from God’s perspective. So our remnants, who are the target for the 237 Pastoral Evangelism Theology Training Center, are facing great hardships.
▶Last week, we were contacted by someone who is very good at music, but unable to pursue it. This remnant’s desire is to study music and use that to share the Gospel, but they don’t even have the money to pay for those classes. They weren’t asking for the money, but they were selected to go learn at a very prestigious place. And there is a program where he can invite his parents. But that happened to be on a Sunday. Even that wasn’t fitting his situation. So I told the parents to just go because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance. But later on, I found out that his parents were not only members of a dependent church, they were the assistant pastors for it. So they needed permission from the senior pastor. But this remnant was being so cautious that when I asked him for his name, his parents’ name, and his senior pastor’s name, he wouldn’t tell me. Now, what does that mean? That’s how hard things are for our remnants. They have to walk on eggshells looking at this person and that person.
This is especially for the PKs among the remnants. Other remnants don’t really have to do that and they can do what they want, but PKs need to be wary of the eyes around them. You must not look at the remnants from your perspective. View them from God’s perspective.
1)Seeing in Advance
▶That’s why the main title we had this time was, “See in advance”. I’ll speak about this all day today, but the reason why the remnants must see in advance is because those who did, succeeded. That means, if there is a remnant who has the Gospel, God will show them in advance.
2)Possessing in Advance
▶You need to see in advance in order to possess in advance. That becomes possible.
3)Enjoy in Advance
▶You need to have/possess in order to enjoy. You cannot enjoy what you do not have.
4)Conquer in Advance
▶With the things that God has given and prepared, because we already have the covenant, we conquer in advance. Those who don’t have the covenant need to go and conquer. But because we have the covenant, we are going to claim what has already been conquered. The Word that God has already given… That’s the remnant.
5)Fulfill in Advance
▶We’re going forward, looking at what has already been fulfilled. This is the absolute sovereignty, absolute plan, absolute covenant, absolute journey, and absolute goal of God.
▶You need to view the remnants with God’s eyes, historic eyes, and the future. So to really help the dependent churches? That’s actually a tremendous thing. Even if we put our prayers together for this, it becomes greatly influential. I remember saying this before, but if you look at the Japanese people, their restaurants have already taken over the high-class neighborhoods. No matter what nation you go to, the really good restaurants downtown are the Japanese ones. The Korean restaurants are in the shabby areas. And when you go there, their signs are the ones they had since the Korean War. That’s why we can’t even keep up. I’m saying that we must not teach the remnants from that perspective.

▶Main- Things to do first
Yes, there are many things we must do, but there are things we must do first. Then it also means that there are things we must do later on. But what must we do first? How can we support this 237 Pastoral Training Center?

1. Empty Places of the 237 Nations
▶There are empty places of the 237 nations.
1)Acts 2:9-11
▶No matter how difficult things may be for the pastors, they can help those who are already there. We want to support them in this kind of activity. It’s already before. In one sense, this is the start of reaching out to the 237 nations.
2)Acts 8:4-8
▶Acts 8:4-8, Samaria was already in ruins.
3)Acts 8:26-40
▶They were broken down to the point where it was the same as the gentile nations.
However, there were these kinds of individuals among them.
▶There is this one senior deaconess in Busan who gathers foreign professors and relays messages to them. How great is that influence? But just the fact that that professor is here, teaching in Korea, means that they’re a tremendous individual.
Last time, I got a request. There was a professor from overseas and the professor’s family came with him. The request was for a discount for the preschool he needed to send his children to. He said that he didn’t have any money. So I said, “Forget about the discount. Just let him in for free”. How great of an opportunity is that? These kinds of important things we need to do are not far from us. They’re close to us. Even if we don’t invest great sums of money, there are more effective things that we can do from within us.

2. Empty Places in the Church
▶Where are the empty places in the church? There may be many of them, but what is the very first thing we must do?
1)Acts 2:43-45
▶These people cannot do anything because of the small amount of finances they don’t have. Simply put, there needs to be a gathering like this in the church, but that doesn’t exist.
2)Acts 3:1-12
▶There are people like this man in Acts chapter 3. They’re sitting in front of the church, but unable to even to receive any help. At the very least, these people need to be able to come over here. Here (Acts 13:5-12). I believe they can do that very well. In one way, it’ll be quicker for the small churches to help and do this than for the bigger churches, like Rev. Chung Eun-chu’s, to do it.
3)Acts 13:5-12, Acts 16:16-18, Acts 19:8-20
▶There are more and more people like this (Acts 16:16-18)
When I listen to former shamans who have come to the Lord, they say that the most difficult thing is their livelihood. And they were saying something that really broke my heart. They said, “We don’t need a large sum of money”. After receiving the Gospel, they’re so happy about it and they just want to receive training. So I even gave this order. “If they are a shaman who has returned to the Lord, just let them receive the training.” Think about it. When these people were demon-possessed and acting as shamans, they were the leaders. But after receiving the Gospel and coming into Darakbang, they’re on the bottom of the chain. So they want to quickly receive training, but they’re not able to. There might be a handful who saved up their money, but I’m sure there aren’t that many. There are many people who got lost in strange religions and became diseased. So we first need to help and support these people so that they can do this ministry.
▶Don’t just take these words in passing. Our businesspeople, church officers need to place this in their hearts and pray. This doesn’t require a large sum of money. “Even if I’m not able to attend the Church Officer Graduate School, I’m going to pay the tuition offering and send that in. Help those people with that.” Be like that. So I we’re re-systemizing everything. I said, “The money that we get for the Church Officer Graduate School (COGS)? Don’t spend that on anything else.” Give it to the COGS and let them keep it so that they can use it to help the pastors. And they have so many employees so I asked why there are so many. I said to the employee who was already there. “Why don’t you just take over and do it instead?” And they said that they could. And there are so many activity fees. “Why are there so many activity fees?” They said that they’re using it to buy meals for the pastors, but they don’t need that. “Stop ridiculing these pastors.” Think about it. They’re not coming here to get a free meal. They’re coming for the sake of the Gospel. So we’re completely organizing all of that. Honestly, if you don’t have time, you might not be able to take part in this Church Officer Graduate School. However, at the very least, you can pray for these people. Think about it. You go outside and host a guest. Even if we unnecessarily meet a person, we waste our time and resources. Even if we just put our hearts together, we can really do the evangelism movement.

3. Empty Places in the Field
▶That’s the case for the church, but there are many empty places in the field. As you well know, what kind of field is that? In one way, it’s the opposite of number 2.
1)Acts 14:14-20
▶There are high-class individuals like these people, who are hidden. Where was this? Lystra. Who do we see here? Timothy. This is where Paul was stoned. But it says that the next day, he went back into the city. They stoned him and he was almost on the verge of death. How much pain do you think he was in? That’s how much he didn’t have time.
2)Acts 18:24-28
▶Acts 18:24-28, who was that? In the midst of Paul, Priscilla, and Aquila’s ministry, there was an individual named Apollos. Lystra was a very small region, but because of one individual like Timothy, how great of a ministry resulted? We’re saying, let’s enable them to do this. You just slightly serve, but they become great individuals.
▶It’s been a few years now. The pastor of a small church called me. He somehow got connected to me. He said, “There’s such a great student here, but I don’t have the power to help them.” So I asked, “What do you want?”. This student graduated from Seoul National University and greatly skilled, but their parents could not help at all. And the pastor was saying that he himself also did not have the power to help. “So what is it that you need, in detail?” “Right now, he wants to go to law school. But it takes some money for that. His parents can’t support him, he can’t support himself, and I, as his pastor, can’t either.” So I said, “Okay”. I took care of it immediately for him. And right now, he is a lawyer. And a very good lawyer. In this way, it’s a small thing, but we can raise great individuals. Of course, we can ride a plane and go to many places, but even if we don’t do that, there are things we need to do here. How great would it be if the church could be very big and we can have all the facilities? But even if we don’t do that, at the very least, we can do these things.
3)Acts 17:1, Acts 18:4, Acts 19:8
▶We need to help them so that they can go here. To the synagogue. These people here can go there. You don’t need some great character or strategy to do that. You can just go share the Gospel and help the students. That’s why, when Paul met Priscilla and her husband, he realized that they were committed workers. And he took them with him to the synagogue. That wasn’t just a simple ministry. It grew into the church in Corinth. In Acts 19:8, it says that he went to Tyrannus and boldly spoke about the kingdom of God. He boldly spoke about the kingdom of God.
▶I’m not standing here talking about one more method or one more thing we need to give offering about. This isn’t going to cause problems in our livelihoods or even the church budget. All we’re doing is putting our prayers for this. There are some pastors who don’t even have a church building and they give worship together in their home with their family. They don’t even have money for transportation. And because they’re embarrassed, they don’t even tell anyone about that. They don’t even show up to the meetings. Because they feel bad. They don’t have any church members, they’re just giving worship in their homes with their families, and they want to evangelize, but they can’t. Even in just our Busan synod, 1/3 of the pastors are like that. We had a conference in Busan this time, but these pastors were too embarrassed to even show up. More than saying that we want to help them, if we really put together our prayers and support, they’ll be strengthened. But the results are going to be tremendous.

▶Let’s come to the conclusion. This is something all our elders, businesspeople, and pastors need to pray about. What is the reason why we’re doing this? Why do we need to see, possess, enjoy, conquer, and fulfill in advance? The conclusion is simple. We only have one method.
1)6 Instruments (LVTNPO-7 Remnants)
▶Raise those remnants so that they can now become the leverage. Isn’t that so? There’s no other way. They are the vessel and the transmission. Our remnants themselves must become the platform. Where else can they go to make this platform? The characteristic of the 7 remnants is that they themselves were the platforms. They themselves are outsourcing. Without making them like that, they cannot overcome the world. “Our children are going to make a lot of money and do this and that.” That’s something that’s going to happen later on. But they themselves are the leverage. It’s not difficult. If they just see in advance, it will happen that way. Even though they didn’t have much, the 7 remnants were like that. They 7 remnants themselves were the 6 instruments. They were able to change the world.
▶Additionally. The 7 remnants, the remnants themselves are the media. Our remnants utilize media very well. They themselves are the media.
3)Content (Scar)
▶So all we need to do is help them with the content. We’re just giving them the power and strength so that they can make the content. This power is tremendous and the waves this could bring are tremendous.
▶There’s something you must keep in mind here. It’s what our remnants need to keep in mind. There are many people who have scars. There are many people who deep scars that even manifest as diseases. They keep all this hidden.
▶Because the church is not doing this, average people in society are addressing this. This content. I don’t usually watch dramas, but I was flipping through and there was one where this doctor continues to murder people. That is showing us something tremendous. Simply put, for these people who have hidden things/scars, things manifest and get exposed in other areas. People with spiritual things can’t just honestly say that things are hard for them because of those spiritual problems. That is why it shows up in many different ways. And one of the extreme examples is that people kill someone else instantaneously. Looking at that, I thought that these unbelievers are far ahead of us. When we come up with content, it straight up shows demons and evil spirits. If you look at the content produced by the church, Satan just appears right off the bat with an apple. We cannot prevail like that. We need to make some kind of masterpiece. Then when unbelievers look at it, they can receive the answer.
▶When I was young, there were several movies that were popular and one of them was “Dracula”. It’s a horror movie so when we watch, we feel that suspense and fear. And we jump when there are scenes where he just pops out. But there’s this one thing that stops Dracula. What was it? A cross. Just show him a cross and he can’t even move a finger. That is tremendous evangelism. A foreigner made that. I was wondering, “Why can’t the church make something like that?”. We really need to consider this. It’s not that difficult. For example, find a shaman and film yourself sharing the Gospel to them. They’re going to be shocked. Perhaps, even the shaman will be overturned. What could they do when you’re just showing people what is actually happening? Without any kind of scripting or planning, just go and document it. This is also content. I’m not saying that you have to do it exactly this way, but this is just one example. In this way, there are so many great fields of evangelism. But these many fields are not able to move because they lack this small number of finances.
▶I remember saying this before. Right now, the 3 organizations are doing things that are ten thousand times bigger than us. These people are so smart, they go to universities and give about $3,000 to them. 10 places would be $30,000. But because they do that for every college, imagine how much money that would be. But they’re not just blindly giving out money. There is a target audience. They give it to people who work in production and musicals. “We’ll contact you in the future. We’re going to pick out actors from among you. Try making this type of production.” They’re really smart. These universities, receive $3,000 and make these masterpieces. From among them, they’re looking for this outstanding talent. What would happen to these kids? Their lifelong dream is to be a musical actor or actress. These people are coming to them paying them to do that. They get scouted without even graduating and what’s going to happen to them? They gather those students together and renew the production they’re going to make. Then what’s going to happen? We struggle because we can barely sell tickets. But in that university, they’re all going to flock to watch the production saying, “Oh, our student Esther is in that. Let’s all go to see it”. When they make these musicals, even though America is very large and vast, they all go to see it. People who really enjoy musicals are different from us. We’re barely able to go and watch one show.
▶There was this other outside organization that reviewed our “The Covenant Journey” musical. In their review, they said something that really surprised me. They said, “I watched this musical 20 times”. That’s a shocking thing. They watched our musical 20 times. They wrote about the good points and the bad points. I listened/read many different reviews. There were about 9-10 people who reviewed, but there was one thing they all said in common. “The music is the best.” All of them. “The music is world class.” That was made by our remnant, Jinwook. And they also talked about the problematic points. “The stage is too large. There are too many transitions.” As professionals, they reviewed it. And they said they were reviewing because they thought this meeting was very important.
Already, when the 3 organizations create a masterpiece, they overtake the whole world with that. It’s not that our level is low, but our thinking is too narrow. Even when we do activities in the church, people are shaken back and forth because of one position.
▶Yesterday, I received a letter and it was from someone who really wanted to meet me and requested a meeting 10 times. But they said that they received their answer so they don’t need to meet with me anymore.
Right now, we’re organizing our RUTC and our whole organization. Throughout this organizing, there were many people who requested to meet with me. They didn’t report any of that to me. They reported things like, “If we continue construction like this, it will be built poorly and problems will come.” This is our current level. It’s not that we lack skills. We just need to broaden our thoughts a little bit, but I guess that’s hard. Most of the people are thinking, “Why are you overstepping into my territory?”. “Don’t give this to the pastor, he’s going to say something about it.” Or, “Report this”. They’re like how the civil servants were back during the Korean War. “Just take care of it on your own instead of reporting it and let’s just not get caught.” Like this. I’m not talking about this as something that happens once in a while. “Perhaps, Rev. Ryu is receiving biased reports.” That’s really disregarding me. Isn’t that so? We can tell when we hear. What’s right, what’s wrong, and what’s extreme. Isn’t that so? Looking at that, I realized that we’ve got everything to really conquer the world, but we’re unable to. Because of those little thoughts. So we’re not asking the church officers at COGS to do something huge. You’re just gathering together to rightfully receive training and plan for world evangelization.
▶So I’m thinking this for next year. Right now, we’ve raised up many elders and church officers. And the present reality is that there aren’t many places for people to work. Now that we’ve raised up all these people, what are we going to do with them?
I thought, “Those who don’t have much to do, in a way, are more important. We need to hold to those people and plan evangelism. I need to directly meet with them.” They may not be able to do something special, but they’re able to gather people under them and advise them. At the very least, if you’re a church officer, you need to know the movements of the remnants in the field and the church. But these kinds of things are not happening. Even though all the blessings are with us… I’ve been evangelizing for the past 40 years and I’ve never thought that it was hard. It’s, “What I have, I give to you”. It’s hard because you’re trying to give something you don’t have. Isn’t that so? If you have a lot of money, it’s not that hard for you to help someone out. But if I don’t have any money whatsoever and I’m trying to help Esther, I need to go borrow money from somewhere. That’s what’s hard.
▶So really pray about this. The Church Officer Graduate School is a gathering that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world.
I requested to our Rev. Choi Jung-woong. “Pastor, right now, we call this ‘evangelism theology training’, but shouldn’t we at least be helping them to evangelize?” I was really surprised. This pastor fully analyzed even better than the young people. I was really surprised. So there’s only one thing left for us to do. Church officer graduate school students just need to gather and put together their prayers.
We’ve got these adults and we’ve put all of the administration in order. So all you need to do is put together your prayers. So we don’t need to use the offering and fees from the COGS for anything else. We’ve go to support and help these people.
We’re not just having this devotional service. We’re really, correctly seeing their reality and helping them so that they can do the evangelism movement. I believe that this is the great will of God that He truly desires. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who saved us, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon all the members of the Church Officer Graduate School, be upon all the churches, be upon all the people in the field who are waiting for the Gospel, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)