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03.20.2021 – PK’s Answer of CVDIP

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Message: 2020 PK & MK Retreat- 08/24/2020
Title: PK’s Answer of CVDIP
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- 1 Peter 2:9)

▶We only have one hour together, but we must hold to the important covenant.
It’s the CVDIP answer for the PK. Everyone needs to have this, but it’s a little different for the PKs.
▶The majority of the PKs may have conflicts. For some PKs, they may have conflicts because their father is a pastor.
And others may be conflicted, thinking, “My father is the pastor, not me. I’m just going to do what I want”.
Because they’re PKs, they need to be more conscious of other people, more than other remnants. And because they are PKs, they can’t really say what they want to say.
There are many cases where they need to hold back, even though it would be okay for them to say it if they’re not a PK.
▶The things I just mentioned aren’t disadvantageous to you. If you look very carefully, there are many things within that.
No matter what anyone says, because you are PKs, you know a lot of things that other remnants don’t know. Because you’ve seen many more things than other remnants, you have something that’s far more valuable than gold.
The average remnant doesn’t know how hard things are for the pastors. They don’t actually know what kinds of hardships the missionaries face.
But you do. That might seem like a small thing. And if you view that as a conflict, it can become a conflict. But if you look carefully at that, it becomes a tremendous springboard.

▶Introduction- Stream of the Bible
First, you need to look at the stream of the Bible. There are important streams in the Bible.
1)The High Priest and the Priests
▶What is that? The king, priest, and prophet. The high priest and the priests. This is one of the great streams in the Bible. The Bible views this as the most important stream.
2)The Sons (Levites)
▶And the Bible also speaks about their sons. Even when they’re eating the food inside the tabernacle, it says to give it to the priest and his sons. Simply put, it’s the Levite tribe.
3)Universal Priesthood (1 Peter 2:9)
▶Now, this stream flowed down and as the Gospel was completed, it flowed into the answer of the universal priesthood. It’s 1 Peter 2:9. After Christ finished it all on the cross, all the peoples are part of this universal priesthood. All the peoples are kings. All the peoples are prophets. Now, you are right in the middle of this amazing stream.
▶This is a stream that no one can change. This may be the age of universal priesthood, but the stream remains the same. The tabernacle may have disappeared, but the stream of the tabernacle remains. The ark of the covenant has disappeared, but that stream remains.
▶When you look at it from that point of view, you need to be able to see this important stream.
To start with the conclusion, I’m sure you’ll have many hardships. But it shouldn’t be hard at all. Why? Because there is a separate answer you will receive.
Most times, the hardships come according to your personality. Without realizing, you may have a character of constantly seeing people’s flaws. That’s called, “legalism”. Without realizing it yourself, the Word may not be enough for you. That’s called, “(unhealthy) mysticism”. Without realizing, every time you go the field, the Gospel may disappear there. That’s called, “humanism”.
If the remnants, the PKs, are lost in these 3 things, it’ll be of a great loss to them.
Starting now, you need to begin this. “Nothing is a problem to me.” Why? Because it’s not a problem in God’s eyes. The answers right now aren’t really important. Your real answers are left ahead of you. Isn’t that so?
Joseph facing hardships because of his brothers was not what was important. If you are shocked by that, you’ll be at a great loss. So the answers you need to receive are not the things that are in front of you right now.

▶Then take a look back.
The fact that God gave you those parents is a tremendous message. God has called you to a church that’s not even independent, as the child of the pastor of that church. If you hold well to the covenant today, that becomes a tremendous message. But if you get lost in that, you won’t be able to see what’s accurate and you’ll fall into many things. Because things are too hard. Because things are too hard, you get lost in those hardships and you can’t see accurately. PKs, don’t ever be deceived by that. I surely know. When PKs succeed, they save the church. When PKs succeed, they save the pastors. When PKs conquer the world, they save the missions fields. No 2 words about that. PKs, don’t be deceived by the little things. If you’re not careful, you get deceived by people or the things in the field. And one other thing I want to say to you before we head into the main theme/message. “There isn’t much I’ve done and I don’t even study that well.” That too, is a mistake. God has what He’s going to give you, set apart for you. That’s what you need to hold on to this time.
▶I want to give a bit of my testimony. I’m sure you’ve heard this before many times, but there’s something I really want you to hear.
The environment and age I was born into was really terrible. Some of you have at least been able to go overseas or meet foreigners. But I wasn’t in a situation where I could go overseas. Without an exception, every single person in the adult generation I saw was lost in hardships. The covenant I held on to during that time was the important Gospel and evangelism. It was very vague and I didn’t know what I needed to do, but I knew what I mustn’t do. That’s what God showed me. “I can’t live this way. God is Almighty, but why am I so powerless?” Isn’t that so? And this wasn’t even about resenting the adults or resenting the church. But I thought, “God is the Creator God. Why are we so poor and unable to evangelize?”. I held to that when I was your age. “This is not it. This is not God’s will.” Even though I just did that, answers came.
And it was just as I expected. I was an assistant pastor for a long time. The reason is because I was studying theology in Busan and I thought, “I can’t do it like this”. So I decided to go back to college. I went back to college because I realized I needed to have a more solid and firm foundation/base. And I did that after 2 years of studying in seminary. After graduating college, I needed to go to graduate school. So I went to Kosin University. I was in the graduating class of Kosin University, but the denomination I was affiliated with was not the Kosin denomination. It was the Hapdong denomination. So I transferred to a graduate school of the Hapdong denomination. That length of time was significantly long. But that was really helpful to me. And because of that, I was able to spend many years in different churches as an assistant pastor. I had expected it, but every church I went to had hardships. At that time, I didn’t just hold to the covenant, I firmly held onto it. I saw how the pastors and elders were having great conflicts. The decision I made at that time. “When I become a pastor, I’m not going to push my own opinions. I will serve until the elders realize God’s will.” But there wasn’t even one elder who made my life difficult. They all supported me so that I can evangelize. This is the covenant I held to when I was your age. When I was young. You need to hold to this now. In the next church I went to, the pastor wasn’t a pastor. He was a tyrant. This is what I learned at that time. “I’m never going to try to dominate the church.”
The next church I went to was a very well-known church in Korea, but the elders were really something else. They were doing whatever they wanted in the church, using worldly methods. The pastor couldn’t do anything. The church was full of such renown individuals. One of the representative figures is Elder Kim Kwang-il. He was the one who served in the Blue House. He’s so smart. I had deep thoughts as I began the Darakbang movement there. “I will only do the Gospel movement. I’m not going to do those things. I will do only the evangelism movement.” That’s what I set my heart to. Until now, God has guided me to do evangelism. So there’s nothing for you to worry about. Your bad circumstances are all springboards. If you really look at after it passes, it’s nothing, but we get deceived.
The next church I went to was a church that didn’t do anything. They didn’t say it directly, straight up, but they didn’t want me to do anything. There, I met a few laypeople. I met laypeople who did the evangelism movement without saying a word. Humbly, they only evangelized. The church began to grow. The elders said, “There aren’t enough chairs in our church these days”. Assistant pastors, you need to be cautious. You must not be obvious. Without being obvious, I did the Gospel movement. I received many blessings there. Why did I do that? That’s the only thing I was capable of doing. I couldn’t do anything else. Later on, I realized that I didn’t need to do anything else.
In the last church I went to, I served as an associate pastor, but that church was a fighting church. The kind of church where police had to come to break up the fights. It was shocking. There’s something I found at that time. I spoke to the pastor and elders. “There are so many good people in our church. There are so many committed people in our church. There are many young adults who will evangelize in our church. There are many kids who will do world evangelization in our church. I want to run an evangelism school.” Unanimously, the pastor and all the elders said, “okay”. The start of all the evangelism movement I’m doing now, came from there. The pastor made so many mistakes. And everyone turned their backs on the pastor.
I sincerely held the pastor’s hand. Why? Because if the pastor loses strength, everyone dies. So that pastor comes looking for me even now. All I did was just briefly help the pastor, but he was so moved by that. That church seems to be continuously facing hardships, but I left. I did this world evangelization for the past 30 years.
▶What is the greatest answer I received from among that? I saw the remnant movement in advance. For that, the church officers exist. That’s why we do the remnant movement.
So you need to determine in your hearts once more. You may think, “I’m nothing”. You might even think, “Can I really do this evangelism that the adults and Rev. Ryu relay to me?”.
By my experience, it’s not about qualification or capability. No one was acknowledging it, but I was holding on to that covenant. That covenant is absolutely fulfilled. No one can block God’s covenant. No one can change God’s covenant. No one can steal away God’s covenant. This covenant will be fulfilled upon the remnants.

▶Main- That is why there are 3 things that the remnants, the PKs, must know. End everything with just this message today. There’s only one lecture this time, but that’s good. We don’t need to do 2. You already heard everything during the Remnant Conference.

1.PK’s Heavenly Mandate (Mission)→ CVDIP Answer
▶Take that as you heavenly mandate. Do you understand? This is what we call, “mission”. Just hold on to that. How must you hold on to it? It’s the CVDIP answer and how should you hold to this?
1)Seeing in Advance (Way)→ Absolute Sovereignty +Nothing +Everything (Covenant, All Covenant)
▶See in advance. It’s not difficult. When you face a hardship, look at it with the covenant. Then that becomes the way. That’s it. No matter what anyone says, if our PKs see the accurate covenant in advance, that becomes the way. What way does that become?
(1)Absolute Sovereignty- It becomes the way that is within God’s absolute sovereignty. Let’s say you put that aside and think, “I need to study”. Good. But even unbelievers do those studies. Let’s say you lose hold of all this and ask, “What do I need to do?”. That’s an unnecessary question. At least you, don’t do that. No matter what anyone says, you are a PK. Do you understand? You are someone within God’s absolute sovereignty. No need to resent the adults. Give thanks. They’re the ones who allowed you to be. Why? God gives you a mission with His absolute sovereignty.
(2)Nothing- This absolute sovereignty is what nobody can give to you. That’s why you hold to the covenant.
(3)Everything- If you hold to this covenant, you save everything.
▶This is what we call “Covenant”. Isn’t that so?
There’s a hardship you’re facing right now. Hold on to the accurate covenant. And even if you’ve done something wrong. Say, “God, I’ve done wrong. I need your grace”. Just hold on to it like that. “I have no strength. I need your power.”
If you do it like this, all things become the Covenant. Even though you fall, the covenant is fulfilled. Even if you just went, the covenant is fulfilled. It’s a sure thing. You don’t understand these words, you need to hold to something else. You, the precious people of this age. Should you be holding on to something else? Unbelievers cannot understand these words. But that doesn’t mean there’s a reason for us to lose hold of this too.
2)Possessing in Advance (Power)→ Absolute Plan +Age +Spiritual System (Vision, All Vision)
▶If you see in advance, you can possess in advance. This is the kind of answer that comes. You’re able to undoubtedly possess what you see in advance. This becomes your power. You didn’t have any power, but God gives you power. It’s the mission regarding this. So PKs, you need to receive this as your heavenly mandate. It’s okay even if someone mocks your or ridicules you. It doesn’t matter. The Word is bound to be fulfilled.
(1)Absolute Plan- If you have this power, you’re able to see the absolute plan. It’s more specific. The absolute sovereignty is the greater picture and inside of this, you see the absolute plan.
(2)Age- What kind of plan is that? It’s the plan of seeing the age. “My church is a dependent church.” Do you know what you can see at this time? “It’s the age of dependency.” 90% of the people in the world are dependent. Your eyes, to see this, must open.
(3)Spiritual System- From this point on, what do you see? You can equip yourself with a spiritual system.
▶This is what’s called “Vision”. You’ve seen the age. So you possess this. Because Joseph had this, he wasn’t shaken. He faced a lot of hardships. But still, he remained steadfast. It’s the mission regarding this. Right now, I’m organizing what I spoke about at the World Remnant Conference.
3)Enjoying in Advance (Journey)→ Absolute Covenant +Age (Field) +24 System (Dream, All Dream)
▶If you have this, you can enjoy it. If you have this, all things become your Vision. You don’t even need to ask what your Vision is. Because you already have God’s covenant, everything, all things, become the Vision. Even if someone criticizes you, that too, becomes a part of your Vision. “Someone is looking down on me.” That too is a Vision. In the past, people really disregarded me a lot, but that was also Vision. While I was doing the evangelism movement, there was persecution. That too, is Vision. And this is how God’s works begin to arise. If you have/possess, you’re able to enjoy. From this point, the journey begins. You go to school and this journey begins.
(1)Absolute Journey- Then you realize that this journey is within the absolute covenant. Because it’s the covenant God has given to you, it becomes the absolute covenant.
(2)Age (Field)- What can you see from that point on? You see the age, but you don’t just see the age. You’re able to see the field. From this point on, you realize, “This is what I need to do”. This is what you see. That’s “Dream”. “Oh, this is what I need to do.”
(3)24 System- Then finally, this comes out. You have the 24-hr system of fulfilling that dream. Now, because Joseph knew he was on his to Egypt, whether he did this or that, everything became his 24 hours. Because Moses knew that they would enter Canaan, whether this or that happened, it was all a part of his 24.
▶I’m sure there are problems before you. Don’t be concerned about them. I’m sure there are things you made mistakes about. Don’t be concerned about that. It’s all a part of the journey. Then it becomes “All Dream”. Everything you face, fulfills the Dream. Don’t just know this, but grab hold of the mission to transmit/relay.
You are PKs. No matter how much you talk about the difficulties of the church to the average remnant, they won’t understand. Even if you grab an average PK and talk about all the difficulties of missionaries and pastors, they won’t understand. But you know. This is a tremendous thing.
4)Conquer in Advance (Method)→ Absolute Journey +Word and Prayer +25 Kingdom (Image, All Image)
▶Answers begin from this point on. It will come. What will? Now, you’re not going out to conquer. You’re heading towards something that has already been conquered. You’re conquering in advance. This is our method. We are finding our way towards what God has already given to us. This is the PK’s method.
(1)Absolute Journey- From this point on, what do you see? You begin to see the absolute journey, one by one. You’re holding on to the covenant and you find the absolute journey.
(2)Word and Prayer- From this point on, something amazing happens. The Word and prayer begin to be fulfilled. Isn’t that so? Because this Word and prayer get fulfilled, no one can say anything.
(3)25 Kingdom- Finally, wherever you go, the same things that happened to the remnants will happen to you. The answer of 25 hours, God’s kingdom comes.
▶This is what we refer to as the journey, actualization, and Image. When you look back, you realize everything fulfills the Word. All Image. Everything brings about God’s image. Why? Because you have God’s image. So everything is being brought to fulfillment.
▶What are you worried about? It’s from this point on that diseases also disappear. Don’t worry about your spiritual problems. They will disappear on their own. Don’t worry about your weaknesses. They’ll disappear on their own. Finally, one day, unbelievers will look at you and think, “Wow, I need to believe in God too”. That’s 25. What you possess comes to you as an answer. This is what you must hold to as your mission. All you need to know is how you’re going to apply it in the field. In my case, this is what happened, If you go to the field, everyone is facing hardships. And people don’t understand what you’re saying. What are you going to do? When you go there, almost everyone is using humanism. Regardless of whether they’re a pastor or and elder, they like the things that bring them gain while they hate the things that bring them loss. So without even realizing, I found myself not saying anything. What I realized there was the 24-hour prayer and 25-hour answer. It comes one day. To the remnant. You will also be surprised. You need to be ready for it. I was also surprised. Honestly, I didn’t know that it would come this way. If that is so, I would have looked carefully, in advance, at the many people who attacked me, but I wasn’t able to do that. That was my mistake. Because I didn’t know it would arise like this. I’m sure you’re like that as well. Even though you hear that God’s 25-hr kingdom will come upon you, you might not have much expectations in your heart, wondering, “How can that happen to me?”.
▶When the evangelism movement was arising in the beginning in Busan, some of the pastors were political pastors and they called me out to hang out with them. In actuality, that’s a good thing, right? But I didn’t have the time to be hanging around like that. I accepted their invitation once and they just sat in the public sauna the whole day. I thought, “Can I really be spending my time here like this?”. They invited me again. And I didn’t go. That was my mistake. What they had meant through all of that was that they wanted to get along with me. They weren’t actually trying to just grab coffee with me. They didn’t do that to really only go to the public bathhouse with me. They were saying, “We want to get to know you and be your friend”. But I didn’t understand their intentions. I could have given them some money to pay for the things they were doing and I could have told them to have a good time. If I think about it now, I realize I made a huge mistake. Why am I saying this? Great answers will come to you, so don’t make mistakes like that. Why? You might not find it believable, thinking, “How can we overturn the world?”. I didn’t have those arrogant thoughts before either. “I need to rightfully share the Gospel, but how is this supposed to overturn anything?” I couldn’t think about that in the past. But these days, as the days go by, the remnants are arising. I can surely say. Your existence itself is valuable. You don’t have to do anything. Your existence itself is valuable. You must remember that. Just the fact that the remnants have the covenant, that itself is a blessing. Why is that? Because there is something that God will fulfill.
5)Fulfill in Advance (Eternity)→ Absolute Goal +Future +Nobody (Practice, All Practice)
▶What kind of work does He fulfill? When God called you, He did so after fulfilling everything. You need to be able to see this. What is there to worry about? Christ has finished everything. You don’t need anything else. Christ finished it all. What he said was, “I will be with you. Always.” More importantly, “I will go and send you the Comforter, the Holy Spirit”. How scientific is that? If we can see him with our eyes, he can’t be with all of us, but he said that he will send the Comforter, the Holy Spirit. He already fulfilled it all in advance. We call this “eternity”. We’re not doing things with the things that are temporary.
(1)Absolute Goal- It’s the eternal covenant of God and here, we see the absolute goal.
(2)Future- And what else? You see the future. You’re able to naturally see the future.
(3)Nobody- And then there’s something that comes from there. You must go to the field of ‘Nobody’. It’s okay even if there’s nothing. Go to the field of Nobody. Go, give thanks, and pray. There, God’s kingdom will come. That was the last lecture.
▶This is what we call “practice”. We call this, “masterpiece”. Then everything becomes “practice”. These are the results that come. Receive this as your mission. Undoubtedly. You’re different from other remnants. You are PKs. You are MKs that God has set apart. “This is my mission.”

2.PK’s Calling (Internship)
▶What comes out from that point on? Your calling. Isn’t that so? We call this, “internship”. It begins to come out in full-scale.
There’s an internship you must do here.
▶Not knowing this, believers and unbelievers alike have scars. You are the committed workers who will heal this. Everyone has them. These scars have more influence than you might think. It’s scarier than cancer. If you know that you have cancer, you’re able to know that and treat it. But because these scars are hidden, it’s easy to be deceived.
(1)Deep Scars- Right now, individuals have deep scars. Everyone…
(2)Mixed Scars- They come to church and everything becomes mixed. Open your eyes to see this. Rightfully, they come to church and say strange things. The church members hold on to their difficult scars and they come to church. Without them realizing it, it comes out. When their scars come out, they don’t present it saying, “These are the scars that I have”. They present it by saying, “This person is like this. That person is like that”. When their scars come out, it comes out by them saying, “The elders are like this and that”. You must quickly catch on to that. These people cannot heal their scars.
(3)Concealed Scars- Then, they go out to the world and when they do, they can’t make it noticeable. So they conceal it. You’re facing hardships now and when you go out to the world, there are harder things there. What are you going to do? These are the kinds of people who are living in the world. These scars need to be viewed spiritually. So if it isn’t through the Gospel, they cannot be healed. Accurately speaking, these scars are given by Satan. Because they’re given by Satan, no one can heal them. They can’t be healed. They do all these strange things and then their lives crumble as well.
▶So see how important your calling is. Make all this into your springboard. Why? There’s no way you can forget. How can you forget your past?
(1)Answer- As you make this your springboard here, don’t ever lose hold of this and seek out the answer.
(2)CVDIP- Don’t be deceived by the words of others. Make this your springboard and turn this into your CVDIP. That way, you can continue on. Do you understand?
(3)Answer- Then all these many scars will change into answers. Because you have the answer, you’re able to receive the answer. You’re able to give the solution to others. That’s how it happens. Absolutely, the answer will come as your answers.
▶Starting now, turn all your problems into your springboards. Don’t forget about them. There’s no way we can forget about them. Make them in to your springboard. If there is a stone on the path, for those who are weak, it becomes a stumbling block. For the strong, it becomes stepping stone. Isn’t that so? If you get deceived, it’s over. If Satan can deceive, it’s over. Naturally, unbelievers are deceived. Unbelievers, if they yield, it’ll benefit them. But they never yield and try to rush into the fight. No matter how renown they may be, that’s what unbelievers are like. But even believers are doing that. You must not be taken in by that. Joseph was not deceived by his brothers, who, like insects, only thought about what to eat. He was not deceived by the people who were always resenting and complaining, who were living their lives as slaves making idols for Egypt. Why would David be deceived by the demon-possessed Saul? You must not be deceived. There was no reason to be deceived by Israel’s leaders who were latching on just to gain a bit of profit from Rome.
▶Then something important will come to you. Through you, the work of Exodus will take place. This is your calling. Do you understand? Through you, exodus from Philistia. Through you, exodus from Aram. Through you, exodus from Babylon. Through you, exodus from Rome. What’s the conclusion? It’s exodus from Satan. You need to rescue people from that.
▶This is your calling. If you apply this properly, the rest will follow.

3.PK’s Mission (Life Forum)
▶There is a more important mission. This is the life forum you need to head towards. I’m sure there are many, but especially 3.
1)King- LeaderX
▶You’ll be surprised too. The remnants did what kings could not do. That is your mission. He went as a slave, but he did what Pharaoh could not do. Isn’t that so? Moses did what the Pharaoh, of the next generation, couldn’t do. Samuel and David did what the king of Israel, Saul, could not do. No one was able to overcome the king of Aram, but they were able to. People like Daniel and his friends inspired 4 kings. Ultimately, to Paul, He said, “Do not fear. You must stand before Caesar.” You probably won’t find it believable. But these are the facts. This is your mission. All the answers will come from here (main points). I’ll speak more about it in the conclusion.
2)DoctorX (Spiritual Problem)
▶You’ll do what kings, leaders, and doctors cannot do. We call these the “spiritual problems”. The doctors can’t heal this. Right now, mental illnesses are arising, but doctors can’t heal that. Diseases of the heart and mind continue to arise. People continue to have divided and split minds. Struggling, they’re holding on to something incorrect. Obsession. That’s how they’re living. That obsession may briefly look like success. But it goes beyond that. People become addicts. They do things that they shouldn’t. Doctors can’t heal this. You can do it easily. If you can just change it this way, you can heal them all.
3)ScienceX (Human Extermination)
▶Your third mission. You’ll do what scientists can’t do. Scientists can only make science. Do you know what will come in the future? An age of human extermination. Now is not the time for you to be having petty conflicts in the church. Think of it this way. They’re just putting on a show and tell. There’s no need for you to be affected by the useless words of some of the church members. They’re just putting on a little show. PKs, don’t be deceived by that.
▶This was when I was in college so it’s been more than 40 years. 40 years ago, I read this book and the name of the book was <Frankenstein>. While reading that, I was really surprised. It’s about how in the future, times will change and machines and robots will ultimately swallow up humankind. I read that kind of book when I was in college. I didn’t just happen to stumble across that book. It was in the curriculum for one of my classes and it was in English so I just read to study some English as well. While reading, I was wondering if I wasn’t fully understanding because my English wasn’t perfect. Because there were words there that I just could not understand at all. But looking at things now, I realize that that age has come. Don’t worry about your studies. Everything is going to change in the future. Right now, you’re facing a golden opportunity.

♠Conclusion- CVDIP of the Future
▶Then this is the conclusion we come to. What kind of conclusion?
You’re heading out in advance and now, you’re not just seeing the CVDIP in advance. Go and grab it from the far future. 5 futures. The things that are coming to you from the distant future. That’s what you’re holding on to ahead of time. These days, even if you study well and get good grades, you won’t be able to get job. Quickly catch on to that. Politicians don’t know the spiritual things so they criticize the president about how he’s not creating more jobs and whatnot, but no matter how much they complain, it’ll be useless.
1)Today, Slave, Shepherd, Captive
▶Then today, in the small things you do, see these 5 things. Then what will happen? Because you’re not old yet, you can’t hold on to the great things. So hold to the little things. Do you understand? Then let me give you an example. Joseph went as a slave. And David went as a shepherd. And the friends in Babylon went as captives. That’s what happened to them. From there, they found all 5 of these things. You don’t need to find the big things. Just find it all in this. Today. Always. When you go to church, the church members are strange. Find it there. There are renown elders, but there are strange elders as well. So find this.
▶As you do this, you can find these 5 things in your studies. Number 1 is the true answer and number 2 is the true studies. Then I’m sure there are many questions you want to ask. I’m sure you need to receive many answers from other people as well, but begin and continue to pray, holding on to this message. Then you’ll be able to see this.
3)Lifelong CVDIP
▶Then as you do that, you’ll be able to find your lifelong CVDIP regarding your future. Because many remnants lack experience, they’ll wonder and think, “Should I do it this way or that way?”. You can ask that question, but you don’t have to.
▶So how did I begin, 40 years ago, when I was your age? I saw in advance. For me, it was easy. “The church may say they do, but they don’t have the Gospel, the covenant.” That’s what I held to. Then what must I do in the fields I go to? I found the simple answer. And it’s not just the church. The believers have no Vision. They don’t have the Vision that God gives. “Oh, I need to explain this and hold to this.” When you go into the field, there’s even less. In the field, all they know is what they’re going to eat and how much money they’re going to make. Here, I held to the sure Dream. “I must proclaim only this Gospel.” From that point on, I was able to see God’s kingdom come. If you become like that, no matter who you may be, you’ll be strengthened. That time schedule will come to you, remnants. At this time, you see something important. The “nobody masterpiece”. No one can copy it. Even if they know it, they won’t be able to imitate this. The evangelism movement you’re doing right now? No one will be able to imitate it. It looks simple, but it’s not for them.
▶Who are standing right in the middle of all of this? The PKs and MKs. In a sense, you need to help the remnants. In our worldwide PK system, you need to save the shaking remnants. Honestly, yes, you can just leave them alone. But if you serve, this will change into a great movement. That’s what we call the “RUTC Movement”. The reason why you form this system is for the 1st-5th RUTC Movement. This is what we have seen in advance. The remnants must see this. There may be many hardships. At times, you might do something wrong. Right? At times, because you lack power, you might not be able to do anything. Why is that? God is telling you to hold to this. He has a separate heavenly mandate, calling, and mission for you.
▶What’s more important. God will fulfill it. Just don’t be alarmed. Many answers will come. We’ve got our elders and pastors here who have been with me from the beginning. I can speak frankly with them, especially with our Rev. Kim Dae-eun, about the things we’ve been through. But not knowing this, because many answers arise, many people are just looking at the answers. Because great works are arising, that’s all they look at. We’ve never faced financial hardship so they’re just looking at the finances. Rightfully, while doing the evangelism movement, the works arose and we never worried about finances. But people who don’t know only look at that. Remnants, don’t be like that. You need to hold on to God’s important covenant. Day by day, one by one, those answers will be fulfilled. It’s not that the answers are not here right now. You rightfully should not have answers. It’s not that you’re facing hardships at this time. It’s rightful. Why? Because that’s your springboard. Because that’s what your asset is going to be.
▶I love all remnants. I especially have a special place in my heart for the PKs and MKs. What’s the reason for that? Because you know the church. Because you know the elders, the missionaries, and the pastors. Just think that you have that great asset. So these 5 things will absolutely be fulfilled for you. I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you’re able to hold on to that as the covenant and begin. Let us pray

Father God, we thank You. Today, our Pks have gathered together. In hundreds of places, they’re grabbing hold of the covenant. May this become an important start in which the thoughts of our PKs completely change. Let them not be discouraged and help them to know that this is an important springboard. Let them know that it’s not that they lack the skill. It’s that they don’t need it. Help them know that it’s not that they lack power, but that they don’t need that unnecessary power. May Your true CVDIP be fulfilled. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon all PKs, both now and always, forever. Amen.