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03.19.2021 – Holy Articles, Vows, and Freewill Offerings

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 2nd Service- 08/23/2020
Title: Holy Articles, Vows, and Freewill Offerings
Scripture: Leviticus 22:17-20
>> Thank you. The hardest time for me to give a sermon is during a wedding. Of course, the atmosphere does play a part, but the most important reason is because there’s no praise. I don’t think I’ll be able to give a sermon if there was no choir to go before me. Do you know why? All of our answers are receiving during the worship. When the Israelites gave worship of applying the blood of the lamb, the miracles arose. God bestowed tremendous miracles through Joshua when the Israelites gathered to give the final worship in the wilderness. The age was changed when the Israelites gathered at Mizpah to worship. After the believers gathered in Mark’s upper room and prayed, the works of saving all of Rome arose. That’s why we have praise prior to sermon. This is a spiritually tremendous thing.
>> I’m not telling you not to listen to worldly music, but people who listen to and sing a lot of worldly music end up having spiritual problems that they can’t fix. It’s unfortunate, but it’s difficult to fix/heal. The reason is because it’s been there for a long time. Because those secular songs have completely been set in their imprints, root, and nature, it’s difficult to fix. An unbelieving physician said this. That there are patients who are tall the same cancer patients and that the Christians who praise and give worship get better more quickly. So when you praise, not only does God receive glory, but the evil spirits flee. The prayer that you give during worship is a tremendous prayer. When we were in the Jangji-dong region, we received a phone call telling us not to give worship. This was when we were giving our worship in the 3rd floor basement. As we were singing praises and hymns before God, I prayed to Him. “God, give us a church building where we can save the 237 nations, provide 237 healing, and raise the remnants of the 237 nations.” I mostly pray whenever you are praising. Really. That’s when I can call out in a loud voice to pray and no one can hear me. During the time of praise is when I really cling to God, praying earnestly and usually, those are the prayers that are answered.
>> Today, we see in the passage, “holy articles”, “vows”, and “freewill offerings”.
Then through today’s worship, you must receive a lot of answers. If you cannot have one thing take place within the Gospel, you are a failed individual. Or, you will encounter failure. What is this? Even if you have the Gospel, if one thing does not take place for you, then you are a failed individual.
What do you think it is? Some people say that things won’t take place if prayer doesn’t take place, but that’s not the answer. It’s thanksgiving. If you do not have genuine thanksgiving regarding the church, you will really lose hold of many things. If you are not grateful about the Lord’s servants and our church officers, you can just consider it this way; that you’ve lost hold of everything.
If you cannot give sincere thanksgiving before God, then you’ve already failed. Or, you will fail. If you’re not failed now, you will fail in the future. Inside of that, your past, present, and future is contained. This “thanksgiving” is different from the one unbelievers speak about. Believers throughout the nation, listen to this and look in the Bible. There were remnants in the midst of great despair and anguish. Yet, they had the greatest thanksgiving. The people who suffered the most in the Old Testament were Joseph and David. Yet, the ones who used the word, “thanksgiving” the most were Joseph and David. In the early church days, the one who suffered the most was Paul. But every time he opened his mouth, he gave thanksgiving. Not just simple, habitual thanksgiving, but genuine thanksgiving before God.
>> People with mental disorders are never thankful. If you’re mentally ill, you don’t see any reason to be thankful. You only see the problems. Why? Because you can’t see the answer. If you’re standing where the answer is, you are able to give thanks, but you’re standing on the side of the problem. As you take the path of our life, there are problems. Then there absolutely are answers to those problems. There is an answer for every problem. Then you need to be standing in line with the answers. But because you’re standing in line with problems, there’s no way you can be thankful. That’s why today is a very important time for you.
>> Introduction- There are a few things you must consider in the introduction.
1)One Who Has Received Salvation- WITH +Immanuel +Oneness
>> A few things you must keep in mind. What kind of individual is the one who has received salvation? There’s no need for the saved to have that identity of “me”. Isn’t that so? Because God is with them. The saved have no need to insist on their own obstinate ways. In one sense, for you to be so stubborn can mean that you haven’t received salvation. Why? For us, it’s Immanuel. Even if you deny it, God is with you. It’s just you, who is deluded. God is guiding you through the Holy Spirit, invisibly, in the most perfect why. Satan, most perfectly, will try to attack your weaknesses. But fully knowing that, God blesses you most perfectly. Even if there are hardships, they’re not hardships. It’s Oneness.
2)One Who Enjoys the True Gospel
>> The second thing you must remember. Among those who have been saved, there are those who enjoy the true Gospel. You might ask, “Isn’t that the same thing?”, but no. There are people who have been saved, who don’t enjoy the Gospel. Because people really don’t enjoy the Gospel, even unbelievers say. “It’s better off that you don’t go to church if you’re going to be in that state.” That’s what unbelievers say. They look at believers and say, “It would be better for you not to go to church”. What does that mean? It means that that person has been saved, but they’re not enjoying the true Gospel.
(1)Need- If you enjoy the Gospel, you don’t really need anything else. Why? Because you already possess everything and you can enjoy everything. Isn’t that so? Just wait and see. If our church is really the church share the Gospel, wait and see how God will work. From that perspective, I’m able to look at the assistant pastors and elders and see them to be so precious. Our remnants are so precious. I look at the choir and they’re so precious. Why? Because God has given us the Gospel. When I hear that people are fighting with one another I don’t really find that understandable. If I see people in the wrong, I don’t hate them. I have pity on them. “How difficult must their spiritual state be, that they’re in that kind of state?” Those who enjoy the Gospel don’t really need much because they already possess everything.
(2)100 Years- For those who realize and enjoy the Gospel, if you experience suffering and persecution, you receive a 100 years’ worth of answers. Look in the Bible.
(3)1000 Years- And if you genuinely repent, you receive a thousand-year answer. Repent about what? There may be many things. “Why did we come all the way to Egypt?” That’s what we must repent about. Those who realized that received a thousand years’ worth of answers.
>> Do you understand? “Why have we come all the way to Babylon again?” “How did we end up being colonized by Rome and become people of no freedom?” Because they lost hold of the Gospel, the covenant, God drove them there to preach it. It was God’s absolute will for the Israelites to go as slaves to Egypt. Why? That way, they would do world evangelization. Because they weren’t doing it. So those who realized this received a thousand years’ worth of answers. Do you understand? I guess my sermons are difficult to comprehend for some people. Those who are constantly criticizing me aren’t inspired by my words. Instead, they’re criticizing me. So I thought about it. “What am I doing wrong?” There are many people who are criticizing me. If they had received grace, they wouldn’t be criticizing me. So I keep thinking to myself, “Is my sermon method wrong? Is it the way I talk? What could be the problem?”. But this is so very important.
>> But there is one thing you must keep in mind. It’s that those who have been saved and those who enjoy the true Gospel are taking the path of the wilderness. Moses’ Pentateuch is an account of the Israelites’ journey through the wilderness. But in actuality, our lives are also in the path of the wilderness. We see something very important here.
(1)Two Types of People- You see 2 types of people emerge. As they walked through the wilderness, there were people who believed in God and a vast majority of people who didn’t. This commonality among the people who are walking through the wilderness.
(2)Two Results- As a result, there are 2 outcomes/results. Those who were able to enter into Canaan and those who were not. Among those who saw Egypt, there were only 2 people who entered into the land of Canaan. Isn’t that tremendous? There are only 2 people who saw Egypt and also entered the land of Canaan. They were Joshua and Caleb. That’s why we look at their footsteps of faith. That’s why we look to the book of Joshua and see what he did. No one else could go into Canaan so God allowed this generational shift to take place. They took in the newly born remnants. Simply put, they took the people who had not seen Egypt. Those who were not scar-laden from Egypt entered into Canaan. That’s why they needed those long years in the wilderness. That’s why the synagogues were important. That’s why the tabernacle was important there. That’s where they educated and raised the remnants. You see these 2 different results come out.
(3)Thanksgiving- Here, there were those who gave thanks. Most people were complaining. These people gave thanks. Then does this mean that you should not be conscious of problems and not have any conflicts? That’s not what this means. We should conscious of the problems that we face. That’s not what I’m saying we shouldn’t have. But I’m talking about how you need to surpass that level. If I point out this person’s problem without providing an answer/solution to that, then I become the same person as them. If I speak about this person’s weaknesses without helping them, I become a very bad person. Isn’t that so? If I talk about this person’s weaknesses without even helping them, how weak does that make me? I’m not telling you to just abruptly or suddenly give thanks. You must save your soul/spirit. Save your life. And save your future. It’s a tremendous thing that does all of that.

>> Main- Then as we give our worship here in this new sanctuary, what must we give thanks for?

1.Holy Articles→ Thanksgiving to God Who Gave Us Life
>> It says here, “the holy articles”. We give thanks to God who gave us life. What is more important than this? You must understand this as 3 things.
>> All of the articles in the tabernacle were holy articles. There are tremendous, life-giving holy articles inside of the tabernacle.
2)Spiritual Nourishment
>> Inside of this, there are so many spiritual nourishments that we cannot see with our eyes.
>> Today, as it speaks about the holy articles, it speaks about how it needs to be given to the priests so that they can eat of it. After Christ completed it all on the cross, all of God’s people have become priests (universal priesthood). That’s what the Old Testament is teaching us the importance of. It continues to say that you need to set aside a portion for the priest whenever you’re eating something or whenever there’s something to eat. This doesn’t mean, “Fill the stomachs of the servants of the Lord”. This actually is a very important thing. God’s ultimate goal was to raise up all the people as a universal priesthood. We must give thanks to God who has given us life. Isn’t that so? There is no greater blessing than this.

2.Vow Offering→ Thanksgiving to God Who Gave Us the Covenant
>> Second. It says, “vows”. What is a vow? It means to give thanks to God who has given us the covenant. You must restore your thanksgiving.
>> God promised many things. Among them, what is the greatest promise that He has given? He has given us many promises and what is the most important of them? He came to Moses who was completely devoid of all strength and He said, “Take my people out”. He came to this old man who possessed nothing and said, “Take my people and go give a blood sacrifice”. And He gave him a promise. “I will be with you with my mighty hand.” This is the promise. How thankful are we for this? In order to deliver the Israelites…
>> So he held onto this covenant and this promise was fulfilled exactly. If that’s the case, what does it mean, to give this vow offering before God? You must discover this today. That’s why, remnants, you must see in advance. You must possess in advance. You must enjoy in advance. You must conquer in advance. And you must fulfill it in advance. This is the answer.
>> Then how about for you? All of you listening to the message today, don’t just listen to it halfheartedly. There is an important covenant of God inside this vow. Discovering this is everything. What is it? It’s the mission. You don’t have to make it some grand, extravagant mission. It should be appropriate/suitable to you and truthful.
>> I believe that the pastors at our church are so, very important. My remaining prayer topic, for the duration of my ministry, is to raise up those individuals to do world evangelization. Why? I say this to the pastors. You must accurately hold on to the mission. I spoke of 5 things to the remnants recently (WRC), but if you combine all that together, it’s just one word. It’s “mission”. You must hold on to the mission accurately for the journey to be seen and we call that, “Internship”. When that becomes clear, you’re able to see how you must live your life and you end up sharing that. That’s called, “Forum”. How great is this? What must all our elders do? You must accurately hold on to the mission. What must our senior deaconesses, church officers do right now? You must accurately hold on to God’s Gospel, the mission and that’s your everything. That’s this vow. Why? Because God has given us this covenant.
>> There’s no way I can lack in thanksgiving regarding you. I’m so lacking, but God has allowed me to meet you to do world evangelization. I’m so very grateful for you and that, but there’s a confession I have to make. When I was a seminary student, I accurately held on to the mission. That, I can give a testimony about. I’m not competent in any other area, but the one thing I had clearly was that mission. The Bible doesn’t just explain the Gospel. The Bible explains, only the Gospel. Do you understand? The Bible doesn’t talk about simple evangelism. It records only evangelism, for you to have the strength to save the world. Isn’t that so? But the church teaches a diluted Gospel. It’s not wrong. But it’s not accurate to the Bible. Because in the Word, it’s “only Gospel”. You receive answers and you receive strength. It’s “only witness” to save this world. “I must speak of this. I must find this and speak of this.” This is the mission I held on to. So the moment you hold on to this mission, everything begins to change. It’s talking about that vow. It’s not a simple vow we give while giving a promise.
>> There was an elder who said, “I prayed to be pastor since I was young, but I became and elder and that’s something that pains me even to this day”. So I said, “Don’t ever become a pastor.” That’s not the kind of vow I’m talking about. We have a misunderstanding about this. In your field, in your line of occupation, and in your church, what is the mission that God desires for you to hold on to? If you realize this, do you know what will result? Everywhere, in every place, you’ll have answers and thanksgiving. If your mission is clear, you need this person. If your mission isn’t clear, you don’t need this person. If I have the accurate mission, people like deaconess Lee, the accompanist, will be seen as precious and necessary. She’s been doing that since she was a student in Busan. Her family is also a family of witnesses. When I went into Busan and explosive works of evangelism were taking place in Yeongdo, it was her parents and her grandmother who were there. So every time I see her, I value her. But if I don’t have a clear mission, I won’t be able to see if that person is precious or not. If someone is a bit kind to you, you’ll be please and if someone doesn’t treat you that well, you’d be offended. That’s the only kind of level you could be on.
>> Today, you must really receive answers. It’s not a complicated thing for you to grab hold of God’s Word. What is more regrettable than not having a mission in your once-in-a-lifetime mission? You’ve been called as a church officer, as a remnant. You have this one life to live and if you don’t have the mission that God has given to you, there’s nothing more regrettable than that. The things that follow after that are things like “internship”. So 5 words came out during the WRC, but that’s just to help you understand. It’s really just one word. “Mission.”

3.Freewill Offering→ Thanksgiving to God Who Guides Us
>> Number 3. The freewill offering. We are shaking all the time, but not only has God given us the covenant, He gives us guidance. That’s why they made this tabernacle before God and gave their freewill offerings. They were thankful for 3 things.
>> The Exodus. How thankful should they be? They had to live as eternal slaves. If they had children, even their children would be slaves. Same goes for us. No matter how much we raise up our children/the next generation, they’d all be slaves. But that’s where God delivered us from. If we don’t know the Gospel, no matter how much we raise up our children, they’re slaves of Satan. There are many renown individuals and without even knowing why these problems have come to them, they keep them hidden. All they need to do is realize this, but because they can’t, they’re shaken. I’ve seen many people as I evangelized and when I see them, I see, “Ah, that person has many spiritual problems. That’s why they came to Darakbang ministry”. And there are also people I see, who make me think, “Ah, that person is going to leave soon”. Why? Because through those methods and tactics, you’re not going to be healed. Inside of the Gospel, we must restore thanksgiving, let everything go, and gain spiritual strength. But if that doesn’t take place, healing will not take place. God set us free from the powers of Satan.
2)3 Feasts
>> What else? As clear evidence, He gave the 3 feasts. And He continues to guide us through this method. Those who lived their walk faith well, gathered together with their families to make the tents and keep the 3 feasts. There’s a need for you to do this at least once. You’ll need to try it with your children.
>> A few years back, my daughter had a son. She would always be taking pictures and doing all these things for him. This time, she recently had a daughter. She had a video clip this time and everything was focused on this baby. In the video I saw a glimpse of my grandson (the older child) and he was sitting there not really knowing what to do. For him it was a shock. Everyone used to look at him, but now they’re not and it’s a shock to him. All the attention is on his sister. And he finds it even more upsetting because everyone is genuinely focused on his younger sister. If not careful, spiritual problems can come to this child and there are, of course, certain scars that need to be made. But I sent a text to my daughter. “Make an event for Jungkook (the son).” And my daughter understood. So they made celebration of his 1,468th day since birth. They told him, “It’s only been 100 days since your sister was born, but for you, it’s been 1,486 days”. So they made a cake and sang songs for him. And he was completely revived because of that. The Israelites, with their children, celebrated and commemorated these 3 feasts. How thankful should we be? God guides us in this way. Through what? Through the blessing of the liberation, that is the Passover. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, that is the Pentecost. Through the blessing of the Ingathering, that is the background of heaven.
3)Tent of Meeting
>> That’s why they gathered together in the tent of meeting. That’s what they were giving thanks for as well. Even if they have a tabernacle, what’s the use of it if they don’t gather? But they gathered. We might clamor, saying, “237, 237”. But there’s no place for people of the 237 nations to come and gather. Here, that’s what God has prepared. We use these words like, “healing” and “summit”, but there’s no place for us to do that kind of work. God has prepared the most perfect place for us with so many these surrounding areas, just suitable for this.
>> I said to our elders earlier today. But we have a lot of greenery and woods surrounding this church building. So you should apply to the government for this. Get rid of all the visible trees so that we can see far into the distance and make an arboretum. You can apply to the government for that. So that we can have a place where the people in this neighborhood/vicinity can come to rest. We need to make it to the extent where people would say, “Let’s go to Immanuel Church. It’s nice in the back”. You might ask, “Where’s the money for this?”. The money is in the banks. It’s a matter of ability. To tap into that. God is able to give us all of this. So that the people in this neighborhood can come to rest. And all of this directly related to sanitation and hygiene. There’s another reason (for the arboretum). In the past, in Busan, there were many wooded areas and that’s where rapists would take female students to carry out those atrocious acts. So even then, I instructed, “Get rid of all the unnecessary trees and bushes.” So that you can see far off into the distance. It’s so nice. You can take a chair there and take a break. People need to be able to gather. Make a platform where people can gather. And make the tent of meeting where we can have this kind of outsourcing take place. We must give much thanks to God who gave us this kind of opportunity.

♠Conclusion- Future (5 Things that Happened for Those Who Grabbed Hold of the Covenant)
>> Conclusion. What’s even more important is the future. 5 things happen for people who are holding on this covenant.
1)Jordan Movement
>> What were they? The Jordan Movement arose. Why? Because they must tell the posterity about this. Because they need to remember the incident of the Red Sea that the previous generation experienced.
2)Jericho Movement
>> The Jericho Movement, that could never take place, arose. They toppled down the city that is impossible to take down with their own strength.
3)Battle Against the Amorites
>> Take a look at this. They completely prevailed over the united Amorite forces who came to attack them. God knew that they were unable to overcome them so God sent down hail and struck them in the head. The people of the covenant wanted to return to their home land and instead of helping them, they gathered their forces together to attack.
4)Anak Hill Country
>> The Anak hill country was impossible for them to overtake, but God allowed that to happen through the old man, Caleb.
5)Conquest of Canaan
>> Finally, they conquered Canaan. Because they had to do world evangelization. What came out from that is the early church and us. Isn’t that so? The power of the true Gospel will arise through you.
>> There’s one thing all of you, who are listening to the message today, must deliberate over. It’s to hold on to the accurate mission. Then that’s it. Why? Even if you hold on to the wrong mission, you’ve got to hold on to at least that to know that it’s wrong. You need to go down the path to see if it is a path or not. So if you hold on to the wrong mission, God will correct that. Holding on to the accurate mission is everything. Then these answers are bound to come. The thanksgiving for the holy articles, the vows, and the freewill offering to the Lord, who has given us life, will be restored. I bless you in the name of the Lord, that this blessing may be conveyed to all our members who are listening to this message and to all our remnants throughout the nation and the world.
>> You’re all doing hard work right now.
Yesterday, I was really pondering, “Would I be able to give the message to just a few people sitting in this vast hall?”. I may not be a specialist in anything else, but I’m a professional when it comes to giving messages. When it’s like this, it’s not easy to give the message. But the amp, the sound system, and everything is amazing. You really are amazing. Messengers have a different style of giving the message when there are 10,000 people sitting in front of them and when there are 100 people sitting in front of them. This time, with this outbreak, I grabbed hold of a prime opportunity. I thought, “Now, I can really give the sure message”. Why? Because now I can really talk and communicate. When there are 10,000-20,000 people gathered, my pace, content, and everything needs to be different. And I thought to myself, “The capacity is 5,000 people right now, but if there are only about 30 people sitting down, can I give the message?”. But I was surprised by how well I could convey this message and I thank God for every preparation that has been made. And I’m so thankful that the spiritual strength and prayers prayed by Rev. Hwang and the other pastors was really conveyed to many believers.
>> I bless you in the name of the Lord Jesus, that this may be a start in which all the remnants grab hold of the Gospel. Let us pray.

God, we thank You. May we really have the restoration of thanksgiving. May our true blessing, as those who have been saved, arise in the direction of saving others. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)