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03.18.2021 – Eternal People of the Covenant

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 1st Service- 08/23/2020
Title: Eternal People of the Covenant
Scripture: Leviticus 19:11-18

>> Our Rev. Jaenam Lee received his doctorate degree in America.
This is the result of many prayers of our believers. It’s very difficult to get a doctorate in America. It’s especially hard for a Korean national to go to the U.S. and make a splash in music. We thank God for that and we also thank you for all your prayers for him.
>> There’s a team named, “Black Diamond” in Harvard University.
What is that? It’s a place where the students can learn the tactics for business before going into the field. That’s what they’re doing in the university. Together with the professor, they’re not just learning academics. They’re practicing what they’re going to do later on in life. That’s why they’re able to seize the entire world.
>> Our remnants must hold on to the message was given during the World Remnant Conference. You must see in advance. Those who see in advance can prevail. There’s never a case where those who see later on in life succeed. Right now, our church is holding on to the words, “237, summit, and healing”. This is what we’ve seen in advance. Otherwise, we cannot be directly connected to the fields of the 237 nations. We cannot give practical healing and we cannot make summits. In that case, the church needs to shut down. And if that’s the case, there’s no purpose to our lives. Those who see in advance can also possess in advance. That’s the Covenant. And that’s the Vision. Those who possess in advance can enjoy in advance. That’s the Dream. Those who enjoy in advance have already conquered before they even set foot into that field. Those who have conquered in advance are fully cognizant of the fact that the Word of God has already been fulfilled.
>> You must begin anew. You must see the things God has given to you, in advance. Because the Israelites could not see in advance, they were taken as slaves to Egypt. And they became slaves of Satan. If you cannot see in advance, you’re once again taken as captives to Babylon. You have to get taken captive once again. If you fail to recognize how important of an answer the Word of God is, you’ll once again by colonized by Rome. So when you hold fast to the covenant, the works arise where everything begins to be renewed. It’s at this time.
>> When you go to the field, there are so many things that are difficult. When you go to the church, there are also many hardships awaiting you. Do not be deceived.
It comes out in today’s passage. They’re walking through the wilderness and they’re people who have the identity to receive the greatest blessing of all. Yet, they’re deceiving and lying to one another. Today’s message is so important. All remnants, refrain from being deceived by the words of others. Hold to God’s covenant in advance. If that happens, you will be victorious. This is an undoubted fact. Right now, we’ve had everything taken away from us by the 3 organizations. All believers of Immanuel Church, you must not be deceived by the words of others.
In verse 13, there are people oppressing their neighbors and robbing them. There are so many people like them. And they’re cursing the deaf, putting stumbling blocks before the blind, and making things difficult for those with disabilities.
It comes out in verse 15. “You shall not be partial to the poor.” Don’t be partial to them because they’re weak. At the same, “You shall not defer to the great”. Don’t treat the “great” because they’re better. Be impartial and fair.
What does it say in verse 16? “You shall not go around as a slanderer among your people.” In the bible that I have, it says, “Don’t go around speaking ill of others”. That means, don’t verbally judge others. “Don’t stand up against the life of your neighbor.” Do you know what else it says? It says, “I am the Lord”. He’s saying, “It is I. It’s is me who is speaking”. If the president comes out and says, “I speak” by the authority and office of the presidency, it’s different. If the king comes out and speaks according to a royal mandate and decree, that’s different. In the same way, God is saying, “I am the Lord.”
In verse 17, it says, “You shall not hate your brother in your heart”. Yet, we hate others. It says to not do that. “Do not take vengeance and don’t bear a grudge. Love your neighbor as yourself.” And He says once again. “I am the Lord.”
>> When our remnants return back to their fields of life, do not be deceived by these things.
Why? Because the people who fell under these things could not enter into Canaan. God extended the time period for 40 years so that they could not go in. Why? Because if they went into Canaan in this state, they would not be able to prevail. If our believers are deceived by these things, they’ll never be able to triumph. The 3 organizations see in advance and they’re racing forward. But this is the state of the Israelites today in the wilderness. They’re not doing anything well on their own, but they’re speaking ill of others. They have more of their own wrongdoings, yet they speak ill of others. They could not enter into Canaan. “Remnants, do not fear.” That’s what this means.
>> My mother church was so impoverished. Yet in that dire state, they were will speaking ill of others and were constantly fighting. At that time, what I saw before me became my spiritual, consuming passion. If believers are in that state, they cannot do world evangelization. Isn’t that so? In the church I went to as an assistant, for some reason, there were so many conflicts between the pastor and the elders. Even when I was looking at it with my young eyes, they weren’t things to be conflicted about. I served as an assistant pastor in many churches and when I went to the next church, the pastor there did whatever he pleased. In another church, the elders did as they pleased. In the final where I served as an associate pastor, the police had to come to break up the fight there. Is that a church? That’s hell. Remnants must not be deceived by these things. Remnants throughout the nation and the world, do not be deceived by the words of others. Hold to God’s Word. This year, because we had everything centered on and focused on the Word, far more remnants participated in this conference. Because of this pandemic, I held on to the answer ahead of time and received my answer. We had the plans to have these meetings in this church and other sanctuaries but I said, “Don’t do that. Just hold on to the Word. Only the Word.” Why? Because what our remnants need is God’s Word. No matter what situation you’re in, it’s alright. You must hold on to God’s Word. Unbelievers don’t know so they may scoff at you, but you must hold fast to the Word of God.

>> Main– It comes out 3 times in today’s passage. “I am the Lord.” What does this mean?

1.The Lord Who Gave Life and Delivered Us From Darkness
>> First. “I am the Lord who has given you life and liberated you from darkness.” This is the Word God is giving to you today.
“What hardship are you in right now? I am the Lord who has delivered you, who will deliver you from that.” What do you think about this?
Egypt had formidable strength, yet God delivered them from Egypt. This is sure evidence of that. Isn’t that so? They cannot prevail over Egypt, yet God delivered them from there. Natural disasters and calamities befell Egypt and through that, God delivered His people. That comes out in Exodus chapter 5 and onwards. He’s saying, “I am the Lord who has delivered you from that culture of idolatry that you were inside of when you were in Egypt.”
What does that mean? God is the Lord who has completely resolved all of our past, for eternity.
The armies of Egypt were chasing after the Israelites. That was the incident of the Red Sea. Because the Israelites had to go through the wilderness, God drove all the soldiers of Egypt into the sea and covered/drowned them. How malicious were the Egyptians? They chased after the Israelites till the end. They enslaved the Hebrew people and brought great agony upon them. Then, they were set free, but they chased after them again. God completely annihilated them. God completely annihilated the authority of Satan. He is that “Lord”. You must remember this.
>> Remnants, even if it’s a short time, if you look to the Lord, you’ll gain tremendous strength. People do not know the spiritual things. But remnants, you are aware of this.

2.The Lord Who is With You and Gives Good Things During the Wilderness
>> He says, “I am the Lord”. What is the second meaning behind these words? “As you walk through the wilderness, I shall be with you. As you walk through the deserts, I will give and bestow upon you, good things.” It may look like 40 years of anguish and suffering, but God gave all the best things during that time. Are you facing hardships right now? God is preparing to give you these good things. Are you facing difficulties? God will certainly give you these good things. If you lose hold of this, you’ll be in great trouble. They lost hold of this and lost hold of the way. They were speaking ill of others and saying other nonsensical things. How could they go into Canaan? What did God give to them in the wilderness? The ark of the covenant. That covenant will never change. What else did He give them? The 3 feasts. That will never change. What else did He give to them? The tabernacle, which is a tremendous spiritual mystery. Is that not the church? He gave them these tremendous things.
>> A little while back, our Elder Yoon Bong-ki passed away and I went to his funeral site. I felt ashamed. Not ashamed because of the elder. But the Somang (Hope) Church had built this site where they can keep these certain relics (certain, round bone that comes out of a deceased person’s body). So in other words, it’s a bit more advanced than just a simple ossuary. So that’s where a relic of Elder Yoon’s body is preserved. There’s also a sanctuary where people can give worship there. And there’s also lodging, accommodation, where people can stay. I saw that and I was taken aback. They’ve made it in a way where it’s still going to be standing after a hundred years have passed. Right now, even with the RUTC construction, people did things improperly (previously) because they were trying to save a bit of money. So we have to tear it all down and do it again. If we’re just preparing for our present generation, that might be fine to keep it in that state, but if we’re preparing for posterity, the future, that’s not fine. If we’re working for just our present generation, why would we even take it this far? But we’re preparing for the next, coming ages. We entrusted the work of my residence in Deokpyeong to a cheap contractor and right now, it’s about to topple over. But starting with the roads there, Somang Church had made it different. I was shocked.
>> Our posterity must be able to see your footsteps of faith here so that they can follow after you. Even if we may starve to death, we need to lay down the foundation for our next generation to carry out world evangelization. We must really make it so that the remnants of the 237 nations can come and gather. The longstanding and hidden problems all need to be healed. And we must make those remnants into the summit. You must hold on to this in advance.
All those things are contained within the tabernacle as the Israelites are working through the wilderness. This is tremendous, right? He said, “I am the Lord”. If you put your signature on something, you’re held accountable for that. But He’s saying, “I am the Lord”. You can’t violate a contract because you’ve signed it and you’ve put your name on that. In the same way, God has put His name on this. “I am the Lord.” You must never be shaken. You must gain this true strength. “I am the Lord.”
>> When Jeremiah was confined, in the courtyard of the guard, in prison, God spoke to him. “The Word of the Lord came to Jeremiah a second time.” That’s what’s said here. What did God say? He says, “The Lord is His name”. Prior to that, it says, “The Lord who made the earth, the Lord who formed it to establish it”. It says, “The one who establishes it.” When Jeremiah was in the courtyard of the guard. Then it says, “The Lord is His name. Call to me. I will answer you and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.”
All remnants must hold on to this covenant. He is the Lord who has delivered us from the darkness, the One who has called us to save others in darkness. It may appear as though they’re going through this path of great suffering and agony in the wilderness, but God gave them the greatest things.

3.The Lord Who is Responsible for the Future→ Absolute Sovereignty, Absolute Plan, Absolute Covenant, Absolute Journey, Absolute Goal
>> Third. Why? He’s saying that He will be responsible for their future. Isn’t that so? They were in the wilderness, but God was saying, “I will be responsible for your future”. What is that? ①God’s absolute sovereignty. I believe. God’s absolute sovereignty. When will we die? That’s in God’s absolute sovereignty. Why are we Korean? That’s God’s absolute sovereignty. “Why am I living in America right now?” That’s God’s absolute sovereignty. “Why am I a believer of this church?” It’s God’s absolute sovereignty. If you believe that, you’ll be able to see God’s ②absolute plan. If we believe, then we’ll be able to see that absolute plan. If you hold to God’s absolute sovereignty, even if hardships come, you’ll be able to discover God’s absolute plan that no one can block. What comes out from that moment on? You see the ③absolute journey. Isn’t that so? Within God’s Word. And what else? From then on, you see God’s ④absolute goal. You will go to Canaan land. No matter what anyone says, you will go. Even if they hold grudges and put all the blame on you, you will go to Canaan. Even if their adversaries, even if the Amalekites come before them, they will enter into Canaan. Why? Because that’s the will of God. It’s the absolute plan. That’s what these words mean. “I am the Lord.” But people don’t believe. God gave His Word, yet people don’t believe.
That’s why prophet Habakkuk said. He asked, “Why are the wicked prospering? Why are the people of God facing suffering?” God didn’t give a direct response to that question. Instead, He said, “Inscribe my words on stone tablets”. That’s it. Inscribe it on stone tablets where it will never fade away.
What does this mean? Does it look like you’re suffering right now? It’s temporary. Does it look like the wicked are prospering? That too is temporary. But the Word of God stands forever.
>> That’s why all of you, and the remnants, must hold on to this and go back to the field.

>> The conclusion. The things that unfolded in Egypt, Babylon, and Rome is the entire Bible. While they were walking through the wilderness of Egypt, God completely brought Satan to his knees through the people who held on to His covenant. People of the world cannot comprehend these words. There are many among churchgoers who cannot understand these words. It just takes one person. Just you. While you walk through the wilderness, bring Satan to his knees. What does this mean? “Don’t take vengeance.” That’s what it says in today’s passage. “Don’t hate those who have sinned.” Why? Because this is Satan’s goal. Isn’t that so? “That person is at fault so I hate that person. I’m going to kill that person.” That’s Satan’s objective. And don’t be shaken by those who lie because that is Satan’s goal. Because of just a few, select people who weren’t shaken, not only did they come out from Egypt, they entered into Canaan. They completely brought Satan to his knees.
>> This is what happened in Babylon. “Even if we enter into the fiery furnace, it’s alright.” This is what brought Satan to his knees. “The Lord will deliver us.” The words that are more astonishing? “Even if He does not…” If that happens, Satan will be completely brought to his knees. Even if it’s just one person, you, you must have this faith. Wherever our remnants go, Satan will be brought to his knees. Remnants, do not be shaken. Bring Satan to his knees. Isn’t that so? Look at Daniel. Knowing that he would be put to death… And still, in thanksgiving. That’s what brings Satan to his knees. Look at Esther. She said, “If I perish, I perish.” Satan cannot move a muscle if you come out this way. If she goes against the royal decree, she’d be put to death. There were strict rules and protocols in place in the palace. The people who were to bring in the plates and dishes to serve were all selected. Why? Because if anyone comes to serve the king his meals, someone can come and try to take his life. So if you’re not set to come to the royal palace, you’re not to set foot into the royal chambers. But because things were so urgent, Esther went in. And then she confessed. If that happened, she would be put to death. Yet, she said, “If I perish, I perish”. You can’t block that. Just a few of these kinds of people overturned all of Babylon. Right now, the entire world is seized by this darkness. But this is what drives that darkness to its knees. Do you think that the people of the world are living well right now? Right now, they’re in such a dire situation. Do you think that the U.S. and Europe are prospering? Right now, they can’t count the number of people who have mental problems. What’s even more frightening is that there are people who don’t even get diagnosed, who don’t even take medication for their mental illness. We’re living in that kind of age. But because of you, one person, one remnant, the force of darkness will be brought to its knees.
>> When they were colonized by Rome, God spoke to them of the method by which they could overcome Rome. “Right now, you’re fighting against one another. You’ve taken your stomachs as your god.” Because making a living and eating was everything for them. That’s why He said, “Be foolish to what is evil and wicked and be wise to what is good.” That’s the content of Rome evangelization, seen in Romans chapter 16. How is it that people are so unwise to the things that are good, but they’re so wise to the things that are evil. Those who have the spirit of theft in them can’t do anything well and they can’t do anything they’re told to do. Yet, when they go out to steal from others, they display such wisdom. Those who have the spirit of swindling cannot do any of the work that’s been entrusted to them well. But they can go out and deceive and dupe others so well. In my long career of serving as a pastor, I’ve seen many assistant pastors. Those who drive people into hardship are so good at that, yet, they’re not good at their ministry. When it comes to doing these evil acts, they have such wisdom. “But I want you to be wise to what is good and innocent to what is evil.” And then He says, “Soon, Satan will be crushed under your feet.”
>> I’ll come to the close of my words. Remnants, as you live your lives, there will be moments when you say, “This is something I absolutely cannot do”. There will be moments when you think, “I have completely failed”.
That time/moment is the greatest opportunity. Look at the Bible and history. “I am the Lord.” We need to even listen to the good words of other people so how much more so for this Word of God? “I am the Lord.” All of our members and believers who are not able to gather because of the virus, may you receive great grace through the Word.
Our remnants who are scattered throughout the world, may you stand firm through the covenant of God. I bless you in the name of the Lord, that you will be victorious in the spiritual fight that we cannot see with our eyes. Let us pray.

God, thank You. Thank You for blessing us to conclude the World Remnant Conference successfully, within Your grace. Thank You for allowing us to give our first worship to You in the new sanctuary today. May we leave behind what You desire the most, here, in this place. Would You grant Your blessing to our remnants so that they’re able to see, possess, and enjoy in advance in their fields. May it be a time for them to hold on to the covenant that has already given them the conquest ahead of time, the covenant that has been fulfilled ahead of time. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)