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03.17.2021 – Practice – Absolute Goal→ “Fulfill in Advance” (Eternity)

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Message: The 23rd World Remnant Conference, Lecture 5- 08/21/2020
Title: Practice – Absolute Goal→ “Fulfill in Advance” (Eternity) (Absolute Goal +Future +Nobody)
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- 1 Samuel 17:47)


>> We’ve lost everything to the 3 organizations. Even the term, “3 organizations”, is used by only us. They don’t even use those words. Because people don’t know. One famous scholar asked one of our remnants, “How did you come to use this word?”.
These 3 organizations are going to take everything in the future. The reason is because they saw what we were unable to see in advance. They possessed first what remnants need to possess. It’s because they enjoyed the really important things first. That is why they conquered first.
Then what will happen in the future? This is the assignment left ahead of us.
>> In one sense, this 5th lecture can be seen as the main theme/message, the introduction, and the conclusion.
There are times when we’re walking and we bang into something. It hurts. What do we do at that time? We’ve hit something. Let’s say we hit our head. What do we do? Instantaneously, we do the same thing. It hurts so much we hold that spot (head) and stay there. That may seem like a simple action but medically, tremendous things are happening. We stand there grabbing whatever we hurt, but the blood rushes to that area to heal it. That’s God created humankind. What happens when you’re really worried about something? Without even realizing, you just stay still, doing nothing. This looks like nothing, but tremendous spiritual things take place.
>> If that is so, remnants need to be active, but they also need the time to look at things carefully. That’s prayer. You must now begin to have this time when you can truly be at peace. More important is when you face an incident. You need to have a time of peace. Anyone can do that. You can have this comfortable time of prayer. It’ll be like this even more in the future, but there will be many people who are afflicted by spiritual problems. They need to meet 3 conditions to be healed. ①Having a deep time of prayer in only Christ. ②A time when they can really be at peace. What’s another key? ③Breathe slowly to the point where you can be at peace and prayer can take place. Then you’ll receive healing through spiritual power. Those who can’t do that may come to our Darakbang organization and may even receive the Gospel, but they’ll be shaken. Why? Because healing did not take place. So this is very important for the remnants.
>> How can we accurately hold to our CVDIP? It’s not difficult.
1)Lecture 1: Covenant (Seeing in Advance)→ Absolute Sovereignty +Nothing +Everything→Way (Path)
>> Looking at my family, I really thought deeply. That’s prayer. You need that time. As I looked at my father and mother, I thought deeply. The more astounding thing is that other households seemed similar to mine. There’s something I realized at that time. “That’s what happens when you go to church for a long time, or don’t go to church, but don’t have the Gospel.” That’s what I saw. Seeing in advance. “Ultimately, these people don’t have the covenant. The Gospel.” This is what I came to see. Seeing this, I received tremendous answers. There’s no time for you to resent your family or home situation. Look deeply at this. Deeply look at it. I had assurance that I should not turn out like my dad. Living like that his whole life, he didn’t have the Gospel, he suffered and died of a disease. Honestly, I don’t know if he received salvation or not. My father, that is. But I realized that other families were the same. So I started to find ①God’s absolute sovereignty believable. I was born in Korea. And the day I go to heaven isn’t up to me either. God gave the covenant within His absolute sovereignty. In the end, if you don’t have this covenant, you’ll fail. That’s when I saw something very important. It’s ②Nothing. The answer does not exist. When I realized that there is no answer except the Gospel, I began to see ③Everything. This is what I saw in advance. It’s easy, right? I didn’t see this by looking at some great thing. But I saw this while looking at my family. This becomes the ④way. You see the way in advance.
2)Lecture 2: Vision (Possessing in Advance)→ Absolute Plan +Spiritual System +Age→Power
>> So now I could live my church life. When I went to church, I realized that the majority of people weren’t able to live their walk of faith. The majority of people. Even though they weren’t unbelievers, they were gathered in the church like unbelievers and just worshipping. That’s when I saw something important. “I need to save these people.” That was my vision. It wasn’t something great, but I realized that the church should not be like this. I’m not saying that we have to live some outstanding, successful life. But it’s not right for people, who go to church, to be unable to enjoy God’s covenant. So I was able to possess in advance, the things that God gave. In actuality, this is not a difficult thing. From this point on, the important answers came. I began to see ①God’s absolute plan. You’re able to see God’s absolute plan, but it’s not just that. As I saw God’s absolute plan, a tremendous ②spiritual system began to form for me. Starting now, if you just form this spiritual system of holding on to the covenant and moving forward, you’re able to see this ③age. I thought that only my family was like this, but every age was like that. That’s why I thought, “I must have this mystery to relay this covenant.” This became my Vision.
3)Lecture 3: Dream (Enjoying in Advance)→ 24-Hr Content +Field +Absolute Covenant→ Journey
>> And when I went to the field, I realized that I was nothing. I had no power. When I went into the field, there were many things, but I realized that I was nothing. That’s what I sensed. There’s something I found at that time. It was Dream. “What is the true dream that God has given to me?” Because I saw this, I began to see ①24 taking place. I didn’t do something great. I discovered the content I needed to focus on for 24 hours. That was the 3rd lecture. Because I saw this, I was able to see the ②field. I didn’t just see the age. I saw the field as well. From this point on, I began to see God’s ③absolute covenant. “Ah, it’s this.” This is what I began to enjoy in advance. It’s not difficult at all. Because I possessed God’s absolute plan in advance and began to pray, not only did I see the way/path, but I gained power/strength too. From this point on, I could see the ④journey. Undoubtedly, this answer will come to the remnants. So it’s not difficult.
4)Lecture 4: Image (Conquer in Advance)→ 25-Hr Kingdom of God +Absolute Journey +Word and Prayer
>> While I was doing this, God began to give me a very important answer. I was just enjoying this blessing, but what came from this point on? God’s works began to take place. What did I see from this point on? I saw in advance what I needed to do to win. I conquered in advance.
>> That’s what I explained to you through the 7 remnants and the ages. In order to help you understand, I explained through Egypt (Lecture 1). Through Philistia (Lecture 2). Aram (Lecture 3). This is how I explained this. Including Babylon (Lecture 4)…
From this point on, you can see the Image through which God gives His Word and answers prayers. You just need to follow after this.
>> Starting now, if you can see the important covenant in advance and what you must do, you begin to possess it and important answers begin to come. What comes most is ①25 hours, God’s kingdom. In actuality, it’s from this point on that you become a witness. The 7 remnants became witnesses from this point on. So not only do you see the absolute covenant, but you see the ②absolute journey here. God is bound to lead you to this path.
>> Putting all this together, what is it that you must hold on to starting now? “What will I do for the sake of the Gospel?” Ask this, starting now. Your studies are not important at all. Of course, you do need to study. But it’s not going to work with the way you’re studying right now. When you pray just a little bit, you’ll be able to see in advance what God has given to you. Because Joseph saw this, there was no one who could overcome him. He already had the Vision that God gave him. He had that power. So no matter what happened, he did this for 24 hours. 24, even though he went as a slave. He could see God’s blessings. That is the Dream. Then absolutely, God’s works are bound to arise. Especially, how? As you see the age, God begins to work through His ③Word and prayer. This begins to be fulfilled. This is how far we saw.

>> Practice (Fulfill in Advance)→ Absolute Goal +Future +Nobody
If that is so, these 4 things (CVDI) are important, but this must rightfully exist.
What must you really possess? That’s today’s lecture.
What must you do? Now, you need to see what God fulfills in advance. This answer is “eternity”.
Then 3 important things come out. ①The absolute goal comes out. Isn’t that so? Because you see God’s absolute goal, you begin to see the ②future. This is Practice. At this time, there’s something important that comes to you. ③Nobody. This is your answer. You hold to this in advance and do things that nobody else can do. This is the remnant.
>> It’s not arrogance at all. Just as Rev. Jin Park said, he’s doing what nobody else can do. Isn’t that so? Honestly take a look at this. Do we have some kind of special power? Did we do something tremendous? Did we use humanism? All we did was follow the Word, but God enabled him to do what nobody else can do. I know his classmates from back then. That group. They were such a good group of students. They knew that I was doing the Gospel movement so they came to our church on Wednesday night. They received training, had conferences, and the big conferences began. I also graduated from Kosin University, but it began there. So simply, he and his teams invited me there. They invited me to that tremendous conference. The conference held at Kosin University is a conference they hold only once a year and a place where they invite tremendous people. So I said, “I don’t think someone like me can go and speak there.” But the students came to me and said that they received permission to invite me as the speaker. That conference wasn’t just attended by Kosin University students, but by all the professors as well. That’s where I gave the message. From that point on, things really began to expand all over the nation. God was the One who did that work. But because a problem arose from among those many individuals, they all left. Only one person was left. Even now, I think about and remember those good students. He himself (Rev. Jin Park) may not be able to say this himself, but he’s doing ministry that is incomparable to what those students are doing. Isn’t that so?
I’m giving an actual example right now.
>> God called Joseph and enabled him to do what nobody else could do. Isn’t that so? This is what he was holding on to. This is the end and the conclusion. In a sense, this is also the main theme. In another sense, this is the introduction.
These 4 things (CVDI) are things that you need to rightfully equip yourselves with. What must you firmly hold on to today? “God will enable me to do what nobody else can do.”
Starting today, begin this. When you go to clean, do the kind of cleaning that nobody else can do. That was Joseph. Let’s say you’re in a crisis. Perhaps you’re being sent to prison like Joseph. Don’t come out after just enduring that suffering. He did what nobody else can do.
Nobody. This is what the remnants must hold on to.
In actuality, it’s okay even if you forget all these up here. This covenant has already come to you. It’s just that you haven’t been able to find it yet. Once you find that, the answer of Nobody will come to you. Nobody. It’s what nobody else can see.
Nobody was able to overcome Philistia. Samuel and David did. How could they get Pharaoh to surrender? Moses did. How could they overcome the nation of Aram? Elijah and Elisha did. It was something that was so absurd. How could anyone overcome Rome? The remnants raised by the early church overcame Rome. There’s sure evidence/proof.
>> Introduction– Let me briefly summarize. Why “Nobody”? This is important. Why “Nobody”?
1)Powerful Nations
>> The powerful nations can’t do this. Why can’t they do this?
(1)War- The only thing they can do is wage war. Even now, the powerful nations are fighting economic wars. This is the only thing they do.
(2)Spiritual Problem- So the only thing that powerful nations are producing, are spiritual problems. These are not my words. There’s historical proof of this.
(3)Destruction- Ultimately, they fell to ruins. There’s nothing they can do about this. That’s why, thought you may look weak, that’s not true. God has called you. You may think your church is small, but it’s not.
>> Why is it “Nobody”? Israel cannot do this. The nation of Israel cannot do this.
(1)Globalization- The ideology of Israel itself could not bring globalization. Isn’t that so? Israel can’t do this. The powerful nations can’t do this. This is not arrogance and it’s not about skill.
(2)Evangelization- The ideology of Israel itself could not do evangelization (gospelization)
(3)World Evangelization- So if you put that together, it’s “world evangelization”. But world evangelization was impossible for Israel.
>> At this time, God called the remnants within Israel.
(1)Those Who Remained- So the most important words of the Bible are, “Those who remained”.
(2)The Scattered Ones- The most important words in the Bible are, “The scattered ones”. This is how you can interpret it.
(3)Those Who Were Hidden- The most important words of the Bible. “Those who were hidden.”
>> At times, you may seem abandoned. But no. You are the ones who remained. At times, it may seem as if you’re on the run. No. You are the scattered ones. These are the most important terms in the Bible. If you don’t know these terms, you don’t know the Bible. There are strange heresies that say, “We’re the ones who remained”, completely misinterpreting the Word. They have all these strange interpretations. They really don’t know the Bible. When the Gospel disappears and disasters come crashing, God raises our posterity to share the Gospel as the ones who remained, the scattered ones, and the hidden ones. In some cases, you may not even become famous. Because God uses those who were hidden. This is very important.

>> Main- All Practice (Spiritual Healing)
At this time, what comes out? In all aspects of your life, there is “All Practice”. All the things that happen in your present reality and the things you put into practice fulfill the Covenant. There is a key to this. You need to leave here with that. No matter what occupation you have, you need to know this key.
What did the 7 remnants have, that they were able to enter into “Nobody”? How were they able to turn Nobody into Everybody? It doesn’t matter what kind of occupation you have.
What’s the key? Spiritual healing. It’ll be worse in the future.
Even if you’re a teacher, if you’re not able to heal spiritually, it’ll be hard to be a teacher. Even if you’re just a businessperson, if you don’t know spiritual healing, it’ll be hard to run your business. You need to know that this is a very important answer.

1.The Evidence of “Nobody” that Appeared in the Bible
>> First. Why is that? The evidence of the Nobody Movement in the Bible. This is what you need to see.
>> What kind of evidence arose? The entire world was facing a famine, but he healed this. Who was that? Joseph.
2)10 Disasters
>> Look carefully in the Bible. As you know well, he got rid of the disasters that came from the 10 cultures. Isn’t that so? It was Moses of the Exodus. Isn’t that so?
>> Every time war arose because of these powerful nations, God raised up remnants. The representative figure/case of this is David. Great healing took place through the remnants.
>> In actuality, people don’t know. One of the most difficult cultures was, “lord and slave”. But this also disappeared as the Gospel went in. Remnants, regardless of what kind of occupation you have, if you don’t have the power to spiritually heal, you cannot save the world.

2.The Evidence of Nobody that Appeared in Church History
>> What kind of Nobody Movement? Look at the evidence in church history.
>> When you look at the evidence of church history, what kind of individuals were there? Representative cases. People like Luther, Calvin, and Wesley arose and healed Europe. Because that disappeared, problems have come again. As a representative case, Wesley raised this in the United Kingdom and tremendous works of life arose. But this has disappeared.
>> Even in America, in the beginning, Gospel movements arose along with many Puritans. Then American became diseased. There were people like Moody, but after him, there hasn’t been anyone else like him.
>> Take a look at Korea. In the beginning, people with the Gospel saved Korea. In actuality, hospitals and schools all formed and were built as the Gospel came in. People don’t know this. But the thing that completely overturned Korea, so that we can live, was the Gospel. This has disappeared. But putting that aside…

3.The Evidence of Nobody that Will Arise in the Future
>> This third thing is what’s important. It’s the Nobody Movement that will arise in the future. You must remember. The remnants must.
1)Aftereffects of the 3rd-4th Industrial Revolution
>> There will be aftereffects of the 3rd and 4th Industrial Revolution. You are the main figures of this. You don’t need to know all the things prior to that. You’re not living in the past. You’re going to live, going into the future. So great aftereffects will arise after the age of the 3rd and 4th Industrial Revolution. Remnants, really come to your senses. Uncontrollable problems will come. They’ll come rapidly. I really want to tell the politicians as well as the president. There will be problems that are out of your control. At this time, our remnants will be used. You’re changing the field of Nobody into the field of Everybody. This is the essence of your mission.
>> There’s something more important. In the future, there will be severe diseases.
(1)Infectious Diseases (Virus)- The biggest problem among these diseases are the infectious ones. Simply put, what is it? People won’t be dying because of guns or other weapons. They’ll be dying from viruses. It’ll be very serious.
(2)Environmental Diseases- In the future, there will be many diseases that come because of the environment. These kinds of disease will come plowing in.
(3)Addiction- And many diseases that come from addiction.
3)Spiritual Disease/Illness
>> The reason why God called remnants to “Nobody” is because there will be diseases, that nobody can heal. Spiritual diseases will be coming.
(1)Mental Illness – Simply put, there will be countless mental illnesses. Even now, there’s a lot. Even now, there was someone who beat up a taxi driver because they told them to wear a mask. That’s a mental illness. There was a young child who came out and shot countless people. That’s a mental illness. It’s going to get worse in the future.
>> If you just have these 5 things, you’ll fully be able to heal. You didn’t just see. You saw the Covenant and Vision given by God. Don’t think of this to be complicated. You must have the covenant. See this in advance, wherever you go. When you go to the field, you’ll see the central problem there. See that as your Vision. And build up your strength. Then if you grab hold of the 24-hr dream, God will work by the power of His 25-hr kingdom. From this point on, you can easily enter “Nobody”. It’s okay even if you don’t have anything. You’ll be able to enter into the field of Nobody and raise up the works of Everybody.
(2)Depression- It’s going to be serious. Things like depression. It’s slightly different from other mental illnesses. Mental patients are those who are completely out of their mind, depression is a bit different.
(3)Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression)
(4)Schizophrenia- Bipolar disorder (manic depression). Schizophrenia. People are hearing and seeing strange things.
(5)Panic Disorder- And what else? People do strange things in the midst of extreme anxiety. This exists even now, but it’s going to increase in the future.
>> So nowadays, I tell the kids. “If someone tries to start something with you, just avoid them.” Why? Because there are insane people everywhere.
>> This is the kind of age we’re facing, but God has called you as the main figures to turn Nobody into Everybody.
It’s a sure thing. Grab hold of these 5 things (CVDIP) in advance. Starting now.
Don’t hastily grab hold of this, but grab hold of this starting now. You need to possess after seeing in advance. Enjoy that in advance. And now, you’re going out to conquer something that has already been conquered. What’s more important? We’re going out to find what God has already fulfilled. This is the remnant.

♠Conclusion- Make the “Absolute Masterpiece”.
>> Then let’s come to the conclusion. We’re not just making a masterpiece, but the absolute masterpiece.
1)Studies- Nobody→ Everybody
>> You’re making your absolute masterpiece. Regarding your studies, starting now, go from Nobody to Everybody. Then you will absolutely triumph. This looks like it’ll be hard, but it’s not. Even though it may be the same occupation, you can still do it within that. This is what Rev. Chung, the other pastors, and I discovered for the past 30 years. Accurately speaking, God gave it to us. Because we wanted to do the Remnant Movement, God gave this to us. There was no reason for us to be arrogant because God gave this to us. In the field where they said nobody can do it, your church and church members went in and saved it. When you hold to the covenant this time, tremendous things will happen. I can surely promise. There will be important things that arise and take place in our many churches like Immanuel Church, Yewon Church, and Yeil Church.
2)Field- Nobody→ Platform
>> Second. How will you heal your studies, your field? This is also important. Unconditionally, you must begin from Nobody. Begin this way and make the Platform. Take your studies, your occupation, to the field of Nobody and make the Platform.
3)Age- Nobody→ Outsourcing
>> There’s a simple way for you to change the age. Beginning with Nobody, make the Outsourcing that completely saves the world. They also call this the “synergy effect”. If you just take over this starting now, you can change the world. That’s what we’re going to do for our Remnant Movement. In the future, these kinds of many disciples will arise.
>> Media and Content
There’s a key here. What’s the key? It’s media and content. You don’t have to worry about what kind of media you need to use because there are so many out there. There will be even more in the future. What’s the issue? The content. If you just have these 3 things for content, you’ll be good no matter where you are. Take your studies and grab hold of the point that nobody can do. Then take it to Everybody. It seems ambiguous. But it’s not. If you pray about it, it becomes the easiest thing. This is also one of the educational methods of the 3 organizations. This is the first principle of the Jewish education. Doing what others don’t do and creating things. If that is so, we’re fully able to do this. With the Gospel, go into the field of Nobody and head towards saving everybody. In the field, begin with Nobody and there, make a Platform. In the future, you won’t be able to run your business with just one thing. You need to make this Platform and do Outsourcing. The key is media and content. Even for evangelism, in the future, it’s going to be about media and content. If you do this, tremendous things will happen. So the reason why our remnants and elders are important is because of media and content. Take a look at this. Right now, we’re doing this online and when it gets on YouTube, over it can get over 100,000 views. But the issue is the media and content. Even for doctors, in the future, it’s not just about being a doctor. What kind of content will you have? This is what you must see in advance.
>> Mission +Internship +Forum
All remnants must hold on to this. That’s why you hold to the mission. Because you go on the journey with this, it’s the internship. Life forum begins. You’re doing world evangelization with this.
>> This year, we’ve come to the sure answer regarding the CVDIP. So starting now, begin to pray about these 5 points. They’ll come to you easily as answers. The remnant movement that will block all the problems caused by the 3 organizations. The remnant movement that can save America. No one will find this believable. But because of that, God has called you and the remnant movement will arise. If you want to properly do ministry in our Darakbang organization, your eyes to see this must open. We need remnants who can change all the problems and illnesses that have been brought by the 3 organizations. Starting now, begin praying. Even if you pray just a little bit, answers will come. Don’t try to cram all your prayers into 1 like in the past, but look at these steps. Even healing should be seen and done, step by step, like that. I believe that this year’s conference is very meaningful.
Even if you just hold on to one word for within all these, you will triumph. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the king of kings and solution to all problems, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon all the remnants who are scattered throughout the world, be upon the parents who are raising these remnants, and be upon the churches, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)