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03.16.2021 – Image – Absolute Journey→ “Conquer in Advance” (Direction)

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Message: The 23rd World Remnant Conference, Lecture 4- 08/21/2020
Title: Image – Absolute Journey→ “Conquer in Advance” (Direction) (Absolute Journey +Age/Future +25 Kingdom System)
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- Daniel 1:8-9)


① Lecture 1→ Remnants, after the conference ends and you go back to your fields, there will be immediate hardships. At that time, what you must see in advance, like Moses and Joseph, is the covenant. That itself is more than enough.
② Lecture 2→ And like Samuel and David, you may face even greater hardships. There, what you must have/possess in advance is the Vision.
③ Lecture 3→ When you go into your fields, even greater hardships could be there. Most people fall into misconceptions there. Most people listen to what people say there. And most people just look at their present reality. Because the majority of people are like that, it’s easy for the remnants to succeed. At this time, you have to grab hold of the absolute covenant you must hold on to in advance. Then ‘24’ is bound to take place.
>> Introduction- Possession Movement (Nephilim)
Then now, how must you proceed? There’s an important question you need to ask first.
1)3 Organizations
>> For what reason has the 3 organizations conquered everything right now? You need to be clear about this. “Why do these 3 organizations not disappear?” As days go by, they grow progressively bigger. They seized all of the 3rd Industrial, so all our finances are actually being offered to them. And with the 4th Industrial Revolution, these people are going to overrun everything. Why are they doing that?
>> Let me give you a simple example. If a normal person standing next to a shaman, who appears stronger? In everyone’s eyes, the shaman looks stronger. But in actuality, that’s not the case. The problems that arise because of that are much greater. Those who know that have turned away from shamanism. In all the churches, you need to make it so that these shamans (former) have this special mission. That’s the world’s situation right now. “What are the Freemasons doing, that people don’t leave them and that work continues to take place?” It’s a simple answer. They do this (possession movement). Simply speaking, as we said yesterday, it’s the Nephilim. Our remnants must not be deceived by this or by problems. Don’t even be deceived by your studies. It’s not that you’re bad at your studies. Not being able to find the thing that God has designated for you is what’s bad. So you do need to respect your parents and teachers. But the reason why I caution you is because there are separate things that have been prepared for you.
2)108 Bows (Buddha)
>> There’s an organization that makes you bow down 108 times, but there are tremendous things inside of this. “You can become like God.” It’s the same thing. The 3 organizations are saying that you can become like God. But the organization that makes you do the 108 bows says, “You can become Buddha”. These people are bound to move the world.
3)Shamanism (Shaman)- Possession
>> On top of that, what else? Throughout all the regions, there are shamans practicing shamanism and these people are also doing this possession (movement). You need to know this.
>> Image→ “Conquer in Advance” (Direction)→Absolute Journey +Age (Future) +25 Hours (System of God’s Kingdom)
If that is so, a very important answer comes to us today. What comes?
God has already conquered this (introduction). That’s what you need to see. To say that He has already conquered this means that this is our direction. The last lecture is going to be about the method, but this is our direction. It has already been conquered. When God sent Christ, Genesis 3:15, that was when it was already finished. But this is what the believers have lost hold of. Even though Jesus said, “It is finished”, people lose hold of this. Finding this is the ①“absolute journey”. How do we travel this absolute journey? We are following God’s image. That’s “Image”. Why? Because we are clothed in God’s image. Those who have been saved restored that. Then we are following after the places God is working upon. How can you follow after this? You need to see this ②age. You’re seeing the age, but not just any age. The age that sees the future. So if you’re inside of this, you’re bound to follow after the Word and prayer. More importantly, how is the Word and prayer fulfilled? They are fulfilled this way (25). What is that? It’s the ③system of God’s kingdom. It’s this. Starting now, you’re heading out in this direction.

>> Main- All Image (Captivity in Babylon)
Then all situations change into “All Image”.
It’s fine no matter what kind of situation comes. It changes to “All Image”. What do our adults, parents, and believers think about this? You need to come to the answer regarding these 5 messages and have forum with the remnants. Remnants are bound to take this path. The most important point regarding this (age of the future) is the Word. The most important for the Word is finding your direction regarding the absolute journey. God’s kingdom is bound to come then. So today, we’re going to look at the answers through the captivity in Babylon.

1.Start of Conquering in Advance→ Remnant Who Saw the Journey of God’s 25 Kingdom
(Daniel 1:8-9)
>> What is the first? God has already conquered in advance. It’s this start. The remnants who saw the important 25-hour kingdom of God. Moment by moment, an important resolution is made. Daniel 1:8-9. This was a very important resolution. Why is that? Because he saw. And because he aligned himself with this direction. Those who saw, possessed, and enjoyed in advance already knew this and conquered. That’s why he resolved in his heart.
1)Israel’s Destruction, Destruction of Temple
>> Why? Israel’s destruction. They knew the reason. That important temple of Jerusalem was destroyed. They knew about that. Remnants, this is what you must know. In actuality, when a problem comes to you, it’s not a problem.
2)Captive- Palace
>> In the midst of all this, these people were taken as captives. So they were scattered here and there. The common factor among these people is that they were taken as captives to the palace. This is when they resolved in their hearts. “Ah, that’s right”. Remnants, you need to know. You should resent the adults. If the Gospel disappears, they have no choice but to face that kind of situation.
>> Your small resolution will connect to great answers. When you go and meet people in the church who don’t know the Gospel, you need to resolve in your heart. It may be okay for our Darakbang churches. But the average church gets destroyed when one person from the Shincheonji religion comes. You heard the lectures before, right? I saw one on YouTube. The speaker says this. “Go into the churches. If just 3 people say the same thing, all the elders will believe you. If you can just convince 3 of the church members to say the same thing, you can get the assistant pastor kicked out. That’s when you put in one of our assistant pastors. From that point on, use the assistant pastor to shake the pastor.” You’ve heard their lectures, right? Even before we talk about how bad or wicked their plans are, I’m saying that they saw the weakness of the church. If just a few people say the same thing, elders think that that’s what’s going on no matter what. When people make up some fake news, even the pastors think it’s true. It’s a fearsome world. I said this about 10 years ago. What’s scarier than “information” is “ex-formation”. Our remnants must not be deceived by this. Remnants, you need to come together and become the main figures of the churches. Remnants, you need to come together and save your family line and field. They made this kind of resolution.
3)3 Kingdoms (Worldly, Satan’s, God’s Kingdom)
>> Why? Because they knew about the 3 kingdoms. Israel, that had no power, rightfully became captives of Babylon. That’s why you must quickly resolve in your heart. ①If you don’t have strength/power, you will be taken in. That’s the worldly kingdom. There’s something even more fearsome. ②Satan’s kingdom is what manipulates and uses that. But you don’t need to worry. ③God has given to you, the mystery of His kingdom. This “25” is different from the world. This is what Jesus said last. He gave his final message as he brought his entire ministry to a close. “In the work you need to do, ‘24’ is a basic/given. The things pertaining to the kingdom of God. You may live in this world and naturally, you need to know the things of the world. But you need to surpass that and know the things pertaining to the kingdom of God. 25 hours.” This is what the remnants knew. Do you understand? Just knowing this is enough.

2.Incident for Conquering in Advance
>> At that time, what happens? Now, the incident for conquering in advance, that brings about God’s 25-hr kingdom, arises.
Remnants, you can stay still. Now, the level of our remnants should not be, “How should we evangelize?”. If you’re enjoying this, you’ll find the direction for conquest.
1)Daniel 3:8-24
>> Even though he was staying still, this happened. This is Daniel 3:8-24. Because they knew, they didn’t have to worry. As you know, idols were made and they all had to bow down to them. It’s what powerful nations have always done. But these 3 friends knew. So finally, an amazing chance came to them. Don’t be afraid of incidents. It’s through those incidents that answers come. It’s something that you’re familiar with.
>> You know who King Nebuchadnezzar was, right? They were servants of him and they said, “There is nothing for us to say in response to what you’re saying, King”. That means that they were sure. Already, they had aligned themselves to God’s kingdom of 25 hours. But an incident broke out. The king is not going to sit still. You know very well, what happened. What’s the important key? He threw the 3 of them into the furnace. This is something that science will explain later when it’s advanced enough, but the person who put them into the flames was burnt up. Then if they were thrown inside of that, she should have also collapsed, but they were walking around. This is the science of the 4th and 5th dimension. 4 people were walking around. Who was that 4th person? God sent His angel and protected Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego on the level of a different dimension. Because science has not been developed enough yet, they have not been able to explain this. It’s the spiritual science, and 25 hours. Simply put, the works of the kingdom of God took place. King Nebuchadnezzar who was so filled with anger and wrath. What did he say? What did he say? “Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, servants of the most high God. Stop walking around in the fire and come out.” What he said before is important. He was so angry when he threw them in the fire, but he said, “servants of the most high God”. “Servants of the most high God, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Come out.” We see the records of this now, but think about this from that perspective back then. This was the nation that unified the entire world. Remnants, through you, the incidents for world evangelization will take place.
2)Daniel 4:1-37
>> It goes beyond that. Answers, 25, will continue to come. Daniel 4:1-37. You’re familiar with this. King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream. He had a strange dream, but no one could interpret it. That’s when Daniel went and interpreted the dream. It was a historic event and things happened exactly the way he interpreted.
>> King Nebuchadnezzar dies. Daniel was the one who interpreted that. What does that mean? God will give you the wisdom to save the age. At a quick glance, it may just look like people are doing this. But this movement we’re doing right now is not manmade. Man cannot block it. Already, when they said it would be difficult for us to gather because of COVID, I found my answer. “We don’t need anything else. This time, we’re going to give the sure message to each family. Now is the time for our remnants to surely grab hold of their CVDIP.” I already found that answer. So I prepared all the messages accordingly. So this time, I’m sending out the message to our leaders, parents, and remnants all together. I always wanted to do that, but whenever we have these mega conferences, it’s difficult for the messages to go out like that. I have to look at the atmosphere and I have to speak very slowly. I can’t express my emotions or give examples because too many people are gathered together. So I thought, “This is our golden opportunity. This year, our remnants must really hold on to the greatest message.”
3)Daniel 5:1-31
>> It doesn’t end with just that. Belshazzar became king. As you know well, there were writings that appeared on the wall. There was no one who could interpret that writing. That’s what’s important. Even if you don’t compete with others, God will enable you to do things that no one else can do. This is the blessing you will receive. Then you might misunderstand thinking, “What great work do I have to find then?”. That’s not it. It doesn’t matter whether you go as a slave or just a janitor. You can find it there. The 7 remnants found it there.
>> I’m talking about Babylon right now, but Joseph was like that in Egypt. There wasn’t anything that Joseph did. He just cleaned. But he was able to turn Potiphar’s heart. That’s the answer that remnants will receive. Why do you think Potiphar did that? Do you think Potiphar said, “Don’t be a slave. Manage my household instead”, just because Joseph was a bit better than everyone else at cleaning? No. Would this Egyptian have just said to the Hebrew boy, “Do whatever you want and oversee everything”? The most important answer came there. What kind of answer? Looking at Joseph who was just cleaning, Potiphar realized that God was with him. There’s nothing greater than this. It goes beyond that. The reason why he was so moved was because he realized that God was with Joseph in everything. There was nothing more he could say about that. If it wasn’t for the incident with his wife, there’s no way Potiphar would have let go of Joseph. That was what was important here with Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar. They were in a situation where they had to ask. The common trait among these kings is that they all exalted the Lord God because these problems were solved. That is the common factor. They exalted God. That’s our goal, isn’t it? God’s glory is revealed through you, remnants. How important is this? Because they received the answer, the ranks of these friends continued to rise. Don’t even worry about being promoted. When your higher-ups gain peace when they see it, then that’s it.
>> We’ve got many remnants like that right now. You saw Elder Suho during his pin forum, right? The people above him acknowledged him. He’s the son of our Missionary Jung Ji-tae, who was the first to be commissioned, and he saw many hardships. He saw many hardships. The obvious things. He saw the hardships in the church and whatnot. Most remnants would see that and crumble. But he held to the covenant and succeeded. So unbelievers acknowledged him. Our remnants will continue to be like that. It’s just that we haven’t sought out each and every one of them, but we’ve got remnants like that, scattered all over the world. We lament because the churches have broken down in America and Europe, but there are tremendous remnants hidden among them, in those places. I’m sure there are some remnants who are thinking, “But I’m not like that”. That’s a misconception. Just wait. If you just enter into this blessing, where you’ve been called, the works will arise.
4)Daniel 6:10-22
>> Daniel 6:10-22. Because had Daniel had great success… Because the remnant movement is having great success… You must catch on. Satan is going to try to block it. Satan is going to think, “This Remnant Conference is getting too big. I need to block this”. Even if I was Satan, I’d do that. “I need to stake my life and block this.” That’s the heart that devil gives to people. When this goes into people, they do things that are beyond our imagination. They didn’t lie.
>> It was a fact that Daniel prayed 3 times a day. They used that as the basis to arrest him. Isn’t that so? They knew that Daniel prayed 3 times a day and enjoyed this great power. So Daniel couldn’t escape from this. They went to the king. The evil officials went to the king. What was the first thing they said? “King, you are the god of our nation. You must kill anyone who serves any other god besides you.” There isn’t anyone who is going to offended by flattery. Even if a woman is not very attractive, you’ve got to tell them that they are for them to feel good. Isn’t that so? Even if she knows that she’s not that pretty, she’ll feel good about that. So they went before the king and said he was like a god. He was listening and he wasn’t exactly feeling bad about it. This is the rotten wisdom of the world that destroys. They used that rotten wisdom to completely seize the heart of the king. Remnants, you need to be very careful of words and situations. You need to listen to God’s Word. But this is what these unbelievers listen to.
>> So they made a law. They made a law that anyone who serves any other god shall be put to death. In the end, the law was passed. At that time, the king just had to seal it for it to become law. And using that law as their basis, they arrested Daniel. “Daniel is doing this so we need to kill him.” The king realized in that moment. At that point, even the king could not do anything about the law. He caught on. He caught on to what they were doing, but it was too late. So they threw Daniel in the lions’ den for his execution and the king said, “May your God whom you serve continually deliver you”. The king knew. This is the world. Daniel, with no choice, was thrown in there. Back then, if you survived a night in the lions’ den, they believed it to be the will of the heavens. So early in the morning, the king went to see him. He said the same thing. He called out to Daniel. “Was the God whom you constantly serve able to save you?” He said the same thing.
>> Daniel survived the den of lions. But that’s not what Daniel was thankful about. The evidence of that is in Daniel 6:10. After hearing news that he could die, he did as he had previously done. 3 times a day. Towards the temple. What’s more important? He did that in thanksgiving. Why would he be thankful when he’s about to be put to death? People leave the church even if someone says something bad about them. Elders do. “I don’t want to hear that. That pastor treated me badly.” In one sense, that seems normal. But this Daniel, knowing he would die, gave thanks. Why? Daniel already possessed this mystery. That’s what’s important. Remnants, if you have this, everything else is nothing. Just like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego said, “It’s okay even if we die”.
5)Esther 2:10, Esther 7:4 (Esther 4:1-16), Esther 9:20-22
>> Look at these individuals in Babylon. Esther. Esther 2:10. She became the queen. Everyone knows that story. What’s the important mystery here? Mordecai, who knew this mystery of conquering in advance, said to Esther, who also knew this mystery. “Do not make it known that you are a Jew.” Why? Because there’s a time for that. But conversely, look in Esther 7:4. Esther 4:1-16. He told her to go and tell them. “It’s for this time that God has prepared you so go and tell them that you are a Jew.” What does he mean? One time, he tells her to not say a word and now, he’s telling her to speak up. He was one who knew of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God that had conquered in advance. Even though they were taken as captives, they knew this golden opportunity. Finally, as you know, the historical event, Purim, took place in Esther 9:20-22.

3.Basis for Conquering in Advance
>> Something important remains. The content of conquering in advance is God’s kingdom, 25 hours. It’s with this that we conquer. What is the basis for this? It’s easy. The message was given before they were taken into captivity. When was this? The message was given, that Babylon would come after Assyria seized the north. Those who grab hold of the accurate message, the message of the absolute journey, will live.
1)Isaiah 6:13
>> Before they were taken captive, Isaiah said. “Why are we facing such destruction?” “You’ll be destroyed even more. But the stump will remain. That stump is the holy seed.” That’s the Gospel, Christ, and all you remnants.
2)Isaiah 7:14
>> He told them. That seed is the stump and you, but because the root is the Gospel, “The virgin will conceive and be with son and his name shall be Immanuel”.
3)Isaiah 40:1-31
>> He told them in advance. Isaiah 4-:1-31. “Who made those immense idols?” They were manmade. That’s what was said. “Who made that immense shrine?” People made that. “Go shout from the high mountains. Go to the rooftops.” And say what? “The Word of the Lord will stand forever.” And then he said. “Young men will stumble and fall. The youth will grow faint and weary. But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.”
4)Isaiah 43:18-21
>> All you have to do is correctly hold on to the Word. One day, it comes. “There will be streams in the desert. And conversely, there will be paths through the waters. Even the wild beasts will revere the Lord.” What does that mean? “All nations will revere the Lord.”
5)Isaiah 60:1-22
>> Finally, this began to be revealed. “In the future, the remnants will come from afar. Your sons and daughters will return to you. All that was lost, will be restored. The least will become a clan and the smallest, a might nation.” Who said that? “I am the Lord. In its time, I will hasten it.” They were the people who held on to this Word.
6)Isaiah 62:6-12
>> “Remnants, you will become like this. You will become watchmen.” He’s saying that He will make them into watchmen. The reason? So that they can “lift up a signal over peoples.”
7)Isaiah 66:10-24
>> It didn’t end with just that. It’s in all of Isaiah 66, but verses 10-24. “I will restore everything.”
The key in that is, “I will restore your joy and your peace.” What does that mean? That’s already the conclusion. “I will restore your peace and joy.”
>> If you are a person of the covenant, then you already know this. That’s I tell the remnants not to lose hold of the message. It’s okay if you lose hold of everything. But as long as you hold to the message, you will live. That’s why I tell you to pray for your church pastors. Because you need to listen to the message through them. Even if you just consider worship important in your fields, you will live.

♠Conclusion- Absolute Practice/Actualization!
>> The conclusion. What conclusion do we come to? Always, it was actualized according to the Word and prayer. But the “practice” that has been given to the remnants isn’t that kind of “practice”. It’s the absolute practice/actualization. That’s what God gives. Because it’s the absolute actualization, no one can block it.
1)Crisis (Problem), Persecution, Death
>> First. It may appear as a crisis. Remnants, it’s not a crisis. It may appear as a problem. Those who raise problems will die, but you won’t. It may look like a problem has come to you. This is what you need to be cautious of. And it also looks like persecution and that you won’t be able to take it anymore. That’s not it at all. It has never been that way. What’s the greatest crisis? “I think I’m going to die.” That’s a great crisis. It may also appear as if you’re going to die. But no. God’s covenant is absolutely bound to be actualized. Evidence came to the point where even unbelievers believe that the Bible is God’s Word.
2)Remnant with No Reason (Excuses)
>> So starting now, the remnants in the nation and the world need to make no excuses, like the 7 remnants. This remnant conquers the world. What does that mean? To not have any other reason? Even when he went to prison, he didn’t say a word. Even when he was being taken to prison, he didn’t say a word. He had no reason. David was always on the run, but he didn’t say anything. He had no other reason. Rather, he prayed for King Saul. Instead of killing King Saul, he helped him.
3)Remnant Who Has Another/Different Reason (Save the Church)
>> Why was that? Because he had another/different reason. Right now, we’re facing an age where the churches are falling into demise. All over the world. When God called you, there was a different reason. So that’s the direction you must take as you walk your path in the future. There isn’t anything else that can save the church. Culture, finances, nothing can save the church. Those things are rightfully needed, but those things cannot save. So problems have come to all the world’s churches.
It’s at this time that God has called you. I’m not saying this so that you criticize or look down on other churches. But looking at this fact, you need to save them without saying anything.
>> But one last promise. “How should I do this?” You might ask that.
Hold on to the covenant and wait. If you hold on to the covenant and wait, you can see 25 hours. At that time, you can go and give the answer. Like Daniel. You’re able to give answers even as you run errands for your superiors. Then, you can give the answer as you help those who come after you.
Even now, absolutely, God’s kingdom of 25 is being fulfilled.
It’s being fulfilled in the time when you give worship. It’s being fulfilled in the time when you’re holding on to the Word. You’re not listening to people’s words. But the moment you hear/listen to God’s Word, it gets fulfilled. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ who saved us, the great love God who raises us, and the working of the Holy Spirit that who allows us to fulfill God’s kingdom in the field, be upon all the remnants who will grab hold of the remnant’s direction and save the field, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)