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03.13.2021 – Absolute Plan→ “Possess in Advance” (Power)

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Message: The 23rd World Remnant Conference, Lecture 2- 08/20/2020
Title: Vision – Absolute Plan→ “Possess in Advance” (Power) (Absolute Plan +Age/Philistia +Spiritual System)
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- 1 Samuel 16:13)


>> This year, our remnants need to see 5 things in advance.
① Lecture 1: Covenant- Absolute Sovereignty +Nothing +Everything→ Seeing in Advance (Path)
>> What is the Covenant? It’s the Gospel. But how can we see this Gospel in advance? You have to view this inside of God’s ①absolute sovereignty in order to not make mistakes. That is why you can’t find this anywhere. It’s ②Nothing. It may look as if it’s there, but it’s not. That’s why the whole world is facing problems. That’s why we look at this. ③Everything. Being able to ④see that in advance. It’s very important. That was yesterday’s first lecture. It’s okay even if you can’t immediately hold on to this. If you realize this covenant, you’re already on the right ⑤path. So God’s answers accurately come and you don’t even need to worry about when they come. That’s the characteristic of the 7 remnants. Because they’re already on this path, they need nothing more. So Joseph said that it’s okay no matter where he is. Moses said that he did not need the good conditions that the palace provided. David said that he didn’t need the things King Saul liked and wanted. In the case of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, they said that it was okay even if they died. Esther, who was a captive, said, “If I perish, I perish”. The early church gave thanks despite the persecution they faced. This isn’t about being stubborn. There are many people who are stubborn, using this as an excuse. But that’s not what I’m talking about here. This is talking about the remnants who were able to survive, no matter what the situation. That was yesterday’s first lecture.
② Lecture 2: Vision- Absolute Plan +Age (Philistia) +Spiritual System→ Possessing in Advance (Power)
>> Today, I’ll give the second lecture. Remnants, do this starting now, or even in the future. You need to have or possesses this in advance.
What did they possess in advance? They had this “Vision” in advance.
Because they had this Vision in advance, they already saw the covenant. They had already seen that they could do nothing in this powerful nation. That was verified. And what has happened to Egypt right now? What happened to that tremendous Babylon? This is a sure thing. This is what the remnants held to.
>> Let me say this again. Holding on to this is enough. Then the message will continue to come to you. If you follow that, you’ll be used by God in His time schedule, not yours. Parents need to be careful and leaders need to be careful too. But today, the remnants need to be careful. They ask, “Why don’t answers come?”. Don’t ask that kind of question. Answers are given by God. When you need it most. If it’s not appropriate for you right now, He won’t give it to you. God is not some evil spirit or demon. God is the true God and He is Jehovah God. So in His most accurate time schedule, He’ll give you what you need.
>> Then what kind of Vision must you hold to in advance? God’s ①absolute plan. Let’s say you’ve grabbed hold of a Vision but it’s something that anyone else commonly has. Is that why God sent Christ and called the remnants? It’s okay even if it’s slow. This absolute plan exists. The very important thing here is, it has to be the ②absolute plan that has seen the age. Today, I’m going to explain through Samuel and David. Samuel and David were able to see this age called “Philistia”. And the important thing here is, there was only one way to win. That’s why they had the ③spiritual system. What is this called? Not only is there a way/path, there is ④power.
>> The 7 remnants possessed this power in advance. There are many people who misunderstand here. “Does this mean I need to go to the mountains and receive fire from heaven?” Not at all. This is already upon you. Receiving fire from heaven is the direction through which you’ll receive answers later on.
But God is already with you. So if you just set your heart and mind to it, that’s it. Many people have misconceptions here. “I’ve got this spiritual system and power, so I feel my body burning up.”
That can happen. But accurately speaking, that’s one of the results. In a sense, it might even be a part of the process.
God already promised countless times that He will be with you. It’s just that we don’t find it believable because it’s invisible. If you are to see this spiritual system, that would be fake. If can see “God” with your eyes, that’s an idol.
So Christ finished all things and sat on the throne of heaven. Right now, unseen to our eyes, he’s working accurately by the Holy Spirit. It’s finished. This is what the remnants must know.

>> Introduction- Field (What Kind of Power?)
Then you gain power. What kind of power?
1)Genesis 41:38, One in Whom is the Spirit of God
>> One day, this kind of power/strength also comes. To be filled with the Spirit of God. This comes as a result. This comes as a part of the process. It’s the process in this long path you’re taking and it comes as a result of you having this power.
>> When does is come out? When you go to an important field. Also, when you’re by yourself and things are hard. When you’re in a position where you can’t rely on anyone. When a difficult situation has come upon you. That’s when God works upon you in power. That’s what the remnants must remember.
2)1 Samuel 16:13. The Spirit of God Rushed Upon David in Power
>> When? During these times. 1 Samuel 16:13. It appeared upon David. “The Spirit of God rushed upon David in power.”
3)2 Kings 2:9-11, Power of the Double Portion of Spirit
>> Look at the remnants. During the most important time schedule. This power was revealed. The power of the double portion of Spirit appeared at the most important time.
Remnants, are you facing hardships? If you possess this in advance, God will raise these works (2 Kings 2:9-11) in your lives. Is there anyone suffering out there? Right now, God will do this work. That’s a sure thing.
4)Daniel 6:22, God Sent His Angel/Herald to Save Him
>> How did it appear? God made it appear before the remnants in this way. God sent His angel/herald to save him from a crisis.
>> What to Keep in Mind (Age of the Nephilim)- There’s one thing the remnants must keep in mind before we move on. If you don’t know this, if you don’t possess this power in advance, you will lose to this. The age of the Nephilim. Remnants, you must remember.
Why does it look like the 3 organizations have great power? It’s because they’re filled by evil spirits and doing their work. In a state where they’re possessed, they make music. Do you understand? In a state of being possessed, they create masterpieces. In the state where they’re possessed, they even make movies/films. What’s going to happen? That brings about fearsome results. So the entire world is seized by Satan. So if you just simply hold on to this covenant, God will begin to work.
>> Main- All Vision
From this point on, there is a process that comes. “We must save this age.” When we do that, all things change into your Vision. This is what’s important.
What was yesterday about? Because you see this in advance, everything changes to the Covenant.
For those who haven’t seen in advance, everything is a problem when they go to church. Even when they look at other people, all the people are problems. But for those who have seen this in advance, all things are the Covenant. You even see someone doing something wrong. Rather, you’re thankful. “Ah, God is telling me to pray for this person. God wants me to pray for the church.” That’s how you change. So those who have not seen in advance say, “I’m going to leave this church”. There are even elders who say that they’re going to leave the church. What will happen to the remnants? We’ve got our parents here listening to the message. If you do that, you’re killing the remnants. “But our remnants are doing well.” I wonder. You can’t measure that with just a day or a year.
>> Look at our remnants. Everything becomes “All Vision”.
That’s why I put these in the lyrics of this year’s theme song (RUTC Answer).
“Everything’s my covenant answer.” It’s not a person, who lives however they want without the Gospel, saying this. It’s someone who has seen this (All Vision).
That’s why David remained unshaken. “The Lord is my shepherd.” When was that? When he was actually walking through the valley of the shadow of death. “The Lord is my fortress.” That’s when he faced a war. “The Lord is my refuge.” This was when he faced a crisis. And when he became king, he said, “The Lord is my king.”

1.Start (Parents, Adult Generation)→ Worldview
>> First. As I said before, among all blessings, our parents and the adult generation are the start. You need to know how important your parents are. They saw this.
1)14 Generations (Age of Judges)- Philistia
>> For 14 generations, Israel was being completely crushed by Philistia.
How many years is 14 generations? They were continuously struck by Philistia. This is what they saw. This is what you must inform the remnants about.
>> These days, it’s a rightful story, but you know there was a time when our country was occupied by Japan. So our nation did not exist. And there were people who rose in opposition. There were people who just stayed still. There were some people who just waited. There were various types of people. But the problem was that, among them, there were people who studied. People who are good at studying want to study. Then they could work as a judge there. They might even become a soldier. Some of them even became musicians. Among them was a man named Ahn Eak-tai (composer and conductor). This person was even active under a Japanese name. He’s the one who wrote the national anthem. There were some who said, “Let’s not sing this”. On the other side, there were people who were saying, “Let’s sing this”. Both sides had their reasonable points. “You took part in these Japanese activities. How can we sing that as a national anthem?” That’s what they were saying.
I want to ask this of the parents. I believe that that kind of dispute/controversy can exist. But if you teach that to your children, they’ll perish. Back then, our ancestors had no power/strength. They were not able to see in advance that Japan would invade. We have to repent. Even if they did see it, they had no power to block it. At that time, Japan was already trying to seize China and all these regions. So they had to go through Korea. They had made this plan. But Joseon (Korea) did not know that. That’s what we need to repent about. Parents, what do you think? If we, as well as our teachers, teach our children incorrectly, we’ll be in great trouble. Remnants must see in advance and raise up their power. Of course, we do need to organize things correctly, historically. But that’s not what I’m talking about. Even if we debate about that for the next thousand, ten-thousand years, we won’t be able to win. Our remnants need to see in advance and build up the power that God gives them. This is what the parents saw. It’s unfortunate.
2)1 Samuel 1:9-11, 1 Samuel 2:1-10, 1 Samuel 3:1-4→ Absolute Plan
>> So take a look. What did they do? “God, if you give me a son, I will not raise him. I will give Him to you as a Nazirite.” And look at the praise that she sang after he was born. I’m sure Samuel knew as well. And then she sent this Samuel to the temple. Simply put, she sent him out of their home. And I’m sure you know the things that happened afterwards.
3)Psalm 78:70-72, 1 Samuel 17:18→ Possessing in Advance
>> Take a look at Psalm 78:70-72. What is this? Look at what kind of time schedule Jesse, David’s father, gave to David. In actuality, shepherding was the main occupation of the people in Israel. Besides that, there weren’t many other jobs. Just as Elisha’s father passed on farming to Elisha, shepherding was passed on to David. So if you look in 1 Samuel 17:18, it says something very important. When the war broke out, he sent him on an errand saying, “Take this and bring back a token/errand”. He saw. The correct Vision. Our parents need to pray so that their children can receive the correct Vision.
>> In other words, this is the important worldview that the parents possess. Our worldview is simple. Worldly kingdom, Satan’s kingdom, and God’s kingdom. If you don’t know this, you’ll be in trouble.
>> What do these words mean? The first is about seeing the worldview. The second is about seeing the absolute plan. Whether answers come or not for us to discuss. If you hold on to the absolute plan, God will work. They didn’t just simply see or possess in advance. They began to possess the future (Psalm 78:70-72, 1 Samuel 17:18) in advance. That’s why we do the remnant movement right now. That is why we put all our prayers together and give the central message during the WRC. This is not just up to one person. These are the prayers that were gathered by all the pastors and elders.

2.Remnant→ Party Directly Involved, Main Figure
>> What do our remnants need to do in order to possess this power in advance? Our remnants are the main figures, the parties directly involved. Isn’t that so?
So take a look at what the remnants had. In order to have to this power in advance, equip yourself with ①spirituality. And ②intellect. Now, equip yourself with ③skill. This is what you’re preparing. More accurately speaking, this is what God gives to you.
>> What kind of spirituality? Look at the spirituality that was given.
(1)1 Samuel 3:1-18+19
>> 1 Samuel 3:1-18, God allowed him to hear the voice of heaven. The moment the remnants hold on to this covenant and vision, God will give His Word. “From that day on, not one word Samuel said fell to the ground.”
(2)Psalm 78:70-72
>> Let’s take a look at this again. Look at the spirituality that God gave to David at this time. It wasn’t just spirituality. In one hand was spiritual power and in the other was skill. In one hand was faith and in the other, his life.
(3)1 Samuel 16:1-12+13
>> Look at what took place for these 2 people. Take a look at 1 Samuel 16:1-12. After God gave him the important covenant, in verse 13, he was filled with the Spirit of God.
(1)Word- To what extent was it for Samuel and David? God gave them intellect to the point where they could record God’s Word.
(3)Praise- God gave him spirituality and intellect to the point where he wrote psalms and praises.
(1)1 Samuel 7:1-15
>> What’s more important? 1 Samuel 7:1-15. God will raise up the Mizpah Movement through you. This is the answer of “main figure” that remnants will receive. This is your Vision.
(2)1 Samuel 17:1-47
>> It didn’t just end with this. 1 Samuel 17:1-47, he finally broke down Goliath. It went beyond that. They were afflicted by Philistia for 14 generations, but he completely made them surrender.
(3)1 Chronicles 29:10-14
>> 1 Chronicles 29:10-14, he made preparations for the temple that will house the ark of the covenant.
>> This is the covenant that the remnants must possess in advance.
You need to have the accurate covenant of seeing why God called you, in advance. Starting now, you need to have the accurate Vision. You must not have the incorrect Vision, right? The absolute plan. For this age. That’s why He gave you power in advance. It’s already before you. It has already come before you. It’s all there, but because it’s not accurately fitting, you’re shaken.

3.Background→ Leaders Raising Remnants
>> Third. It’s your background. This is what all the leaders and staff, who are raising remnants, must see. Especially our pastors need to see this. What did they relay? They relayed this accurate Vision. You just need to make it so that the remnants possess this.
1)1 Samuel 3:1-18 (God’s Voice)
>> So there’s something that Eli did well. In 1 Samuel 3:1-18, Samuel heard God’s voice. Eli tells him that it’s God’s voice. That’s important, right? Though Eli was so powerful, he told Samuel that the voice he heard was the voice of the Lord. Our leaders need to carry out the important role of helping our remnants hear God’s voice. Even if we may be lacking, we can still do this. From that day on, God begins to answer Samuel. If we give the proper message to the remnants, those remnants will begin to receive answers in God’s Word. Children can receive scars in the church. They can also get scars in their homes/families. What you teach them at this time will sway/influence their lives. If you teach that child legalism at that time, that child will die because of that. If you encourage a child with humanistic words at that time, that child’s spirituality will die. You need to let that child know the accurate Vision and accurate covenant. Isn’t that so? This is very important. Leaders, if you teach the children according to your strange character, it’s going to connect with their future.
>> Did I not always give this message before?
That’s what I say whenever I meet American remnants. “Yes, all your words are right. But do you think you can save America with that?” Can they? They cannot. “Then what? It’s not God’s will. You need to save America. You need to grab hold of this life-saving covenant.” There was this one remnant I raised directly and he was not one who would be shaken. But after going to America, he began to waver/shake. He was good at studying and he was diligent, but he was going around saying bad things about his pastor. The other things he was saying seemed to just be nonsense, but simply put, he was not receiving grace through the sermons. In actuality, it’s easy for believers to receive a bit of grace if the pastor’s message is full of life. That’s why this is what I said. “If the pastor gives a good sermon, you may receive grace, but that’s not the right kind of faith. Is that faith you have correct? What are you going to do if there’s a war, you’re in the desert, and there’s no pastor? You need to be able to survive on your own. By God’s Word. Then that means you need to help your pastor. You have to hold on to the remnants who are shaking because of this.” Because he’s smart, he understood what I said. Once that remnant becomes an adult, this conversation connects to his eternity. You don’t know how important this is. See how important the covenant, that you remnants hold, is.
2)1 Samuel 16:1-13
>> It may seem repetitive, but it’s not. What happened after the high priest, Samuel, relayed the Word to David? Amazing things happened.
3)1 Samuel 16:23
>> What kinds of works took place? 1 Samuel 16:23. This is not a coincidence. Because of King Saul, he came to see David. I’m sure he told him. It was probably a secret. He did not come to criticize King Saul. He told him about King Saul’s state. And made David pray for him. What happened afterwards? When David went and praised, the evil spirits in King Saul departed. I don’t look at this as a coincidence. Do you really think Samuel didn’t say a word to David when he went to him? Do you think he just anointed him with oil, said, “Take care of yourself”, and left? King Saul was alive. Why did he go to anoint David? So Samuel gave a tremendous message to David. I don’t know if David went looking for King Saul or if it was the other way around, but when he went and praised, evil spirits fled. The correct message that you relay will change into astounding works of the force of darkness crumbling through the remnants.
4)Ark of the Covenant
>> I’m sure he told him about the ark of the covenant being taken away and then returned. Why? Because Samuel was next to the ark of the covenant since he was young. It was during Samuel’s time of prayer that this ark of the covenant was stolen. Then afterwards, it was returned. There has to be a connection between that and the fact that not one of Samuel’s prayers fell to the ground. That very Samuel told David about the ark of the covenant. The evidence of that? David was always thinking about the ark of the covenant being in a wind-blown tent. When the ark of the covenant came into the city, he danced. That’s it. That’s how important it is for the evangelists to give the correct message to the remnants.
5)Temple Preparation
>> He made complete preparations for the temple. In a sense, it’s very accurate, isn’t it?
>> Remnants, starting now, look at the Covenant in advance. “What kind of occupation must I have?” If you see that Covenant in advance, God will give you that. Remnants, hold to the Vision in advance and build up this power/strength. That power is already before you, so what happens? What I wrote here is just the order.
Look at the age through your parents, listen to the message through many leaders, and actually build this up.

♠Conclusion- “Absolute Vision”
>> Then we come to an important conclusion. It’s not just any vision, but you see the absolute vision. That is the conclusion. It arrives here. In one sense, this isn’t even up to you. It’s the answer that you must rightfully head towards. You don’t just have the Vision, the absolute vision has come to you.
1)Next to the Ark of the Covenant +Incident of the Ark of the Covenant +Temple that Will House the Ark of the Covenant
>> What’s the first? Next to the ark of the covenant. The incident of the ark of the covenant. The temple that will house this ark of the covenant. These 2 people saw this absolute vision together. Right now, our smart remnants and children need to hold on to the absolute vision. Next to the church. I’m not saying that the adults are doing wrong, but learning to this point (first main point) is enough. Isn’t that so? Through the adults, you heard, “The Gospel is gone. Spiritual problems have come to this world right now”. From behind the scenes, the Lord’s servants just need to give the accurate message. And number 2 is what you yourselves enjoy. Really enjoy spirituality, intellect, and skills. Then this is what happens. It’s the absolute vision.
2)Mizpah Movement
>> It didn’t just end. What arose? The tremendous Mizpah Movement arose. Through you. This is God’s absolute vision.
3)Incident of World Evangelization (Goliath)
>> After the Mizpah Movement arose, something very important happened. It was the very first time in their lives. An incident arose that surprised the entire world. The incident of world evangelization takes place. What was that? The young remnant, David, took down Goliath in one shot. And he completely conquered Philistia.
4)Citadel Movement
>> And finally, through that remnant, what arises? The citadel movement completely arose. They also call this the “city of David”. It’s just called “City of David” because it needs to have a name, but it doesn’t actually mean literally that. It means that he spread this citadel movement that fortified Israel. That’s when the ark of the covenant was moved. This isn’t just some story. God saves the city, the field and raises the tremendous movement through you.
5)Temple Movement
>> At this time, already, they had moved the ark of the covenant and the temple movement, to house this ark of the covenant, arose. If you really receive answers, your churches will live. Why? Because that’s what the coming age will be like.
>> Now, you’ll need to find the important thing you need to do in the 3rd lecture later today. It’s undoubted. That’s why God called you. So this year, we no longer have a situation where we need to move around a lot. We no longer have the time/schedule for you to pray and give praise together. If that is so, you need to discover God’s plan, really sincerely listen to the message and grab hold of it. A precaution. It won’t work if you try to find this quickly. You need to hold on to the covenant, hold on to these 5 things, and continue to think about this. And you really need to make it so that that happens like that.
>> While preparing for this year’s conference, I prayed about many things. This COVID situation is getting worse.
It would be better if the situation just stopped, but it’s getting worse. The shocking thing was that Rev. Jin Park, who needs to lead this remnant movement, tested positive for corona. I probably wasn’t the only one, but I prayed all night. Because that wasn’t just your average problem. That wasn’t just his personal problem. This could bring a problem to the whole remnant movement. All the people who are there at the time would need to get tested. Whether they were positive or not, they would need to be quarantined. Then, Yewon Church would be known throughout the whole world as a church that spread this coronavirus. What’s even more serious is that I would have had to quarantine for 14 days. Because I had met with him face to face. That’s not the bigger problem. What would we do about this World Remnant Conference? Thankfully, he got tested the next day and it came out negative. We still can’t know for sure if it was a false positive the first time or if he was actually positive and just got better. It’s for sure, one of the two. But regardless, God has gathered us right now so that we can listen to the message.
>> I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus, that this year becomes an important time schedule for you to receive the 100-year answer. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon all the remnants who will save this age, be upon the remnants who have held to the covenant and power of seeing and possessing in advance, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)