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03.11.2021 – Life’s Devotion

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 2nd Service- 08/16/2020
Title: Life’s Devotion
Scripture: Leviticus 19:1-10

>> All of you who are devoting yourselves must first, ①receive strength.
And we must ②save the multiethnic communities. Even when we meet someone on the road, we don’t just say it’s a coincidence. So the fact that we meet multiethnic people means that God has a plan.
And all our ③remnants who are scattered throughout the world. What kind of life devotion must we give for the multi-ethnic peoples? Of course, helping them by giving offering can be a great devotion. And honestly, it is the most practical type of devotion. Why are we constructing a temple/church? No matter how much we speak about other things, it doesn’t matter. If we properly build a church/temple, we can properly give worship. But you need to possess what’s really important.
>> We must teach the remnants a few things, especially with our Remnant Conference taking place starting next week.
1)3 Kinds of Lives (Location)
>> You see 3 kinds of lives in Moses’ life. This is very important. Because points to your location; where you currently are.
(1)Palace (Worldly Studies)- Moses was in the palace for 40 years. What does that mean? That he lived in the palace? That means he properly studied the things of the world. At that time, there was a school in the palace of Egypt. If you look at the historical records, there was even a college. And undoubtedly, Moses would have studied there because he was the princess’s son. But that wasn’t all. Parents think that this is everything. Then they’ll lose.
(2)Midian (Spirituality)- He was in Midian for 40 years? What was this? It was when he developed his spiritual power/strength. He built up his spirituality. It looks like he was just living as a fugitive in Midian, but that was just the timing of it. It was where he grew that spiritual strength that God desired.
(3)Wilderness (Mission)- And while going through the wilderness for 40 years, he handled his mission.
2)3 Journeys
>> And you must talk about the 3 journeys to the remnants and multiethnic people.
(1)Egypt (Field)- The field you’re in. Egypt. Tell them, “This is the field you’re in right now. It’s the field that contains God’s plan, that fulfills the journey.” The place where you remnants are, all over the world, is the field where God’s journey is fulfilled.
(2)Wilderness (Preparation)- And the many paths you’re taking right now are the paths of the wilderness. After coming out of Egypt, going on the path of the wilderness implies certain suffering, but this is the place where you experience many things. What kind of experience? Preparing this. You must tell the multiethnic people and the remnants.
(3)Canaan (World Evangelization)- And you must go to Canaan. In the end, the multiethnic people return to their countries and do world evangelization.
>> So there’s something you must do as you go through the wilderness right now. You must do it as you go. You must help multiethnic people grow this when you meet them. It’s realistic strength. That’s why we see 3 important words.
(1)Tabernacle (Christ, Worship)- The tabernacle. There were tremendous things like the covenant, bread, and 7 things in the tabernacle. They all point to Christ, but it’s about the strength/power that comes from the tabernacle. It’s the strength/power that comes through Christ, through worship. That’s the tabernacle. I don’t need to explain the 7 things because I’ve explained before, right? We’re restoring the strength of the perfect power of Christ through worship.
>> Most times, when we’re not careful, especially the remnants, we hear a lot of “people talk”. And we can’t just not listen. But if you quickly make it into the covenant, that is in Christ, tremendous answers will come. I mean, think about it. Elders come to church and they do have to listen to what this person and that person has to say, right? They can’t just not listen. Isn’t that so? And there are people who come to say this, that, incorrect things, and strange things at times. But it’s not like they can just ignore it. If you change all that into worship in Christ, it becomes tremendous strength. You must not lose hold of this. There are some multiethnic people who come into the church looking to see if there’s anything that can be of help to them. There are people like that. But you need to teach them about the true, real power/strength.
(2)Tent of Meeting (Gentile)- It was the same place, but because they gathered, it became the tent of meeting. During their wilderness journey. The tabernacle. Through worship in the temple, they received great strength. The tent of meeting means the same thing, but it means that they gathered. What does this mean? Here, the children, gentiles, and everyone were included. But especially the gentiles. You’re not just helping that one person receive strength, but it’s important to make it so that other people from that nation, foreign nations, can come to receive strength.
(3)Tent (Personal/Individual)- There, they each had their own tents. These tents were their homes. They prayed, facing Jerusalem and the tabernacle. What does that mean? It’s the individual. The individual gains this strength. This is what needs to be. It’s not that it won’t work at all, but they’ll have to always suffer along with it.
>> You must realize “thanksgiving” ahead of time. We always get beaten down and then realize we need to be thankful after. Sometimes I hear the words of the children and they’re wavering/shaking to the point where I wonder, “Have I taught them wrong?”. There are tremendous things prepared for these children, but because they’re feeble in the moment and not doing well in their studies, they’re really shaken.
I’ll talk about this during this year’s WRC, but don’t misunderstand. One of my friends graduated from the best school in Korea. He became a judge. Right now, he’s a lawyer. But he’s just barely scraping by right now. But he doesn’t even really have faith either. Even though he’s a friend I know well, every time we meet, he just talks about worldly things. When I talk about the Gospel, he just looks elsewhere. It’s so unfortunate. I even think, “Maybe it would have been better for him if he wasn’t so well-educated”. Why? Because he knows a lot. When I talk about things, he knows more than me. He even has a lot of Bible verses memorized.
But he’s unable to realize the Gospel. It made me realize, “Ah, there are so many people like this who are unable to hear the Gospel”. But what’s more important is that, worldly speaking, he doesn’t even have money. As you and the remnants know, the 3rd and 4th Industrial Revolution is arising and a few people will be taking all the money. Isn’t that so? I’m not saying that you shouldn’t study. But you have to know that that’s (studying) not the end. The schools are teaching incorrectly right now. So as you know well, one person, Bill Gates, came out and completely seized millions of the population. He stopped going to college. Why? Because he said he didn’t have time for that. This isn’t me telling you all to just drop out of college right now. There’s no need to be shaken over the studies that you’re doing right now. You need to see what’s important.
>> I’ll talk about this during this year’s WRC. You must see 5 important things. If you can’t see that, you can’t succeed. And even if you do, it’ll be useless. So how great of an opportunity is this for our remnants and multiethnic people? They need to have strength. Even though there’s no reason to be shaken, people are shaken on empty grounds. Just because their studies aren’t going a bit well and because they’re not getting employed. They get shaken up. The more that happens, if you have your basics, the next time schedule will come. But most believers are just shaken. It’s unfortunate. If you look at most church officers, they just spend all their time talking about worldly things. You must do this. You, who are devoting yourselves for world missions, need to speak about that life journey, position/location, and strength when you meet a person.

>> Main- One Who Has Been Distinguished/Set Apart
And in that, we see important words here. “You shall be holy, for I the LORD your God am holy.” This “holy” can mean “set apart”, but it also means, “one who has been distinguished”. This is what you need to let them know. It also includes, “sanctified”. Because God is holy, that’s also included. These words are words, but they’re distinguished words. The Bible. It’s that character (聖, Chinese character that means ‘holy’). That it’s been divinely distinguished. It’s ‘holy’ (聖). It is a book, but it’s a different kind of book. Bible. It’s a house, but a different house. A house that has been distinguished, set apart. Temple (聖殿, Holy House). You understand what this means, right? This is what you need to let them know. To the remnants and multiethnic people. “To say that God has called you means that you have been set apart, distinguished.” There are many people, right? The people who have been set apart among those people are the saints/believers (聖徒). That’s how you write/use it.

1.Has Set Apart Your Family Line→ Set apart as what? You need to let them know. What does it say here in today’s passage? It says, “Revere your mother and father”. Why is this mentioned here? Does that mean people are not revering or obeying their parents? He was saying, “To say I’ve called you means that I’ve set apart your family line.” Do you understand? God has called you and that means that He has already set you and your family line apart. Undoubtedly.
2.Has Set Apart Your Worship and Prayer→ What’s the second point today? In verse 3, He tells them to keep the Sabbath. What does this mean? God has set apart your worship and prayer. God has made your worship and prayer holy.
3.Has Set You Apart for Missions (My Occupation, Harvest)→ These words are also seen. He tells them to leave some of the harvest they reap for others (poor and sojourners). What does that mean? Simply put, most times, you would collect and bring in all the grain that you harvest. He’s telling them to just leave some instead of taking everything. This is very important. You have been set apart by God not only for your family line, but for missions.
>> Three things. Three things that you need to tell the remnants and multiethnic people. “God has made you and your family line, holy.” Do you understand?
God has set apart the worship that you give, as well as the worship you’re giving today. When He said, “Leave some for the sojourners”, that means that you have been set apart for missions.

1. Has Set Apart Your Family Line
>> Joseph knew from the beginning. His brothers called him crazy. When he said, “I’m going to do family evangelization, you’re going to bow to me, and I’m going to do world evangelization”, his brothers called him crazy. They could see it that way. But Joseph clearly knew this. “Ah, this is why God called me.” If you look closely, his brothers were the crazy ones. Isn’t that so? In order to do world evangelization, he needed to go to Egypt. And the sun, the moon, and stars bowing down to him was right. No matter what anyone says, you and your family line have been called by God to do world evangelization. If you don’t know that well, you’ve misunderstood.
>> Take a look. Moses. He realized a bit late. He was called for this. You must teach this to the multiethnic people. Realizing or not realizing is out of your control, but you can’t change the fact. Whether you believe or not, that may be out of your control. But that fact does that change. The fact that God is going to do world evangelization through you and the multiethnic people does not change. Those who couldn’t realize died in the wilderness. Isn’t that so?
>> Through the people who realized, God made the tabernacle and gave many covenants. In the end, what did He give? He gave this (covenant). “I am the Lord, your God.” The covenant does not change. It needs to be made like this.

2.Has Set Apart Your Worship and Prayer
>> And “Keep my Sabbath”. He made that day holy. You must inform them of this.
1)Exodus 5:1-12:46 (Exodus, Liberation)
>> What is Exodus 5:1-12:46? When the Israelites prayed together, miracles arose. What kind of miracles arose? The miracle of the Exodus. This is what you need to let them know. When a few of you, who have the covenant, get together and pray, the works of liberation from Egypt will arise.
>> You must tell them. No matter what happens to you, it’s okay. Just wait and see. Our church, the important churches in Darakbang, and Immanuel Seoul Church. Wait and see. Why? This isn’t my plan. It’s God’s plan. Those who ridicule that are mentally strange people. Isn’t that so? God’s plan is world evangelization. Your business is for world evangelization. If you say that’s not so, you’re the one who is out of your mind. God has already decided it that way. You must surely tell them. Your studies? For world evangelization. That’s why God has set this apart. To say that He’s made you holy is no simple matter. That means that God has specially set you apart. There are people that we distinguish as well, right? It means He has set you apart.
2)Wilderness (Victory)
>> When they prayed in the tabernacle, tent of meeting, and their tents, they were victorious in the wilderness. Why? God has set apart your prayers.
3)Feast/Festival (Idolatry, Light)
>> As it was mentioned in the first service, whenever they kept this prayer as a feast/festival, idolatry collapsed. Whenever they did this, the light came upon them. You must not lose hold of this. Even if you don’t believe it, it won’t change. I don’t know how many Christians there are in the world, but even if none of them believe, this won’t change. That person who doesn’t believe is working in vain.

3.Has Set You Apart for Missions (My Occupation, Harvest)
>> Leave the food that the gentiles/foreigners can eat.
1)237- It’s 237.
2)Healing- It’s healing. This isn’t just strictly about eating/food. It’s healing.
3)Summit- We’re not just strictly talking about saving. Summit. It’s this.
>> Something for you to pray about. I saw on the news today as well, but the COVID situation is getting quite serious. That pastor, Rev. Jeon, needs to be a bit more refraining, but he isn’t so problems continue to arise. There’s this one person at Immanuel Seoul Church who keeps contacting me because I’m not attending Rev. Jeon’s conference. This is what I said to that person. “I know Pastor Jeon well.” I do know him well. He would actually try to meet me in the past during our conferences but my secretaries tried to not let that happen, but I know him well. This is what I said. “Let’s see after the elections for the National Assembly are over. Confirm it after. The conservatives’ side will lose. I’m telling you in advance. They’ll lose all the votes. They shouldn’t be acting that way.” As we do our work before God, these COVID cases are rising. What does this mean? We must not just see this only as a disaster. We need to come to our senses.
>> So pray this time. We’re trying to approach, completely centered on messages (for this year’s WRC). It might be a bit difficult, but the message times will be 3 times longer than the usual. Why? Because there’s really nothing else to do. I realized God’s will. “Ah, there’s nothing to do.” In the past, they were remnant messages, but this year, it’s going to be sent in 3 ways. To the adult generation. The main message will be for the remnants. The conclusion will be for the leaders who are raising remnants. This is how I’m trying to relay the messages. Then it’s going to take a bit of time. We need these things too. Look here. Look at people like Professor Lim. They meet a lot of foreign students, do they not? It’s a golden opportunity for those people. If you don’t give them this, everything else is useless. Those multiethnic people need to come and realize their lives. They need to discover the journey they need to take and gain the strength that God gives. That’s it. When this person returns to their home country, they save their family line, their country, and do world evangelization.
>> It’s the same even now. This is how you should think. God has specially set apart you and your home. God has specially set apart your prayer. Isn’t that so? God has specially set apart your business. God said to leave behind some of the harvest. God has specially set apart your business. The reason? Because you need to save the 237 nations. You’re not simply just doing that. You need to heal. Because we need to make these people into summits once more so that they can really plunge into world evangelization. It’s this. Even if you stay still, the answers will come. Just wait and see. My prayer topic is already set. I just continue to pray about that. There’s nothing else to do. If you continue to just pray that prayer, answers will continue to come.

1)Field (World)
>> This is the conclusion. What is your biggest problem? When you go to the field, the situation is different. Isn’t that so? When you go to school, the situation is different. Even though that’s just how it looks on the outside, we get deceived. If you don’t get deceived here, tremendous works will arise. And of course, that doesn’t mean the works won’t arose if you do get deceived. It’s not that the Israelites wouldn’t go into Canaan just because they were deceived. It just took longer. Those who are deceived can’t go. That’s what this means. But God’s plan gets fulfilled. Don’t be deceived by this. You just don’t need avoid being deceived. There’s nothing for you to do. Just don’t get deceived. When you go out to the world, it looks like these unbelievers are smart and doing all these things, right? But that’s not it. They’re spiritually powerless.
2)People (Future)
>> When you go to church or other places, you meet people. Then you get deceived again. People get deceived so easily. We get deceived by the words of people again. You shouldn’t ignore the words of people, right? But you must not be deceived. If you don’t get deceived by this, there are tremendous prayer topics and futures inside of this. Isn’t that so? When God sent Joseph to Potiphar’s house, He did so, looking at the future. Remnants need to remember. If you’ve met someone strange, that doesn’t mean, “Become a strange person too”. God is explaining to you, “Look at the future.”
3)Self (Power)
>> What’s the most important thing? People get deceived by themselves. Regardless of what others say, we deceive ourselves. No matter what anyone else says, just don’t be deceived by yourself.
>> Remnants, it’s okay even if it’s brief. Have a time of prayer.
Even if you don’t have a long time of prayer, have a time to pray and worship alone, at least once a week. How do you have that time? Listen to or sing your favorite praise song. As you live your life all week, you don’t listen to it at all. So listen to it once. How easy is that? Go on the internet and listen to one of Rev. Ryu’s sermons. It’s easy, right. That’s all you need to do. Even if you just do that, this tremendous, important power will be gained. Even though that’s all you did, you’ll gain the 5 powers.
>> I don’t know why people don’t do this. I find it to be so unfortunate. Sometimes I just see people and they’re such great, fine individuals, but they don’t do these things. It’s really unfortunate. I can see that that person is really someone who is bound to receive blessings, but they don’t ever do it. Because they don’t do it, they just watch others receive answers. And when they do realize, it’s only when they’ve gotten beat down. If that’s what happens, you’ll always have to be beaten to realize. Isn’t that so? Remnants… I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus, that this week will be a very precious and special time for you.

God, we give You thanks. We pray that the remnants inside the covenant will arise in the world. Bless our elders, church officers, and all believers who are working for this. People are being deceived by Satan and wandering. Help us to not be deceived and grant us Your power. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)