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03.10.2021 – The Day of Atonement

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 1st Service- 08/16/2020
Title: The Day of Atonement
Scripture: Leviticus 16:29:34

>> Thank you. This new week, we have the World Remnant Conference.
But because of COVID, we’ll be listening in our homes. So I’ll be giving 5 lectures from the studio. It’s a sure thing that the remnants, who are scattered throughout the world, are the main figures who will save the world.
>> So there was I time I went to America for a conference. There was a church that was split into 2 teams and they were fighting. As you fight, things get emotional. People fight without even realizing how bad they all looked. Things get emotional to the point where we (from the outside) wonder, “Is this all this person is?”. But if you listen to both sides, they’re right. So of course, things don’t get resolved. At least one side needs to be wrong, but when I listened to both sides, they both made sense.
Everyone believes in God. But most times, we don’t really know the method by which we need to believe in God. This is what we need to teach to our remnants. It’s not going to work through the methods you use. They are people who need to raise up remnants. Though it may be frustrating, it won’t work with that method. Isn’t that so? They might have said the right words, but it wouldn’t work with that method. The Bible teaches how we need to believe in God. And we also need to know when answers come the most.
>> When do answers come the most? That’s what we must teach our remnants. If that is so, then you must receive this answer first today. You, on person, are enough. And just as we praised, that one person is enough. All we need is just one individual like Moses, Joshua, and Caleb among our next generation.
When did this happen? We’re not just believing in God. We believe in Him 100%. What does that mean? To believe 100%? What kinds of things are happening to you? God is trying to give you good things. This is what you need to know. The path in the wilderness is not a path of suffering. God is trying to give the good things. That’s why you need to know the method by which you must believe in God. They took 40 years to travel a path that actually would have only taken them a week. Why? Because they continued to lose hold of God again and again. We’re constantly delaying the answers that are to come to us. God is not a thief so He doesn’t give and take away and things like that. So it continued to get delayed. In the end, they had their funerals and children/next generation went in. Today, you need to quickly change your worries. God is trying to give you good things. When do answers really come? There are many people, even in the church, who don’t believe in God. So they’re filled with worries. There are many people like this. They do believe in God, but they have worries. “Can we really go this way? Can we really survive in the wilderness?” They continue to have these worries. The Bible tells us 365 times not to be anxious/worried.
Worries may seem like nothing, but they bring misconceptions to your brain, soul, and everything. So they’re bound to use humanism. Because they’re worried. And people use humanism according to their levels. Very obviously, at that. Then most people will get swayed towards that. Even though the real answers are there, they suffer, being swayed towards that.
>> So people don’t know how to believe in God and they don’t know when answers will come. Are we going to send our remnants out like this? How renown of an individual will we raise? Those are just our words. But our remnants need to survive wherever they are. In that field today, you, on person, is needed. I don’t know where you might be, but you, on person, are enough.
>> Most people get swayed towards this. “I can’t live because of that person. I can’t do this because of Moses. We’re going to die in the wilderness.” The Israelites had completely given up and were stuck in destruction and resentment/blame. At this time, God chose Moses, Joshua, and Caleb and took these Israelites out. It may seem like a problem arises every time you go. “We cannot go into the land of Canaan. What must we do?” Those words had a ring of truth to them. “How can we go through this difficult path with our children? When we go, there’s this great city and soldiers. How can we prevail?” Those words are right. This is what Joshua and Caleb said. “Their leader has already run away. After hearing that we were coming, their hearts melted. That land is the land flowing with milk and honey, that God has given to us. We must take our children now.” That kind of person is the one who receives answers. You need to teach the remnants well. Look at David. We was only surrounded by crazy people. Saul was demon-possessed and out of his mind. Saul’s disciples were all blinded by the greed for power. His brothers were not in their right minds, using humanism. David did not listen to those words. That’s when you receive all the answers. When many hardships have come to your field, all the answers are fulfilled through the person who has grabbed hold of God’s covenant. If a problem has come to your business, that’s been there for a long time. So the moment you hold on to the accurate covenant, you newly begin. So you must teach them the method by which they can receive answers. When all of Israel had given up, God raised up individuals like Elisha. We just need one remnant like that. We just need one person, you, like Obadiah. Isn’t that so? You have to hold on to the sure covenant. They had zero faith in God and once again, they became captives. We just need a few people like Daniel and those 3 friends. It’s a sure thing. You must hold on to that answer. “What must we do about those bad people?” People will ask this question. “Not that person.” That’s what they’ll say. “Not that elder. Not that pastor. You don’t know, but not my husband.” Then do we just leave those people like that?
>> We didn’t read today’s passage from the beginning, but God called away Aaron’s 2 sons who continued to disobey God’s covenant. We needed to read starting from verse 1, but because it would be too long, we read what came after that. If someone is not needed, God will call them away. Isn’t that so? It’s not that God isn’t able to take someone away because He’s dozing off. God did not leave that person alone because He made a mistake in His work. If that person is not needed, God will take them away. This is the Word He gave them in that moment. We didn’t read all of it, but in verse 3, He said, “Aaron, you shall bring a bull for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering”. And in verse 11, “Aaron shall present the bull as a sin offering for himself.” We didn’t read this, but in verses 15-22, it says that all people shall come out and present a sin offering/make atonement. Then, in the passage we read today, He said that all the people must keep the day of atonement on a certain day. This is the day of atonement. That’s today’s passage. It’s a tremendous thing. Simply put, it’s a great day of Sabbath.
>> Why? Why do this? Mankind left God and, in the end, they fell into this swamp. A person who has fallen into this swamp can’t swim out of it. You can swim in water, but if you try to swim out of a swamp/marsh, you’ll continue to sink. Asking, “Why did you go in there? How did you get in there?” in that situation is of no use. You need to throw them a rope and save them. If there’s a child lost in the mountains, it’s useless for the police to be arguing about whose jurisdiction it is. The first person to hear about it needs to quickly go. Of all the religions, only the Gospel speaks about forgiveness. What’s right? Of all the evil spirits out there, God is a God who forgives. That’s what they’re making here.
>> There are 3 great sins that we have.
Original sin. Original sin is not something that we can control. Not believing in God is original sin. In the end, we’re bound to fall into this swamp. There’s not a single nation that has spiritually done well among those who didn’t properly believe in God. They all fall into this swamp. And what else? The actual sin. It’s the sin you’re aware and conscious of. Do thieves steal, not knowing that they’re thieves? That’s the actual sin. There are also sins that we commit without even realizing. It may look like we don’t commit any sins, but there are more sins that we are not aware of. Even if you’re an angel all day and do something bad for just one second every day, that’s still 365 sins. If you do that for 10 years, that’s 3,000 sins and if you do it for your whole life, that’s tens of thousands. God needed to save this mankind from that death, so He told them to give this sin offering/atonement and evade death.

>> Main– I hope today is a good day for you. I also hope that today is a good day for me. Why does God do like this? This is different from false idolatrous religions.

1.Give the Sin Offering/Atonement and Receive Forgiveness for the Destruction that Satan Brings (Genesis 3, 6, 11).
>> Number 1. It’s because Satan uses that as a tool to destroy you. If you do something wrong, Satan tries to use that as a tool to bring you down. That’s why God is telling us to seek forgiveness. If you look in Genesis 3, 6, and 11, he makes all these traps and tries to kill mankind. Satan tries to make mankind fall into strange idol worship and kill them. Regardless of their occupation and wealth, that individual is bound to fall into great destruction later on. Because people don’t know this, in Ephesians 4:27, they have these fights and disputes. And the Bible records that Satan uses that as s foothold. If you look in Romans 16:17-19, Satan brings destruction to you by causing all these physical divisions and fights. If people know this, the church cannot fight. Isn’t that so? If you know what this tremendous love of God is, you’re not able to do that. So, “Starting with the servants of the Lord, all people give the sin offering/atonement. Give the great atonement and receive forgiveness.” In a sense, that’s the main theme/message of Leviticus.

2.Receive the Solution to the Works of the Evil Spirits (Acts 13, 16, 19), that You Can’t Solve on Your Own, Through the Power of Christ.
>> The second reason. Why is He telling us to come to give this sin offering/atonement and receive forgiveness? Because you can’t solve this on your own. Kids who are lost in drugs cannot solve that problem on their own. People are not able to solve these great spiritual problems on their own. The powerful nation thought it was a powerful nation, but it was greatly destroyed. That’s not something people can solve on their own. On top of that, even though Israel received many blessings, they weren’t able to solve these things on their own. So He said, “Through the blood covenant of Christ, give the sin offering/atonement and evade death”. Because mankind can’t do this on their own, they struggle. The result of that struggle is that they make and carve things with their own hands and bow down to them. How foolish is that? They make them with their own hands and go bow before them. They think that brings answers, but they’re seized by evil spirits. That’s Acts 13, 16, and 19. God is telling us to come to Him instead of dying in that pain. The complete conclusion of this atonement is pointing to Christ, is it not? “Because this is something you can never do on your own, receive the solution through the power of Christ.”

3.Give the Sin Offering/Atonement and Receive Forgiveness from the Bigger Problem, Spiritual Problems, that Will Come in the Future.
>> Third. The bigger problem remains. “Because spiritual problems will come, quickly give this sin offering/atonement and receive forgiveness.” There will be more mental patients in the future. It’s a big problem. There will be many mental patients to the point where you won’t even be able to hear what those people say. These days, there’s a lot on YouTube so you need to be careful of that as well. People have made such strange things and put them out there. There are so many lies. People from the left wing and right wing all come up with these different lies and there’s too many of them. They’re like mental patients. We really need to actually correctly teach our remnants. When they go to study in America and Europe, there will be so many mentally ill people to the point where they won’t even really be considered a mental patient. This cannot be solved if it isn’t the power of the Gospel. So all you need to know is that method and time. What is that method? Has a problem come to you? God is trying to give you what’s good. Are you falling into trials because of other people? It’s the time schedule for you to really receive answers because of that. When did Joseph receive answers? When his brothers were trying to kill him. Isn’t that so? When did Joseph receive answers? When he went to prison. If he went to prison because he committed a crime, we can’t say much, but he went even though he was innocent. Read the Bible. When did David receive answers? He received all the answers when Saul was possessed after using all that humanism and tormented him. When did the early church receive all the answers? It said, “Through the persecution of Stephen…” It was when they were being persecuted. You must not be deceived. You need to know the method. “So don’t be destroyed. Go and give the sin offering/atonement.” In the future, not only will there be more mental illnesses, there will be more suicides and such. You, just one person, need to hold on to the covenant.
>> One remnant came to me to let me know he’ll be joining the military soon earlier today. So this is what I said. “Don’t do anything else. Just do 2 things. Because there’s one absolutely prepared, plant 1 disciple there and come back.” There is one. “And absolutely, there will be someone who has a spiritual problem, who comes. Tell him about the Gospel.” Most people don’t know that. Even his senior officer won’t know this. How can people know that spiritual problems have come to that kid? Even if they do see it, they have no other countermeasure. So even when an average, normal person goes to the military, they think it’s hard. So if you look at the kids with depression, they think they’re really going to die when they go to the military. So they fall into misconceptions, they can’t endure it, and they commit suicide. So I said, “Help him with that. You just need to do those 2 things. That’s why God is sending you with His special plan.” Is it like that only in the military? Don’t be discouraged. It looks like that person, with spiritual problems, isn’t being healed even though they pray and receive the Word, right? That’s not it. It becomes the time to block all spiritual problems. And in the best time, God works. Isn’t that so?
>> So these words, “Give the atonement and blood sacrifice”, are not your average words. In the future, there will be many accidents and incidents because of these spiritual problems. It’s just that you don’t realize. But the fact that you are there means there’s tremendous spiritual significance. It’s rightful for unbelievers to not know this. But believers are unaware of this too. In actuality, evangelism isn’t bothering people around you to believe in Jesus. If you’re there and you’re there with spiritual power/strength, those people will be able to see that. Then that’s when you just need to tell them about it. It seems like a small thing, but works begin to arise. If it’s busy in your workplace and you go around trying to evangelize, you’ll be criticized. If you look in your workplace, two types of people are hidden. The person with spiritual problems and the disciple who has been prepared. Even if we make and raise just one remnant like this, who has this answer, the field will change. You must not be deceived. Then Satan will kneel. He’ll be crushed under your feet while trying to hinder you.
>> Joseph became the governor. One day. “Does this mean that all our remnants will become governors?” That’s not what I’m saying. Then will all of you, who listen to this message today, become governors? That’s not what this means. One day, you change into a person who gives the answer.
After he became governor, what was the very first thing he should have done? What would you have done? I’m sure it would be different for everyone. People here who have a bad temper will probably call Potiphar first. Isn’t that so? You’ll probably call that wife of Potiphar’s first. Because she’s the one who sent him to prison. You need your revenge. But Joseph never did that. He did not have revenge on his brothers. David forgave King Saul, who tried to constantly kill him, to the end. What does this mean? They crushed Satan under their feet. Do you understand? All of you throughout the nation and the world. If you just hold on to this covenant, your churches are bound to be revived. No matter how much you give worship and do all these things, you don’t know how you need to believe. You don’t know the method and when answers will come. By God’s grace, when I see those many fields, I’m able to think, “Ah, this is why God sent me here”. That’s why the method is revealed. When there are hardships in your family, field, or church, it’s easy to speak words of unbelief together. But at that time, if you know why God has placed you there, tremendous answers begin.

>> Then if that is so, how can we resolve our problem today? It’s in verse 29. This is what’s recorded in verse 29. “And it shall be a statute to you forever that in the seventh month, on the tenth day of the month, you shall afflict yourselves and shall do not work…” What does that mean? He said, “afflict yourselves”. We should be giving thanks. Why do we need to afflict ourselves? How shameless is it? To say, “Because God forgave me of all my sins, it’s okay”. What does it mean? To afflict yourself? It means to acknowledge your wrongdoings before God.
>> No matter how bad of a person you may be, if you’re afflicting yourself before God, that means you’ve really realized it. One day, you’ll come to know that answers have come. Don’t blame and resent other people, but really before God. That’s a simple thing, isn’t it? Even though that prayer isn’t long, there has never been a time when I didn’t receive an answer to it. There were times when I was so aggrieved. And if I fought, the fight would happen. But I thought about it before God. The fact that that person is criticizing you means that you need to reflect on yourself. Isn’t that so? If someone continues to call you a thief even though you didn’t steal anything, you do need to fight back, but more importantly, you need to look back on yourself. “Maybe I look like a thief.” You need to look back on that. Adam committed this great sin. If you read in the Bible, at that time, he was hiding. You don’t receive answers by hiding. But it says that he was hiding. God knew Adam. Adam was really trembling and regretting. What did God give to him at that time? It was Genesis 3:15. “The offspring of woman will crush the head of the serpent.” Cain killed his brother Abel. After he did that, he was so anxious that he ran away. He didn’t receive forgiveness because he ran away. He was wandering around really with the heart of regret and repentance before God. At that time, God showed him the white stone and allowed him to live. That symbolizes Christ.
>> Take a look in the Bible. This woman who committed adultery was taken. Everyone picked up a stone, to stone her to death. Without a single exception, they were all trying to kill him. At that time, Jesus did see the people who were holding the stones, but there was something he saw before that. He saw that this woman was genuinely repenting. Jesus knows when you really, genuinely repent in your heart. At that time, Jesus write something on the ground. We don’t know what he wrote, but wrote something. Many scholars speculate that maybe he wrote the law, because the people who were holding the stones knew the law well. Perhaps that’s true. But I thought of one more thing. (Example) The Almighty Lord sees that Rev. Lee Sung-hoon here is also holding a stone. So he writes in the sand. “In this year, of this month, on this day, Lee Sung-hoon committed this sin.” He wrote everything. The people who were holding the stones were so shocked that they threw them down and left. Isn’t that so? That’s when Jesus asked, “Has no one condemned you?”. Because everyone was trying to stone her. He said, “Neither do I condemn you; go. And from now on sin no more.” Should we be walking about shameless because everything has been resolved through the sin offering and blood sacrifice? We need to sincerely repent in our hearts before God. In a sense, we don’t even need to do it in front of man, but in front of God. God turns back everything in that simple prayer. Because the people in Nineveh repented, God turned back His will. It’s the same even now.
>> As you know, Jesus explained the heart of God through the parable of the prodigal son. The older son was reliable and trustworthy, but the younger son was always out doing bad things and wasting money. With money, he went around committing all these crimes. One day, he lost all that money. What would happen? And that that time, there happened to be a famine. So he didn’t even have anywhere to go and even beg for food. So he really suffered. At this time, this son resolved in his heart. “I need to go to father’s house. I need to go back to father’s house even if it’s now. If I go to father’s house, there will be much for me to eat. Why do I need to suffer here like this?” So he went back to his father’s house. As a complete beggar. When he was leaving the house, he left all haughty, but when he came back, he was a complete beggar. No one was able to recognize him, but his father did from far away. That means that this father was waiting for him every day. He didn’t know when he would return, so he was waiting every day. The father recognized his son from far away and ran to him to embrace him. That’s when the son said this. These words may not seem like much today, but during that time, they were words of huge meaning. “Father, use me as a servant.” In today’s terms, that may just sound like, “Use me as one of your workers/employees”. But during that time, the word “servant” had a different implication. That meant being used as a slave, being treated as lesser than human, like an animal. That’s what he asked him to use him as. The son had realized. He didn’t say, “Please forgive me this one time”. He didn’t shamelessly say, “I almost died, so please just spare me this once”. The key was that he asked him to use him as a slave. He was saying, “I don’t have the right to be your son, so use me as your servant.” The father said, “How can you be a servant? You are my son”. He thought his father would rebuke him, but as you know, he began a feast. His son returned from near death, so he opened this feast. To the point where his older son complained about it. Jesus explained God’s heart. That means that God is waiting for you to return to Him, no matter what kind of hardship you’re in. The “day of atonement” we read about today. These words are very important.
>> There was a couple that came to me and said this. “We’re always fighting. What do we do?” I listened to what they had to say and I saw that they kind of had no choice but to fight. I saw that both had quite the personality. The woman had slightly more of that personality. So they had no choice but to fight. They fought every day. So in a sense, it was fortunate that they came to me. Because then, I could at least pray together with them. I said, “Then as you both agreed, have your divorce after 3 months. Having a divorce is simple, so do it in about 3 months. Just pray for 3 months. Don’t pray about anything else, but for 3 months, whether you go to church or somewhere else, think about what you might be doing wrong every day. Don’t think about what your wife did wrong, but think about what you yourself did wrong. Just for 3 months.” I told the wife as well. “Don’t think about your husband’s wrongdoings, but your own.” After 3 months passed, they didn’t come to me in person, but they did contact me. They apologized and said that they agreed to live happily. And they are right now.
It’s the same before God. I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus, that today can be a very important day with that short prayer. Let us pray.

God, the remnants are awaiting the WRC. Help us to save this age that has lost hold of many blessings. Raise up the remnants to save Your children who are living like unbelievers. May today be an important time schedule in which we discover Your answers. May our curses and disasters, that are bound to bring us death, be destroyed.
In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)