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03.09.2021 – Renewal of Evangelism

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Message: Core Training Message- 08/15/2020
Title: Answer of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (33)- Renewal of Evangelism
Scripture: Acts 11:19

>> If you look in the Bible (Acts 11:19), it says, “…because of the persecution that arose over Stephen…”
But this was not a tribulation (persecution). It was a great renewal of evangelism.
You have the Remnant Conference ahead of you, but there’s something that you must know first.
Introduction- Adult Generation
Our adult generation would be the ones who teach our remnants. But this isn’t what we must teach them. This is what you must be cautious of most. God has a great plan for the remnants. Isn’t that so? So you must not try to teach your own things. So you must be most cautious of this.
>> The Jews continued to try to put their next generations inside of this. Inside legalism. That’s not God’s will. The Law is important, but legalism is wrong.
>> That’s why the continued to use humanism. Things that have to do with humanity are about the fundamentals of man, so they’re not wrong. But we must not be teaching about “humanism” that is centered on man, rather than centered on God.
>> There’s something people do when they can’t do neither legalism nor humanism. Mysticism. Things may be mystical, but mysticism is not it. So we must not try to input or teach our next generation with these kinds of things. There are some people who do all 3. Legalism, criticizing and judging others. Humanism, using their wiles. Mysticism, praying on their own. They do all 3.
4)Old Era
>> If we’re not careful, we’ll be making a mistake. People try to put the remnants inside things of this old era and the traditions and systems of the Jews.
5)My Thoughts
>> And what else? If we’re not careful, we’ll make this mistake. We try to force our remnants into what we personally think. That’s a tremendous mistake.
>> Remnants have a future that you can’t even imagine. That’s God’s will. When something goes wrong momentarily with a remnant, don’t be quick to judge. That’s also a mistake. No one knows what kinds of things will happen when that child, who made mistakes, changes. Rather, they could even be used in a greater way. When we’re not careful, we try to force the remnants into this box. You must keep this in mind. You’re teaching the remnants, but the blessing that is in store for the remnants is greater far than what you have.
>> Who is this? There was a person who asked his parents to buy him a camera when he was young. What would you have said? “You’re just a little child. Why do you need a camera?” Because cameras are used by adults. Those are your incorrect thoughts. So his mother bought him a camera. This child would go around, taking the camera with him, and have so much fun with it. How much fun was he having? He wouldn’t go to school. He stopped going to school for a few days. What would you have said if you were his parents? “Bring me that camera!” But what did the mother say? “Why, you’re really something else. You want to do this that much?” She complimented him. “But you still need to go to school.” That child grew up to be Spielberg. We continue to try to put people in our own mold. You must never do that.

>> Main- Look in the Bible. In the most important part.

1.Eyes that Must Be Opened First→ “Acts 11:1-18”
>> These are the eyes we must open first. What kind of eyes? Acts 11:1-18. What is this? They were the most blessed people, but they lose hold of the most precious thing. You must have the eyes to see this. They were the most blessed people. God gave the Gospel to the Jewish people first and called them as people to relay this Gospel. We don’t really think about this much. This was the greatest blessing, but they still remain in the things of the past. They lost hold of the most precious thing. So you know this passage very well. “How can he go to Cornelius’ home to eat?” This dispute was beginning. When we see this today, it doesn’t really make sense. But those people were still stuck in the past and that’s how it was for them. To be more accurate, they should have said, “Finally, the works of God have taken place”. But instead, they said, “How can you go and eat at a gentile’s house?”. It’s possible for man to say such crazy things. What’s wrong with eating? They were saying that because he went to Cornelius’ home. So Peter explained. He talks about the vision he received from God and so on.
1)Fundamentals, Basics, Foundation
>> If we’re not careful, we lose hold of the precious things in our fundamentals, basics, and foundation. So as you wait for the remnant conference, when you teach the remnants, changing this for them is very important.
2)Imprint, Root, Nature
>> This is related to imprint, root, and nature. You need to do the ministry to changing these things into the things of God.
3)Past (Scars)
>> On top of that, they have their past and scars. This is what you must change for them.
>> Things of God- You don’t need to do some grand ministry. What you must keep in mind is that we must not raise our children (next generation) the way we were raised (or to be like us). We need to raise our future generations to know the things of God.

2.Best Opportunity→ “Acts 11:19-30”
>> It’s our best opportunity. What is it? Acts 11:19-30. The Antioch Church that saw the most precious things. What’s important here? They were people who saw the most precious things during the most perilous time. The church in Jerusalem had received the greatest blessing and lost hold of the most precious things, but these people (Antioch) enjoyed the greatest things during a crisis. If you accept that that you’re bound but your past, you can receive the 100-year answer. There was never an exception. The answer is, you’ll bear fruit worth a thousand years. Think carefully about what I’m saying. That answer that Moses received? That was a 100-year answer. But the actual influence it had went for a thousand more years. The hidden content was eternal. Even if we just think, “Perhaps this is my own thinking”, great works arise.
1)Tribulation (Persecution)
>> And look at this. What is the blessing that God gave to the Antioch Church, that broke this mold? The very first thing He gave them were tribulations. This is where most of us fall into misconceptions. This was not a tribulation. It says, “Because of the persecution…” It says, “Now those who were scattered because of the persecution that arose over Stephen”. These words are so important. It may look like He’s giving you suffering, but God has a different plan.
2)The Jews and the Gentiles
>> And what else? They were not only relaying the Gospel to the Jews, but to the gentiles.
3)Great Crowds of Disciples
>> It wasn’t just simply a gathering of believers, but great crowds of disciples.
>> Even though there was a famine all throughout the entire land, the Antioch Church was overflowing. This is a passage we know well.
>> Give Thanks in Everything– So we must teach our remnants. To give thanks in everything. We must teach the remnants. “Not my thoughts and not your thoughts, but the things of God.” This is our opportunity. When people have forum, they talk about what’s “mine and yours”. But we must do the things of God. Even if it’s once. Then for that remnant, even though they just listened once, it gets connected to their lifelong answer. If you look in the Bible, Moses’ mother did not speak about her own personal thoughts. In that important time, she spoke about the things of God. So when you read what Moses recorded, it’s astonishing. Where would he have heard this? He heard them from his mother. Then we can have thanksgiving even in the midst of tribulations. During this opportunity, you need to teach the remnants. Even when problems come, we give thanks. Why? Because this answer came because of that. Throughout this evangelism movement, there were many strange people. That’s something to be thankful for. God weeded out the fakes and blessed us. So the remnants must think, “Ah, God is trying to give me His things. I must give thanks in all these things”. This is how they need to move forward. This is how they need to go out to the world.

3.Spiritual Platform→ “Acts 13:1-4”
>> This is what’s more important. We need to build/make a spiritual platform that God desires. It’s very important. This is Acts 13:1-4. This is how we send them out. If we build this spiritual platform, that’s it. What is a platform? In the past, if you just dug a well, all the women would gather there. Even if you don’t tell them to come, they’ll come. That’s a platform. If you build a dock, the people in that neighborhood would come. That’s a platform. There was no reason to build just a dock anymore. Let’s say you build a bridge from here to there. Then all the people would go back and forth. Isn’t that so? “How can I to go to America?” You don’t even need to ask that. If you build an airport, everyone would gather there. Platform. If you build this spiritual platform, everyone is bound to come. This is what you must inform the remnants about.
1)First Missionary
>> What is this? He was commissioned as the first missionary.
2)First Mission Field
>> That place was the first mission field.
3)Guidance of the Holy Spirit
>> So they really wrestled in order to receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit. You must build the spiritual platform. Remnants, make this spiritual platform. Then all things are bound to come.
>> The Answer that the 7 Remnants Received- That’s what we call the answer that the 7 remnants received. They were bound to come. Because Joseph made the spiritual platform with the grace God gave him, the entire world came to him. Isn’t that so? Moses made this platform that God desired in the wilderness. Even now, those works are arising. What did Elisha do? What did David, before him, do? He made the temple, which was a platform that moved the entire world. Elisha did the Dothan movement. Daniel, the 3 friends, and Esther made platforms in the fields they were in. What did they make? The spiritual platform.
>> This is what you must remember. “God’s thoughts are more important than your thoughts or my thoughts.” What’s more important than this thing or that thing is that God’s important plan exists. That’s why we give thanks. The reason why we study and the reason why we work is to save people. So if we make the spiritual platform, everything/one will follow. Just wait and see. Later on, many people will continue to come to our conferences. Most people, when they listen to the messages and continue to listen, everything starts to sound similar to them and they doze off. That’s because they know the messages well at that point, but for those who really have the spiritual things, everything gets connected. Why? Because we’ve already made this spiritual platform. With this, we need to plow into the world.

♠Conclusion- Answers that will come in the future
>> The more important thing is the conclusion. We need to really teach this to the remnants. What must we teach them? In the future, answers will come to these places. How important is this? There are 3 of them.
>> You need to escape from these boundaries/confines that you’ve created.
That’s what we call, “CVDIP”. This is what you must teach them. What is “CVDIP?” It’s departing from your own level. It’s departing from your own thoughts. Isn’t that so? Departing from the thoughts of man. It’s not about not listening to the words of man. But don’t be seized by that. “This is the answer you will receive in the future.” This is what you must teach the children during this conference. “What is the answer you must receive? The CVDIP that God has given to you.”
2)Economy of Light (3rd-4th Industrial Revolution)
>> Second. You must teach them this. God’s answer will come in the direction of the economy of light, that oversteps the 3rd and 4th Industrial Revolution. Now, we need to overstep the level of, “Which college?”. For the remnants. Look at the stream/flow of the economy right now. Right now, banks are cutting down their number of employees. There’s no work for them. There are some people who are trying to protest, but when they do, the banks say, “Hurry and leave. It’s better with you not here”. What does that mean? Everything is flowing towards the online systems. The era/age is changing. If you continue to hold on to the things of the past and whine about it, you’ll become a fool. The sales in department stores have gone down by half. Isn’t that so? What’s on the rise? Online stores. Things are changing. Everything is changing.
The economy of light that oversteps the 3rd and 4th Industrial Revolution. Everything comes from that. Then you should know the pros and cons of the 3rd and 4th Industrial Revolution. What’s the pro? All the money will gather here. What’s the con? The spiritual problems will come here. It’s knowing this. Knowing this is knowing the economy of light. Then you can easily know what you must prepare. This is what you need to tell the remnants.
3)3 Empty Places (6 Instruments/Tools, LVTNPO)
>> You need to know the new evangelism system. You need to know the 3 empty places. All answers will come in that direction. This is the theme for next year. Then there are 6 important things that come here. What are they? The “Leverage” that will move the 3 empty places. People will come there. The “Vessel” that will move the 3 empty places. “Transmission”. Masterpiece. Especially the masterpiece of “Nobody”. “Platform”. And “Outsourcing”. Everything will come in this direction. There’s nothing we can do about it. What does this mean? It’s bound to happen. That’s the direction we need to lead our remnants. But if we look carefully at what you do, you try to lead them towards things that aren’t going to take place. Without knowing, you continue to lead them towards the things that won’t happen. If you don’t know, you’ll say, “No matter how hard you study and pass the bar exam, you won’t know the flow of money”. It’s what’s needed. In the future, the hospitals are going to change too. You need to tell them these things.
>> Lastly, what we must predict is that great revival and growth will come through the remnants. And at the same time, great opposition (attacks) will also arise. We must be thankful for that as well. When we are attacked in many ways, we find it to be difficult and we get offended, but there’s actually a lot to learn. What’s the first thing you learn? What your mistakes are. Isn’t that so? So it’s such a great opportunity. But when we, and remnants, get attacked, we immediately curse others. God is teaching you something very important during this time. There are many people who criticize and me and I know. Even though I never said that, they claim that I did. But I know what I said or didn’t say. At first, I thought, “Are these people crazy?”. But one day, after some time passed, I realized that wasn’t it. “Ah, I appeared this way to them.” I really never said these words, but to them, that’s what it looked like.
There were, of course, things that they fabricated while adding these words here and deleting those words there. But in their eyes, I had appeared that way. So you’re able to learn many things through that. “Ah, I should be cautious of this. I need to be careful about these things.” I’m not just saying this. These are things that happen as soon as remnants go out. Immediately, they’ll face problems in their interpersonal relationships. So if you teach them with your level, they’re going to go out and lose.
>> For example, let’s say Deborah here is a remnant. Let’s say she comes to me and starts to talk about how Rev. Kim Dae-eun and Rev. Chung Eun-chu are like this and that. That’s an important moment. When you criticize people together, you may feel like you’re receiving grace. But that soul will die. We need to realize the contrary. “Why did those people see us that that way? What do I need to renew about myself?” That way, this remnant can go out and prevail. Or else, they won’t even be able to make a living. Before even talking about world evangelization, should the remnants be struggling because they can’t even put food on the table? This is what we’re incorrectly teaching them. We, the adult generation, need to teach them well. You must not try to teach them your things. One remnant asked. “Pastor, how do you pray?”. This is what I said. “Don’t try to learn from me. See God’s Word and learn from God. What you learn from me can be wrong.” Isn’t that so? Because that child is different from me.
>> This summer, because of COVID, the opportunity to have forum came to us. I’m going to give many messages like this. Whether their thoughts are right or wrong, parents try to implant their own personal things inside their children. When the children make a small mistake, the parents immediately judge. You’re making a mistake. God has prepared so many things for the remnants. I bless you in the name of the Lord, that this will really be a good time schedule. Let us pray.

God, we give You thanks. Thank You for guiding us so that we may see Your things today as well. During the remainder of the Remnant Conference, allow the Word Movement to arise and help us to see Your things. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)