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03.08.2021 – Summit

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Message: Business and Industry Missions Message- 08/15/2020
Title: OMC & The Actualization of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (33)- (Summit Club Internship Worship)- Summit
Scripture: Acts 1:1

>> Our workers who are working during this pandemic, especially our broadcast team, are doing a lot. Because things need to change constantly, it’s more difficult. But what we’re still thankful for is that there has not been a single case (of COVID) break out in our gatherings.
And we are also planning to hold the WRC completely online. So each family can gather and take part in the Remnant Conference. I believe that’s meaningful. Before, we gathered together to do it, but now, just consider it this way. We’re now holding the Remnant Conference in our families.
>> Today, especially, we’re having the Summit Club Internship Worship.
So our title is, “Summit”. There was a woman who saw a child and thought, “That child has potential to do well in music”. With just a bit of interest, that child grew up to be a tremendous individual. To the point where people say that he person changed the history of music. That person was Handel. So the summit club internship that you do can bring those kinds of results as well. In actuality, there are many among the youth who are facing hardships because spiritual problems have already come to them. To the point where about 40% of them have just given up on their studies. And even among the students who study well, there’s a significantly large number of them who take medication/drugs because of their spiritual problems. If that is so, in our eyes, we have to see that 100% of the youth/adolescents are crumbling. People who don’t know about these spiritual problems, no matter how renown they are, cannot provide any kind of help there. The fact that you’re doing this summit school internship in the midst of all this means that this is a tremendously important thing.
>> Main – Then, if that is so, what is the thing you must do?

1.Summit Place (7 RTs)
>> The most important thing is that not many people are in this place. They’re not in the place of the summit. No matter how hard they try, it’s bound to be that way because they’re not in the seat/place of the summit. Even when we see the adults around us, there are many who make you think, “Ah, it’s just not going to work for that person”. There are even some church members who say, “Our pastor seems to be so powerless”. And there are also some people who easily say, “Should our elders be like that?”. What does that mean? They’ve completely lost hold of this (summit place). When we look at it that way, what would happen when our remnants go out? The fact that we’re using these kinds words is important. So you must keep in mind the leader’s retreat messages.
1)Spiritual Summit (Acts 1:1)
>> What is a “spiritual summit?” You must remember a few things.
(1)One Who Has Seen in Advance- The 7 remnants saw the important stream of the age, in advance. No matter what anyone says, this is the kind of person who receives answers.
(2)Enjoyment- The thing that this person, who has seen in advance, enjoys, is the spiritual summit.
(3)24 Hours- They enjoy this important “24”. This is the spiritual summit.
>> System (5 Powers)- The internship of all internships that you must do is helping the remnants with making a system in which they can pray. Where is the greatest problem? People know what prayer is. They also know that they should pray. But they don’t have the actual system in which they can pray. You must teach this to the remnants. This must be made for the 5 powers to be revealed here. Where would you teach them this? At their schools? Do they teach this in their academies? So the fact that you’re doing this right now means it’s very important.
2)Skill Summit (Acts 1:3)
>> Then the answer that comes to the person who has seen God’s important plan is, the “skill summit”. You can say that they became a summit with their skill, but that’s not it.
(1)25 Hours- The “skill summit” that the Bible talks about is not just any summit, but this “25 hours”. Our enjoyment cannot go beyond 24 hours. So what we do for 24 hours is important and prayer 24 is most important for becoming the spiritual summit. It’s important for you to continue to gather together to listen to the message and have forum. But when the team begins this internship, there’s a need for this part to be actually checked. If this is made as a system, you can become spiritual summits like the 7 remnants.
(2)Waiting (Kingdom)- For them, going beyond this level, it’s “waiting”. What do we wait for? For God’s kingdom to come. This is what it means to be in the place of a summit. He went as a slave, but works took place in that home. “Kingdom”. This is the skill summit that the Bible talks about. All the 7 remnants were like this. then you can also enjoy this blessing and relay it.
>> This is the golden opportunity to make this. You really must have this sense of mission in your heart. If you don’t know how to do this, what will happen? You’ll need to do it with tenacity. Are you part of the marine corps? To be doing things with tenacity? Then limitations come. But if this isn’t taking place for you, you need to just try to patch things up with your words. So many conflicts would come. But if you have this power, works will arise even if you don’t say anything. What do you think? We must make our remnants like this. Joseph went as a slave. Did he need to speak any words? He didn’t even have the right to speak. But God’s kingdom came upon him.
(3)Status, Authority, Background- The things that come here are the status, authority, and background. Words are no necessary. Who will block you when you have this status and authority as God’s child? This is the skill summit.
3)Cultural Summit (Acts 1:8)
>> Then there’s something that absolutely comes from this moment on. The cultural summit comes. This is not the same thing as what people of the world say regarding summits who became summits because they did well in culture.
(1)Life Staking Worth/Value- They saw what was worth staking their lives for. “I need to stake my life here.” This is what they saw.
(2)Challenge- So you’re not just enjoying and waiting. You’re challenging. You’re waiting for God’s kingdom to come, but saving the world is a challenge. In other words, all believers/Christians need to do 3 things well. Enjoying, waiting, and challenging. So then there is nothing more that needs to be said about our remnants. If you say you’re going to run a summit school, omitting all of this, it’ll be meaningless. Of course, when you talk about your experiences, remnants can listen and receive a lot of help from that. But if you take this part out, in the end, they won’t have spiritual strength.
(3)Eternity- What is the answer that comes at this time? To say that they had what was worth staking their lives for means that they saw what was eternal, not momentary. That’s why we still talk about Joseph. That’s why we still keep the words Moses left behind as reference. Moses was the one who wrote Genesis 3, 6, and 11. Where can you find a greater cultural summit than him? We don’t have to speak twice about this because the works are still taking place now. What comes here? God’s absolute sovereignty. This is how it comes out.
(4)Absolute- What else comes here? The absolute plan. This is what you’re able to see. You need to be able to see the absolute plan to see the absolute covenant. You need to be able to see the absolute covenant to be able to see the absolute journey. You need to be able to see the absolute journey to see the goal. This is it.
>> So people doing summit school or internship must never lose hold of this part here. Would things really work when you’re not in the place of a summit? If the pastor is not in the summit place, it’s hard for the believers to follow along. If Christians, remnants, are in this place (of the summit) outside, everyone needs to follow. That’s why we say, “win without fighting”. Of else, you won’t be able to win even if you fight all day, every day.

2.Summit Alliance
>> Then, you see the next work you need to do. You’re not just in the summit place. It’s the summit alliance. These may seem like just simple words, but they come, connected to tremendous answers.
1)Acts 1:14
>> In Acts 1:14, the important summits gathered together. The Pharisees had no idea and no one could have known that these people planted the seed that would overturn the world.
2)Acts 2:9-11
>> So take a look. Important people from 15 nations gathered. These people joined together.
3)Romans 16:1-27
>> It didn’t just end with that. The people of Romans 16 gathered together. You just need to know that you are inside this place. This is the summit alliance. So if the remnants just have a slight taste of this (summit place), these things become easy. Birds of a feather flock together (sidenote: means that similar people stick together). When you go out to the sea, even when you’re fishing, fish from the same species travel together. They travel in mixed groups. Even when you look at people, if one remnant is in the summit place, these meetings arise automatically.

3.Summit Commissioning
>> And finally, what do you do? You raise these summits and commission them. Up to this point is your commission/mission. Paul and that team had this mystery.
1)Acts 17:1
2)Acts 18:4
3)Acts 19:8
>> They went to the synagogue. When they met important individuals, when they met Priscilla and Aquila, they went into the synagogue. This was completely Paul’s hidden strategy. He was in Ephesus before going to Rome. Here as well, he went to the synagogue. So he found, raised, and commissioned disciples. Here, a tremendous mystery was fulfilled. So who would have known?
>> This is what I think. I don’t want to say that Paul just met with the disciples. I see it this way. That Paul acted as if he was doing something after meeting the disciples. Why? Because Paul’s focus was on all this (Acts 17, 18, 19). These were the different “eyes” that Paul had. No other apostle was able to see this. So you can see it this way. In the Bible, Paul’s journey spread, centered on these 3 things. It’s all in Acts 13, 14, and 15. But God’s goal was Macedonia. Why? Because there were already many people going into Asia. And then Paul plowed in to the synagogues. We can say that this is everything. This was completely done by God as the main figure. This was completely done by God’s method. So of all the ministries we do, there’s none more important than this one.
>> You’ll come to meet with this kind of time schedule. There’s a need for you to receive this message and really have this forum. With whom? With yourself first. “What is the mystery of 24-hour prayer for me?” There’s a need for you to have this forum with yourself. Honestly speaking, I’ve done the evangelism movement, but for about 20 years of it, I didn’t know prayer that well. Really, honestly speaking. I didn’t have my own system of prayer. Because I didn’t have this personal system of prayer, I really struggled. I tried fasting. Even that is, of course, prayer. I’ve tried all-night prayer. Of course, your systems can be established through those things. But once I began to enjoy this prayer, I uncovered all these in all areas. So a few things changed. I didn’t have to talk so much. Isn’t that so? If you continue to enjoy the mystery of prayer, you don’t need to say much. There’s no need to have a lot of complicated thoughts. If you don’t know prayer, you’ll have to have complicated thoughts. Are you going to make remnants like that?
>> If you’re unable to enjoy this, you’ll absolutely run your mouth. It’s absolutely bound to be that way. If that kid goes out like that and runs his/her mouth like that, they’ll be criticized. You need to know that this is the last time schedule. Then you, the people who have to run the internship, need to have forum with yourselves first. And while doing that, 20 years ago, I discovered a method of concentration. For me, that was a tremendous thing. So little by little, I began to talk about it scientifically. Some people exercise, go hiking, or do other things as a method of concentration. Even if that’s what they have, if someone has it, they can go to the spiritual summit.
>> I saw that our Rev. Chung exercises a lot. Without himself realizing, he can really concentrate with that. And I saw that Rev. Kim Dong-kwon runs a lot. That’s how he can concentrate. They say that Immanuel Kant went up to the mountain every day. He’d never be off a second. So the women who saw him could tell what time it was when they saw Kant. He never missed a day of that in his life. And at a quick glance, I even guess/think that David probably did this through praise. Exercise and all that is good as well, but my method is connecting prayer to deep breathing. I received much grace, so much so that I can’t even express in words.
>> Regardless of what it is, you need this kind of explanation of your system of enjoyment, of going to the spiritual summit. If a remnant can have this, everything else will follow. They won’t just be the skill summit, but these 3 answers, in which God’s kingdom comes, come. Not only will they be the cultural summit, but they’ll receive the answer of what’s “absolute”. Of course, it would be great if we can create some huge culture in the world to glorify God. But what we’re trying to learn and teach is this “absolute”. Even if you meet just a few of these kinds of people, the world will change. People from about 15 nations (Acts 2) gathered and globalization began. In actuality, there were only about 30 people here in Romans 16. This changed the world. These are sure grounds. And that’s how Paul plowed here (synagogue).
>> As you know, there was a Rabbi named Carle, right? This was what happened in 70 A.D. on the day Israel perished. Because they were attacking the city, no one could escape. There was only one way to leave the city. If you’re dead. Because if you die, there would be a funeral. So this rabbi entered the casket. And they faked a funeral. And this is what he instructed. “Stop in front of General Titus.” As they were proceeding with the funeral, the soldiers asked, “What is this?”. They said that it was a funeral and the soldiers told them to open the casket. So they said, “In our culture, we must never open the casket. This is a funeral. Our rabbi, teacher, died.” That’s how they were able to leave. And they took the casket to where General Titus was and they opened the casket. How shocked must they have been? That’s when he said. This is what the rabbi said to the general. “It’s alright even if you destroy our nation. It’s already been destroyed. But just don’t touch the synagogues where our children are.” The general listened and it made sense to him. Should he have gone out and killed the children? He also had children of his own so he didn’t think it was right to kill the children. So he said okay. That brought about amazing works. In our point of view, that was the general’s big mistake. But on the contrary, this was a great sign of God. In the end, they raised up all these individuals in the synagogues. This is your ministry. Remember this.
>> One soldier thought this. “By the time they come to the military, it’s already too late.” He was someone who had already reached the rank of a general. As he trained soldiers in that rank, he realized it was already too late. That’s how he made something. That was the “boy scouts”. He realized that it needs to be done when the children are young. As you know, what did Wanamaker realized? There was something he said even after he became the postmaster general. “My main job isn’t working at this department store. My main job is teaching young children at church.” Think about how much he talked about his life. “The department store is my side job.” So when he became the postmaster general, the president allowed him (to go to church on Sundays). How much did he place this in his heart? The thing he created was the YMCA. He made it so that children can play in different places. Because he was also an entrepreneur, he had the brains for it. He rented out some parts of the building and made one floor a place where the children could play.
>> Those of you who are doing the summit club internship need to know that you are within this blessing. I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus, that this becomes an important time schedule in your entire lifetime.

(The end)