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03.06.2021 – Eternity, Challenge, Cultural Summit, Life Forum

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Message: The 23rd World Remnant Leader’s Retreat, Lecture 3- 08/13/2020
Title: Remnant’s Condition – Eternity, Challenge, Cultural Summit, Life Forum
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- Hebrews 11:38)

♠Introduction- Eternal Things
>> Thank you. I know the masks are kind of suffocating…
But you must hold on to this as leaders. Something that you can always have forum about. It all comes out in the title here.
① Lecture 1: 24 Hours +Enjoyment +Spiritual Summit→ Mission
>> It’s absolutely within this (24 hours). You need to enjoy this. If that takes place, then very easily, you’ll have this. You become the spiritual summit. From that point on, very easily, you can find this and give it. The mission. The detailed content can differ in this way and that, but you must always have this.
② Lecture 2: 25 Hours +Wait +Skill Summit→ Internship
>> When do we move? We just need to wait for it to be fulfilled. As we await this, we’re not just blindly waiting, but enjoying this blessing as we wait. Then here, God will use you to the point where you’ll stand before kings. This is the “skill summit”. You need to find this. There are also kids who just come gathering without any thoughts. Touching up on this is “internship”. We see this diagram.
③ Lecture 3: Eternity +Challenge +Cultural Summit→ Life Forum
>> If that is so, are we simply just enjoying and waiting? That’s not it. Now, we challenge. You have to always have these 3 things. In one sense, you always need to ask this. You need to check this. We can fast for several days, so why wouldn’t we be able to do this? At this time, God uses you this way. Not simply the culture, but as the cultural summit. Always when you meet people in the future, this is the forum content you need to have. What stems from here is your life forum. Within your life forum, you’ve got your time, finances, and everything else. Also the 3 entrepreneurships that you need to head towards in the future. This is everything. This is everything and it’s just that we’ve briefly summarized this, but there’s so much here.
>> Persecution +Suffering +Absolute Impossibility
When you try to do this, 3 things will appear before you. If you really want to do this, as it is in the Bible, persecution will come. And suffering may also follow. Up to persecution and suffering may be okay, but this may even come to you. You might think, “It’s absolutely impossible for me”. This is going to be your greatest obstacle. You might think, “It’s not working for my church.” And the majority of the church members have these thoughts. That’s why they leave the church or become discouraged. If they had the complete Gospel, they’ll be fine, but because they don’t have that, these kinds of things show up. You’re not just merely leaders. You’re standing here as witnesses. So you must always ask this. As you proceed with this, you might think, “It’s absolutely impossible for me. How can I possess this?”. Already, as you know, the answer is “absolute possibility”, but this is hard to find.
>> Introduction- 3 Eternal Things
So there are things that you need to have assurance about first. We’re not doing something that we can just do or not do. So there are 3 eternal things. We’re walking the path of eternity, but there are 3 eternal things.
1)Trinity- Background of Heaven
>> The Triune God and the background of heaven are eternal.
2)Child- Status and Authority
>> No matter what kind of situation comes, you have the status and authority of God’s child. That is also eternal.
3)Satan- Background of Hell
>> Don’t be deceived and keep this in mind. Satan and the background of hell are also eternal. It’s something that unbelievers are completely uninterested in. That is why, as leaders, you need to know this. Because the unbelievers are not interested at all, things become progressively difficult on this earth. In a sense, it’s the most important thing, but people consider this worthless. And because it’s not something we can quickly see with our eyes, not many people are interested in this. But this is the most important thing that the Bible greatly emphasizes.

>> Main- Life Staking Value/Worth
What kind of main theme/message comes out from within this blessing? The more you know this, the more you know about the spiritual problems that come. At this time, a very important answer comes to you. Many things become answers, but one very important answer for you comes. You’re able to see what’s worth staking your life on/for. The day you see this is called your heavenly mandate, calling, and mission.
>> Depending upon the person, this may manifest and be revealed in a big way, or you might just be able to easily see this. There are some people who discover this after some huge accident or after getting some serious disease. Then it’s pretty clear. There are some people who face a great problem and as they find the answer to solve it, they discover, “This is the work I need to do now”. Or there are some people who face too many problems in their home/family. So they discover, “It really must only be Jesus Christ for me”. And the majority of the people have someone with spiritual problems in their family and they suffer because of that. Then finally, they discover, “I need to know, enjoy, and relay this Gospel”. Those things are all needed, but the way I see it, the best way is to not have to experience those things and to simply realize. It’s not a bad thing to discover this after some serious illness/disease, but you must discover this through the Word, by God’s grace.
>> If that is so, that what’s left is the issue. If you can understand the rest well, I’m not saying it’s easy, but you’ll be able to receive answers easily. You made a mistake, your family is like this (or that), or you have nothing? These things aren’t important. The reason I’m saying that you should realize without some special experience is because most people are continuing to do things that are bound to not be answers. It’s because they are bound by their scars.

1.Faith→ Faith Regarding God’s Absolute Sovereignty
>> Whether you are bound by scars or not, there are a few things you must do in order to receive answers. Starting now, what kind of faith must you have? God’s absolute sovereignty. The Triune God, who works unseen to our eyes, is absolutely with us and has absolute sovereignty. These words may not seem like much, but you can apply this even in the little things. If we’re not careful, we may hear many different opinions and words from other people. There are countless problems. At this time, you need to have the faith that the 7 remnants had. It’s God’s absolute sovereignty.
1)7 Remnants
>> The 7 remnants had that. God saves the church through this kind of person.
2)10 Foundations of Faith
>> That’s why I spoke about the 10 foundations of faith to you. They never change.
3)5 Assurance
>> Because these foundations don’t change, you are called as God’s child inside of this and you have the 5 assurances.
>> We don’t even have the time to talk about this, but even if I don’t talk about it, you know, right? But the majority of the remnants you are going to meet are worrying in places that are so far from this. Even they do believe in this, they’re worrying in places that are far and distant from this. When you listen to even church officers, they’re worrying in places that are completely distant from this.
>> So you have to look at this as a very good opportunity. What kind of opportunity? In the past, because we gathered at a large scale, most of the time was spent moving from place to place. Yes, that too is a necessary training. But in one sense, God may have given us an opportunity this year. Because there would be 10,000-20,000 people gathered in once place, distributing meals would be a huge task. And thousands of these staff members spent so much time cleaning up after you. But because of this pandemic, we’re separated by towns and you need to carry out the role of a leader there. But in one sense, make it an opportunity for you to be able to really communicate with the remnants. It’s different each time when we gather together, when we talk 1:1, when we give worship, and when we have forum. Because God’s working is different each time, we need to look at all things with the faith of believing in God’s absolute sovereignty.

2.One Who Has Seen the Age→ God Carries Out His Absolute Plan.
>> You are not young. The 7 remnants had this faith. The 7 remnants saw the important age. This is absolutely your course to receiving answers. This is what we call, “God’s absolute plan”.
>> This is not a matter of doing or not doing it. The fact that you’re in this direction means that it’s the path on which answers will come now. I’m a little sorry to be saying this, but people don’t seem to be understanding this… Right now, we’re receiving an external audit. “Where are you spending the money that we give?” Don’t even worry about that because we’re reporting everything. “Is there something that could be a problem in our finances?” No, that’s not it. We pay taxes for everything. Do you know? Many people interpret this in many different ways. There are some people who are saying, “Rev. Ryu used to not care about the money. Is he starting to care these days?”. Don’t worry. I’m going to take my hands off once everything gets organized. I’m normally someone who doesn’t get involved in that kind of thing. Some people are asking, “Isn’t that just some kind of worldly method?”. No. Do you know why? Because there’s something that I’m seeing. God will greatly use you. So we’re preparing for that. We’re having this start of really reinforcing ourselves so that no matter who looks at it, whether it’s the government or ourselves, it’ll be firm and stable. God always brought about His absolute plan for the remnants who saw the age. So if you don’t understand, we’re really in trouble. You don’t need to listen to what people say here and there. We really are blessed main figures who hold on to God’s covenant, who are running errands for the remnant movement that will arise and that will save the whole world. There was no reason for God to give His great grace to King Saul. He gave it to King David. Of all those people, why did God give this to Joseph? Because Joseph saw that age. Do you understand? You need to do many things, but you need to open your eyes and ask these questions.
1)Exodus 3:18-20 (Egypt)
>> You already know the Bible. Right now, as you well know, what do words like Exodus 3:18 mean? Doesn’t it mean this? They saw Israel and Egypt. Israel had the Gospel but Egypt had conquered the world. If that is so, then Joseph and Moses going to Egypt was God’s absolute plan. Do you understand what that means? The only difference is that Moses saw a bit late and Joseph saw it from the onset.
2)1 Samuel 7:1-15, 1 Samuel 17:1-47
>> Where God goes with answers is very important. Why is this important? 1 Samuel 7:1-15, the Mizpah movement and overcoming Goliath in 1 Samuel 17:1-47.
>> If you hold on to the covenant incorrectly, you won’t be able to receive answers correctly. Most people understand it this way; that David fought against Goliath. You shouldn’t understand it that way. God’s tremendous plan was about Philistia and Israel. Philistia continued to wage war against them for 14 generations. They’re a problem even now, but at that time, they were a huge issue. 2 individuals who saw this age arose and they were Samuel and David. It’s okay even if you lack power/ability. Because your power isn’t needed. God fulfills His absolute plan for those who really saw the age. This is what we’re seeing. Starting now, everything you talk about, all your forums, must stem from here. You already know what’s in the Bible. Why am I confirming this?
3)1 Kings 18:1-15, 1 Kings 19:19-21, 2 Kings 6:8-24
>> For what reason is the story of Obadiah important in 1 Kings 18:1-15. We’re already familiar with how he hid 100 prophets at this time. There was on individual who received his calling here and that was Elisha. This Elisha raised the Dothan movement. Why is this important? Of the many things arising during that time, especially the nation of Aram. Aram had conquered all the world to the point where most cities were using their language. So everyone was crumbling under that. This is what Obadiah saw. On top of that, the false prophets of Baal and Asherah were taking over. That’s why, in 2 Kings chapter 2, Elisha asks for nothing else but the double portion of Spirit.
>> So don’t just think about this as a story in the Bible you know. Look at that age. You are inside of this right now. How do you think God views it? In one sense, it doesn’t matter even if answers don’t come. Take a look. Right now, there are so many outstanding nations. You’ve been to the universities. There are so many skilled people there. In your life path, you’re going to face all these kinds of things and people. But in actuality, the age is progressively becoming difficult and it will continue to be that way. This is where God has placed you. So what will happen if you’re not interested in this at all? Rightfully, you won’t be receiving any answers. This is what happens. These people saw the age and knew that God’s absolute plan was within that.
4)Daniel 1:8-9
>> That’s why Daniel and the 3 friends made a decision. The same story repeats. It’s the same even now.
5)Acts 1:1-14
>> So where was Jesus’ very last pulpit? The Mt. of Olives. It’s the same message. Looking at the age.
>> If you align your direction to this, you’ll see tremendous things.
It’s unfortunate. But when you go to school, you’ll see your professors. When you go home, your parents are there. They’re going to try to view you from their standards continuously. This is what you need to be careful of. They’re going to try to look at you from their standards and you’re going to view things from what you’ve learned. That’s very dangerous. I’m not saying that you should live your lives disrespecting those people. Think about it, you shouldn’t be disregarding your professors when you need to be getting your grades and credits. That’s not what I’m saying. But those people’s standards cannot lead you to this. No matter how renown a professor may be, we’re talking about their skill. But that’s not able to tell what God’s standards are. I’m talking about the different ages that Israel met, but the content is the same. In the future, it’ll be even worse. So even just by seeing this, I received answers. I genuinely feel this. “The more powerful of a nation it is, it lacks the Gospel.” The more powerful they are as a nation, the more they think they don’t need the Gospel. But there is a lie they keep hidden. They have serious mental problems. We don’t even need to go as far as calling them spiritual problems. They’ve got so many mental problems. So you can see the age then. This is the absolute plan. “Absolute” is the opposite of “relative”. If it’s relative, it’s something you can or don’t have to do. But when we say “absolute” that means it comes from God.

3.Field→ Restore and Relay the Absolute Covenant
>> What comes from this point on? You’re not just viewing the age. You’re viewing the field. You’re able to see this far. This is what’s called, “absolute covenant”. This absolute covenant begins to be relayed. There are situations you’re able to see in this covenant.
1)Gospel That’s Been Lost
>> What can you see? They have everything but the Gospel.
2)Evangelism, Missions That Have Been Lost
>> Because they’ve lost hold of the Gospel, there’s no way they can have proper evangelism. Rightfully. There are smart individuals that arise and raise up some organization, but we must not become that kind of organization. Rightfully, they lose hold of missions and evangelism. They mean the same thing.
3)Church That Has Crumbled
>> What has come? An age where the churches are completely breaking down. Each time, God raised up remnants. This is God’s absolute covenant. He’s telling us to restore this lost Gospel. No matter how stubborn the adults may be, that’s not it. The churches are bound to close their doors. Each time, God found the remnants. It has always been this way. So you must hold to this as the absolute covenant. Here, it’s not a matter of whether you’re doing this, not doing this, can do this, or can’t do this. Change that concept first. When you go off to the field, you need to be wary of the adults, but being wary and following them are completely different.

4.Time Schedule→ You’re Bound to Go on the Absolute Journey.
>> From this point on, something important appears. What kind of time schedule appears? From this point on, you see the journey. This is how you follow along.
1)Accurate Covenant
>> When you go on this journey, the most important thing is holding on to the accurate covenant, moment by moment. If you begin this starting now, everything will be connected even if you don’t think about you need to make this remnant system.
>> If you grab hold of the accurate covenant, the Word is bound to be absolutely fulfilled. This is the journey. You just properly hold to the one covenant, and it gets fulfilled. That’s where you’re headed towards. In one sense, just questioning, “What is the accurate covenant?” is the blessing. Don’t force yourself to hold this, but continue to ask this question. If this covenant is accurate, it’s bound to be absolutely fulfilled. If that is so, you need to change all the terms you’ve been using. “Will it work or not work?” Things like, “What should we do?”. God has accurately designated your paths.
3)Witness (Academics/Studies)
>> As you go on this path, in order to fulfill this work, you will stand here as a witness. If that is so, then all your studies and your future will be included here. So in actuality, there’s nothing for you to worry about. You try hard to get into good universities. It’s not a bad thing. But accurately speaking, you’re unable to overcome 2 things. It is rightful that people aren’t able to overcome the spiritual problems. Right now, the financial systems are dangerously changing and people are not able to block that. That’s the kind of serious problem that’s coming. You must keep this in mind.
>> We’ve already entered into the 4th Industrial Revolution. Things are going to rapidly change. What are you going to do? What’s going to happen if we don’t need hospitals in the future? Then all those studying medicine need to think about it. It’s here already. Even this one elder I know in our organization has a company with something that can diagnose your disease even if you don’t go to the hospital. It doesn’t even cost all that much. You just pay $1,000 and they’ll find everything in your body. What’s more astounding is that they’re able to predict when something in your body might get bad. This is just the beginning. Things will continue to advance. That kind of frightening age has come. To the point where we wonder if we’re going to even need accountants in the future. To the point where we wonder if we’ll need these banking systems in the future. Everything has begun to change. It has already come. Department stores and their systems are all changing. If you see the absolute journey in which God’s Word is fulfilled, God will absolutely use your studies and your occupation.

5.There is an Absolute Goal→ He Has Called You.
>> What’s the last thing? The thing that no one else knows or thinks about. There is an absolute goal. That’s why God has called you. Look at the basic things that Jesus spoke about.
1)Matthew 28:16-20, Mark 16:15-20, Acts 1:8
>> “Go to all nations. Go to all peoples. To the ends of the earth.” This is the basic covenant.
2)Acts 17:1, Acts 18:4, Acts 19:8
>> When was this fulfilled? If you look in the Bible, why did they go into the synagogue? You can see this as the key to Paul’s ministry. The thoughts/mindset of the current generation are so different. That’s why God is doing this through you. That wasn’t just recorded for no reason. It was the synagogue movement.
>> In this way, through you, He’s doing the most important movement in the Bible. Remnant. Those who remained.
>> The Korean churches are listening to my message. You must not misunderstand. I’ve read some theological commentaries and there aren’t many interpretations about this. Heresies and organizations such as the Shincheonji abuse this word. That’s not what it means. In this age where the Gospel is disappearing, this is about those who will relay the Gospel to the next generation as ①those who remained. You have to properly hold to the covenant to be ②those who remain. No matter what situation you face, as ③those who will remain. And as ④those who will leave behind. In these words, “those who remained”, that’s all it may seem like, but there are 4 tenses here. All that’s included here are those who remained, those who remain, those who will remain, and those who will leave behind. This is God’s absolute goal. As I said from before…

>> Have forum with these 3 things (lectures 1-3).
1)God’s Sight
>> Then there is a separate, real answer. As you well know, where God’s sight is. It all lies here. Starting today, don’t worry about your studies or your future. Perhaps, you won’t be able to get a job later with what you’re studying right now. Think about it. I’m not joking at all. Perhaps you’re going in the wrong direction.
>> God’s sight depends on where the remnants are. This is the story of the Bible.
>> God is focused on where our remaining posterity will fight against the forces of darkness with the accurate Gospel. That is the RUTC movement. It’s for this that we gather.
>> During this pandemic, it’s a good opportunity, do a lot of forum as you gather in your regions. And also have forum in the many fields that you have. As you do this forum, without you even realizing, this gets imprinted. That’s when you becoming rooted in this and this becomes set as your nature. With this, you’re able to do world evangelization.
>> With this as the base, we’re going to have 5 messages for this WRC.
Holding to that, you will scatter. In the upcoming age, gathering together will be important, but we must ask, “How can I have life forum with the many remnants who are scattered?”. That’s our assignment. Perhaps, we’re in a situation where we need to have a separate system. How will you give the mission to the remnants in the world? How will you have internship with them? How will you do life forum with them? You don’t have to worry about the rest. God will lead your entire life. We have many adults who are doing forum with this message. You need to confirm what the great hope God has for our remnants is. We also have many servants of the Lords- pastors and missionaries. God has a separate plan for our remnants. May this be that kind of amazing WRC in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. You need to continue to analyze and think about the 3 lectures that you received this leader’s retreat. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the solution to all things, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit right now, be upon our leaders who will save this age, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)