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03.05.2021 – Spiritual World, Wait, 25 Hrs, Skill Summit

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Message: The 23rd World Remnant Leader’s Retreat, Lecture 2- 08/13/2020
Title: Remnant’s Condition – Spiritual World, Wait, 25 Hrs, Skill Summit
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- Hebrews 11:38)

♠Introduction- Now (25)
>> The 7 remnants lived 3 lives.
1)Lecture 1: Enjoyment (Knew in advance)-24-Spiritual Summit
①Enjoyment- It was enjoyment.
②24 Hrs- This was “24”. This is what the 7 remnants enjoyed. And they changed the world.
③Spiritual Summit- This is what we call the spiritual summit. So they had the mission and they could give it.
>> When this was taking place, they could already see the future and they could see the future inside of this. More than saying that they endured, they knew well. That’s why they enjoyed. If the future is guaranteed for you, your current hardships are not hardships. That was today’s first lecture. You must always remember. When you become the spiritual summit, you can conquer the world. No matter how renown an individual may be, if they don’t know this, they’ll ultimately fail.
2)Lecture 2: Wait (Spiritual World)-25-Skill Summit→ God’s Kingdom!
>> If that is so, then as leaders, the second thing you need to look at is how they lived.
① They waited. The 7 remnants didn’t just wait. They enjoyed as they waited. They enjoyed tremendous things as they waited and the representative case of that is David. They didn’t just simply wait. They waited for this.
② 25 hours. This “25” is beyond our time schedule. The skill to conquer the world needs to come from here.
③ This is the skill summit. With the skills that they had, they were able to conquer the world. And in the evening, I’ll talk about the last, remaining thing. It’s these 3 things. Amidst that, we’re talking about “waiting”. This is what you must know when we talk about “waiting”.
>> Introduction- Now (25)
You need to know what’s happening right now as you wait.
If you’re just vaguely waiting, what’s going to happen? As I already said in the first lecture, you need to know what’s happening right now because you already know this sure thing. Right now, the works of 25 hours are taking place. Absolutely, it’s like that.
1)Trinity (Genesis 3:4-5, Genesis 6:4-5, Genesis 11:1-8, Daniel 6:22, Acts 12:24-25)
>> Because it’s taking place right now, the Triune God is at work right now.
(1)Genesis 3:4-5, Now, who recorded this? Genesis 3:4-5. It was recorded by the same person. Moses recorded this.
(2)Genesis 6:4-5, If you look at the records of Genesis 6:4-5, it’s amazing. In one sense, “who” recorded this isn’t important.
(3)Genesis 11:1-8, Even now, these works are taking place. The reason why the Triune God sent the Christ is to solve this.
(4)Daniel 6:22, Daniel said this. “Last night, the angel of the Lord came and closed the mouth of the lions, and they could not harm me.”
(5)Acts 12:24-25, And if you look in Acts 12:24-25, the physician Luke recorded these. The characteristic of these people is that they knew what was happening, “right now”.
2)Satan 25← Bind
>> Even now, this Satan is doing “25”.
3)7 Remnants
>> That’s why we need to look at these remnants who enjoyed the blessing of “25”. So if you’re absolutely enjoying, the important answer follows.
(1)Genesis 41:38, So as you well know, in Genesis 41:38, it says, “Can we find a man like this, in whom is the Spirit of God?” So simply put, the blessing of the spiritual summit and the great blessing of 25 hours had begun to come upon him. Knowing these things as you wait… So what you must remember is that these are the things that are taking place as you sit here right now. The amazing works, of Satan being bound, take place. Then absolutely, something will come. That’s what you’re waiting for. The reason why we are not hasty, is because important answers will come. That’s why we enjoy as we wait.
(2)If you look in Exodus 3:18-20, it says, “I will be with you with my mighty arm.”
(3)1 Samuel 3:19, Look at what the 7 remnants enjoyed. In 1 Samuel 3:19, it says that not one word he said fell to the ground. A tremendous spiritual state had come upon him. This is the blessing that God has reserved for you, remnants and leaders. And almost all these things are spiritual things. It’s not that we don’t need the physical things, but the people of the world only know about the physical things. That’s why things have no choice but to end with hardships because all they know are the spiritual things. The Bible records these important spiritual things.
>> What is the first answer that the remnant leaders have? The fact that they knew in advance. What is the second blessing? They knew about the spiritual facts. What did they know? They knew in advance and enjoyed. God will give you this answer. However, the order may be that you know in advance and enjoy, or know/find out as you enjoy. Of course, you can enjoy both. But that’s in God’s time schedule. There are times when we realize while listening to the message and praying. But the larger percentage is that, when God moved the 7 remnants, He told them in advance. They knew the spiritual world/realm that nobody else knew about. While enjoying this mystery, you work, study, and go to the field.
(4)If you look in 1 Samuel 16:13, “The Spirit of the Lord rushed upon David”. These are the works that are taking place right now. It’s a sure thing. As the force of darkness is broken, Satan’s authority is bound. So it may seem as if you’re just sitting here right now, but tremendous things are happening.
(5)2 Kings 2:9-11, Elisha, who knew this, didn’t need anything else. He asked only for this (2 Kings 2:9-11).
(6)Daniel 6:10, If you look in the Bible, even in Babylon, Daniel was already enjoying this in Daniel 6:10. Absolutely, it comes. This is what we call “God’s kingdom”. Not that it’s going to come, but it’s going to absolutely come. No matter how much it may look as if you’re in suffering, you are not.
(7)Acts 1:1-8, Even Jesus, at the very end, said this. That’s why they came to that conclusion. This is taking place even now.

>> Main- Fulfilled Through the Word
We’ve heard about “24” now. So starting now, the fact that you have this time on your own means that the answers have begun. Then it will absolutely be fulfilled through the Word. Answers do come as well, but it gets fulfilled through the Word.
>> Let’s take a look at this from the perspective of the remnants of Babylon. So that it’s easy for you to understand. I explained through David for our first lecture. And to make it even more simple, I’m going to be giving 5 lectures during the Remnant Conference and I’ll be explaining them through Joseph. With just one person, Joseph, I’m going to give 5 lectures. There, we’re going to see important mysteries through which we can receive great answers. If you know what’s happening right now, you very easily come to this answer. What will happen later on? Holding on to this covenant, you wait.

1.Status 25 Hours
>> You’re not just blindly waiting. What’s the first? It’s your status, 25 hours. This is what you’re waiting for.
1)Powerful Nation- Slave Policy
>> What happened? The powerful nations were using the slave policy to enslave the whole world. It’s the same even now. It looks like things have advanced and developed because the age has, but spiritually, it’s the same. The representative powerful nations, being aided by Satan, are making the entire world, their slave. Without a change, the same thing is taking place now.
2)Israel- Errands of Building Idols
>> But the problem is number 2. Here, the Israelites also became slaves. So what’s even more ridiculous than being enslaved is that they were either doing idol worship themselves, or running the errand of building the idols.
>> What do you think of this? If you look carefully at the background, all the answers are in the Bible, but you can’t relay this to the unbelievers. The reason why is because you’re too impatient. You’re too impatient. The Bible is tremendously accurate as it progresses, but we’re too impatient. We’re not able to wait for even a little bit. How unfortunate is that? No matter what kind of problem comes, it cannot kill you. No matter what kind of persecutor arises, they cannot block the Gospel. Isn’t that so? History surely verifies that. The Bible testifies of that. But still, it’s not that we don’t believe, but we’re too impatient. We can’t wait. There’s this time schedule in which this answer comes. But that’s what we can’t wait for. And is it that the answers won’t come? It’s not like that at all either.
3)Daniel 1:8-9, Esther 2:10
>> Take a look at this. It’s this. You need to realize this wherever you are. They didn’t act. Daniel and the 3 friends resolved in their hearts. What? They resolved to wait. They weren’t just waiting. They were resolving to enjoy as they wait.
Is there any greater answer than this? What is the standard of measurement for answers? This is the greatest answer. From here, God’s kingdom comes. Even Jesus said. To wait. Jesus said to wait. He didn’t tell them to not do anything. He told them to wait. For what? The things pertaining to the kingdom of God. He told us to wait as we enjoyed that.
>> One more example is in Esther 2:10. “Don’t say that you are a Jew.” Did he really mean that she shouldn’t mention it at all? No. She did in chapter 7. What does that mean? That means to wait.
>> You must remember. There’s only one method by which Satan can toy with you. He knows that he cannot overcome you. So when you’re impatient. When you’re disputing with others. This is when he trips you over. He knows that that’s the only time he can make you stumble. But still, we will not perish because we are God’s children. But we are going to be at a loss. God is telling you remnants, “Enjoy the ‘24’ of the summit. Wait for ‘25’”. The thing we travel at this time is the life journey, is it not? If the first lecture is our mission, the second is about the life journey. It’s not that He’s going to give us the skill to do that, but He said that He will make us the skill summit. Isn’t that so?
Then take a look at what kind of skill summit came to them.

2.Authority 25 Hours
>> It appeared as 25-hr authority. That’s tremendous, isn’t it? It finally came.
1)Daniel 3:8-24
>> Daniel 3:8-24. Those who didn’t wait will most likely pass out when this comes. As they rush around impatiently, when something like this happens, they’re going to collapse. Finally, the chance came. If you know what God is doing right now, when a crisis comes, you know how to wait. Right now, we’ve received a golden opportunity. Do we know we’re having this external audit? To really be a clean and upright organization. There is also much criticism about us. God wants us to set things right. Isn’t that so? That’s God’s simple will. He wants us to do things properly. Isn’t that so? If you really put down your shortcomings and your wrongdoings before God, where can you find a greater blessing?
>> Now, take a look. This is what came. If you omit everything prior to that, this thing happened and it was a tremendous incident. That’s why the 3 friends said. “King, there’s no reason for us to bow down. And even if you command us, there’s no need for us to say anything about that.” They had the nerve to say that to King Nebuchadnezzar. They didn’t say those words because they were being obstinate. They were enjoying tremendous things and what they had been waiting for, came. “God will rescue us.” What they said afterwards was even more fearsome. “But even if He does not.” That’s where the great works took place. The way I think, even if Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego died in that furnace, that wouldn’t have been a loss/defeat. It’s just that with this one goal, God fulfilled world evangelization. Think about it. This really was an incident that would have caused a frenzy. Isn’t that so?
2)Daniel 6:10-22
>> But if you look here, amidst the talk of the spiritual world, why are these things still taking place right now? There were 3 of them when they went into the fire, but when they looked in, there were 4. After being thrown into the fire, they should have burned to death immediately, but there were 4 people walking around. That’s when the king already realized. What did he say? “Servants of the most high God, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego! Come out from the fire.” Because they were not dead and they were walking around. When they came out, there were only 3 of them. Even now, science is still a bit lacking so they may wonder, “What is this?”. But later when it advances even more, they’ll be able to explain it. There is this tremendous spiritual realm/world. Even if you completely fail and hit rock bottom, it’s okay. It’s this kind of situation. This is what we’re talking about. God’s kingdom. 25. Wait for this. And this blessing of “25” is not something that we can make on our own. You’re wearing a watch, not wearing time. Time is in God’s hands. Take a look at this. Take a look again. This kind of time comes.
>> Because things were working out well constantly for Daniel… Korea isn’t the only place that has people who become sour when things go well for you. There were people like that in Babylon too. Because things were working out so well for Daniel… Of course, it was bound to be that way for him. He was holding on to the covenant and answers were coming so even the king was favoring him. That’s why the other officials were even more bitter and jealous. They should have said, “We should help and support Daniel”. But it’s not like that for Satan’s people. They were thinking, “We have to bring him down”. It wasn’t even like that, but they were misunderstanding on their own. “He’s stealing our positions. Who is he to do that?” I’m sure they were thinking all kinds of things. “He’s just a captive.” That’s what happens. That’s why they schemed to kill him.
>> Daniel rightfully prayed and prevailed, but that’s not what’s important here. There was an important word here. He was about to die. They made this decree so that he would die. But Daniel prayed in thanksgiving every day and this was how it was recorded, “Just as he had always done”. He was enjoying something tremendous. He went beyond thinking, “This is happening so maybe I should pray”. No. He prayed just as he usually did. He prayed, facing the temple. What does “in thanksgiving” mean? That means he was waiting for this. Isn’t that so? Are you suffering in any way? It’s something you’ve been waiting for. From there will come God’s amazing works.
>> The important words regarding “25” is that unbelievers were able to recognize this. The king at this time was King Darius and he knew that Daniel was plotted against. The king made the same confession twice. “The God whom you constantly serve will rescue you.” “Was the God whom you constantly serve able to save you?” At this time, the spiritual mystery is seen. “Last night, an angel of the Lord came and closed the mouths of the lions. They could not harm me.”
>> How could something like that happen? God closed their mouths so that those who try to harm you cannot harm you. Remnants, when you face a hardship in your path, don’t be taken aback. It’s the important path to bring about God’s kingdom. So leaders, if possible or needed, give your testimonies about this. If possible, counsel with them. These can also be said in passing conversations, right? It needs to come from sure prayer. So at least once, you’re going to have prayer meeting, right? And you never know how God’s time will be fulfilled. We are spiritual summits. It’s enjoying that. We’re not just any summits. We’re skill summits who bring about God’s kingdom. That’s internship.
3)Esther 4:1-16
>> If you look at the things that took place in Babylon, you can easily explain. It’s Esther 4:1-16. If you look at Mordecai, he was incredible. Finally, Mordecai says. “Now, go and speak. Tell them that you are a Jew.” Twice, he told her not to tell anyone. When she was being selected as a candidate for queen, he told her not to tell anyone that she was a Jew. Once again, when she was selected as queen, he told her not to tell anyone. But when this time came, he said, “Go and tell them.” And what she said at that time was, “If I perish, I perish”. Do you not sense anything from these words? Esther and Mordecai, holding on to God’s plan, were already having spiritual communication. Right now, this is happening, right now, it is being fulfilled.

3.Background 25 Hours
>> What’s more important is the background. This is what we’re enjoying right now. What kind of background?
1)3 Kingdoms→ Worldly Kingdom, Satan’s Kingdom, God’s Kingdom
>> There are 3 kingdoms. The worldly kingdom, in which we live. Satan’s kingdom and God’s kingdom. Which is our background? The answer is clear. It’s the worldview that we have. Many scholars and many people have their worldviews, but the worldview we see is that there is: the worldly kingdom, Satan’s kingdom, and God’s kingdom.
2)2 Backgrounds→ Heaven, Hell
>> Here, there are 2 tremendous backgrounds. What are they? Heaven and hell. They are the background. Of course, we’re going to die and got there forever later on, but this is the background.
3)Spiritual Communication
>> How many records of this are there in the Bible? The spiritual communication that comes from this background is tremendous. This word is only given to those who are enjoying this background. “The angel of the Lord went ahead of Moses. The angel of the Lord went and stood behind Moses.” And it was that night when King Hezekiah prayed. When the church officers of the early church remained unshaken when a crisis came. In that moment when they gathered to pray. During time when Jesus proclaimed the message of his advent. This appeared in each important time. When Paul met with a storm. “Last night, an angel of the Lord…” These are the works that take place.
>> Then, what must we do next? We’ll bring that to a close later tonight. Believers must know these 3 things. Leaders need to completely enjoy this and speak of it.

♠Conclusion- Later On (Answer of Uniqueness)
>> If this happens like this, what are the works that take place later on? Look carefully in the Bible. There are a few important things.
1)Answer of Uniqueness
>> The first. The answer of uniqueness comes. It means the same thing. Only and uniqueness mean the same thing. The answer of uniqueness is an answer that only God can give, but not anyone can receive it. To what extent did that come?
2)Gave Answer to the King
>> They gave the answer. They even gave the answer before kings. That means that they gave the answer to the point where everyone knew. That’s world evangelization, is it not?
>> Every remnant stood before kings.
① Joseph stood before Pharaoh. ②Moses stood before Pharaoh. Almost all of them. ③Samuel and ④David may not have directly stood before the king of Philistia, but through victory, they gave the answer. ⑤Elisha gave the answer before kings. He gave answers to the king of Aram and to the king of Israel. As you know, ⑥Daniel gave the answer before 4 kings. Ultimately, ⑦Paul said, “I must stand before Caesar!”. This is a tremendous thing. This is the answer you will receive. It’s so tremendous, you might not find it believable. Who could have ever imagined? That’s the evangelism movement that you’re doing. So during the remainder of your time, you have to really be determined to speak of the pure Gospel, do pure evangelism, and really do all things before God.
3)Disaster of Age
>> What’s more important? They thought they were just merely giving answers, but they were able to block the disasters of the age. It’s almost embarrassing to say that God wants to give us the covenant to have us run errands for blocking the disasters of the age. People like us who are so feeble. From the start, take a look. What’s happening right now. The process along your life path. There will be times where answers come and hardships come, but ultimately, there will be tremendous answers. The things that will happen later on, things that you never would have even imagined. That’s a sure thing. Pray, holding to this covenant.

① Deep Prayer (Alone)- I’ll bring this to a close later on, but when you’re alone, have deep prayer. You can just do a little.
② All Fields (Conversation)- When you’re by yourself, it’s good to make some time for you to pray deeply on your own. But in every field, have conversational prayer.
③ Word (Fulfillment)- And most important. When you receive the Word. Next week, when you go to church, you’re going to receive the Word. So when you receive the Word. And also, during the Remnant Conference. I’ve truly experienced. When we gather for worship on the Lord’s Day, when we come together to gather for conferences, when we have our big conferences/conventions, God absolutely answers through the Word. That’s how far we’ve seen.
>> What do you think? When you look at your personal situation, you may feel and sense that you are weak. And at times, you may think that you have nothing. I’m sure you’ve got many weaknesses. But God is preparing you so that you can enter into this and walk that path.
>> This is the second message that you must know for the rest of your lives.
We’ll bring this to a close this evening. May you enjoy answers, even now.
May you enjoy prayer even during this time. God has already sent the answer to your biggest problem. God has already sent important evidence to the most difficult places in your church. Let us pray.

God, we give You thanks. Thank You for allowing us to have this WRC leader’s retreat. Let us have the day of fulfillment in which we hold firmly to this covenant. We pray to become the witnesses for world evangelization. We pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the king of kings, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon the leaders who will save the future, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)