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03.04.2021 – Remnant’s Condition- Able to Pray 24 Hours

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Message: The 23rd World Remnant Leader’s Retreat, Lecture 1- 08/13/2020
Title: Remnant’s Condition – Able to Pray 24 Hours
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- Hebrews 11:38)

♠Introduction- 24 That Anyone Does (In Advance, Summit)
>> Thanks so much for the praise (RCF Unit Team). I have a tendency to make the lyrics a little too much at times. But I have no choice but to do it that way because I want to place the message in the lyrics. But the composers and the performers do it so well so I feel so blessed.
>> Because of COVID-19, it’s very important that you stay seated in the arranged seating, but the most important is the meal time. There’s no way you can eat with your mask on, so you take it off but you also end up talking to other people. So there hasn’t been a case where the virus spread in the sanctuary while people were giving worship. But the places that had an outbreak were the smaller churches where they gathered and sat close together. Whether the nation gives us those guidelines or not, we need to keep them ourselves. That is why even our conference is proceeding by town. And rather during these times, we can calmly and quietly confirm the message well. There are some sermons that you can just hear and let it pass. But this leader message is what you must always hold on to. That way, you can lead.
>> “Condition of a Remnant Leader” Lecture 1- Must be able to pray 24 hrs
“The Condition of a Remnant Leader.” There are 3 conditions and for the first lecture, the leader must be able to pray, 24 hours a day. This is the first condition of being a leader. If prayer is not taking place, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be a leader, but it will be difficult.
>> There is a prior condition in doing 24-hr prayer. That prior condition is that you need to be someone who sees the important thing in advance. That’s what you must find this time. “How” you find it will be given in the lecture, but you need to find that in order to help others. Even though he dropped out of college, Bill Gates saw something in advance. And with that he invented, 70% of Harvard graduates were influenced by that. It shook the entire world. No matter great your academic background may be, no matter how renown a person you may be, if you can’t properly see, you can’t properly work. Academic background is important. Building your profile is important as well. Making sure you have the right qualifications is important too. I’m not saying that we don’t those. But the leader, who moves the world must see what’s coming in the future. Statistics reveal. There are so many smart and gifted individuals who graduated from SKY (Seoul National University, Korea (Goryeo) University, Yonsei University- Korea’s top 3 schools). They take their exams and get their certifications. They become lawyers, attorneys, and public officials. But they say that they’re not in the line of the top 10% that are moving the economy and the world. Those are the kind of results we’re seeing.
>> What is the trait of the 7 remnants? They saw this. “How” you see it is secondary. You need to first think that you need to see it. No matter how strong someone may be, a person who fights with their fist cannot compare to someone who fights with a weapon. Can you actually have a fight between someone who is using a sword and someone who is using a gun? They can’t. Can there be a fight between someone who is fighting with a sword and someone who is fighting with grenades? To that extent, the important things move according to the individual who already has what’s important. And things will become more serious as the age of the 3rd-4th Industrial Revolution approaches. There was one person who was shouting in a restaurant and they were criticizing the president. He was shouting, “He said he’d make more jobs as soon as he becomes president, but there aren’t any”. That person saw incorrectly. There will continue to be an absence of more jobs. Not that, things are going to continue to change. Most duties/tasks are changing right now.
>> I bought a watch. I was wearing it and Rev. Lee Sang-Bae asked me if it’s an expensive one. I said, “No, it’s not. It’s (roughly) $50”. I wear it when I exercise. I said, “I paid $50 for it”. I bought it online. I was surfing through the internet and it was a pretty watch. You can order online with just a touch, right? So it’s a situation where even the department stores might be falling. Banks? If they don’t change their systems, they’ll be in trouble. There’s no other option. So, to shout, “There are no jobs”, is foolish. Just because the president says, “I’ll make more jobs”, it’s not going to happen like that. Right now, the age is rapidly changing. Isn’t that so? Kids use their cell phones and they can do everything with that. That’s how the age is changing. And you might think, “Wow, times are really changing”, but it’s been changing like that from the beginning. It’s been changing all along, but the Israelites did not see that. So no matter how hard they struggled, they could not defeat Egypt. No matter how much they prayed, they could not overcome. They were already lagging behind. No matter how much they shout and muster their strength, they cannot overcome Babylon. But there was a person who saw God’s covenant, that was going in advance. They were unconditionally bound to triumph. Do you understand? Seeing this makes you a leader. That’s why you must see this. Then what is “24”? We need to correctly know this first. You have to have the eyes to see these “24 hours”. When we say “24”, does that mean we eat 24 hours straight? Are we sleeping 24 hours a day? Are we studying 24 hours a day? That’s what this means.

>> Introduction- 24 That Anyone/Everyone Does (In Advance, Summit)
The first thing you must know is that there is a ‘24’ that anyone/everyone does. Everyone is doing it. What are you thinking about right now? That’s your ‘24’. That’s your future. What do you think about when you go to church? Are you full of conflicts when you go to church? I’m sorry to say, but that’s your “24” then. Without catching on to this, you cannot go to the summit place. You have to first reach the summit place in order to have this “24”. To be more accurate, the state of being in the summit place is “24”. There are some people who are always criticizing others. I’m sorry to say, but that’s their “24 hours”. That’s that person’s fate. It’s unavoidable. So look carefully in the Bible. Before you even think about what you’re going to focus on for 24 hours, there’s already something you’re focusing on. “No, I just live my life the way it comes to me.” That person is living that way for 24 hours. Isn’t that so? “I have so many worries.” Then you’re worried 24 hours a day. There isn’t anyone who isn’t doing something 24 hours a day. Isn’t that so?
1)Triune God
>> So if you don’t know that, then you don’t have anything to do with this. The Triune God, unseen to our eyes, is with us 24 hours a day. Even if you may deny it, it’s a fact. On top of that, accurately and unseen to our eyes. He is with us truly by His Word, truly through the Holy Spirit, truly through prayer answers, and truly through the mystery of Christ. On top of that, with the background of the kingdom of heaven. It’s an amazing thing, isn’t it?
>> So if you look at most people, including the young people, they have no idea regarding the future and they don’t have the covenant of God, that has seen in advance. That’s why they’re all old (aged). They’re holding onto the things of the past every day. They’ve aged. We can say that a person who is old has aged, but these young people have this aged/old thinking. Let me give you an example. Joseph’s brothers were always worried about the food they were going to eat and that’s how they spent their lives. They were old. That’s what it means to be old. They lived their lives, barely finding food to eat. That was their fate. They had no other choice. Isn’t that so? So when you say, “24” and to say that you’re going to the summit place, it’s very important.
2)99%- Something Else
>> Most people, 99% of people, are doing something else, 24 hours a day. So rightfully, answers don’t come. Answers not coming is the real answer for them. We foolishly talk about how we receive when we pray, but there are things that God won’t give to us when we pray for them, because we don’t need them. That’s the answer. “I can’t give this to him. It’s dangerous.” Then God won’t give it. That’s the greatest answer. Accurately speaking, that’s the most accurate answer. There was no need for God to give it to them. He gave when they needed, took it back, gave, took it back, and so on.
3)7 Remnants
>> But here, the 7 remnants were different. Already, they were enjoying the mystery of “24”.
(1)Dream- When his brothers were only talking about what to eat and wear for 24 hours a day, Joseph had this sure dream of world evangelization. That was different about him. Isn’t that so?
(2)Mt. Horeb- At first, he was a bit shaken, but he never lost hold of this and he surely confirmed on Mt. Horeb. From that point on, things began to open for him. See in advance, where God’s plan is clearly held. This is the leader and this is the summit. God’s plan is sure. It’s about seeing that in advance.
>> May this conference be that start. Children can change with your small testimony and your small comment. You say something in passing, but that sparks a change in the other person. You are also very young, but children, the younger they are, won’t change just because you say a lot of things to them. The word that you just toss out to them can either revive them or kill them. In one sense, our remnants don’t learn by looking at our faces, at what’s upfront. They learn from when we turn around after saying what we’ve said. In one sense, they’re not moved by loud voices. They may change because of small whispers. That’s why you are important. So don’t think that this is just the yearly Remnant Conference that we have every year. Think, “I need to start something. As a leader to save the world, what do I need to do for 24 hours?”. We’re not talking about “24 hours” in the sense of 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, and 4 seconds.
(3)Ark of the Covenant- What you are doing 24 hours a day is very important. God revealed His important covenant that will arise. This is what he saw. Next to the ark of the covenant. If that happens, then it’s game set. When Samuel was young, he lay next to the ark of the covenant and he heard the sure voice of God, the things that will take place in the future. Who can change that? Not one word Samuel said fell to the ground. This is what everyone is losing hold of right now.
>> We’re completely unaware of how the world is moving and turning right now and at church, people wasting time, just gathering to talk about humanistic things, complaints, and incorrect things. You must not become that way. Right now, all the adults are headed in that direction. They’re completely losing hold of the direction of, “How will we do the evangelism movement?”. But it can begin in an instant. Though I was so weak and lacking, I held on to this covenant. “I need to do the evangelism movement and speak of only the Gospel as it is in the Bible.” I couldn’t think about it in a broader scale, but I thought that was the only way for the church to live. At my level, I couldn’t think about it in a greater scale, but this is what I thought at first. For real, God gave me so much grace. To the point where I don’t need anything else. It’s to that extent that God’s amazing works took place.
(4)Shepherd- Look at this. He held to this while he was a shepherd. That was what was clearly recorded. He was tending his sheep, but God prepared him to be a king who will lead the nation. That means David was in the summit place, when he was young, even before he became king. That’s it.
>> There’s a sure thing that will take place in the future, in this age and that’s what we need to help our remnants hold on to. In one sense, when we all gather together, we get excited. But as we split up into towns in each location, where you’re really focusing on the Word, it will be a really good time for you to concentrate. If you are the remnant to save the world, the answer will come today, immediately. The answer must come. And there’s no reason to rush. If you see the answer comes as you look at the Word, there’s no reason for you feel hasty/impatient. Why should you be? For whom? There’s no need for that. There’s no reason for you to be discouraged as well. It’s okay even if problems come. Because God is bringing this to completion.
(5)Farmer- Already, it wasn’t just anything. It was while he was still a farmer. Elisha. Already, while he was a farmer, do you think he never heard about Elijah? Was Elisha a fool? When Elijah called him, did he think, “I don’t know who he is, but should I go?”. No. He had already seen the important age. That’s why he burned everything and followed Elijah.
(6)Daniel 1:8-9, Already, take a look. Daniel 1:8-9. “He resolved in his heart.” That means that he knew God’s plan. He knew what would happen/take place. His nation perished. The temple was in ruins. The adults had no strength/power. They were all captives. But what happened? He was sent to the palace. To a high position. The answer was already there. This is what I’m talking about. Right now, you’re properly being the summit. It may seem like nothing, but everyone is already doing something 24 hours a day.
(7)Acts 1:14, And what else? The people of Acts 1:14. These already saw. They were the ones who already saw God’s covenant and plan in advance.

>> Main- 24-Hour Concentration (Spiritual Summit)→ Summit (David)
From this point on, the important main theme/message comes to you. What is it? Now, you see what you must focus on for 24 hours a day. Until now, you’ve just been going with the flow for 24 hours, but now you must concentrate for 24 hours. We call this the spiritual summit. Isn’t that so? Because there are many summits out there. You must now stand as a spiritual summit. You’re having the time to become the spiritual summit. Why? Because they absolutely knew this. Because the 7 remnants absolutely knew this. It became more concrete/specific as the days went by. So today, I’ll use David as an example so that I can explain this well to you. So that you can easily apply this.

1.Prayer- 24 That Goes Ahead (My 24-Hr Prayer)
>> What kind of “24” did David properly enjoy? He wasn’t just going in advance regarding prayer. It was the “24 hours” that went ahead of prayer. Simply put, it’s “my 24-hour prayer”. This kind of answer will come to you and it must come. Then you will automatically become leaders. You’ve already seen the things of God. From there, you have to find, specifically, what’s yours. In actuality, your academic background is not important. If that is true. Then as you diligently pray and study, you just need to head towards the door that opens. But you’re already holding on to this.
>> A friend I know was good at studying ever since he was young. But there was nothing he was holding on to. Even though he was a church-goer. Studying well was everything for him. So rightfully, he went to a good college. And he became a teacher. I’m not saying that becoming a teacher is a bad thing. But even though he became a teacher, he could not hold on to God’s things. So being a teacher was hard for him. If you look carefully, it’s hard to be a teacher. If you’re surely holding on to this, the school becomes your field. But because he wasn’t holding on to this, school became difficult for him. Fortunately, he was a good person. And he was from a good household too. I heard that he went somewhere in Canada. And when I asked what he was doing he said that he’s just not doing much. I really felt that it was such a waste. He was good at studying when he was young. He diligently went to church. It’s just that he didn’t really have much faith, but he went diligently. So in other people’s eyes, he looked like he had much more faith than me. But I really found his case to be so unfortunate. You need to know the fact that the people of God have the sure covenant that God gives as well His sure answer to save the world.
1)Healing (System, Psalm 23:1)
>> In order to find this, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. What is the first? There are 3 things regarding your prayer. Now, we see healing. This “healing” can refer to the healing of diseases, but that’s not what I mean. Now, you need to set the system through which you can pray and concentrate. In fact, with this, that’s it. There are many people who are hasty and it’s because they don’t have this (system). People who are impatient. It’s because they don’t have this. People who say they’re bored. It’s because they don’t have this. People who are frustrated. It’s because this isn’t taking place. You need to make this first. You have to live through this difficult world. Then you need to have this important spiritual system. That’s why we concentrate. And when you gather in your small groups, the reason why you earnestly pray, is this, isn’t it?
>> This is how he confessed. Psalm 23:1. “Because the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” “Because the Lord is my shepherd” means, “Because the Lord is always with me, there’s nothing more that I need. Even if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I’m alright.” That’s what he was saying. I’m sure there are elders listening to this message as well. If this doesn’t take place, it’s very difficult to be an elder. But if this does take place, being an elder is the greatest blessing. I’m sure there are pastors listening as well. Pastors, if this isn’t taking place, it’ll be much better for you to be doing pastoral ministry. What’s even more ridiculous is for the pastor’s wife. It’s miserable. Why would you take this blessed path and turn it into misery? Think about it. It’s a path of tremendous thanksgiving and inspiration from God, yet they’re going down that path in that way (misery and torment). “There are so many problems in our church.” Then was David only surrounded by people who didn’t have problems? “No, pastor, you need to see our church. The elders are like this and that…” Then was David only surrounded by outstanding individuals? You need to be sure about this. The only people surrounding David were crazy people. But do you know what he said? “Because the Lord is my shepherd…” Was he just writing a poem? This was his testimony regarding this spiritual 24. It was something he said as he was fleeing from the peril of death. “Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.” The older you get as senior deaconesses, pastors, and pastors’ wives, things will become more difficult. Why would you intentionally seek out that kind of life? This is the mystery of concentrating, 24 hours a day.
2)Power (Imprint, Root, Nature, Psalm 78:70-72)
>> Power comes from here. This is what I’m talking about. This “power” is about your imprint, root, and nature. If you can just have this, you’re really something else. You’re really a leader. Then what would happen? Psalm 78 would take place. What is this? 2 things. The skill in his hands and his faith. We’re talking about intellect and spirituality. The things of earth and the mystery of God. The world and God. He was holding both. That was David. That’s why David enjoyed the important blessing of being used by God. 24-hr concentration. You yourselves will know. Seek this out.
3)Summit (Spiritual State, 1 Samuel 16:13, 23)
>> Then, what must you do? Now, because you are the spiritual summit, you carry out the role of a spiritual summit in everything. What does this mean? Finally, it’s about your spiritual state. If you look in 1 Samuel 16:1-13, he was holding on to that covenant and “the Spirit of God rushed upon David in power”. Everywhere David went, the evil spirits fled. That’s the summit. Everything is inside the spiritual summit, but everywhere you go, these kinds of blessings appear. No matter what happens, evil spirits are bound to flee for you, who hold on to the covenant and pray. It’s okay even if they don’t flee.

2.24 Hours of Your Occupation (Small Things)
>> Number 2. There’s something that finally comes to you. Now, you have 24 hours in your occupation. You find the 24 hours for your occupation. This isn’t just any “24”. The blessing of the spiritual summit begins to come to your occupation. There’s something you must keep in mind here. Though it was something so small, it brought about great works. Isn’t that so? There isn’t much David did. He was just a shepherd. There isn’t much David did. He just threw stones. They were small things. There isn’t much David did. While the other shepherds were having hardships and being conflicted, David prayed. When he had the time, he wrote.
1)Personalization (Shepherd)- Psalms, Praise, Skill
>> In this way, while he was a shepherd, he had personalization. This is 24. Personalization will begin in your occupation. Here, he wrote psalms. And here, he praised. And here, his skills were revived. This is the important “24” that you will receive.
2)Specialization (1 Samuel 17:35)
>> Finally, your occupation, your studies, have specialization.
>> This specialization will absolutely lead to globalization. This is the “24” that you must do.
>> What do I mean by “specialization”? He himself confessed it in 1 Samuel 17:35. To what extent did he have specialization? “I have overcome the lion and the bear.” That’s how he should have expressed it. But because David was focusing on God 24 hours a day, he said it differently. What did he say? “The Lord God delivered me from the lion and the bear. Then how much more so will He save me from the one who has defied the Lord?”
>> You need to correctly know what “24” is. It’s not difficult at all. You’re doing 24 right now. If you’re staring off into space 24 hours a day, that’s your 24. Are you worried all the time? Then you’re 24 hours a day and that will absolutely bear fruit. Are you anxious? Even if there’s nothing to be anxious about? Then you’re having anxiety 24. David, the 7 remnants were doing something 24 hours a day. But their point was, “God has given me a sure covenant”. Having come this far, sitting here at this retreat, if you haven’t realized, you need to go to the hospital. If you’ve come this far and you’re just thinking, “well…”, then you need to go to the hospital. It’s been finished. Now, you just need to concentrate and begin to enjoy. This is what you need to teach the remnants. “The fact that you have been called as a remnant means that you’re already the summit!” Isn’t that so? “Summit” doesn’t just mean the president. They usually use “summit” to describe the president, but in English, it’s just referring to the top, the peak. The fact that you have been called as a remnant means that you are a summit. Just the fact that you are attending your church and the fact that you are a church officer of Yewon Church means that you’re a summit. Because people don’t know this, they get taken by other things and end their life like that. Then what is the reason we concentrate? To head to the spiritual summit.

3.Field 24 Hours (Interpersonal Relationships)
>> And lastly. It’s the field, 24 hours a day. In number 2, you’re going ahead, in advance in your occupation, but number 3 is about victory in your interpersonal relationships. It’s becoming a leader in your interpersonal relationships. That’s such a great blessing.
1)WITH (Youth)
>> What is it that he enjoyed here? WITH. This was David’s youth. When he was growing up. He had many hardships because of many people. Yet, he enjoyed being with God. Where? In his field. This is what’s important. At this time, the 100-year answer and 1,000-year answer comes.
2)Immanuel (Young Adult Years)
>> What did David enjoy in his field? Immanuel. You need to make these words your own. When? When he was a young adult. That’s what David did. When he faced those hardships in the field. He easily defeated Goliath, but how many more problems came after that? Persecution came. Many things came to him. But he enjoyed Immanuel. He found that. You are this leader.
3)Oneness (Years as King)
>> And what else? It’s the word that we always use. You have to understand what “24-hr field” means. It’s WITH, Immanuel, and Oneness. What is this? Especially when he was king. He found this. In the end, he put his strength together with the people and they made preparations for the temple.
>> God really raised him as a model to show how to live this life. God is raising you as this kind of model as well.
>> Because of the current situation, we’re having this 1-day conference, but in a sense, we have 3 messages. This is better for you to organize. This is not my message, but it’s what’s in the Bible, so if you hold on to this surely, you’ll prevail. Why? Because you need to find the mission and give it. If you head out this way, you’ll know in advance the work God will do. That answer will come to you. Then you can run errands for the others too.

♠Conclusion- Only!
>> One important thing that’s left for us is the conclusion. What is this conclusion? You look back and you realize that you’ve received this blessing, but there are still so many things that aren’t working for you. I’m sure it’s like that for the remnants. Our many remnants received the message and they’re going to receive all these blessings, but there are things that aren’t working for them currently, and they’ve even made some mistakes. Hardships are also coming to you. That might happen. The remnant are already here and they already know the message, but they’ve got scars. And they’ve done wrong things so they’re ashamed about them as well. I’m sure there are many things.
>> So what is the final course of “24”? It’s “only”. That’s why we do “only”. This “24” can solve any problem. You need to relay this important covenant to the remnants. Jesus said this. He said he knew our situations. “But/only when the Holy Spirit comes upon you…” Jesus didn’t just leave. He made and left behind this thing that was considered a great heresy and he left his disciples behind to take care of that. You know what happened after. That’s what that Jesus said. “But when the Holy Spirit comes upon you… Then you will receive power and be my witnesses to the ends of the earth.” What is that “only”?
1)Acts 1:1, 3, 8
>> Do “only”. Do not be afraid, do “only”. When we say “only”, there’s a time schedule to that. That’s why we hold to this covenant and focus on “only”.
(1)Acts 1:3, “For 40 days, he explained the things pertaining to the kingdom of God.”
(2)Acts 1:14, “They devoted themselves, constantly to prayer.”
(3)Acts 2:1-13, If you look in Acts 2:1-13, it says that they devoted themselves, constantly to prayer for 10 days.
(4)Acts 2:42, Afterwards, after receiving the Word, they devoted themselves to prayer. This is what I’m talking about.
>> This “only” is the last point of “24”. “It’s not working for me.” That’s this situation. “Things are not working for us. I can’t do this anymore.” God gave this to them at that time. “But when the Holy Spirit comes on you, you will receive power and be my witnesses to the ends of the earth.”
2)62 Life Points
>> Then this answer will come. It will come like this (62 life points). Then for the pastors, the messages will continue to come. Elders will begin to accurately see the time when they need to revive/save the church. Remnants will begin to see with the eyes to save the world.
>> From this point on, what comes? You’ll be able to uncover “only” your whole life long or everywhere you go. You’ll uncover this. “Ah, this is the ‘only’ here.” Not only will power come upon you, but answers will continue to come.
>> This is the prayer that you, leaders, must have for the rest of your life. You don’t need to worry about anything. There will be tremendous spiritual problems that come in this age as the 4th Industrial Revolution opens. We do have to know what those people are predicting, but things won’t happen exactly that way. According to those people, there will be no jobs for you anymore and it’ll all be done with machines. But it won’t exactly happen that way. What do you need to prepare for? An age of spiritual problems, in which mankind will completely fall apart, will come. That’s why we need to prepare, but there’s no way anymore. Now, your age/time is coming. The reason you need to study lies there as well. There will come an age in which you can save them with this. There will be many strange things on the news in the future. There will be people committing mass suicide. When you go places, there will be mental patients everywhere. Why is that? People don’t know because they’ve lost hold of God’s message regarding the things that will take place in the future. You’re not going to be seeing mental patients every once in a while, like it should be. You’re going to be seeing them everywhere. That kind of age will come. An age where churches will close their doors will come. They have no choice, because they lack the strength. An age of mental illness will come. An age in which mental patients are everywhere. Mass suicides and addiction will take place. That’s why God called you.
>> Let me bring my words to a close. Then people might ask like this. “What must I do?” Is that what you feel? It’s not about what you need to do. If you actually look close, there isn’t anything that you need to do. Isn’t that so? This answer has already come to you. The blessing of the summit has already come to you, but you’re focusing on other kinds of summits, 24 hours a day. Then it’s simple. It’s “my time”, “my work”, and “my field”. If you enjoy the mystery of “24” here, you will absolutely triumph. Then you will head to the spiritual summit. We don’t even have to talk about the answers that will come after that. They will come exactly the way it is in the Bible. He even told us the order. Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the end of the earth. Answers will come exactly that way.
>> Many of you leaders came. The heart/mind and thoughts that you have will be relayed to the many remnants who gather. Even though it’s good to meet them and talk to them, but the first thing you need to think about is spiritual conveyance through your prayer, during this leader’s retreat. Do you believe that? During the time when you pray, there will be times when you pray in frustration and prayer through which God moves and inspires you. In that time, the spiritual things take place. If you don’t know this, there’s no reason for you to go to worship next Sunday. Why would you go? Prayer that comes out most in the Bible? It becomes useless. “I prayed the rain that didn’t come before, came. I prayed and the rain stopped.” That’s a different story. During the time when you are praying, the spiritual works are absolutely taking place.
>> “I’m being afflicted by depression. What do I do?” If you just hold on to this covenant, 5 minutes a day, the works will take place one day. If you just continue this time a little bit, you will absolutely triumph. You don’t even need to know that exact date. “How do I heal my disease/illness?” If you’re going along this path, God will absolutely give you evidence. Your poverty and scars of the past? You don’t need to worry about that at all. That’s all going to be your springboard. If you’re still stuck in those scars, they’ll become obstacles for you, but you’re not, they’re all springboards. So during this first hour, hold to this sure covenant. A leader needs to have this “24” that will save the world. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the solution to all things, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon our leaders who will save the world, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)