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03.03.2021 – The Temple That Heals

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 2nd Service- 08/09/2020
Title: The Temple That Heals
Scripture: Leviticus 15:1-12

>> There is something that you must remember when you look at God’s Word.
Most of you just want to listen to the message and receive grace, right? Of course, that’s needed. But when you worship or do work, you need to know what kind of answer you have now. What kind of answer is arising right now? This (Exodus 14:19) was the kind of answer that was arising for Moses. What was the reason? “The angel of God… moved an went behind them, and… moved from before them.” God protected them to that extent. The angel of the Lord guides you from the front and protects you from the back. Why is that? “God Who Heals.” This was our first service today.
>> If that is so, then this is “The Temple, Tabernacle, That Heals”. You are the people who do this.
We read Leviticus 15:1-12. You must remember. Most of the people who pray and do events lost hold of this. So they fall into trial. Because they’ve lost hold of that.
>> Right now, you’re all preparing your churches, right? In Seoul and Ulsan as well. You need to know what kind of answer God gives during that time. Isn’t that so? We normally just read the Bible and take it apart to interpret it. Of course, that is needed, but is that what God wants? Other people say all kinds of other things as well, read the Bible, and analyze it piece by piece every day, but is that what God wants? God is trying to guide you in some way, right?
If that is so, every time we give worship and do the Lord’s work, what we must realize is what kind of answer God is currently giving.
>> If the church does not open its eyes to this, there will be great trouble. As you know, while they were going on the path in the wilderness, God did this work. Why was that? God didn’t just do anything while they were traveling, but God gave them answers to every problem.
(1)Life Problem (Answer)- It wasn’t just anything, but God revealed all the problems of life and their answers in the wilderness.
(2)Greatest Covenant- And He gave them the greatest covenant. While they were in the wilderness. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Because people don’t know this, they say that it’s suffering while they go on the path of the wilderness. God is giving them a tremendous answer as they walk through the wilderness. Isn’t that so?
(3)Greatest Answer- He fulfilled the greatest covenant. And going beyond that, He gave the greatest answers. What was the greatest answer? There was never a time when there were more miracles than there were during Moses’ time. So He sent His angel ahead of Moses. You need to believe this. If you don’t believe this, you’re an unbeliever. Right now, during the time when our remnants give worship, God is already guiding them, ahead of them. It’s a sure thing. And God is also protecting you from behind. Why? Because this time of the wilderness was the time schedule in which He was fulfilling His greatest covenant.
2)Tabernacle (Gather)
>> Why did He do this? He placed all these blessings inside the tabernacle. This was the only way. Because God was trying to show them everything that they’ve seen so far, only the tabernacle was the way. Do you understand? Because God is trying to give you all these promises, the only way is the church. Why? Because it won’t work in your own personal homes. So He gathered everything here in the tabernacle. This is the church. It will be accurate to see and say that the church is the place where all covenants, you will receive, are gathered.
>> When I heard the report that was giving during the church session meeting, I heard that there was also a church member who gave offering without spending on themselves, even though they’re in such a difficult situation. You need to listen carefully today. After doing this, there was something that God did first. What did He do first? The tabernacle was built, then they had an appointment ceremony for the priest next. And last week, we read about what to eat and not to eat, right? Earlier today, we read about the unclean things, illnesses and such. Healing.
>> God placed the greatest covenant in the tabernacle as they were going through the wilderness. Then, the very first thing He did was healing ministry. You need to catch on to this quickly. If you don’t understand these words, that means you don’t know what the proper church is and what answers really are. I see that the believers, remnants, elders, and everyone else here will leave behind the footprints that will remain in history, in this age. Seoul is almost completed. And when you grow more, you need to serve the churches of Korea as well.

>> Main- Take a look. Why is healing needed in the tabernacle?

1.Because Urgent Healing Needs to be Done in the Wilderness…
>> It’s because the urgent healing needs to be done in the wilderness This kind of temple is needed. What is urgent?
1)Genesis 3, 6, 11
>> Moses already recorded everything. Because people are not able to come out of Genesis 3, 6, and 11, they need to be healed of this.
2)Slave Nature/Tendencies (Exodus 3:18)
>> So they’re not able to escape from the slave nature/tendency. That’s why the healing of Exodus 3:18, the blood sacrifice, is needed. As they were traveling on the path of the wilderness, that wasn’t all.
3)Wilderness Nature/Tendencies
>> As they were traveling through the wilderness, they acquired those tendencies as well. They needed to be healed of this and, where could they? They couldn’t do it anywhere else but this tent of meeting. It’s about this blessing.

2.What He Healed First and Utmost (Leprous Disease, Bodily Discharges, Discharges of Blood→ Verse 14, Verse 30)
>> And what else? After the urgent healing was done, what was the very first thing that He healed? This is what we saw in today’s scripture. We saw 3 things. We read about the people with the leprous disease. This was in the first service. In that hot and warm region, leprosy was actually something that couldn’t be healed. And this was also seen today. The disease of bodily discharges. Also, the discharge of blood. If you read through, there are these 2. In order to do this, as we read in the Bible today, God gave an important promise. If you read in verse 14, it says to gather at the entrance of the tent of meeting. It’s this temple. “All these people with these diseases, gather at the entrance of the tent of meeting.” There, give the burnt offering, sin offering, and guild offering. It’s seen also in verse 30. Do you know what this means? These bodily discharges as well as discharges of blood are simply referring to sexually transmitted diseases. This was the first thing that was mentioned. Then you can understand what the situation was in the wilderness. These were the illnesses that came to them and what is the lesson that God is trying to give us even now?
1)237 (5,000 People Groups)
>> The 237 nations are important, but what’s more important is that there are 5,000 people groups that are completely disconnected from the Gospel. There are some people who say that there are 3,000 people groups and they’ve seen that a bit more broadly. 5,000 is also not exactly accurate. There are way more. In actuality, you and I can’t even go to all 237 nations. Isn’t that so? That’s why we need to do this properly now. If the church does not have these historical resources/materials, we cannot invite these people. That’s what we need to make. God will send His angel ahead of us. God will protect with from the back through His angel. Take a look. These kinds of works (Exodus 14:19) will arise. From the beginning, God told them to build the courtyard for the gentiles.
>> And who are they supposed to teach after this? Diseases can be passed down to the next generation.
>> And if you look around, there are TCKs who have been abandoned. Prepare this temple. What kind of temple do we need to prepare? The urgent healing to heal the age. These many diseases/illnesses that are resulting from the force of darkness.

3.Healing that Nobody Can Do→ The Temple that Can Do This
>> Especially, what? Why these leprous diseases? It was mentioned for the first time today.
Why were these illnesses of bodily discharge and bloody discharge mentioned? What does this mean? It’s the healing that nobody can do. God is talking about the temple that can do this. So in the future, after our church construction is complete, I believe that our medical professionals and doctors will be used most valuably in healing ministry. So even before people go to the hospitals to be treated, you need to make it so that they can receive some kind of guidance in the church.
>> How important of a work did you do? For example, we had politicians who came from Vanuatu. You took them to receive medical exams and they found out that they had illnesses that they weren’t even aware of. Some of them were treated and got well and they’ll never forget that. Right now, the churches don’t have this kind of system at all. I’m not saying that the church should build a hospital. But there are many doctors (in the church) that run hospitals or work in hospitals. Of course, these people can go out and evangelize, but they’re able to bring together the people who are already inside the church or coming to the church. The Gospel has not entered any of these 5,000 people groups. You must pray. Depending on how we build and prepare, these people will come.
>> So our Immanuel Church members must enter into healing, summit, and 237. This is why we’re building the church/temple. Depending on how much we prepare this, God will work. So consider this your first and last in life. “As I live my life, for the last time, I’m going to leave behind the footprints of the covenant for posterity and the world.” Our church officers, especially our elders, need to think, “This is the final ministry of my life”. Then what will you see? You’ll see only, uniqueness, and re-creation. You are not able to overcome the world if only, uniqueness, and re-creation has not come to you yet. You can’t at all. But if that comes, you’ll overcome easily. Why do we have to fight? There’s no need to fight. You’re able to win easily. No matter how much persecution our missionaries face, it’s okay. You’ll easily win.
You need to have this answer of only, uniqueness, and re-creation.
1)True Elite
>> Then what else? The Bible brought to light all these diseases that no one can do anything about. There are people who have many spiritual problems in this world. There are many people who have these spiritual problems that have surfaced. You may know, but these people are the true elites. There will be many people with spiritual problems in the future.
>> All the answers are inside these people. Isn’t that so? Celebrities who have influence on people. They have no choice but to have these spiritual problems. To say that they committed suicide means that those problems came to the surface. People who really do and make music have no choice but to have spiritual problems. So there’s no need to be so shocked or criticize the people who have these spiritual problems. They were bound to come. The problem is that you didn’t share the Gospel and the church didn’t prepare that. In the future, celebrities will continue to commit suicide. Do you understand? You need to pray correctly. Right now, they’re doing this in Seoul, Busan, and Ulsan, right? Several churches need to prepare the content. Even though the facilities are important as well…
2)Love Department
>> And take a look here. Our remnants from the Love Department (children with special needs). We do really need to raise up the elites, but also these remnants.
3)People With Disabilities
>> And our family members with disabilities. It needs to be a church where these people can receive grace, inconspicuously. People with this leprous disease and disease of bodily and bloody discharges were ashamed. Where could they go to receive healing? They went to the priest and works of healing took place. This is a tremendous time schedule of answers for us.

1)Prepare for the Age
>> Then take a look. The first in the conclusion. It’s not that the church has great skill or anything like that. But the church needs to prepare for the age with God’s Word. Why is that?
(1)Spiritual Disease- Because there are many people with spiritual problems… Simply put, because they have spiritual problems, spiritual diseases come. We need to make it so that these people can come to receive grace. How do we do that? If you continue to pray, the answers will come to you. God will send His angel ahead of you and also protect you from behind.
(2)Religious Organizations- It goes beyond that. The aftereffects of the 3 organizations and other religious organizations will be tremendous in the future. They’ve already come in America. Because of the 3 organizations in America, almost all the kids have spiritual problems. We need to prepare for this.
(3)Church Problem- Because they won’t be prepared for this, problems will come to different churches. We must pray. There will be many churches that close their doors. This is what we need to revive.
>> If you hold on to the covenant, what will happen? You must remember this. What kind of content do you need to have? There are healing teams. Things like the deep breathing team. You shouldn’t be doing these things recklessly. After our church is built, we’re trying to show a model of this, but people are recklessly and carelessly doing and share these things on YouTube so we had them deleted yesterday.
(1)Scientific- When you do it, it needs to be very scientific. When you prepare it.
(2)Medical- And it needs to be tremendously medical as well. You must not ignore or look down on the scientific and medical views/opinions. Because science and medicine has been progressing through many verifications and such. I’m not saying that science and medicine are the answers, but there’s a tremendous process to them. They’re moving forward. So when we do the healing center in the church in the future, we must not do it in a way that is ignorant or unsophisticated.
(3)Spiritual- It needs to be really scientific, medical, and spiritual.
(4)Biblical- And it needs to be actually biblical.
(5)Evangelical- The Bible is also broad and large. Amidst that, it needs to be evangelical (gospel-oriented).
>> You must remember these 5 things. This is the content of the healing center that we must do in the future. It’s the content of the healing center that Immanuel Seoul Church will do in the future. You can’t just recklessly spread healing ministry. It needs to be very clean, biblical, and evangelical (gospel-oriented). And at the same time, you must not do things that aren’t scientific or medical. Isn’t that so? If you move forward like that, you can save many people. What’s the difference between this and the first point? The first point is about preparing for the spiritual problems that are to come and this is about preparing for the actual illnesses/diseases.
3)Answers in Advance (Prepare)
>> Then what comes at this time? God has prepared the answers in advance. You’re able to see this. You’ll begin to see the answers that God has already prepared in advance.
(1)Miracle- What are they? Miracles arose in the path that Moses took. In God’s point of view, they weren’t actual miracles, but in our perspective, the miracles arose.
(2)Culture- Because of the occupation you have, because of Moses’ work, all the culture was/will be overturned.
(3)120 Years of Age- How much did God work? God gave good health to Moses until he was 120 years old. God did.
>> You’re going forward holding on to this kind of covenant.
What kind of work is taking place right now, at this time? For all the churches that are building the tabernacle, temple, the answers that arose in the wilderness are taking place in the same exact way. The works of Acts 13:1-4 are taking place for all those in the missions fields, overseas, and those who are here. The answer of Acts chapter 2 is taking place right now for you, who are giving worship today. I bless you in the name of the Lord Jesus that you may become the main figures who receive the real answer.
>> Things are being completed well in Seoul right now. When things get completed at Seoul, we can have almost all the big conferences there. In just the main sanctuary alone, 5,000 people can fit. So we can, more than enough, have conferences there.
And we will also have the system for healing, 237, and summit. If you continue to pray about this, you’ll be able to see accurately. This is what we call ‘24’. If you continue to pray, you’ll be able to see it. I bless you in the name of Jesus, that your businesses may have the blessing of the Lord’s angel going ahead of it and protecting it from behind. Let us pray.

God, we thank You. May today be that time. May the works that arose upon the tabernacle in the wilderness arise. Would You grant good health to Your servants who are working. Answer them so that their eyes do not become dim like it didn’t for Moses when he was 120 years old. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)