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03.02.2021 – God Who Heals

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 1st Service- 08/09/2020
Title: God Who Heals
Scripture: Leviticus 13:9-17

>> Today, the people of God have gathered to worship.
Perhaps, there may be worries in your hearts. “I’m too sick.” Or, “My life is too hard and difficult”. You may have such worries. Today, as you listen to God’s Word, you need to find the answer and take it with you. Today’s title is, “God Who Heals”.
>> In the past, I didn’t believe that an illness could be healed after praying. “Are you saying that you can get healed if you pray, even if you have cancer? This person is completely sick, but they’ll get better if they pray?” This is how I understood it. Even though I believed in God, because I didn’t think about God’s power or anything like that, the only answers I received in my walk of faith were like that. But I was able to see a few important things. There were more survivors of serious diseases, like cancer, around me. The common characteristic of those people is that they had strong faith. The person who changed my thought like that first was my aunt. Whenever I heard pastors talking about the healing of illnesses and sicknesses, I thought, “Are they crazy?”. Even though I never said it out loud. While all my relatives and family members believed in God, only my aunt didn’t. One day, she found out that she had a very serious illness. Even the doctors at the hospital told her it would be hard. Simply, her kidneys were failing. One day, my mother wanted to go to a conference and my aunt wanted to go along with her. It was her first time going to a conference and she received so much grace. Do you understand that? She really got well. I can understand now. But at that time, I could not understand at all. From that moment on, she evangelized to many people, lived a long life, and went to heaven. I’m sure they’re listening to my message right now, but I had this one relative who was not very educated. When I was an assistant pastor, they got cancer. They went to the hospital and tried to get the doctor’s help, but they said, “I’m not going to do things like that. I’m just going to believe in God and pray.” Honestly speaking, I thought, “They’re bound to be like that”, because they were not very educated. That was when I was an assistant pastor. So that was a long time ago. That person is still alive right now. It’s not really understandable, right?
>> There was a time when I was at a conference at church in Gwangalli and someone who received grace came and gave me a testimony. He said, “Pastor, I used to be the captain of a ship. I was diagnosed with liver cancer so I had to completely quit. The doctor told me that I won’t be able to live more than 6 months”. He said that from that moment on, he prayed. He really prayed. What did he pray about? “God, I’ve never shared this good Gospel because I was too busy going around on this ship.” He prayed to God asking Him to let him do what he needs to do during the remainder of his time since he was going to heaven anyways. He called all his relatives and family. “I’m going to die because of cancer. But there’s something I must share with you before I die.” And he testified of Jesus Christ. He called all his relatives as well as his friends. This person gave this testimony to me 1:1 when he came up to me in Gwangalli. He said that 3 years passed and that he was still alive. So I suggested, “Maybe you should just get checked out at the hospital”. And he said, “There’s no need for that. Pastor, do I look like a patient?”. So this man had received tremendous grace from God.
>> In a sense, this doesn’t make sense and it even sounds irrational, but as I saw that man, I thought about many things. I was evangelizing as a minister and one day, I didn’t go to this person, but this person came to me. They were dying and they asked me to pray for them. So what I did was go and share the Gospel. I explained the things about Jesus Christ. The family gathered and we prayed together. The person lying in bed sick was a child and I couldn’t even muster up the courage to look at the child. Because there wasn’t anything I could do for that child. But something that I really could not understand happened. All I did was just simply share the Gospel and return. But that very night, that child got up. Do you find that understandable? I can’t. It would be a bit more understandable if there was a recovery process and the person got well and healthy, but this child was bedridden because the hospital said there was nothing they could do. All I did was share the gospel. It’s not that I even prayed for the child. All I did was share the Gospel and this child got up. That was when I was in Pyeonghwa Church and the entire family registered to attend church. I was so shocked. The child’s mother and both grandmothers (maternal and paternal) were shamans. That was when these people all returned to Christ.
>> Why did God tell His people to gather in the tent of meeting in the wilderness? Why did God go on about the rams and goats and things that just could not be understood? God gathered the people in the tent of meeting, in the wilderness, and displayed His works of healing. Today, listen well to the Word of God. Don’t listen to my words, but as you listen well to the Word, this really needs to be a time for you to gain strength. Why did God tell them to gather in the tent of meeting? If you don’t know that, then why do we have to come to church today? If we just come and go, it’s meaningless. Why do we give worship here today? The ark of the testimony was in that tent of meeting. It means that you must grab hold of that testimony. There was bread in that tent of meeting as well. Isn’t that so? “Eat the bread of life first and foremost today.” There were lampstands were in that tent of meeting. This isn’t just any story. It means that you need to be strengthened by the blessing of the light that God shines upon you. There were censers for incense there as well. They were in the tent of meeting. You must hold on to that line of prayer. There are such sure, certain things in the Bible. And He said that all those who enter the tent of meeting must wash their hands. Isn’t that so? You must gain that tremendous strength and power that God gives, there. And there was also a courtyard in that tent of meeting. You’re praying for your future and posterity. What’s more important? “Anoint with oil, all the articles.” God is telling you to taste the oil of the Holy Spirit, the power of the Holy Spirit. That’s why He said, “Gather in the tent of meeting.” It didn’t end with that. God called those who had a leprous disease. In worldly terms, it’s incurable. There’s a scene where you see someone with this disease being healed. We are beings who cannot be restored at all, but God restored us by His power. The place that finds this is the church. This is worship.
It didn’t end with that. We’re lost in many spiritual problems, disasters, and darkness, but God is telling us that He will heal us and rescue us from that.
>> Out of all the theologians who lived until now in the world, the most renown was John Calvin. You’ve heard of him, right? He summarized the Bible into 5 phrases. What was the first? “All mankind, separated from God, are destined to perish.” This is what Calvin saw. This is the second thing he said. “We cannot be saved by any condition.” We can’t receive it (salvation). “That’s why God promised the Christ.” This is a simple answer. “No one can resist the grace of this covenant.” That was the fourth thing he saw. “Then no one is able to prevail against the child of God who has this answer. No one can destroy you.” This was the fifth phrase. He really extracted only the truth of God’s Word.
>> Today, you need to find and take these 3 things with you today.
I was able to meet many renown people. As I meet them, there are many who make me think, “They’re really something else. How could they do so well in their studies like that?”. But I also feel many times that they are suffering because of that. And I try to share and explain God’s Word in any way that I can. There are some people who are always getting frustrated, saying, “Why isn’t this working for me?” and I see that they’re suffering because of that. You need to find the core/essence of all that in today’s scripture reading. “Can I truly receive answers?” You need to confirm that. “If I’m a child of God, can I really receive answers?” When I didn’t know this, going to heaven after death was something that I needed to think about later down the line. My immediate surrounding and field was hellish. I’ve seen many times, people doing all sorts of crazy things because of poverty, because of money, whether they were a believer or not. Why were they like that? Because they don’t have it (money). Because they don’t have it. “Should people really live like that?” I saw many things like that. As I saw the believers, I thought, “How can they evangelize when they’re so powerless?”.

>> Main- Take a look at where the Word of Leviticus is flowing. What do you see from chapters 11-17? He’s telling them not to bring anything unclean to them. That’s what you see here.

1.Discard the Unclean Things that Deceive You→ Come Out!
>> That’s the first covenant that you must hold on to today. You must escape from the things that can never be of help to you. Isn’t that so? But we’re clinging on to things that cannot give us life. Most people are holding on to that. They themselves deny it. You must quickly catch on to this. Some people have spousal disputes and the husband would curse his wife and the wife would curse her husband. That’s never going to end. They need to come out from their thoughts, but they’re staying there like that. These couples are frustrated to the point where they come on TV and the way I see it, they’re going to be fighting on their way back home too.
Ecclesiastes 7:21. “Do not take to heart all the things that people say.” What does this mean? Does that mean you should just disregard and ignore people? That’s not what this means. “Do not take to heart all the things that people say. Place God’s Word in your heart.” Tremendous answers begin here.
Psalm 119:11. “I have stored up your word in my heart.” In the journey in the wilderness, there so many unclean and defiled things. You must come out from that. There was a lot of unclean food in the wilderness. God was saying, “Come out of that”. There are so many things like that in our lives. You must come out from them.
>> This may sound difficult, but it was when I went into Yeongdo. Yeongdo, this district was the poorest in the city of Busan. The starting point is very important. When I first came, there were metal fences below. And these senior deaconesses would hang fish and things to dry on that fence. So most of the people were poor. Most of them did idol worship. And most of them were sick. How can you do world evangelization in a place like that? This is the covenant that I held on to then. “I have no skills and I possess nothing, but I will do world evangelization by God’s method. Our church will only share the Gospel and evangelize and only do things according to God’s Word. There are many people who have much power and I don’t have any of that, but I don’t need any of that.” You need to have a correct start. Cut off all your complaints and grumblings. What you need is God’s grace. Isn’t that so? If you continue to look at the people around you and begin to talk, there will be no end to the resentment and fights.
>> When God’s time schedule comes, He gives His Word. “Cut off all things that are unclean.” And everything comes out in order in the tabernacle. “Don’t eat things that are unclean.” This answer is simple. “Set free from things that don’t help you, things that are not of God, and other things.” What does that mean? “I am a child of God.” Isn’t that so? We are saved children of God, who left Egypt. We must go to the land of Canaan.” Isn’t that right? “We must do world evangelization.” If you hold on to this covenant, you won’t be deceived by those trivial things. In actuality, it’s not that difficult. I prayed to God. “God, I am your child. Why should I be in this state where I can’t share the Gospel because of materialistic things? I am God’s child. Why do I have to be in a place where I can’t share the Gospel and glorify you? Give me your strength and power so that I can save my family line and the entire world.” Hold on to this today. By “unclean”, He’s talking about the incorrect things, the darkness. Discard it all.

2.First Be Liberated from All Spiritual Illnesses!
>> Second. This is what was said in addition to “discard the unclean things”. You see someone who had a leprous disease in today’s scripture. If you read the passage carefully, it’s not just about healing leprosy. Today, you must first be set free from spiritual diseases. It’s not that you’re trying to heal the illness that you have. But you must first be liberated from the spiritual disease/illness.
>> What was the first thing earlier? Be liberated from the things that deceive you. The unclean things. There are many precious people who are gathered here today. There are many people who are listening without being able to gather because of the coronavirus. You are precious people who need to receive answers. Isn’t that so? So come out and be set free from the things that deceive you in the wilderness. The sick people are gathered as well. “First fix the spiritual disease.” If you look in verses 9-11 in today’s scripture, it says, “white swelling in the skin and white hair”. That means they’re showing some kind of raw flesh. It’s been longstanding. If you look in verses 12-13, it says that the disease broke out through the skin. This is about those with a leprous disease. But rather, it says that they must be pronounced clean. It means that if things are exposed to the surface, you’re healed inwardly. If you look in verses 14-17, it says that the raw flesh recovers and turns white again. That means they’ve already been healed. Though this is about those with a leprous disease, it’s not really about them. God is saying that He will heal that spiritual disease that we can never escape from, that we can never solve. You must hold on to this covenant. Think about this. It’s not hard. People hold on to such incorrect and difficult things. All our families and remnants throughout the world, get out of the things that deceive you. Hold precisely on to God’s Word. Your physical disease/illness is no what’s important right now. Go before the priest and be healed of your spiritual disease first. Then the other illness will be healed in pursuit.

3.God Has Called Me As a Priest→ Change Your Fate/Destiny!
>> Third. If you read in the scripture today, it says, “To the priest”. It comes out 7 times. There are many important phrases that are repeatedly mentioned throughout the scripture, but you see “to the priest”, 7 times. In conclusion, the priest is the one who blocks all disasters. What is the answer that God wants to give to you, His children? God wants us to be raised as the priests who block disasters. 1 Peter 2:9, you are royal priesthood. The reason why God set apart the tribe of priests is so that we can realize this blessing. What does this mean? Today, you need to be set free from your fate and destiny. Then absolutely, answers are bound to come. “No matter how poor of a situation I may be in, I am a child of God. There’s no need for me to be bound by this poverty.” From that point on, answers begin to come. “No matter how weak I am, there’s no reason for me to remain in that spiritual disease. God has set me free and finished everything on the cross.” There’s no need for you to be stuck in the past. Your fate has already changed. If you begin to pray holding on to this covenant, God’s works will begin.
>> Conversely, all those who became discouraged and left church are lost in this. It’s interesting, right? They move around different churches without receiving answers and later on, they end up not being able to receive answers. Do you know where they’re stuck? They’re lost in the words of people, not God’s Word. There are some new believers who say, “I fell into trial because of this deacon so I’m not going to church”. That’s because they listened to the words of others. So almost all of them are stuck in spiritual diseases. God healed those with the leprous disease through the priest. God will heal/treat the spiritual and physical illness that you may have. What’s more important? God has called you as a priest, so change your fate/destiny.
>> I really held on to this covenant. This answer came. I used to be hopeless but God has given me grace until now. I was actually worthless, but God made me His child and allowed me to do the evangelism movement. I’m so sure of my future path. So you need to change your words first. Because you are children of God. Your fates have been changed and you are the ones who will change the fates of others. This is what is repeatedly mentioned in the wilderness. Look at what needs to be done in the wilderness. There are so many important answers. Throughout the process of getting rid of the unclean things, God called the ones with a leprous disease and we see that in today’s scripture. The answers will begin immediately. Don’t be tied up by the words of others and hold on to God’s Word. Of course, your physical illnesses are important and serious, but you need to be set free from that disease that the leper had. Just as God gave the covenant to the priest, God will give that covenant to you. So it’s a very important thing. So the words that you speak may seem like nothing much, but it’s very important. It looks like you’re just praying, but they’ll be greatly answered.

♠Conclusion→ Today is the Day of Healing!
>> Then what is the pain that you’re going through? I’m sure you have something like that. When it says that it was brought to the priest, it means, “Bring it to God”. Do you know what I received answers through, more than fasting prayer? I just put it down before God during worship. Really. Without an exception, they were all answered. Of course, I’m not saying it’s bad to do fasting prayer or pray by setting a certain date. It’ll be greatly spiritually beneficial. But I put this down before God during worship. No matter how much you talk about your hardships to other people, it won’t be resolved. In front of God. Even if you have a serious illness, your life is in God’s hands. Let that go before God. So really received much grace through the prayer that I gave during worship while holding on to the covenant. So I have so much pity on those who aren’t able to give worship well. I say this to the kids who go overseas. “Just hold on to that one line of the message that flows throughout the world.” Then that kid will return absolutely triumphant. Our precious remnants go out overseas and they lose hold of the covenant. What would happen later on if they don’t know what to do later on? “So don’t lose hold of the stream of the Word.” I’m sure you have a real hardship. You do need to use methods, but lay it down before God. During worship. That’s worship.
>> It seems like nothing, but Daniel 10:10-20, the moment you hold on to the covenant, God begins His work. It’s just that we don’t know the spiritual realm. But what does it say in the Bible about what happens when we get down to pray? It says in the Bible, “Daniel, from the first day you got on your knees, I was sent.” This is what the archangel said. “From the first day you set your heart to understand and humbled yourself before your God, I was sent.”
Apostle John thought that he was about to die, but what did God show him in Revelation 8:3-5? Without exception, your prayers get taken (in censers). Beyond our imagination, there are 2 kinds of people. “I can do it. I can’t do it”. They’re both wrong. And some people are too full of themselves. Some people are too discouraged about themselves. They’re all the same. You are children of God. No matter you bring to Him, God can hear your prayers. Completely unseen to our eyes, the Triune God is the God who works perfectly. He shouldn’t be seen. If God is visible, all these swindlers will come. Because all these thieves will come. And fundamentally, we are spiritually beings. Not of the flesh. That’s why it’s beyond our control, everything changes spiritually, and our fates get overturned. It’s recorded that God will open the gates of heaven and send His angels to fulfill His answers in the places where His children, you, go. If you really hold on to the covenant today, the force of darkness is bound to crumble in the places you need to go.
>> “When do answers come?” You just need to wait. Because it will come accurately. Everyone in the nation and the world, we are people who cannot be fixed, like the leper in today’s scripture. It’s that parable. We are no different from these people who have these difficult and extreme illnesses, but God heals us. As you praise, you’ll be giving your offering as well, right? Pray in that time. Usually, when you receive the message, you confirm God’s Word and praise. Don’t listen to the sermon of Rev. Ryu, who has no power. Praise God as you listen to His Word. And you give offering as well. I’m sure there are small things that come to mind. These things get connected together and bring about world evangelization.
>> I bless you in the name of the Lord Jesus that today may be that day. I bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus that today becomes that day of healing for you. Let us pray.

God, we give You thanks. May today be the day of healing. Allow all of our spiritual diseases to be healed. May all the diseases that we are unaware of be healed. May all the force of darkness around us be healed. May all unbelief be healed. Allow Your true Gospel and true power to come upon us.
In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)