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03.01.2021 – People of the Covenant

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Message: Nationwide Elder Association Retreat, Lecture 3 (Core Training Message)- 08/08/2020

Title: Answer of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (31) – People of the Covenant

Scripture: Acts 2:9-11


>> Right now, we’re in the middle of our Elders’ Retreat. You are the people of the covenant. That’s why it’s rightful for you to follow the covenant. You’ve got many things left ahead of you. We’ve got our Missions Convention, Business Conference, Remnant Conference, and many others left.

1)Summary of Nationwide Elder Association Retreat Lecture 1

(1)Lecture 1 Introduction→ This is the grace that everyone needs to receive, even if they’re not elders. But we’ve been organizing the grace you need to receive as elders.

①Prayer System- First of all, you need to enjoy the blessing of actual prayer taking place. By my experience, you only need to do it a little bit. In the past, when I was young, I never really thought that I needed to pray in the past. Even though I went to church ever since I was young, answers didn’t come because I never thought that. I didn’t really know what prayer was. But as elders, if you still don’t know what this blessing is, things will be difficult.

②CVDIP- But this needs to take place for you to know what your CVDIP is. So in one sense, more than asking how you should do this, you need to be aware that you need to do this as a person of God, church officer, and elder. Then that answer will come to you. If not, even though you are a saved person of the covenant, you need to live by unbelievers’ methods.

③5 Powers- So from here comes the 5 powers. That was our first lecture. You must hold to the covenant.

(2)Lecture 1 Main→ Then what is your start? You need to start with the things of God.

①7 Ages (Only)- At this time, the church officers, the elders, were able to see the 7 ages. This is the story of the Bible. At this time, the church officers were always used by God.

②7 Disasters (Uniqueness)- That’s why the remnants, who blocked disasters, arose through these people. These are not my explanations, but I’m telling you what’s in the Bible. What are the standards of these 7 disasters? It was when the Israelites became captives, were taken away, colonized, and when wars arose. They didn’t even do much. They just slightly looked at the age, and the works arose. Remnants to block the disaster arose.

③Life Staking Value (Re-Creation)- Your small devotion may seem small, but these are the results. What happens? You uncover what is really worth staking your life on. This is the start, your method, and your devotion. The answer that comes from here is only, uniqueness, and re-creation. It’s rightful, isn’t it? Because God must relay this through you.

(3)Lecture 1 Conclusion → That is why you must do the important vessel preparation.

①0.1%- The 0.1% were the ones who did world evangelization. Look closely in the Bible. They didn’t even make the 0.1%. Perhaps they were actually closer to 0.01%. One person with the covenant, Moses, arose and tremendous works took place. Here, people like Jochebed and Elder Jethro didn’t do great things, but they did what was important. This is the kind of vessel preparation you need.

②Pastor- The pastor must really be inside of your hearts and prayers and you also, must be within the pastor’s prayers. You’re not forcing this to happen. But the fact that you’re not there? That means you need to think about many things. What would happen if a teacher thinks, “Oh, is that student in my class?”? Can that child succeed? “Was that kid in my class?” That child won’t succeed. Not that that child should be thinking about how to get on the teacher’s good side, but they really need to think about many things. Really think about many things fundamentally in your life. It might be possible that you aren’t in your pastor’s prayers if there are a lot of church members. But to say that you are inside your pastor’s prayers is a different story altogether.

③Remnant- And why is it that your eyes must look out to raise the many remnants? Because the works take place through the remnants.

>> What I wrote here are the things that the church officers and elders of the Bible saw. If that is so, then we too must rightfully hold on to this. There is no reason at all for you to learn from me. I don’t have the skills/abilities or the vessel to teach you anything. Isn’t that so? I have the character to dare to teach you. But there is something that I do want to say to you. We need to hold to the words in the Bible. The first promise is what we talked about in the introduction. He said, “I will be with you and I will give you power”. And he revealed the future together with the covenant. If this takes place, even if you just slightly do this, you can see the rest. This was the first lecture.

2) Summary of Nationwide Elder Association Retreat Lecture 2

>> Then what was the second thing that our church officers, elders, must hold on to? You must organize this before you leave here today.

(1)Lecture 2 Introduction (“Me” Within the Absolute Plan)→ If you look in the Bible, there are a few blessings that are within this important, absolute plan. Isn’t that so? There are these mysteries inside the absolute plan that started with Abraham and went all the way to the early church. You must remain inside of that. Because you have received salvation.

(2)Lecture 2 Main→ From this point, you see the absolute covenant of an elder. What was that?

①Church- It’s saving the church. The absolute covenant of an elder is to save the church, not saving anything else. No matter how many great things you do outside the church, if the church isn’t revived, all that was in vain.

②Occupation- And what is the absolute journey of the elder according to this covenant? It’s saving/reviving your occupation. Why is that? Because only then can you become the patron, fellow worker, and host.

③Evangelization- And what? What is your absolute goal? Your occupation being used for evangelization. This was today’s second lecture.

(3)Lecture 2 Conclusion (God’s Gaze)→ Once this takes place like this, where is God’s important gaze/sight? That’s what we talked about.

①237 Nations- That’s why you should rightfully enjoy this blessing. Going beyond the 237 nations, we’re talking about the empty places in the 237 nations. You need to know the reason why this is what we’re focusing on this next year. You need to also know why God is using RU. Because there are these empty places in the 237 nations.

②Dependent- And who can do that? The reason why we opened up the Church Officer Graduate School as well as the Age of the Church Officers is because we really need to help the pastors of dependent churches so that they can evangelize. It’s simple. If you just gather your strength together, it really strengthens them. That’s why we have gatherings of the Church Officer Graduate School in every area.

③TCK- And where does God’s sight lie? On the TCKs like Moses and Joseph. They were all TCKs. They were third culture kids who couldn’t be this way or that way. They don’t belong to this nation or that nation. They were the ones who are used. Like Esther (interpreter). She’s a TCK. That’s why she’s being used. She looks like a Korean but inside, she’s American. So when these kinds of TCKs grow up with the Gospel, it’s very advantageous to them. But there are many people like this here in Korea. The elders who have seen this.

>> IntroductionSuffering

Then today’s third lecture. In your life path, there will be suffering/hardships. You need to resolve to face this. More than saying that you need to resolve, you need to see the answers well.

1)Criticism→ God’s Voice

>> You’re trying to do the Lord’s work but there will be times when you’re criticized. You’re trying to do the Lord’s work but people criticize you. The most important thing at that time is to hear it as God’s voice. If you look at the majority of workers, they crumble because of what other people say and because of criticism. As elders do their work, they might get criticized by others. But you must not crumble because of that. And other times you fall apart are when people say something about you that isn’t true. You might think, “How can there be someone like that?”. You need to be cautious of that. You might think, “That terrible person. I didn’t do anything wrong. Why are they like that?”. When those things build up together, you reach the same state as an unbeliever. You must remember, elders.

>> When David was fleeing, Shimei cursed him. Do you know what David said at that time? “God is permitting him to say that.” That’s why David was a great king. “God is allowing him to do that.” Look at what Joseph said after being sold as a slave and passing through all those hardships. “Brothers, you were not the ones who sold me, but God sent me ahead of us.” If you are to that extent, you can become an outstanding elder. There are different problems that arise in the church. People say correct and incorrect things. You’re trying to properly do your work but wrong people might come and torment you. That might happen. This doesn’t just happen every once in a while, but it happens a lot. Listen to God’s voice. Before nitpicking over who is right and who is wrong, listen to God’s voice. In my case, I received much criticism while doing the evangelism movement. Not from you, from the outside. But honestly, it helped me personally. Isn’t that so? Of course, I didn’t feel good about it. But realistically, it was of help to me. Elders, you must remember.

2)Problem, Crisis (Acts 11:19)→ Devotion

>> And as you go along, there can be times when you reach a problem or a crisis. That’s when you need to serve. Do you understand? Elders, when there are problems or crises that come to the church, that’s when you need to serve. The reason is because all 7 remnants were like that, those who raised the remnants were like that, they were like that even in Babylon, and everywhere. Every time this approached them, they served. Let me give one example. Acts 11:19. “In connection with the persecution of Stephen.” Let me put it simply. A tribulation arose where they were capturing all Christians and killing them. They were in a situation where they all should have run away, but that’s when the church officers gathered and raised up the church. This is the church in Antioch. Worldly speaking, if it wasn’t for the Antioch Church, we wouldn’t be sitting here today. You must remember.

3)Illness/Disease→ Experience Power

>> As you live your life, disease/illness may also come. At this time, you don’t need many things. Getting well or not getting well isn’t even important. At least once, you need to experience the grace and answer that God gives. It’s the opportunity for you to experience God’s power. If God wanted to take your life, He would just do it. Why would He make you suffer? So it’s time to experience God’s power. Do you understand? Elders, this retreat, you need to organize the guidance of the Holy Spirit and really hold to the covenant, that, “I must serve the church”.


>> Main– There are many answers within these 3 things. If that is so, let’s look at this suffering.


1.Answer Within the Covenant (Different World)

>> Amidst these many things, amidst the persecution, there is this answer within the covenant. It’s absolutely inside the covenant. This means that there is a different world inside the Gospel. Not what we know or the strength that we have. We’re talking about another world inside the Gospel. But if you look in the church, the majority of believers have division when a problem comes. What happens if they take that to the very end? Would that all be a benefit? All of that would be a loss. Even now, still, these people think that they need to fight and win. How foolish. So whenever a problem comes, they try to side with different parties (people). This is what you need to block. You need to save them. In the midst of many hardships, we need to find the answer within the covenant.

1)Acts 1:1, 3, 8

>> Take a look at that. It looks like nothing, but it’s something that Christ directly gave.

2)Acts 1:14

>> Holding on this covenant, they made a choice. This is Acts 1:14.

3)Acts 2:9-11

>> Then see what happened. This answer was given to the church officers and the businesspeople, elders. As we come to a close, you need to leave with this. Even if they see much suffering and hardships, elders need to hold on to the different world, that answer, inside the covenant.


2.Healing Within the Covenant (Different Healing)

>> What’s more important? You must hold on to this yourself as well as help others. It’s the healing inside the covenant. This doesn’t mean that we don’t need doctors. This doesn’t mean, “Don’t even take medication”. You need to do what the doctor tells you to do. However, even the life of that doctor is in God’s hands. Even you have a disease, your life and time is all in God’s hands. So not only is there a different world, there is a different healing.


>> This is what the Bible explains. This is the content that church officer Theophilus and Luke saw. This scene of the crippled man rising was recorded by a doctor.

>> I told you this before. Because I do calligraphy, wherever I go, I look closely at writings. Without even realizing. When I go to a restaurant and I see some writing there, I take a picture. And there are times when I tell the secretaries to take a picture and ask them to send it to me. The reason is because I’m very interested in writings. So even though others may not see it, I see, “That person wrote in that way”. The person who recorded the book of Acts is a doctor/physician. That person was the one who recorded it like this. This is the world that we need to see. This is the healing we’re talking about. I’m not saying that we don’t need doctors, medication, or hospitals.

2)Acts 8:4-8

>> Even now the world is packed with people who are demon-possessed because of idol worship. Because there’s going to be more and more, elders need to remember this.

3)Acts 13:1-12

>> Take a look now. The world is packed with people like this. There are too many people who live their lives relying on shamans.

4)Acts 16:6-10, Acts 16:11-15, Acts 16:16-18, Acts 16:19-40

>> So look at the Bible. There are too many people like this. They’re demon-possessed so they go around saying strange things and they become fortune tellers. There are too many people like this.

5)Acts 19:1-7, Acts 19:8-20, Acts 19:21

>> There are too many people who have spiritual diseases because they were lost in idol worship.

>> This isn’t something that doctors can take responsibility for. But there are realistically too many people like this. So elders, you must remember. These are the kinds of people who come to church. And they should. So among the many answers that are prepared for the elders, these being the actual thoughts of the elders is very important. When a person with spiritual problems comes to the church, elders don’t really like that. Then what should be done? There are even some people who say, “They’re always receiving training. So why are they like that?”. An elder was saying that. So I said, “Elder, they’re only to that extent because they’re always receiving training”. If that person did not receive training, they’d be even more strange. Isn’t that so? Those kinds of people are come to church.


3.Power Within the Covenant (Different Strength/Power)

>> It’s the power that you must receive from within the covenant. This is not the power/strength that we talk about. It’s a different power/strength. Isn’t that so? Jesus himself said that he will send a different, or another, counselor. That’s different from what the world tells us. And he will be with you. Today, you need to return, holding to this covenant. It’s simple. It’s not about what you must do.

1)Acts 1:14

>> Holding on to the covenant that God has given, with no other condition, head out with the covenant. Many people are looking for conditions. There is no condition.

2)Acts 6:7

>> Because these kind of church officers gathered together, the Word Movement began to arise. Elders, you don’t have to do great things.

3)Acts 11:19

>> Whenever a crisis comes, don’t speak words. Just serve. Works will arise.

4)Acts 12:1-25

>> When hardships have really come, pray. God will send His heralds and break down the enemies.

5)Acts 13:1

>> It won’t just end with the Antioch Church. Now you’ll be sent out as missionaries. It’s up to this that our elders need to remember.


Conclusion- Daniel 10:10-20, Revelation 8:3-5

>> Let’s come to the close of our words. There are a few Bible verses/references that you need to keep in mind. Looking at this (Daniel 10:10-20), I thought, “Ah, that’s right”. And while reading Revelation 8:3-5, I thought, “That’s right”. What is this? Right now, at this time, the moment that you pray, the works arise. Right now. If you don’t know this, there’s no reason for you to go give worship tomorrow. “What’s happening right now?” If you don’t know that, there’s no reason for you to pray. You’re going to go to church tomorrow. If you look in Daniel 10, it says that God sent His angel the moment he knelt to pray. In the midst of great persecution, all your prayers are lifted to God, without exception. May you pray right now. This becomes the start. Then one day, the day of completion is in God’s hands.

1)Mt. Calvary- John 19:30

>> Let’s come to the conclusion. Already, the covenant of Calvary has begun in you. What does that mean? “It is finished.” That’s it. It has already begun.

2)Mt. of Olives- Acts 1:3

>> That’s why the covenant of the Mt. of Olives began. What is that? The things pertaining to the kingdom of God. It has already begun, right now. It’s a grave misconception that you have. But already, this began when you gave worship, when you prayed. When will it come? That’s not for us to know. Because he told us to wait.

3)Mark’s Upper Room- Acts 2:14-21

>> Already, the answer of Mark’s upper room began. When? It already began in Acts 2:14-21 when God’s Word came upon them. “The day of Pentecost had come.”

>> Elders, hold to this and return to your churches. Go back and continue to enjoy this. Right now, the answer is being fulfilled. Right now. Because it’s invisible, many people don’t find it believable, but it’s taking place right now. Tomorrow, you’re going to go to church. When you worship, that’s when it takes place. There are so many answers that I received that way to the point where it’s astonishing. I’m not forcing them together. As a conclusion, don’t listen to my sermon. I can’t give good sermons and I can’t say the words that accommodate and fit you. Tomorrow, when you go to church to listen to the pastor’s sermon, don’t listen to it as the pastor’s sermon. What do you need to hear? God’s Word. God’s Word. Then absolutely, at that time, works will arise. Let us pray.



Father God, we thank You for blessing our Elders’ Association Retreat. May Your glory be rightfully revealed through these people. We pray that the servants of the Lord may be strengthened through these people. We pray that the remnants arise because of these people. God, may You receive all the glory. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)