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02.27.2021 – Businessperson With the Gospel

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Message: Nationwide Elder Association Retreat, Lecture 2 (Business and Industry Missions Message)- 08/08/2020
Title: OMC & The Actualization of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (31) – Businessperson With the Gospel
Scripture: Acts 1:14

>> What we must do is important, but the grace of God and the plan that He gives to us is more important. So I think it’s good for you to organize and arrange the message for this year’s retreat.
For yesterday’s message, we confirmed what it is that God wants to do.
So in our introduction, we talked about how you yourselves need to be strengthened first. When you meet with a remnant, you need to have an answer of, “This is how I pray”. And when they hear that, they have to think, “This is so biblical and so right”. So what you’re going to do is important, but you must seek this out. If you haven’t found this yet at this age, you’re losing hold of something very important. You have to have this. “This is how I pray”. That way, when a new believer comes, that’s what you’re able to say. What will you say when your children ask you how you pray? You need to be able to give that answer, “This is how I pray”. And once my grandson understands, I’m going to tell him. “This is how I pray. Why don’t you try it too?”
That way, you’ll be able to see your CVDIP. Simply, your life. From that point on, even if you don’t say much, you gain the 5 powers. You have to have that power to be an elder. If you don’t have that power, even if you want to do something, you won’t be able to do it. If you gain this strength/power, you can start what God has prepared. That was what we said yesterday about looking at the situation of the age. From this point on, the answer of “only” comes. That’s rightful, isn’t it? Then absolutely, there’s something that God has prepared for you. Where does that lie? For many people, in the midst of disaster. During the 7 ages, 7 disasters arose. All the powerful nations fell. Isn’t that so? If that is so, then what is your mission? That’s what’s revealed. The answer that comes from here is the answer of “uniqueness”.
Then if that is so, what must we serve? There are things for us, that’s worth staking our lives on. And as an elder, you’re living your walk of faith and serving your church. Then how must you serve/devote? You need to really discover what’s worth staking your life for. To what extent? To the extent where you can stake your life. The more it’s like that, the better. The answer that comes at that time is the answer of “re-creation”. That was yesterday’s message. Then because it’s a sure thing that that answer will come to you, you must prepare your vessel. God, who used the 0.1%, can save the church through you, one person. Prepare that vessel. When you go to church, there are lots of needless words flying around. Starting now, hold to the covenant that saves your pastor. That’s the vessel preparation that we talked about yesterday. Don’t waste your time on useless things and raise the remnants.
That was yesterday’s first lecture.
>> Then what is today’s second lecture? God has called you as the businesspeople who have the Gospel. So there’s something you must remember. Why are the world’s churches closing their doors right now? You need to know this before you leave here. If you know this, then revival takes place automatically. Simply put, God used and gave answers to the elders who knew why the world’s churches were facing hardships. Why are the churches closing? Simply put, many people are doing something else. You need to distinguish this before you leave here. “There are so many renown people out there. Why aren’t they doing well?” Because they’re doing something else. No matter how renown you are, if you’re doing something else, it’s not going to work. This is what our elders must remember. “America is a much more outstanding nation than ours. But why are the churches closing their doors?” Even here in Korea, there are many church members who are more renown than you are. But why are the Korean churches closing their doors? It’s because they’re doing something else. You need to know this before you leave here.

>> Introduction- Absolute Plan
You need to know that in order to see God’s absolute plan. This is a very fundamental thing. So you need to confirm this once again.
1)Genesis 3:15, Genesis 12:1-3→ Blessing of the Originator
>> If you look in Genesis 3:15, it says that the offspring of woman will crush the head of the serpent. But because people lose hold of this, everything else doesn’t work. That’s why God called out Abraham. What do we call this? This is the blessing of the originator. It’s for this that God has called you. You need to know that. There are people who have been going to church for a long time, but they have nothing to do with the Gospel. That’s why God called out Abraham. He needed to enjoy this blessing (Gen 3:15), but he wasn’t. That’s why God called Abraham. The blessing of the originator. This is the blessing you will receive. You have to know why this continues to disappear. When you go to church, the majority of people are suffering because of things that aren’t the Gospel. But your one word of warm advice can change them. So if the elders say confusing things, multiple people will be confused. It’s to this point that elders are important.
2)Exodus 3:15-18→ Blessing of Restoration
>> So when they were doing the Exodus, God told him to go and tell the elders. That means they lost hold of this. So once again, God calls Moses and tells him. “Go and tell the people. Go and tell the elders. Go and tell Pharaoh.” Tell them what? That they’ll be giving a blood sacrifice. These are not your average words. It’s the same thing. You must remember. If you don’t understand these words, no matter how much your church has revival and growth, it’ll all come apart later on. But if you know this, no matter what kind of disaster comes crashing and attacks you, you’ll be alright. Why? Satan does not fear your skills. Satan does not fear your many achievements. You must remember that. The disaster and darkness that will come upon people do not fear your skills. You must keep this in mind. They do not fear the organizational power or strength of your church. You must remember that. But because people don’t know that, they fall into trials and the church completely crumbles. Satan only fears Christ. That’s why they were told to go and give the blood sacrifice. This is the blessing of restoration. Isn’t that so?
>> Elders always need to remain inside of this. Then answers are bound to come. It’s okay even answers don’t come, but they will. In a sense, we don’t even need to ask God for them. They’re bound to come. Jesus told us not to ask for anything. “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness.” Isn’t that so? So elders, you need to change your level and this should be the level of your prayers. As an elder, if you just move around different churches, fall over at the slightest word, and get upset, how can you conquer the world? There’s no need to even say, “Our church is like this. That elder is like that”. If you receive grace, that’s it. Isn’t that so? There was no need for Joseph to nitpick, “My brothers like this and Potiphar’s like that”. If Joseph received answers, that was it. You must remember. You need to know the absolute plan and answers you will receive.
3)1 Samuel 1:9-11→ Fulfillment and Blessing
>> Because they continued to do something else, again they crumbled. What is this? The prayer of one woman. God brought restoration upon everything. What happened at this time? There were 2 individuals who arose at this time and they were Samuel and David. Through them, they enjoyed the blessing of the fulfillment of the Word, that didn’t happen before. They were able to prevail against Philistia that was always tormenting them. While Samuel lived, wars ceased. Going beyond that, David completely conquered the Philistines. You must know the stream. I’m talking about the place where you need to be. You can just pass over everything else, but you can’t do that for this. You can yield everything. But not this. If you look at the majority of believers, they lose hold of the important things and just hold on to the wrong things. It’s okay even if you go and devote yourself to everyone else. You just need to possess this.
4)1 Kings 18:1-15→ Blessing of Conquest
>> Because they weren’t able to have this, problems came again. Look at what happened then. There was a church officer named Obadiah. Because of him, Elijah and Elisha were strengthened. Because of him, 100 prophets as well as 7,000 disciples arose. Because of this person, the Dothan Movement took place. Finally, what was this? The blessing of conquest. You must never lose hold of this. But again, they crumbled under Babylon and Rome.
What does that signify? No matter how renown it may be, it’s not going to work for this. How incredible is Europe and America? It’s to the point where we can’t even hold a candle to them. But if they don’t possess this, disasters will befall them and churches will close their doors. There are so many mental patients in countries that call themselves, “developed nations”. There are many of them in the churches as well because they have nowhere else to go. When you listen to the words of church members, you need to be selective of what you hear because there are so many mental patients in the churches. We must not ostracize them, but we must keep this in mind and help them.
5)Acts1 :1-8→ Blessing of Completion
>> Because they continued that way, Jesus called them to the Mt. of Olives. He gave all the important explanations here. The final pulpit of Jesus Christ. He completely gave them the blessing of completion.

>> Main– If that is so, what is the absolute covenant that the elders have here in Acts 1:14? You need to leave here with that.

1.Absolute Covenant (Mission)- Spiritual Summit
→ Church (All in, All out, All change)
>> The absolute covenant that the elders must possess is very simple. People continue to do other things, but it’s so simple. What is it? What was the first thing that happened after Jesus gave this final message and promise to the church officers? What is our elders’ absolute covenant? You need to surely leave here with this. If you are inside of this, you will triumph. Then what must you do? The absolute covenant that the elders must possess is to save the church. Isn’t that so? All the church officers and elders in the Bible were like that. Don’t lose hold of this. So starting now, what must you do? Go all in. Not going around saying, “I do a lot of the Lord’s work”, but really going all in.
>> I’ve seen many elders who really did a lot of the Lord’s work and succeeded. I told you this before, didn’t I? When I was an assistant pastor, I was really shocked looking at Elder Kim Gwang-il. That’s how important one elder is. He’s a very neat and tidy person. When we sit to talk, his secretary would bring in some note. But they don’t just toss that note to the elder and leave. I saw them do this every time. They would bring the note and leave it on this corner of the table. And even the next time, I would see the young secretary come in and place the note in the same place. They would place it there for the elder to see because of the way we were sitting. How neat and tidy is that? I happened to visit him home once and I saw his personal study. That was where he would write. But the place looked so trashed. I was really shocked. It was completely a mess. It made me think about various things. But there, I saw his notebook. It was open and there was writing on it. It was his ledger and on one side, it said, “construction offering”. So I asked him. The reason why he had asked me to come was because he wanted to donate some books. He said that he thought about going to seminary at one point when he was facing hardships. He wanted to donate the books that he had purchased at that time and that’s why he had called me over. To pick up the books. That’s how I happened to see his notebook when I was picking up the books. He had a list of all the churches he was supporting. But there was also a part that said “construction offering”. I asked him about it and he said it was offering for construction. So I said, “But our church isn’t doing construction right now”. And he said, “Well someday, we will.” At that time, multiple thoughts went around my mind. The Busan Joongang Church was fine, but he was planning his church construction offering. And just as expected, about 15 years after that, the church went through construction. I realized that these people are different. The way to really receive answers is to go all in for the church. Then this answer will come to your businesses. All out. Then this will become evidence in your field. All change. This is the absolute covenant of the elders. Do you understand?
1)Mt. Calvary (John 19:30)
>> Then what else? The basis for that is the covenant of Calvary. He said that it is finished.
2)Mt. of Olives (Acts 1:1-8)
>> Now, you just need to enjoy it. The covenant of the Mt. of Olives.
3)Mark’s Upper Room (Acts 1:14, Acts 2:1-47)
>> Now what you have left ahead of you is experience. Mark’s upper room. I’ll keep this brief because we don’t have much time today. But firmly hold on to this.

2.Absolute Journey- Internship (Skill Summit)→ Occupation/Business
>> If that is so, then what is the absolute journey that our elders must take? It’s this. When we talk about “journey”, many people think about evangelism first. That’s not it. Holding on to this covenant, God is bound to work upon your occupation and business. What does this mean? The blessing of your occupation being used for evangelism. Then that’s great success. If your business saves the church and is used for evangelism and mission, that’s great success. This is the journey.
1)Romans 16:1-2
>> That’s why you are the patron of the evangelist.
2)Romans 16:3-4
>> You may be familiar with this, but perhaps not. You are co-workers (fellow workers).
3)Romans 16:23
>> And hosts. After this conference, truly restore the power of prayer. If not, you’ll be too tired to work. Isn’t that so? You need to be overflowing with spiritual power, but if you’re too tired, you won’t be able to do it.

3.Absolute Goal- Forum (Cultural Summit)→ Evangelism, Missions
>> Leaving out everything else, what is the absolute goal of the elders? This is how you must hold on to the covenant. What is your absolute goal? Like I said before, from this point on, your occupation and business begin to be used for this. The goal is for you to save the church, for your occupation to be used by God, and to save the field.
1)Romans 16:25
>> Some thing important comes out at this time. Unspeakable answers come at this time. What are they? God gives to you what He kept hidden for long ages.
2)Romans 16:26
>> God is giving you the covenant right now, presently, that has been hidden in many places.
3)Romans 16:27
>> God reveals to you the mystery through which you will give glory to God forever in the future.
>> That’s it. Hold to this and continue to pray. But you don’t pray. You must. Why don’t people pray? It’s because it’s hard even when they try. But if it’s joyous, it won’t be tiring. It’s hard for you continue to meet someone who is burdensome. It’s difficult to even talk to that person on the phone. You don’t even want to call someone who burdens you. But conversely, if there’s someone who gives you joy, you want to continue to talk to them. That’s how prayer should be. “It’s so strengthening and it’s so good.” This is what you must find.

♠Conclusion- God’s Gaze
>> This is the last thing you must remember. What must our elders remember as they partake in this retreat? Where is God’s gaze/sight? This is where we need to be. God’s sight. You must remember.
1)3 Empty Places
>> There are 3 empty places. This is the message that we will receive next year.
(1)237 Nations- The 237 nations. There are some people who say that there are more than 237 nations and I’m sure there are. Some people are saying, “There are over 240. Why is Pastor Ryu saying ‘237’?”. And they’re right. The reason why I say “237 nations” is because there are 237 nations that have international relationships as well as financial exchanges with other nations. There are some people who say that there are 3,000 and some who say there are 5,000, but they’re all right. It depends on how you see them. But there are more than 5,000 people groups. These are the kinds of empty places that exist. The 237 nations. I’m not talking about the places you go to on a plane, but the truly empty places.
(2)Church- Next, there are empty places in our fields and churches.
(3)Field- There are actual empty places in our fields. This is the message that we’ll get into in full-scale next year.
2)Pastors of Dependent Churches
>> And also, you must remember this. I’m sorry for using the word “dependent”, but the pastors of dependent churches. I said this earlier when the newly appointed elders came to see me. “Don’t try to do a lot. Because this is elders’ association, try to raise up other people. Support the Church Officer Graduate School. Support the Church Officer Graduate School so that we can really help the pastors of dependent churches. Push forth with the Business and Industry Missions. There are many different parts. Supporting them is the work of an adult.” Cause we need to save these people.
>> And what else? God’s eyes are on the remnants, but even among the remnants, there are abandoned TCKs, That’s where God is looking. God used the TCKs. Joseph. He was a TCK. He was a Hebrew, but he was living in Egypt. TCK simply means, the third culture kids. Moses. God used people like them. So your eyes must be there as well.
>> Let me bring my words to a close. Then depending on where you are, God will bring all the systems. Just wait and see. No matter what happens, it’s okay. Depending on where you are, you’ll see how God moves all the important things around you. This is the covenant that our elders must firmly hold on to this time. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the solution to all things, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon all the elders who will save the churches in this age, both now and always, forever. Amen.

(The end)