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02.25.2021 – Fish and Birds

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Message: Immanuel Church Sunday Worship, 2nd Service- 08/02/2020
Title: Fish and Birds
Scripture: Leviticus 11:9-19

>> Continuing from the message from this morning, we see the scriptures regarding the fish and birds.
Simply put, it’s about what they should and should not eat. What I shared in the first message is very important. Even though it’s in continuance, it’s what you must remember. There’s one thing that you must uncover while you prepare for church construction.
>> I mentioned this a few years ago, but there was a pastor who came to see me from Daegu. He said, “Pastor, I am an athlete. I can beat about 10 people. So I’d like to be your bodyguard.” So I said, “Alright”. But you know the pastors are a bit conservative in Daegu. So they said, “Why do you need to guard a pastor like that? Nothing is going to happen to him. God is going to protect him.” And within a month, I was sitting on a chair next to the pulpit and someone came up with a knife. So the pastors of Daegu were very shocked. They started to make preparations in the front lines after that. If you understand the spiritual realm, you’ll be able to understand this easily. Those who have spiritual problems are unable to control themselves. These people know whether it’s the Gospel or not. In their hearts, a part of them wants to hear the Gospel and another part despises the Gospel. That’s why they’re unable to listen to sermons about the law. They came to receive the sermon of the Gospel, but they’re unable to receive it. They even cause trouble/accidents. Sometimes, they’re hiding behind something and then grab me. So if there aren’t bodyguards around, I wouldn’t really be able to give worship. Those are some of the difficulties.
>> There was one time when someone followed me all the way to the Seoul station. They followed me all the way to even the airport. And they followed me saying, “Big brother!”. I thought, “I don’t have a younger brother like that”, but he came to me and said, “Pastor!”. He looked a bit like a thug. I was about to go into the airport and he said that he had something to tell me. So I asked what it was. He was talking about what kind of person he was and all these things but I had to get on the plane so I told them (people who were with him) to talk to him. I told my secretaries, Rev. Kim Yongki, to take care of it. But this person wasn’t very intimidated because Rev. Kim Yongki looks too nice. So sent another pastor who looks a bit scary and told him to stop the guy. So he took care of the situation and came back. After that, that man stopped appearing. Prior to that, he was always popping up. So I said to the pastor, “Because you look unpleasant, it definitely worked.” I said, “It’s not going to work with Yongki’s face”. And he said, “No, that’s not it. I just gave him money”. So I said, “I guess that could work with that face too”. Why am I talking about this? People live their lives like that to the point where I can’t understand. Perhaps you won’t understand, wondering, “Why does he need all those secretaries?”. But almost every day, people come to get money out of me. Every day. This person, that person. People of all forms. My secretaries face hardship because they’re trying to block those people. These days, 3 different people come to me every day. I guess those people think I have a lot of money. So I said, “I gave everything that I have as offering for church construction. I have no money.” But they still continue to follow me around.
>> Introduction- Economy of Light
As you do church construction and relocation, you must restore the economy of light. Why do they live like that? I’m sure it’s because they don’t have it (money). But is that really why? So our secretaries are always tense because of this. They always have to worry about who comes next to me. Some people do all kinds of things. Some people even threaten me. Starting now, as you live your walk of faith or do church construction and several other things, remember what I said to the remnants recently.
1)Absolute Covenant (Mission) +Absolute Journey (Pilgrim) +Absolute Goal (Witness)
(1)Absolute Covenant (Mission)- Don’t just live your walk of faith. Hold on to the absolute covenant in all things. How? It’s better to not ask somebody. Because they might teach you wrong. When you ask what the absolute covenant is, God will reveal it to you. That’s more important. Thankfully, this is what I held on to when I started seminary. “Ah, there are so many people who just consider this a job. I must only preach the Gospel and evangelize. So I need to raise up the evangelism movement and block the darkness.” That’s the covenant I held on to. So this answer came to me. I began to see the mission. Because I saw the mission, I was able to give it. Why am I talk about this? Our church must hold on to the absolute covenant. Who are you? You must hold on to your absolute covenant. It’s not about doing a lot. You must hold on to the absolute covenant.
(2)Absolute Journey (Pilgrim)- From this point on, the absolute journey comes. This is what we call, “witness”, “pilgrim”, or “internship” for the remnants. It’s not just some simple story for you. Because we’re going on this journey, as a result, we’re walking the path of a pilgrim. We’re going on the path of a witness.
(3)Absolute Goal (Witness)- Then you will absolutely see the absolute goal. Simply put, this is “witness”, isn’t it? It’s world evangelization. You’re taking this covenant and going forward.
2)Bread of Life +Bread of the Flesh
>> Why do many people do that? What is the second thing you must hold on to in the introduction? We need to see the bread of life and physical bread (bread of the flesh) together. Those who only look at the physical food, whether they have it or not, suffer. You must see the physical food after seeing the tremendous spiritual food. What happened in today’s scripture because people didn’t know this? It’s written all throughout. They ate anything. They even ate owls. You see all of it here. There are even some things that we don’t even recognize the name of. Things like the desert owl. I don’t even know what that is. All kinds of things are written here. They even eat bats. Because they don’t have this. God is saying to you. “Don’t ever eat just anything in order to survive. Don’t worry because of what to eat.” God gave surely gave that covenant today.
3)Bottom (Highest Level/Standard), Wilderness (Greatest Training), Suffering (God’s Power)
>> However, there are things to keep in mind.
(1)Bottom (Highest Level/Standard)- It’s possible that you’re at rock bottom right now. That was the case of the Israelites here. They were at rock bottom, but God pulled them up to the highest level. We shouldn’t remain at rock bottom for our entire lives, but God pulls us up to the highest level. But where do we start? At the bottom. When we starting this Immanuel Seoul Church, we didn’t have anywhere else to rent so we started in a basement.
(2)Wilderness (Greatest Training)- God was trying to give the greatest training to the Israelites in the wilderness. From the bottom, God was trying to pull them to the highest level and give them the greatest training in the wilderness. This is what you must keep in mind. So the things we see most here are what? What are most common examples of God raising them up to the top? He sent Joseph as a slave and made him the governor. Why? Because he was at the level of a slave. God sent him as a slave, but made him governor. So don’t full of hot air in the slightest. Go down to the bottom. Unbelievers are always full of hot air. That’s bound to not work out. Why? You need to go down to the bottom, like the level you’re at, hold on to God’s covenant and go up to the highest level. You must always keep this in mind. If possible, don’t even take out loans and borrow money to start a business if it doesn’t have some sort of special skill. That all counts as “hot air”.
>> There was a senior deaconess who said this. I heard this in Busan. But she said that you just need to learn for 3 years if you want to work in the marketplace. She said you need to learn for at least 3 years. But she said that there aren’t people who make it past a year. They start in 6 months or 3 months. People who are smart within a month of learning. That senior deaconess said to me. “100% of those people failed. That’s all hot air.” You need to do this starting now. No matter how hard it is, it’s fine. It was God’s plan for the Israelites to start from rock bottom and going to the highest level. He dragged them out to the wilderness and gave them the greatest training.
(3)Suffering (God’s Power)- There is a bit of suffering. But within this suffering, as you well know, God explained tremendous power. This is what you must keep in mind. So what kind training did God put them through in the wilderness? The Passover, Pentecost, and Ingathering. What is greater than that? The Passover, Pentecost, and the Ingathering.
>> How did He explain His power? The work of them being completely liberated from Egypt. Do you understand? God split the Red Sea. We’re not talking about believing in those kinds of flukes. It doesn’t mean, “Split the Red Sea”. If we follow God’s plan, even if there is a Red Sea in front of us, it will split. Remember that. Those who are thinking about wrong/different things in your minds. Remember. If our church is really a church that does world evangelization, God will even split the Red Sea. You don’t need to worry at all. You’re the ones who are worrying before you die. God does not worry. They prevailed even when they faced crises and war.

>> Main- So God is saying to you today. What is He saying?

1.Witness of the Exodus→ Because God has called you as the witnesses of the Exodus, of coming out of Egypt, don’t worry about food. So don’t get lost in things like this (fish and birds) and suffer. The Word of God is so elaborate. Even though it seems like it’s just there, it elaborately guides us. God has called you as the witnesses of the Exodus.
2.Witness of the Wilderness→ What is the second? Because God has called you as witnesses during the wilderness, don’t worry about things to eat there.
3.Witness to Save Posterity→ And what else? What’s more important? Because God has called you as witnesses to save posterity, don’t worry about food/what to eat. Don’t worry about money. “But I don’t have money.” There’s something for you think about a bit.

>> There’s something that I think every time I see beggars. This person (the beggar) is definitely more capable than a beggar, but they have a beggar’s thoughts. Isn’t that so? If that is so, it’s quite troublesome. All the beggars that I’ve met were like that. “That person is someone who doesn’t have to be a beggar.” But this person’s mindset is that of a beggar. Then of course, there’s no way things would work out for them. They’re not actually a beggar, but they are. You continue to think that it’s hard, but it’s okay. Rightfully, the path in the wilderness is hard. Right now, you’re living our life in the wilderness so of course it’s hard. But that’s not it.

1.Witness of the Exodus
>> God has called you as the witnesses of the Exodus.
1)Trap (Satan)
>> What does that mean? You are a witness who has come out of the trap that Satan used to entrap Egypt.
2)Idol (Frame)
>> We are the same. Satan doesn’t just make traps. He makes these huge idols. He makes this frame, which is a huge idol, and kills people. You are people who have escaped this.
3)Snare (Destruction)
>> Satan has completely ensnared people. They’re bound to be destroyed. They were the people who escaped from this. These people are doing the tabernacle movement as they journey on. Really hold on to the covenant and just wait a bit. People with spiritual hardship, those who are mentally afflicted, just wait a little bit. But people don’t wait. If you wait even a little, works will arise. “But a problem has come to me.” It doesn’t matter even if it did. If God’s Word works for just a minute, it’s more powerful than the world’s century-old power. You are a witness of this.

2.Witness of the Wilderness
>> What did God do as they were traveling through the wilderness? What kind of evidence did He give them?
1)Manna, Quail, Drinking Water
>> While they were going through the wilderness, God provided them with manna, quail, and drinking water. What is this referring to? This is the witness of the wilderness.
2)3 Feasts
>> God also gave the Israelites the blessing of the 3 Feasts. This is all pointing to the witness of the wilderness.
3)Tabernacle, Tent of Meeting, Tent
>> What is the key among that? “Build the tabernacle.” Building this tabernacle isn’t just about making it. It’s the witness of the wilderness. “Make it so that people gather there.” It’s the tent of meeting. “When you go back, have all the tents face this direction. Priests, don’t let the lights go out.” What is that? The witness of the wilderness. Hold on to this covenant.
>> “So don’t worry about and eat useless things.” That’s what He’s saying. It’s about health as well, but they shouldn’t just be eating anything. Simply put, He was saying, “Don’t eat the fish that don’t have scales”. That’s what He means. Why? Because it has a lot of bacteria. If the fish has scales, not a lot of bacteria would be able to enter, right? That’s what this means. So simply speaking, He’s telling them not to eat things like eel. But do we not eat them these days? We do. It’s okay now because they get cleaned well. But you must realize this well, spiritually. It’s a sure thing that God is using you as witnesses of the Exodus and the wilderness.

3.Witness to Save Posterity
>> What’s more important? The witness of posterity.
1)One Who Remained
>> It’s the RUTC, but what does the ‘R’ stand for? Those who remained. Our remnants.
>> What is the ‘U’? In the future, a unity/community where remnants gather to do the Word Movement will be formed.
3)With- WITH, Immanuel, Oneness
>> What will they do? They won’t just be there. They’ll form a community/unity and enjoy the Word of power. What will they do here? They’ll enjoy that God is with “me” and with “us”. They’ll enjoy the blessing of WITH, Immanuel, and Oneness.
>> And what is ‘C’? It’s the field.
>> This is the RUTC Movement. It’s a sure fact that God has called you as witnesses so that this movement can arise.
>> Is there anyone among you, facing hardships? Hardships that you can’t really talk about? First thing, don’t try to solve it quickly. Because the problem is longstanding. Then what must you do? Don’t worry and start at the bottom with the basics. It’s the same thing. God has called you as the witnesses of these things. Don’t worry about what food, clothing, and shelter.

♠Conclusion- 5 Kinds of Authority
>> So God called you and gave you 5 kinds of authority. What did He give?
1)Spiritual Authority (People)
>> God gave you spiritual authority that no one knows of. If you gain this strength, you’ll start to become different. Our remnants and the people in many fields need to have a taste of this strength.
2)Sovereignty (Liberation)
>> From this point on, what do you gain? You finally gain sovereignty. If your spiritual authority is not restored, this won’t be either. To say that your spiritual authority has been restored means that you have become God’s people. How great and tremendous of an authority is this? Not only is sovereignty restored through you, but the works of liberation will also arise. This is the answer that you will receive when you pray, holding on to the covenant of church construction.
3)Power/Authority of Restoration (Wilderness)
>> Then not only that, God will give you the power/authority to restore many things. Where is this? The wilderness. Restoring all of the wilderness. You need to think, “It’s okay even if things a hard.” It’s the time to restore all things in the wilderness. If that is so, this tabernacle movement is a tremendous movement. You can even say that it’s everything. What do you think is the most important thing as we walk on this wilderness path in our lives? It’s the church that shines the light in this region. Hold on to the sure covenant.
4)Power/Authority of Conquest (Canaan)
>> What kind of authority does God restore? Finally, He gave them the power/authority of conquest. It’s Canaan. They were bound to go. Even if they were blocked, they were bound to go to Canaan. How is it that the Red Sea was split? Before we even go into the spiritual explanation, it was because the Israelites needed to go into Canaan. How did they bring down Jericho? There’s no need to nitpick or question it. The Israelites needed to bring down Jericho and go ahead. You have this power/authority of conquest.
5)Power/Authority of World Evangelization (Financial Authority/Power)
>> It goes beyond that. He gave the authority/power of world evangelization. God has given you the authority of world evangelization. What is the thing that follows here? It’s the financial power/authority. God will restore the economy of light for you.
>> If you don’t worry about it, this work will arise wherever you go.
The more important thing is that there are 2 types of people here. The majority of people were deceived so they resented, had unbelief, and whatnot. But the small minority were not deceived. These people had assurance that this work will arise. But don’t think of this as something that just happened then. It’s the same even now. You are God’s people. We must speak of this tremendous spiritual authority in all of the earth and save those who are dying. We’re not able to do it here, but they’re all over the world. Now, there are so many of them. There are children who go to school to study, but they lose their minds and scream. So the teachers have no countermeasure. There are kids who scream in class while studying. They’re doing strange things and people don’t know what to do. There are more and more of them during classes. It’s the fact that God has given us this spiritual authority. That’s why we need a temple that liberates us and these many people. They made this tent of meeting and as they gave worship, it led to their lifestyle. No matter what anyone says, they’re going to Canaan. No matter what anyone says, world evangelization will take place. Hold on to this covenant.

>> Spiritual System (Spiritual DNA)→ 24 (Summit) +25 (Spiritual Summit) +Eternity (World Evangelization)
But I said this to the remnants. Starting now, just a little bit, have this time in the morning and night. If you just start praying a bit in the morning and night, you’ll gain this. Don’t try to solve it all at once. Regardless of anything else, just start this. It’s okay even if it’s once a week. It’ll still be beneficial. I especially said this yesterday but I request of the remnants. If you do this just a little bit, great works will arise. One day, this begins to take place. You don’t need to force it.
One day, when you’ve just held on to the Word slightly and prayed, ①this (24) will take place. Wherever you are, no matter what happens, prayer will take place. This is what’s important. Wherever you are, you have this power/strength. It’s okay even if answers don’t come. That’s what will happen to you. You’re not asking for anything. It’s going to be okay even if you don’t receive anything. This is what we call the summit. I said this to the remnants yesterday (Core Message). Then something very important and valuable happens. Something that will even surprise you. ②25 comes. This is something that cannot be stopped. This is what we call the “spiritual summit”. Because ‘25’ is not our time schedule. Do it starting today, starting now. Pray just a little bit. Then you’ll be able to see something. ③God allows you to know what’s been hidden for long ages past, that will remain eternally. You’ll see eternity. The thing that comes from this point on is, “world evangelization”. Even if you don’t try to do it, the doors of world evangelization will begin to open. It’s a sure thing.
>> There are people who say, “I’m very afflicted”, but don’t worry. It’s proof that you’ll be greatly used by God. People who are on the level of “affliction” are, in a good way, people who have talents. People who do music and famous celebrities. They all have talent, right? They have no choice but to be afflicted because they lived a long time without the Gospel. Don’t try to do everything at once, just start a little bit. One day, a spiritual system will be formed for you.
>> Spiritual DNA– From that point on, it comes as this answer. “Anyone in Christ is a new creation. The old has gone.” Simply speaking, you’ve become a new creation. You’ve gained this spiritual DNA. That’s what you need. Whether you do it in the morning or at night is up to you.
>> You’re giving worship right now, right? In a sense, even if you just give worship well, works arise. “My personality is not so good so it doesn’t work that well.” Even if that’s the case, works arise. One day, it comes like this. This is the spiritual summit. And you’ll save the world. This is the kind of temple we’re preparing. Then in the temple we’re going to, the disciples of the 237 nations will come. There, we’ll heal them with this covenant. Then absolutely, they’ll change into summits. This is how it will happen. You are leaders who will save summits in the future. May you hold on to this covenant today. If you completely change your mindset/thoughts, answers will come quickly. Let us pray.

God, Thank You for giving us an important covenant today as well. In the new temple that You give to us, allow us to rise with the new covenant. Grant to us the power of 237. Give us spiritual strength so that we can become the witnesses who save the world In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)