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02.23.2021 – Three Summits and Forum

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: Core Training Message- 08/01/2020
Title: Answer of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (30) – Three Summits and Forum
Scripture: Genesis 40:23

♠Introduction- Absolute Goal
>> Absolute Covenant (Mission) +Absolute Journey (Internship) +Absolute Goal (Life Forum)→ There are 3 things that all our evangelizing families, especially our remnants, throughout the world must know.
① Absolute Covenant (Mission)- Don’t consider this to be difficult, but see everything inside of this (Absolute Covenant). It’s okay even if you can’t find the answer. You seeing this with your eyes changes your spiritual state. Then if you’re looking with the absolute covenant, to what extent must it be? You need to see until you see the “mission”. You’re able to see the mission, “Ah, that’s the work I need to do”. This is what our OMC members, our remnants, must always remember. This needs to be your habit. Seeing everything with the absolute covenant.
② Absolute Journey (Internship)- Then you’re able to see the absolute journey. Because you see the journey at this time, as I lectured earlier, you see the internship.
③ Absolute Goal (Life Forum)- Then there would be an absolute goal. This is what you need to see in order for life forum to take place.
>> Spiritual Summit +Skill Summit +Cultural Summit→ When you see this, whether the answers come or not, there is an answer that comes to you.
① Spiritual Summit- It’s the spiritual summit. This is the answer that comes. But because number 1 doesn’t happen, rightfully, the next wouldn’t either.
>> Our Vision OMC Scholarship recipient said this earlier, but the characteristic of successful people is that they make an effort. They try their best and try to be first place. They have these strengths. But if that’s the only thing that’s imprinted, you won’t be able to do what’s next after that. And because you’re not able to do the next thing, you become spiritually weak. There are many people who attend Seoul National University. How will you save them? Try going to Harvard. There are even more people. There are so many people in the world. If you do not receive this answer of the spiritual summit, you cannot help those people. Rather, you would need to receive help from the people who don’t have that power/strength. But if you become the spiritual summit, you gain strength.
② Skill Summit- From this point on, you’re able to see, “Ah, this is the journey I need to be on”. At this time, God makes your academics to be the summit. That’s the skill summit.
③ Cultural Summit- Because we clearly know the goal, because you know God’s goal, God makes you the cultural summit. This is the covenant that the remnants must hold on to and remember for the rest of their lives. If you are a Christian, you need to rightfully grab hold of this. Why? Because this is the main promise in the Bible. If you don’t know this, then you don’t know the Bible. Even if you know the Gospel, you don’t’ know the stream of the Word.
>> Amidst this, what kind of forum must we have? It’s the “3 summits and forum”. I said this earlier. It’s not just any forum, but life forum.
>> Introduction- Absolute Goal
Let me tell you once more. Whether you’ve discovered it or not, you have this goal. God has this. So the you can say that the 7 remnants discovered this correctly. In Hebrews chapter 11, there are names of many people recorded. They discovered this. The early church, that overcame the formidable Jews and Rome, discovered this. Then you already see the answer of what kind of work is going to take place. There is a difference of they discovered this a bit later or earlier. Then let’s take a look at the entire Bible again.
1)Exodus- World Evangelization
>> Going to Egypt was God’s absolute goal. That’s why God sent Joseph and Moses. Why is that? People who don’t know the words, “world evangelization” can’t understand those words. If you don’t know what the spiritual problem, that spread throughout the world in a second, is, you don’t know evangelism and missions. If you don’t know that Satan attacks, regardless of time and space, you won’t know the reason to pray. The Exodus was God’s absolute goal. It was the world evangelization that took place during the time of the Exodus. You have to understand “world evangelization”. This doesn’t mean, “Run around the entire world relaying the Gospel”. What exploded in Egypt spread throughout the whole world. It’s God’s absolute goal.
2)Canaan- World Evangelization
>> They needed to go to Canaan. They needed to go there and do world evangelization. That’s God’s absolute goal. No matter how much they complained and grumbled in the wilderness, it didn’t matter. That kind of person cannot enter. Why? Because it was God’s absolute goal. Look at the Bible.
3)Aram, Assyria- World Evangelization
>> Through Aram and Assyria, God started world evangelization. It was His absolute goal. I’m talking about the things in the Bible.
4)Babylon- World Evangelization
5)Rome- World Evangelization
>> Through Babylon. Through Rome. It was God’s absolute goal. If you know this, you’re seeing the entire stream of the Bible.
>> “Why are doing the Remnant Movement and the RUTC Movement? Why did we establish RU in America?” Just and wait and see. The seminary isn’t what’s the problem. We must save the 237 nations. We need to use a strategy that saves the 237 nations, while running the school so that it doesn’t go against American laws. Why? Because that’s God’s absolute goal. Perhaps there are people among those who are listening to my messages, saying, “My health is in no condition to even think about God’s plan or whatever”. That’s a mistake. There is a great plan. “It’s too hard for me to make a living and survive.” You’re really misunderstanding. God wants to have you start from rock bottom and take you all the way up to the top.

>> Main– We can see through Joseph’s life forum, the things that he realistically enjoyed and saw.

1.Lifelong Covenant Journey
>> How did Joseph go? OMC members must remember. This absolute covenant, journey, and goal of God was not just anything, but the lifelong covenant journey. Don’t just think about today, but you look at the lifelong journey. It’s the “today” that is inside of that.
1)Death (Genesis 37:1-11)
>> Sometimes, it looks like death is about to come.
2)Slave (Genesis 39:1-6)
>> Sometimes, you might go into slavery. This is not the only thing you should. It’s the “today” of the lifelong journey. You must never lose hold of this. It’s the “today” within the lifelong journey.
3)Prison (Genesis 40:1-23)
>> You might even go to prison? And what else?
4)Palace (Genesis 41:1-38)
>> Sometimes, you might even go into the palace.
5)Governor (Genesis 45:1-5)
▶is Joseph’s lifelong journey.
▶There’s not a single thing that wasn’t of the covenant journey. But the problem is, how are you going to see “today”? This is your choice. Joseph’s brothers were not wrong. If you look at it from their perspective, they were right. But in the eyes of God, they were only doing things that were unnecessary. There was no other reason why they tried to kill Joseph. It was a matter of food, clothing, shelter, and their jealousy. You can also understand Potiphar’s wife. But it was all completely unnecessary. You have to see this correctly. You need to always enjoy answers here and gain strength/power.

2.Three Ceremonies
>> So what else? There are 3 important covenantal ceremonies that are hidden in your lifetime. 3 ceremonies.
1)Coming-of-Age Ceremony- Talent
>> As you do this, wherever you are, you’ll be able to find your lifelong talent in the field. This is the coming-of-age ceremony. If you have not found your talent, you’re not an adult. You just aged, but that’s not an adult. We consider anyone past the age of 19 to be an adult, but that’s not it. You need to find this in order to be considered an adult.
2)Missioning Ceremony- Specialty
>> You need to completely specialize this. With this blessing. This is what’s called the “missioning ceremony”.
3)Commissioning Ceremony- Only, Uniqueness, Re-Creation
>> Finally, this blessing will come to you as only, uniqueness, and re-creation. This is the commissioning ceremony.

>> Do you know what your evangelism is? The important life forum is evangelism. The more of an elite you are, you’re going to be criticized if you go around with evangelism tracts. Isn’t that so? That’s what average person just does, but real evangelism is done through life forum.
1)In Front of His His Brothers (Genesis 37:1-11)
>> He talked about his dream in front of his brothers. He spoke about the dream that will absolutely be fulfilled. In the end, his brothers are able to realize this.
2)In Potiphar’s House (Genesis 39:1-6)
>> In Potiphar’s house, through his work, he showed what prosperity was and testified of the precious Gospel.
3)In Prison (Genesis 40:1-23)
>> In the prison, he didn’t simply just live the prison life.
4)Before the King (Genesis 41:1-38)
>> He gave an important answer to the politicians. What happened after he stood before the king? He gave him an astounding answer. He gave him the answer of the age. He gave this life forum. So you need to know how important your existence is.
5)In Front of His Brothers (Genesis 45:1-5)
>> Ultimately, in the end, he stood before his brothers once more. What is that? God’s Word is absolutely testified of and confirmed. It’s this.
>> OMC members need to be proud of it. I told you this before, didn’t I? Write it down on your resumes as well. Smart kids are different. Look at our remnant in America. He wrote it on his application when going to the military academy. He wrote about the training that he received at the WRC Leaders’ Retreat. Most people don’t put that in, but he did. Those types of kids are receiving guidance well. So for the rest of your lives, put in your resume that you’re an OMC Scholarship recipient. “I am an OMC Scholarship recipient.” Later, explain to your children too. “I am an OMC Scholarship recipient.” Do you know what that is? He didn’t give some other different kind of forum.
>> WITH +Immanuel +Oneness
That the Lord is with me. That the Lord is with us. That the Lord is with us in all things. That’s what Joseph testified. It’s talking about this. You must forget this your whole lives. You are the spiritual summits who have the absolute covenant. You just need to pray to the point where you can give and find the mission. Other prayers are not needed. Then you’re able to see what’s important. The absolute journey. You need to see the journey in order to do and receive internship. At this time, finally, God gives you the blessing of the skill summit. Through these 2 things, God is bound to give the blessing of the cultural summit to those who have seen His absolute goal.
>> See what kind of trainings will arise through the 237 training.
Wait and see. Wait and see what kind of works will arise through RU. So don’t ever use humanism. So that God’s works can really arise… There’s no need for you to try to do so well in a humanistic way.
Only look for disciples. A disciple is not shaken. A true disciple does not sulk. Isn’t that so? Those who do are all fakes. A real disciple does not sulk. A true disciple does not waver even when they face a loss. Isn’t that so? A real disciple does not follow after benefits and gains. Even if there are just 1-2 people like that, America can really be overturned. If there’s at least one person like that in each nation, it’ll all be overturned.

>> Remnants need to do this.
1)Strength (Eyes)
>> You must absolutely have the time in which you gain the strength that God gives. Begin as you open your eyes. The time doesn’t matter. Do it in the most comfortable way.
2)Answer, Healing, Deep Time
>> And have a time for you to heal and receive many answers. Remnants must do this. And mostly do it at night when you’re bringing everything to close. Because you need to sleep anyways, do it when you sleep. There is a slight downside to it. If you do it correctly, you’ll be wide awake. This is the downside. Isn’t that so? Even when you’re really thinking, you wake up. Isn’t that so? God will know. My biggest struggle is this. After I prepare the message and enter into that deep time, I become wide awake and I can’t sleep. This is the problem.
3)Confirmation, Enjoyment, Witness
>> You’re confirming the rest. Enjoying. You keep thinking about answers, but there are more inside problems. You’ll come to confirm and enjoy many things within problems. So ultimately, God will use you as witnesses.
>> This is the basic blessing that the OMC members and all our remnants must have. If you’re continuing this, one day, something will happen. If you’re continuing this, one day, an incident will take place. So God is bound to organize and arrange the things that are not needed. Through incidents. Then things that can give you answers will come from within that. Then, the blessings of meetings will begin to arise. It’s very important. Don’t forget this, your entire lives. Start enjoying this now. And begin to enjoy this in all places.
>> That’s why conversational prayer is what comes. “24” is about finding this blessing in many places. I watched someone playing golf and they would be talking to themselves. There’s some reason in that. The things you say get entered/inputted. In the same way, as we have these 2 times, we’re able to always confirm many spiritual conversations. If this continues for a few months, a year, and your life, what would happen? There will be a huge difference between someone who completely lost hold of this and someone who is enjoying this. Let us pray.

God, we give You thanks. Would you bless all our remnants in the world. Especially our OMC Scholarship recipients. Would you plant the important covenant inside them. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

(The end)