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02.22.2021 – Three Summits and Mission

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Message: Business and Industry Missions Message- 08/01/2020
Title: OMC & The Actualization of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd RUTC (30) – Three Summits and Mission
Scripture: Genesis 37:1-11

This week is the retreat for the OMC Scholarship recipients. It’s a bit difficult for us to gather in large groups so we’re pre-recording this message right now. The recipients of the OMC Scholarship are our model remnants. The elders, church officers, and businesspeople are coming together to raise up these gifted individuals. This will be edited later on, but at this time, there will be 2 messages.
>> What do you think is the “identity” of our OMC members? You need to have this sense of pride, “I am a remnant who received the OMC Scholarship”. This is not simply just about receiving some kind of help. This (sense of identity) must be very clear.
>> Simply put, you are the people who take hold of the absolute covenant and go. The title for today’s message is, “The 3 Summits and Mission”.
What kind of mission should you take with you? This is very important for our OMC members as well as our Darakbang members. There are many things that you need to do, but you must find the absolute covenant. But how can you find the absolute covenant? If you simply think, “I need to find the absolute covenant”, God will guide you to find it.
>> Quite fortunately, I was able to find this when I entered seminary. It was God’s grace. So studying theology was helpful to me in a different way. Many of the students just studied for the sake of studying, because they had to. And many of them studied because they needed the credits. But when I held on to the absolute covenant regarding evangelism, I was able to see things completely differently. The thought that actually came to me was, “Getting the credits/grades isn’t what’s important”. The answers that God gave me after had nothing to do with me or what I did. The answer that arose at that time was the “spiritual summit”. Other answers might take time, but the spiritual summit is what God gives.
>> Why? We need this very important strength. There are many people who don’t have this strength. If you don’t have any strength, you can’t do anything.
>> God has prepared all things, but the problem is in us. The people who have no strength think that the problem is with other people. They think that the problem is in the church. Or the family. That person can never be the summit. Because the strength comes from God. All the answers are what God desires from us. This is the very first step to being a spiritual summit.
3)Communication Itself
>> Many people say that you need to have communication with God. And many people ask how you can have communication. But with that, you cannot become the summit. You, OMC members, need to be communication itself.
(1)24 Hours- Then this answer comes to you. 24 hours. You need to be okay wherever you are. Is this possible? It is. If you really gain the strength that God gives, it’s fine no matter where you are.
(2)25 Hours- Then this answer will absolutely come. 25 hours. If that happens, everything changes. Once this takes place, all your words and everything else change.
(3)Eternity- So your state of being the spiritual summit will remain forever.

▶Main- Joseph
Because we don’t have the time to talk about many people, let’s first start with Joseph. This Joseph enjoyed this blessing from the very beginning. That’s why the interpretations that came out were different.
>> If you are a remnant, you must absolutely grab hold of these covenants.
The key is whether or not you’ve grabbed hold of God’s absolute covenant. If you’ve grabbed hold of the absolute plan of God, you will absolutely triumph. Now is the opportunity. If our remnants, who are OMC members, are not able to grab hold of this, they’ll suffer for the rest of their lives. The characteristic of the 7 remnants of the Bible, the evangelists who moved the world, and the early church is that they held on to this. What comes at this time? The mission. Before this, the mission doesn’t come. Once you realize God’s absolute covenant, the mission comes.

1.Must Become a Summit First
>> What’s the very first thing that came. The spiritual summit. How did this spiritual summit come? It has nothing to do with age. Joseph could not become the governor right away. Our remnants cannot be come the president right away. However, they can become the spiritual summit right away. That’s the key. When you go home, you can’t be someone above your parents. But spiritually, it’s possible. You must hold on to this. Most of our elites are losing hold of this. In a sense, I believe it’s better for me not to talk about specialties with you. Because our remnants and professors, who are in the field, have much more expertise our pastors. Because we need to save those many people of those specialties, we need to know what the blessing God has given to only His children is.
1)Summit’s Content (Genesis 41:38)
>> Here is the content. Pharaoh said, “Can we find a man like this, in whom is the Spirit of God?” regarding Joseph. This means that an unbeliever saw and confirmed that he had power/strength. If this doesn’t happen, it’s going to be extremely difficult to compete. If we don’t have the spiritual summit, things will be difficult for us even in other areas. But if you have this strength, it’s a different story. You’ll never have to fight/compete. If not, you’ll have to fight. If you have this strength, you don’t have to compete. But if you don’t have this (spiritual summit), you need to fight and compete. And because you do, you’ll have to always follow unbelievers. You won’t be able to lead them. What is the first answer that God has given to us, that Christians must know? It’s this (spiritual summit). If that is so, I don’t even have to say more to our OMC members. It may look as if this conference is for the OMC members, but this is the first answer that all believers and saved people must realize. What is that answer? It’s not about what you’ve received or have. It’s becoming this (spiritual summit).
2)Summit’s Place (Genesis 45:1-5)
>> He (Joseph) was already in the place of a spiritual summit. What is this “place”? It’s Genesis 45:1-5, but you can’t just understand it this way. It’s finding your answer in all people, all locations, and all places. When a problem comes to us, we are conflicted first. That’s not the summit. When a problem comes, we just complain first. That’s not the summit. Then you’ll have to live like that every day and die. Joseph found answers in the midst of all problems. That’s the place/seat of the summit.
>> If I were to honestly confess, I don’t have many experiences. And I also can’t experience everything. While doing the evangelism movement 40 years ago, I discovered answers every time problems came until now. Astonishingly enough, everything is in God’s Word. Then this all changes into the strategies that we must do. I’ll speak more about this later during the Core Training Message, but I am receiving a tremendous number of answers because of COVID. Remnants, you must remember. Especially our remnants who received the OMC Scholarship. You’re representative figures. You shouldn’t be enduring. You must find the answer. How can you grit and bear it? You’ll just get angry. You won’t be able to bear it. Find the answer. When you, the OMC members, go out, you’ll meet strange people. You need to get married as well. There are many things. But if you look at problems as problems each time, it’ll be difficult. There absolutely is an answer. That’s what he said to his brothers. At the very end. Those words showed what he was enjoying every day of his life. His brothers sold him. But that’s now how he said it. He said that his brothers weren’t the ones who sold him. What he said after was right. “God sent me ahead of you.” That’s what’s important. This is the content and place/seat of the spiritual summit.
3)Summit’s Qualification/Condition (Globalization, Genesis 37:1-11)
>> Then it’ll follow. The qualifications/conditions of a spiritual summit will follow. Genesis 37:1-11, it has already come out. It’s globalization. World evangelization is done with the Gospel, but the method is globalization. That’s why we call it, “world evangelization”. Joseph saw this earlier on. This is the spiritual summit. Then all your answers are here. OMC members, you’ll go out and find all sorts of hardships. There are many strange people out there. They’re going to try to take advantage of you whenever they get the chance. If they see any opening, they’re going to try to deceive you. That’s the kind of world you need to go out to. But if you’re going to be discouraged and crumbled every time that happens, you’re going to have to stay down your whole life. You must quickly find the answer.

2.Must Have the Mission
>> Why? You, the OMC members, have a separate mission.
1)Nobody (Only)
>> It’s okay even if you have nothing. God is trying to use you inside “nobody”. You just need to have this (spiritual summit). But most of the churches that are in conflict right now, if you look, aren’t about the Gospel. Someone gave me a report yesterday about a problem that arose in church, and I said to them, “It’s not the Gospel for you. Your lips say “Gospel”, but you’re actually not.” They’re only talking about the other person’s weaknesses and fighting. They’re completely unaware of this blessing. Perhaps they’ll realize after 10 years pass, but it’ll be too late then. You need to see this in advance. I really request of you. Our OMC members are the greatest models so they must see this. What’s possible at that time? It’s “nobody”. Take a look at the 7 remnants. No one could help them and no one could do it. But that’s where they were sent. They had nothing. This is the answer.
>> I’m sure this is the case for all the pastors sitting here. But if I was born in really good conditions, I wouldn’t have been able to do the evangelism movement. Isn’t that so? I would’ve never been able to. I’m not speaking badly about the Korean churches, but in the beginning, when I was an assistant pastor, I was able to do analytical research. Honestly speaking, I couldn’t do it like that. When I came to Seoul, the first place I went to was Myungdong. Then I saw the Myungdong Cathedral, Yeongrak Church, and everything else. The first thing I realized was, “A person like me can’t do these things”. And I realized this as I was coming back down. “Are these things really needed for the Gospel?” Truly. “Are these things needed for the Gospel?” That was when I held to this answer, “I will only do the Gospel Movement.” As it is in the Bible…
2)Nothing (Uniqueness)
>> Nothing becomes Everything. No matter how much you face hardships in your company, don’t be deceived. You have the mystery, don’t you? If you just enjoy this, it’s bound to come. This is the mission. What do we call this? Because it’s “Nobody”, it’s “only”. Isn’t it? He’s telling you to do it in a place where there is nothing. That’s uniqueness.
3)Everything (Re-Creation)
>> So He’s telling you to save all fields and that’s “Everything”. That’s re-creation, isn’t it? This is a short time, but you must remember eternally.

3.The Method of One Who Gives the Mission (Genesis 40:23)
>> You see the reason for your existence. You are now the committed worker who gives the mission. All you did was run the errand of the mission, but you give the mission to them. He (Joseph) didn’t give it in a stuck-up way. He was just living as a slave, but allowed others to realize the mission. He was sent to prison, but he gave a tremendous mission to the official. Isn’t that so? That’s what happens. And in the end, that was how he met the king.
1)Those Who Remained (Genesis 37:11)
>> In Genesis 37:11, it says that Jacob kept what Joseph said “in mind”. That’s what we call, “those who remained”. He went as a slave. It was a field in which he would have suffered to death, but answers arose. They’re “those who remained”. Potiphar, the unbeliever, confessed. “The Lord God is with you. Because the Lord is with you, He allows you to prosper in all things.” But he was falsely accused and sent to prison. Because Joseph had this answer and mission, he was not discouraged, gave no excuses, and was not shaken about going to prison. If Joseph had gone to prison because he really did commit that crime, he would have been anxious. But if you’ve done nothing wrong, you wouldn’t be anxious no matter what anyone says. If you did do something wrong, you’d be anxious. But Joseph was not anxious. Why? Because he didn’t do it. But there was no way out.
2)Those Who Remain (Genesis 39:1-6)
>> He went in with an important covenant and great works arose for Joseph. “Those who remain.”
3)Those Who Will Remain (Genesis 40:1-23)
>> That’s why we call these people, “those who will remain”. That’s what happens, right? You have this answer. No matter how much you deny it, you have it. You’ll agonize until you realize it.
4)Those Who Will Leave Behind (Genesis 45:1-5)
>> Finally, he became the governor. Those who will leave behind. This is your identity. It’s a sure thing. If you have this covenant, when a problem comes, you’re able to enter into prayer in which you find tremendous answers.

>> When doing this, there’s a conclusion that our remnants must keep in mind. This must not end as just Joseph’s story. This is your story. You’ll be in this kind of place (Nobody) like Joseph. You’re going to be in a place where no one can help you. There will come a time when you are placed in a situation where you have nothing. No finances, nothing. That’s okay. This is the method. That’s the mission. You already have the qualifications/conditions. You already know what your commission is. You must never lose hold of this. In order to do this, there are a few things you must keep in mind.
>> 99.9% of people aren’t able to understand. You have grab hold of what 0.1% of the people understood. Most of the words that are spoken around you must be kept as reference, but they’re wrong. Let’s talk about the conclusion first. In the end, the Israelites went to Egypt as slaves. They went and became slaves. Why? They were holding on to the incorrect things. In the end. Again, they were taken as captives of Babylon. Again, they were colonized by Rome. Now, again, the churches are closing their doors. In the end, the outstanding, renown people held on to the incorrect things. This is a mystery/secret. You must keep this in mind. I’m not saying that you have to be tactless as you work in your company. You do need to do better, but in actuality, it’s all wrong. That’s why we help the 99.9% with the mystery of the 0.1%.
2)Reality +Fact +Truth +Spiritual Fact +God’s Plan
>> There are always 5 things in the field. What are they? Reality. You do need to know it. But you must not be deceived by that. Behind the present reality are facts. Behind the facts is the truth. That’s also wrong, but it’s there. Here, we need to see the spiritual fact. Here, we need to see God’s plan. You must keep that in mind.
3)Money and Finances (System)
>> The 3rd thing you remnants need to know is money. You mustn’t try to grab hold of money. Money and finances are different. You need to know/understand finances, the economy. Simply put, you need to know the system of the world. Money is just an indication, a mark. It’s not important. If you’ve acquired the system, money is what follows. Rather, you need to be careful because lots of it come. Isn’t that so? Remnants need to see this and analyze.
>> Most of us grew up in poverty. You don’t know much about this (money, finances). You just think that everything will work out if you have money. But that’s not true. Even if you go to school or church, there aren’t many people who teach you about this. They’ll just teach you, “You need to save it. You need to have it.”
If that’s how you learn, you can never be the summit. You have to know this (economy). “Money” and “economy” are different. You need to know this in order to realize, “Ah, this is how the system moves”. This is what you come to see. Then in the future, during the 4th Industrial Revolution, a fearsome system will come. What will you do?
You must prepare 2 things. You need to prepare a system that can catch up to that fearsome system. And further along, they’ll fall apart. You have to think about saving them.
>> The first blessing of the OMC members is the spiritual summit, which is the absolute covenant.

(The end)