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02.20.2021 – Posterity Within the Absolute Goal

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: Tuesday Conference- Mission Home Workers’ Training, (3)- 07/28/2020
Title: Absolute Goal (Life Forum)→ “Cultural Summit”- Posterity Within the Absolute Goal
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- Deuteronomy 6:4-9)

♠ Lecture 3: Posterity Within the Absolute Goal ♠

>> It’s now the next generation (posterity) that is within this absolute goal.

1.Introduction→ Eternal Covenant
>> God will give them this cultural summit, but what He gives to the next generation is the eternal covenant.

2.Main→ It may look like He’s giving it to posterity, but it’s eternal.
1)Deuteronomy 6:4-9
>> What is the first? As you well know, Deuteronomy 6:4-9. This tremendous message was relayed. Their imprint, root, and nature were changed. Teach them everything that has existed till now. Starting from Exodus, teach them all the works that arose. Don’t just teach this, but help them to see it whether they’re sitting down, lying down, or even going down the street. Put it on their foreheads, wrists, and pillars. What does that mean? If just one or two remnants have their imprint, root, and nature changed, they can change the world.
2)1 Samuel 7:1-15
>> This covenant was not cut off. It crossed over to Samuel’s time and as you well know, this (1 Samuel 7:1-15) is what happened. You must teach them. When the ark of the covenant was stolen and the covenant had been completely cut off, just one person was enough for God to work.
3)2 Kings 6:8-24
>> Again, when they crumbled. At this time, as you know, it was possible with just one person. Elisha. It was the Dothan Movement.
4)Isaiah 62:6-12
>> Again, when they were taken captive by Babylon, one person, Isaiah, gave a prophecy and it was fulfilled exactly that way.
5)Acts 17:1, Acts 18:4, Acts 19:8
>> Paul, who knew this, went into the synagogue in Acts 17:1, Acts 18:4, and Acts 19:8. Unknown to everyone else, they grew up and conquered Rome. It’s this. This is the cultural summit. This is life forum. Why? Because they are the people who saw God’s absolute goal.

3.Conclusion- Roman Conquest
>> So what kind of conclusion came? Rome was conquered. There is a characteristic of the 7 remnants. If you become the 3 summits, something important comes.
1)Answers in Advance
>> Answers come in advance. So you don’t have to do the things that are ambiguous. The answers will surely come in advance, so just do what’s clear.
2)Field Confirmation
>> And if you become the 3 summits, you just need to confirm when you go to the field. You go to the field to confirm.
3)Preparation for Future
>> And once you become the 3 summits, everything that existed until now becomes preparation for the future. You just need to begin, at least starting now. The absolute covenant. The absolute journey. The absolute goal. This is the spiritual summit, skill summit, and cultural summit. With this, you have your mission, internship, and forum. You need to place this in your heads.
4)Spiritual Conquest
>> From this point on, the first thing that arises is spiritual conquest. You need to first invisibly begin spiritual conquest.
5)World Evangelization
>> Then following that path of spiritual conquest, world evangelization takes place.
>> Lastly, you must remember. From the moment you grab hold of these 3 covenants, a few answers already come.
When you hold on to that covenant, the Triune God comes upon you. Isn’t that so? You’re holding on to the covenant here, but the doors of the throne will open and God will raise His works through His heralds. The moment you grab hold of the covenant, the forces of darkness have already begun to crumble in the places you need to go. Why? Because it will come. If you don’t have the covenant, they won’t run away. But you’re going to go to those places holding on to the covenant so they’re going to have fled already. When they heard that the Hebrews were on their way, they all ran away. The people who were left were not left because they were capable, but because they weren’t able to. They couldn’t even walk because their hearts had melted inside of them. Do you understand what I’m saying? Now, at this time. The moment you accurately hold on to the covenant, those works take place already.
>> You need to believe this. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do anything. But not doing anything isn’t what’s important. Properly holding on to the covenant is what’s important. No matter how powerless we may be, we must properly hold on to God’s covenant. No matter how little we’ve done, we need to hold on to hope, grabbing hold of God’s covenant. The works are bound to follow then. You are within this time schedule. Now, with this, pray.
If you pray 24 hours a day, the world will change. Let us pray.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the solution to all problems, the great love of God, and the working of the Holy Spirit, be upon all the evangelists who will save the future, both now and always forever. Amen.

(The end)