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02.19.2021 – Church Officer Who is Within the Absolute Goal

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: Tuesday Conference- Mission Home Workers’ Training, (2)- 07/28/2020
Title: Absolute Goal (Life Forum)→ “Cultural Summit”- Church Officer Who is Within the Absolute Goal
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- Numbers 14:34-35)

♠ Lecture 2: Church Officer Who Is Within the Absolute Goal ♠

>> If that is so, there is a cultural summit that God gives to the church officer who is heading towards the absolute goal. There’s a need for us to know this. These church officers were heading towards the absolute goal. Inside Canaan.

1.Introduction→ Start for the Church Officers was the Wilderness
>> If Moses’ start was Mt. Horeb, the start of the church officers was truly the wilderness. It was more specific.
>> If many servants of the Lord received the covenant on Mt. Horeb, the many church officers received it in the wilderness. They did a few things here.

1)Constructed the Tabernacle
>> What was the first? They constructed the tabernacle. They brought all the offerings. It would take too long to write all this down. They brought all the furnishings. They mobilized all of their skills. 3 things. Those were all done by the church officers. So if we’re just merely preparing the tabernacle, the temple, it’s not very meaningful.
>> But holding on this covenant, I realize that God is just pouring down His answers according to His time and I can just see that. We’re especially going to do what’s going to leave a mark in history. And I held to 3 things. 237, healing, and summit. These 3 things are the central points of the Bible. From the beginning, it said, “To all the nations”. And at the very end, it says, “All nations. All people. To the ends of the earth”. That’s what it says in the Bible. What are we to do about these 237 nations? They’re spiritually and physically diseased. Dragging them to church isn’t what’s important. They need to be healed. We have to restore everything that has been taken from us. That’s the summit. It’s these 3 things. We need to do this surely. This was the blessing that all the church officers enjoyed.
2)War- Amalek
>> Second. What kind of blessing of the cultural summit did they enjoy? A very important war broke out. At this time, the people who went out to the battle were important church officers. What do we see in Exodus 12:8-16? It was a battle against the Amalekites. 2 wars break out. The second one broke out in Kadesh Barnea. It’s in Numbers 14:34-35. Who carried out these roles? The church officers.
3)Conquest of Canaan
>> It went beyond that. The main figures of the Canaan conquest were the church officers. Once they enter into the land of Canaan, the next generation would have to be the main figures, but the main figures of the conquest of Canaan, the springboards, were the church officers. We see a few representative cases. What are they? The battle against the Amorites. They had already entered, but the Amorites unified their forces. What else? The Anak hill country. These kinds of points can be seen. All of these were conquered by the church officers.

3.Conclusion→ Public Opinion and the Truth
>> There’s something you must know. Church officers must remember. The public opinion and the truth. You need to be able to discern between them. The 10 scouts formed the public opinion that they could not go. Those who have the truth are few. 2 of them said that it was possible. The 10 were the general trend. If church officers are not careful, they could end up moving while following the trend. Ultimately, that’s not going to work. You must follow the truth. When there are many complicated choices that must be made in the church, just 1-2 elders need to correctly hold on to the covenant and that’s it.
>> Why? There are 3 reasons. The leaders in Canaan had already fled. Those who were smart and quick had already left. Those who were a bit powerless were left behind, but their hearts had already melted in fear. The rest of the people were trembling in their hearts. And all the land that were actually important were left empty. The land flowing with milk and honey was left empty. They were the church officers who saw this. You need to come to a close well and all you need to do is just properly hold on to the covenant.