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02.18.2021 – Moses Who Was Within the Absolute Goal

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: Tuesday Conference- Mission Home Workers’ Training, (1)- 07/28/2020
Title: Absolute Goal (Life Forum)→ “Cultural Summit”- Moses Who Was Within the Absolute Goal
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- Exodus 3:1-12)

>> We need to summarize 3 words. We must do many things, but what we shouldn’t do is also important. We keep on trying to do things, but not doing things is important as well. The reason is because there are things that we must do.
① Absolute Covenant (Mission)- Spiritual Summit→ The mission home that comes from within the absolute covenant. It’s this mission. If you speak rashly, not only are you going to make mistakes, but you’re going to lose hold of things that you must say. These days, it’s a busy age so if you present something to important people for more than 5 minutes, you’re out. You have to speak in a way that they’ll be able to understand right away. You can’t explain in complicated ways. Similarly, when we hold on to God’s absolute covenant, we’re able to see the mission. At this time, God gives the blessing of the spiritual summit.
② Absolute Journey (Internship)- Skill Summit→ If you receive this answer, you naturally gain strength. Because you’re able to see the future, you’re able to go on the absolute journey. This is what we call, “internship”. At this time, God gives the answer that no one else can give. That’s the “skill summit”. These was our first and second lectures.
③ If that is so, then there’s this final, remaining “absolute goal” for us. This must become our “life forum”. Isn’t that so? At this time, God gives the blessing of the cultural summit.

♠ Lecture 1: Moses Who Was Within the Absolute Goal ♠

>> It’s not simply a life forum or an absolute goal. Then we must see how this was given to Moses. How did Moses go about this? What did Moses see as his absolute goal? There’s a need for us to look at this. Moses knew God’s absolute goal in advance.

1.Introduction→ Mt. Horeb
>> Prior to Mt. Horeb, he didn’t know. But after Mt. Horeb, he did know.

2.Main→ Cultural Summit Who Changes the World
>> This is something that we must know. At that time, God gave the blessing of the cultural summit who changes the world, through Moses. Moses did many things, but he did this important thing- the cultural summit who changed the world.
>> That was the tabernacle. This was one amazing masterpiece that Moses left behind. Inside of this tabernacle, there were all of the covenants that represented Christ.
(1)Ark of the Covenant- It had the ark of the covenant.
(2)Table of Bread- And there, there was a table/altar for the bread.
(3)Lampstand- There were also lampstands.
(4)Censers- And the censers for the incense.
(5)Water Basin- And there was the important wash/water basin.
(6)Courtyard- There were important courtyards.
(7)Oil- And what else? They anointed everything. All the answers are here.
>> He left behind this tremendous summit of cultural conquest. That’s how we call this (ark of the covenant) the “covenant prayer”. Or “worship prayer” (bread table). Or “scheduled prayer” (lampstand). Or “24-hour prayer” (censers). Or “25-hour prayer” (water basin). And simply put, this (courtyard) is about the prayer for the future, towards eternity. And the filling of the Holy Spirit (oil). God gave these tremendous answers that we can see. He (Moses) was a summit that overturned all of the culture.
>> He didn’t just do this. There were tents (their own). This has tremendous meaning and significance.
(1)All People- All the people prayed in their tents towards this place (tabernacle).
(2)Scheduled Prayer- From that moment on, all the people began the scheduled prayer towards the tabernacle. Amazing, isn’t it?
(3)Direction- Because the lights never went out in this tabernacle, all the tents were facing the direction of the tabernacle. This may not seem like much, but this changed the world. This means that if you just properly hold on to the covenant and pray, works will arise.
3)Tent of Meeting
>> We see the same thing here and we see the tent of meeting.
(1)Meeting/Gathering- There were many tremendous things regarding this tent of meeting, but this refers to meetings/gatherings.
(2)Feasts- And here, you see a lot of how they kept the feasts.
(3)Gentiles +Children +The Sick- In this tent of meeting, there was place for the gentiles (foreigners). Especially for the children. A place where many people with the mystery of prayer can gather and for the sick. This is what Moses left behind. This was the absolute goal that Moses saw. The cultural summit.

>> So the conclusion that came through Moses was tremendous.
1)Cause and Answer
>> Take a look at Genesis. It has the root cause and answer for all of mankind’s problems. People talk a lot about many things regarding Genesis, but in Genesis, you see the root cause as well as the answer to all of mankind’s problems. There are people who say that Genesis is just some tale. But the incidents of Genesis are still arising today. Some theologians say that Genesis is just a myth. But we see that Genesis 3, 6, and 11 are still taking place in such an intricate way through the 3 organizations. The fact that he recorded this means that he’s really a tremendous person. God truly used him as a spiritual summit. God used him as a spiritual summit, skill summit, and cultural summit.
>> Look at Leviticus. It tells us how we must build a temple and why we must worship. It’s really amazing. We see that God continues to count/calculate the Israelites. The 12 tribes. He numbered the 12 tribes and even set the locations to which the 12 tribes must go. Even before they went. Looking at this, I realized a lot about evangelism. They analyzed everything even before they went. It truly is astounding. He had imprinted in the Israelites, already, what they needed to do.
>> Let me add one more number here. Number 2, he explained what is true deliverance.
4)12 Tribes
>> He explained worship in Exodus. He continued to write about the 12 tribes as well as the field in Numbers.
5)Imprint, Root, Nature
>> In Deuteronomy, before entering in to Canaan, he imprints all this. That famous verse here is Deuteronomy 6:4-9. They even made a song for that, for the next generation. You can see the song of the Israelites in Deuteronomy 6:4-9. What does that mean? They completely imprinted this in their children. To say that this kind of message came out? I truly think it was the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We see almost everything here. I’ve explained Exodus and now I’m going into “worship” in Leviticus.