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02.17.2021 – Posterity that Goes on the Absolute Journey

♠ Transcript ♠


Message: 70 Workers Training Message, (3)- 07/28/2020
Title: Absolute Journey (Internship)→ “Skill Summit”- Posterity that Goes on the Absolute Journey
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- Isaiah 6:13)

♠ Lecture 3: Posterity/Next Generation that Goes on the Absolute Journey ♠

>> So now this absolute journey passes on to the next generation. This absolute journey crosses over to the internship for the posterity.

1.Introduction→ Main Figure
>> Not as the springboards for the Exodus, Canaan, and world evangelization, but as main figures. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have answers. You are the springboard. Undoubtedly, from the people who come after us, there will be main figures.

2.Main→ Preparation
>> So there was a time of preparation for the remnants. What kind of preparation? Who?
1)12 Tribes
>> God prepared the 12 tribes and the scouts were from those 12 tribes. If you especially look in Numbers chapter 14, you see how the 12 tribes gave their reports. The majority, the 10 tribes, said that they couldn’t go. But just 2 people, Joshua and Caleb, said that they can go in. Even if you’re just part of the minority, if you properly hold on to the covenant, you’re able to overcome the public opinion. The public opinion is not the truth. Most people follow and move after public opinion, but in actuality, truth prevails.
2)(70 Workers) Elders
>> These people made preparations for the posterity, who are the main figures. From here, we have the 70 workers, the elders and these kinds of customs.
>> Also, the officials. And the representative figure was Joshua.
>> And Caleb, who sacrificed himself to fight to the very end, even after entering Canaan. In the end, Caleb’s son-in-law becomes the first judge. Simply put, they made the proper preparations for the next generation. This is how they went into Canaan and continued to have victory.

♠ Conclusion→ The Life of Moses ♠

>> From this perspective, we can see Moses’ life.
1)40 Years- Palace
>> 40 years of Moses’ life was spent in the palace. It wasn’t unnecessary, but it wasn’t the answer.
2)40 Years- Midian
>> He was in Midian for 40 years. It was necessary, but it wasn’t the answer.
3)40 Years- Wilderness
>> The remaining 40 years were spend on the path in the wilderness.
>> Conquest of Canaan (Posterity’s Portion)- This was the life of Moses. As Moses ended his years in the wilderness, God suddenly called him. What was the reason for that? The conquest of Canaan was a portion left for the next generation.
As you are living your life here on earth, God wants you to make all the preparations for the next generation before you leave. This is the journey. We call this, “internship”. You understand what I’m saying, right?
>> With this theme, I’m going through the entire Bible. Quickly hold on to the covenant. Last time, I explained this at Busan through Joseph. We’re going to be able to confirm how the answers developed in different ways, little by little. You sitting here right now? That’s the journey. In a sense, more than it being an answer, it’s a journey. Perhaps, hardships may come. That’s the journey. You can view it as a hardship, but it’s a part of the journey.
>> That is why God has called you in this age in which the Gospel has completely disappeared. It’s a sure fact that it has disappeared. Churches are rapidly closing their doors. And now, the doors are closing even in the missions fields. It’s at this time that God has called you into the absolute journey. We do need to give this a lot of thought, but more than that, hold on to the Word. If you’re within that, many things will come. We’ll take a short break and give the remaining lecture.

(The end)