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02.16.2021 – Church Officers Who Go On the Absolute Journey

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Message: 70 Workers Training Message, (2)- 07/28/2020
Title: Absolute Journey (Internship)→ “Skill Summit”- Church Officers Who Go On the Absolute Journey
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- Exodus 3:16)

>> If that is so, there’s a need for us to look at the journey of the church officers, who are traveling this journey. This is what’s called, “internship” and the “skill summit”.

1.Introduction→ Springboard
>> These church officers, as went on this absolute journey through the wilderness, became the springboard for all the remnants and the leaders. But there’s a need for us to look at that timing.
>> Let me introduce a few Bible verses to you. It’s Exodus 3:16. Finally, God begins to work. God begins the first course of this absolute journey. “Go before to Pharaoh and tell him to let my people go to go and give a blood sacrifice.” That’s the absolute journey. He also said something very important there. “Tell this to the elders.” What does it mean? That the elders heard this? It means that it was relayed to all the tribes. And “tell this to the elders” meant that the Word of God, that Moses had, was properly relayed. Then that’s it.

2.Main→ Time (Crisis)
>> What kind of time was this? What kind of time schedule?
1)Exodus 3:16
>> It really was the absolute time schedule, right? There’s nothing to delay or stop here. As you seek out all your work, do it this way. Things that you must do. Things that you have to do anyways, eventually. Things that you have to do, even if it’s hard. That’s what you do. Then that changes into a great answer. You’re not going to do what you must do, just because it’s hard? That shouldn’t be so.
2)Exodus 14:9-11
>> Let me introduce a Bible verse to you. Exodus 14:9-11. What do we see here? The 2 types of people who stood before the Red Sea. When the Red Sea was blocking their path before them and the Egyptian army was approaching behind them, there were 2 kinds of people. The majority of the people were complaining, grumbling, and weeping. But the handful of church officers, including Joshua and Caleb, began to pray. So they were bound to cross the Red Sea. They were bound to cross, but they were mistaken. Even if they could not cross the Red Sea, they still need to go. But they were bound to cross. God had promised that He would make them cross. But the majority of the people were discouraged. They weren’t intentionally complaining and grumbling. But they were really discouraged. That means that they didn’t know that the path they were taking was already part of the absolute journey. Even after having received all the blessings, they weren’t aware that they were within the absolute covenant, the summit. This isn’t forcing yourself to act as if you have some kind of faith. You must look at the covenant well.
3)Exodus 18:13-27
>> When Moses was most weary. Exodus 18:13-27, Jethro appeared. What happened here? He does the internship so that the Israelites can easily/safely enter into Egypt. He gave him tremendous advice, but that’s real internship.
4)Joshua 1:16-18
>> Look at Joshua 1:16-18. After Moses was called (by God), Joshua became the leader. At this time, a few church officers appeared. Including Caleb. These kinds of roles are very important. And he said this. “We will serve you as we served Moses.” How strengthening was that for Joshua? And he also said this. “Whoever rebels against your commandment and disobeys your words, whatever you command them, shall be put to death.” The powerful people? They came out like this. These were the people who were traveling the journey. You know very well that rebellions arose even during Moses’ time. So of course, they’re going to arise during Joshua’s time.
5)Joshua 2:1-16
>> Look carefully in the Bible. Joshua 2:1-16. It contains Rahab’s confessions and journey. This is what the prostitute, Rahab, said. “I have heard news of your God and the Israelites.” What does that mean? That means that she was properly holding on to the Word. She correctly held to the covenant. She was holding on to the absolute covenant. She confessed that the Lord God is the true God. And what else did she say? “You will absolutely enter into Canaan.” That’s the absolute journey. Those were Rahab’s words. “That’s why I hid you. Absolutely, you will enter there.” And she even gave them important information. “Already, their leaders have left and the people who are left are trembling. Now is your chance.” This woman gave them an amazing message. No matter how powerless we are, even if we’re as powerless as prostitute Rahab, if we correctly hold on to the covenant, we can receive the same answer. Think about it, she was a liar who hid the spies. Even after lying, she received answers.
6)Joshua 3:2
>> Look carefully at God’s covenant. Joshua 3:2. What is this? They were about to cross the Jordan. For the sake of the next generation, they were reenacting how they crossed the Red Sea. Because a lot of time had passed after they crossed the Red Sea. So God told them to raise a memorial before the next generation. “Take the stones from the bed of the Jordan River, stack up this memorial. When the next generation asks, tell them.” So God was reenacting how they crossed the Red Sea. At this time, something very important is recorded in Joshua 3:2. “At the end of 3 days, the officers went throughout the camp and told the people. ‘Tomorrow, we will cross the Jordan.’ Tell them that”. This is the covenant that our church officers must hold on to right now.
>> What’s the characteristic here? It was always during important times, that looked like crises. It’s actually not a crisis, but in the eyes of those who don’t have faith, it’s a crisis. It looks similar to a crisis. During these times, God greatly used the church officers as springboards/stepping stones.
7)Joshua 6:7
>> Joshua 6:7. What was that? When they broke down Jericho. “Let the armed men pass on in the front.” And once they go in front, all the people would be reassured enough to follow. They were the church officers. And they were also soldiers. I’m sure they raised up the powerful/strong people to be in the front. And God had them circle around Jericho from the front. And the many people followed them.

3.Conclusion→ Joshua 6:22-27, Matthew 1:5
>> It’s not a small result that ensued. If you look in Joshua 6:22-27, they spared Rahab’s life. As promised, they broke down Jericho and killed everyone, but saved Rahab and her family. There’s a tremendous conclusion that’s given to us in Matthew 1:5. This Rahab went all the way to Canaan. What does the Bible say about her? “Salmon the father of Boaz by Rahab.” Then Boaz became the father of Obed by Ruth, who was a Gentile. And Obed became the father of Jesse. This Jesse became the father of David. But if you read in the Bible, it says, “Boaz by Rahab”. And “Obed by Ruth”. For the rest, like Obed and Jesse, the Bible doesn’t mention “by whom”. What is the common characteristic of these two women (Rahab and Ruth)? They were gentile women. God viewed them very importantly. The Israelites saw it backwards, but God saw them as important. You need to keep in mind, the fact that the footsteps of the church officers went that far.