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02.15.2021 – Moses’ Absolute Journey (Internship) – Skill Summit

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Message: 70 Workers Training Message, (1)- 07/28/2020
Title: Absolute Journey (Internship)→ “Skill Summit”- Moses’ Absolute Journey (Internship) – Skill Summit
Scripture: N/A (Prayer Journal- Exodus 3:18)

>> You must become important leaders whom God is with. No matter how much you are in difficulties, if you hold on to the absolute covenant, you’re able to see the mission. From this point on, God will give you the blessing of the spiritual summit. This is the very first answer that comes. Don’t rush it. You need to enjoy this as you save lives.
>> If you become the spiritual summit, then what happens? Even if many problems come, it doesn’t matter. But if this is not taking place, you always have to live in the midst of problems. That’s upsetting because problems break out here and there. If that takes place 24 hours a day, you’ll make yourself sick and you won’t be able to do anything. But if you look at the 7 remnants, it didn’t matter what kind of problems came. They went beyond that. They saw the answer. This is the spiritual summit.
And because they had strength/power, it didn’t matter what kind of problem they faced. So as spiritual summits, you need to check this. First of all, you’re strengthened.
You’re not just praying, but 24-hr prayer takes place. That’s your most joyous time. The higher or lower you get, there are hardships. The level is different. The hardships that people face in the lower class and upper class are different. But if you have that power, you’ll be able to communicate. And importantly, prayer takes place.
>> And you come to know one very interesting thing. In my case, whenever I prepare a message, I hear of a problem wherever I am and wherever it comes from. What surprises me is that the answer to the problem they’re talking about lies in the message that I’m preparing.
Each time that happens, I’m so blessed. “Ah, this is why God gave us worship. This is why God gave us the Word.” It’s amazing.
So for our Darakbang Evangelism Movement, the answers that we received until now came when there were problems. That’s why the spiritual summits gave thanks when they faced a problem. They were thankful because they had already received the answer.
There are people who are sick in hospital beds, who give thanks. Why would a person in a hospital bed be giving thanks? They’re sincerely thankful. But those who lack that are seized by worries. They get caught up with this thought, “I’ve caught a disease”. So this is the very first answer that God’s people must receive. And this is what God promised from the very beginning. It was promised to Abraham and it was also promised in the very end. “I will be with you with all authority in heaven and on earth.” “You will receive power and you will be my witnesses to the very end of the earth.”
>> Once this happens, something important happens. What can you see? For those who have the absolute covenant, the absolute journey emerges. It would be strange to call this “fun”, but truly, interesting and astonishing answers come. Those who enjoy this blessing are clearly different. Even for elders who enjoy this blessing, church life becomes such joy. If not, they always need to grit and bear through things. They wouldn’t really get along with others and strange things would happen. They don’t get along with the pastor. Then what could they do? How difficult is that? But if they’re able to find many of God’s answers even if the pastor is strange… What comes in the midst of that is “absolute journey”.
Walking this absolute journey is what we call, “internship”.
Internship is helping the disciples go on this absolute journey. This is something that God has already prepared.
There is an important answer that comes at this time. The important answer that comes from within this is the “skill summit”. It’s not that the skill that the world talks about. If we were talking about the “skills” that the world talks about, it would be difficult for us to keep up. The skill summit is something that God has made so that the small things that you possess could be taken by the hands of God.

♠ Lecture 1: Moses’ Absolute Journey (Internship)- Skill Summit ♠

>> We’re skimming through the Bible through the remnants. Then from that perspective, what must you see? Take a look at Moses’ internship as he walked this absolute journey. Who can block the absolute journey? We see Moses’ journey here. It’s this internship. Then how did God answer Moses? We can see this kind of skill summit.

1.Introduction→ Exodus, Canaan, World Evangelization
>> God gave something important. This is the absolute journey. It’s the Exodus. This is what He gave. This wasn’t just a simple summit. God gave the absolute journey to Moses, who was within the absolute covenant. That was the Exodus. No one can block that. God wants to deliver them from Egypt. Who can block that? Absolutely, they’re bound to go into Canaan. Going into Canaan was God’s absolute plan. This is the kind of sure answer that came. It’s not a matter of, “Should we do it this way or that way?”. But 90% of the people who came out asked, “Should we do it this way or that way?”. Even after they came out, they made a lot of noise, saying, “We raised the wrong leader”. “We became like this because we listened to Moses and left Egypt.” They were bound to go to Canaan. Why did they need to go to Canaan? For world evangelization. They were going to do it once they got there, but it had already begun as they were walking. All the things that took place in the wilderness was world evangelization. This is how God gave them answers. God called him as the leader of all this. This is the introduction. No need for further explanations and even if you deny it, it’s a fact.
>> This is what the lives of believers must be like. “Wow, God made someone as powerless as myself, as a person of prayer and made me the spiritual summit.” No matter what kind of difficulty you’re in, you’re able to see this journey.

2.Main→ What Kind of Answer?
>> From this point on, what kind of answer did God give? From here, it goes beyond just the skills. It’s the skill summit.
1)Passover, Pentecost, Ingathering
>> First of all, these works arose. The works of the Passover. Who can stop this? Is this simply about mere skill? It goes beyond that. This is the summit. It goes beyond the summit. For lack of a better expression, we say, “skill summit”, but it goes way beyond that. They all thought they were going to die, but God raised up the works of the Pentecost. Beyond that. God even gave them answers to the point where they were able to store up (Ingathering). This is salvation, the Holy Spirit, and the background of heaven. This is the kind of masterpiece that emerges. In actuality, this answer is already before you. It’s clearly already there. If you go on, enjoying this blessing, it’s okay even if problems come. But when you’re not inside of this, if a problem comes, you get stuck inside the problem. Rather than this becoming an answer, it remains as a problem.
>> And if you’re enjoying this blessing to this extent, you don’t even need the trivial things. Will a person who has trillions of dollars be crying and upset about losing just a hundred million dollars? That’s a small thing. But if someone who has no money goes around borrowing money, and loses a hundred million dollars, they’re really going to collapse. This is how God led Moses on the journey. For lack of a better word, we say, “skill summit”, but it’s a journey. Undoubtedly so.
2)Red Sea
>> It went beyond that. We see this amazing journey. God led them to the Red Sea. Those who don’t know this absolute journey… Those people lamented and cried out when they stood before the Red Sea. It’s the same even now. If God gives a bit of problems to give them blessings, they’re in an uproar. Here, they said all kinds of things. Things like, “We chose the wrong leader”. They said such exasperating things. They even said, “When we were back in Egypt, when we were slaves, at least we were fed.” “We’re all about to drown to death in the Red Sea. What does anything matter?” Instantaneously, that became the popular opinion/thought and spread everywhere. It really was ridiculous. At this time, Moses boldly said. “Stand still and see the salvation that God will work today.” If you read throughout Exodus chapter 14, God already gave the covenant to Moses. And Moses had assurance. God drowned all the soldiers of the Egyptian army in the Red Sea. This tremendous journey overturned all the thoughts of the Israelites.
3)Ark of the Covenant- Exodus 25:21, Numbers 10:33, 1 Samuel 4:11, 1 Samuel 5:7-5, 2 Chronicles 6:41
>> And as they passed through this, what was formed was the ark of the covenant. Where can you find a greater blessing than this? We see the journeys of this ark of the covenant. Because this is the absolute journey, we see the covenant journeys, but there’s a need for us to take a look at this.
(1)In Exodus 25:21, it says, the “ark of the testament/testimony”.
(2)In Numbers 10:33, it’s referring to the same thing, but it mentions the ark of the covenant. In the wilderness, it’s a testimony, but it’s an ark of the covenant.
(3)1 Samuel 4:11, Crossing over to the age of Samuel, it says, “the ark of the Lord”. It’s in 1 Samuel 4:11. When was this? The ark of the covenant was stolen from them and it was when they were shaken. They (Philistines) had the nerve to steal the ark of God. God showed much evidence.
(4)In 1 Samuel 5:7-5, they said, “The ark of the God of Israel”. When was that? It was when the ark was returned. Who can block that? It also says, “the ark of Israel”. That’s how it was expressed in 1 Samuel chapter 5. We see the journey of the ark of the covenant in this way.
(5)2 Chronicles 6:41, In chapter 6 of 2 Chronicles, it says, “ark of your might”. 2 Chronicles 6:41. When do you think this was? It’s the explanation you see when David triumphed and was greeting the ark of the covenant.
>> This was Moses’ absolute journey. There are a lot more left, but first off, this is the journey. Now, you need to hold on to something. I’m sure you know. You yourself would know whether or not you’re enjoying the blessing of prayer and the power of prayer inside the Gospel. Then don’t try to do anything else. Do that first. If you don’t have that, you won’t have the power to do anything.
>> When I look carefully at the congregation, there are church members who can’t even properly worship in the sanctuary. They have no strength whatsoever. They’re really in trouble. Those people don’t know what the spiritual summit. They have to live with the brains they developed as they grew older. It would be somewhat okay if they only hinder themselves, but this brings about tremendous loss to others as well. They can’t even worship. There are some people who can’t even worship. So they feel sleepy and pretend to be praying as they doze off. Most of them are long-time believers. They’ve got a lot of church experience. But they lack spiritual experience. That’s the problem. Then they themselves know. You need to check that. We’ve got a flood of messages pouring down, but if you have no strength whatsoever, you need to come to your senses. If you just remain that way, you don’t know what kind of disease will come to you. If your body is sick a little bit, that’s fine, but if a spiritual disease comes, it’s unstoppable.
>> Almost all the Israelites were in that kind of situation. That’s why God had no choice but to give them the best method, which was suffering. That’s the best method. Isn’t that so? The kids who don’t listen? Putting a rod to them is the best method. I know that they’re blocking the teachers from hitting the students because of “human rights”, but I don’t think that’s right. In education, there are 3 things: spoken language, written language, and a rod. In the past, when adults were physically disciplining their children, was that an infringement of their human rights? That’s why there are so many teachers who are handing in their resignations. They’re saying that just can’t do it anymore. If they hit their students, they get sued. A very strange law was passed. So now we can’t really have proper human beings. We see these robotic/mechanical kids and they’re all spiritually dying. Realistically, they have no power at all. So begin by checking this. When I say, “head to the spiritual summit”, I’m not saying that you need to use some kind of method. I’m saying, “receive the power/strength that God gives”. This is a rightful thing.
>> From this point on, you can see the way/path. That’s the journey. You’ve got to have the power to walk, isn’t that so? With a grieving heart, you really need to save the believers. If they’re not careful, the believers will just be living their walk of faith as a force of habit. Because they lack spiritual power, they’ll only be focused on the physical things. For some church members, their eyes come to life when they hear gossip about others. They come to their senses when they’re complaining or grumbling about something. Isn’t that so? They’re strengthened when they’re fighting about something. So there are many people who muster of their strength to go out and start their own church after fighting. They say that almost half of the Korean churches were started because they broke off from their previous church after fighting. That’s why we’re in this situation. So you must really hold on to the covenant and do this. You, one person, are enough. Don’t try to do some great work. Just go to church and hold on to the correct covenant.

3.Conclusion→ Wilderness 40 Years
>>What was the reason for the 40 years in the wilderness? I believe there was a tremendous reason. The 40-year journey in the wilderness was a journey of suffering. But was it really? It was a journey. God took all things to them. This was Moses’ journey.